Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 3

Over 20,000 infections

Finally, a conversation about white privilege that isn’t completely retarded. He beat the virus with hot whiskey and honey! It’s a miracle cure!

As we saw with Qasem Soleimani, Trump would never sign off on an op like this.

I think the possibility that a malicious actor has created a lethal genetically engineered virus that only seems to target Chinese people and strategically released it before the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year when all the bats in Wuhan are hiberating should be a part of this conversation about racism and xenophobia. I’m fairly confident that no one in our community has either the motive or capacity to design such a virus and release it in the heart of China.

What about the flu though?

I’ve seen similar scenes here in the United States when people who have the flu in Georgia cross the border into Alabama. We’ve had to set up concentration camps and cremate their bodies before.

Tfw you get a bad case of the flu.

It sure seems to be focused on Chinese.

Latest numbers out of Wuhan.


Might be worse than the flu.

Just like the flu.

Racism is the real virus.

What about the flu though?


  1. Here’s an idea that just occured to me. I wonder if anyone else is thinking the same? It goes like this:

    All of American industry is in China, and China is seen as a big threat by the American olygarchy and US military. So Trump appears and says China! China! China! We gotta take down China!

    So Trump gets elected and gives China crap for a few years, and then a CIA man goes on holiday in China with some samples of magic CIA dust…

    Then happenings start to happen. The world gets scared and closes its borders with China. Then the Chinese economy collapses and Golbalism Inc. is forced to move its operations somewhere else, and so the ‘Murrican Empire gets to live for another day.

    Promises made! Promises kept!

  2. Considering how heavily leveraged the world markets are, especially china, is this a tripwire event? What about real estate?
    Copper plunged severely last week, never a good harbinger, particularly in a non-perishable primary commodity.

  3. Like the NZ government…never let a pandemic get in the way of an opportunity to Virtue Signal.

  4. ” give nothing to racism ”

    Probably the most intense communist slogan ever written.

    Race is the very foundation of civilization.
    The difference between mud/manure huts and space stations.

  5. ” give nothing to racism ”
    I have a far better slogan and infinitely true.


  6. I like how the politically correct liberals have their priorities in order. Never mind that this slant-eye virus could wipe out hundreds of millions, we mustn’t be guilty of any kind of -ism or -phobia! But I’ll bet if they see a Chinaman approaching them they cover their mouths and take off like scalded cats!

  7. The slopes have two things in their favor: 1) Dey no rike brackie and 2) they are exceptionally talented classical musicians. Whether that is because they have the ability to mimic everything we do or they have a genuine understanding of the music itself I couldn’t say.

    • it’s mimicry. Their playing is mostly metronomic, with the exception of a few crazies like Ling Lang.

      or was that a giant Panda? I get Lang Lang and Ling Lang confused. They

      all look (and play) alike.

      • ” White people invent and forget.
        Yellow people copy and remember.
        Black people do neither.” Robert frenz

        An eternal truth !

  8. “do not let your fears turn into racism. ”

    Why not? Every prohibition in the Bible, was against ‘race mixing,’ from Cain’s expulsion to the Twelve Tribes (only) representing God’s racial Elect. It encompasses both sexual/mating unions, to trade, and treaties. Because only ONE ‘genos’ is getting into Heaven, and only those of that race who repent and believe, just as it’s always been- and it’s not the imposter Jew!

    “And at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of he sons of Israel were inscribed… and the wall of the city (to keep the Xenos, out!) had twelve foundations, and on it the twelve names of the twelve Apostles of the Lamb.” – Rev. 21:12ff. RSV

    Yes, there will be many ‘tribes, languages, nations’ represented at the end, but ONLY those of the Race of Adam who ‘come out of those lands’ are to be admitted, and none other. God is a RACIST God, and His elect are only of ONE race- the race Christ God incarnated, the race of Adam- those faithful “of Adam’s seed and David’s line,’ as the hymn attests. Once the Incarnation happened, ALL OTHER CLAIMANTS TO HEAVEN were forever excluded. That’s why the Edomite/Khazarian [sic] “Jews” crucified Him- they knew that they were being excommunicated, [John 1:12ff, 11:48.] and that judgment was falling on their entire way of life: Temple, city, means of making a living, etc. And, at AD 70, it all came to pass…..and yet- the ‘Jews’ STILL PROPAGATE THE LIE THEY ARE BELOVED OF YHWH GOD, even after crucifying His son! [ I Cor. 2:8]

    It’s not hard to understand this, unless one has imbibed the lies of the Devil, and the Synagogue of Satan [ Rev. 2:9]. But then, everything that said false Church has long taught, suffuses the entire world with her error. All one has to do is look at what the Whore of Babylon is preaching/teaching today, to see this.

    The reformers were substantively right, the Orthodox were substantively right, Fr. Seraphim Rose was right. “In the end, ALL the churches will serve Antichrist.” Because all of the ‘churches’ today have listened/accommodated the Heirs of those Pharisees- the FALSE JEW, in their midst. (Here are just a few sources, most of them from Catholics- so, I can’t be called ‘false’ for quoting her own faithful!)

    One man in the 20th Century knew all of this, and had to die for this truth. We all know who he was, too.

    Every decision (even the decision to be an atheist) is a RELIGIOUS decision. ‘Choose ye this day…”[Josh. 24:15]

  9. Coronoavirus certainly IS an “ecuse to be waaayciss”. There are so many reasons – but this is an especially good one. Tell all the Anti Racist Vermin to go to China and help.

  10. The way I read it, Coronavirus could be shipped into the US on Chinese goods. Even on the clothes and luggage of tourists, students, businessmen, or Americans living in China and returning to the US.

  11. Honestly, as I watch this unfold, and listen to the inane, moronic, irrelevant things that Trump says and does, I keep remembering the story of Nero playing the lyre as he watched Rome burn. Granted, there is no historical evidence that Emperor Nero either set the fire or plucked a lyre and sang as Rome went up in flames (although the performance by Peter Ustinov in the 1951 film Quo Vadis is definitely worth seeing) Trump and our Jewish ruling class seem strangely detached from the engulfing horror.

    Of course, I would never call Trump a “pro-active” POTUS (except in offering up his bottom to Jewish donors who want to sodomize and dominate him) there is an above and beyond passivity beyond his normal aloofness to things that really matter to ordinary people. As our Rome burns, our Nero is “monitoring” the situation. Stay tuned for “big” things to happen as we are “winning.”

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