Kosher Nationalism Is Nothing But Zionism

Nick Fuentes is picking the right fight here.

National Conservatism or Kosher Nationalism in practice is nothing but Zionism. The last three years of the Trump administration has demonstrated that it is worthless. It is not even an improvement over the mainstream conservatism of the George W. Bush era.

If you took the mainstream conservatism of the George W. Bush era and put its tax cuts and Zionism on steroids, flipped its position on homosexuality 180 degrees and rebranded it and sold it as “nationalism,” you would have the substance of National Conservatism. Kosher Nationalism doesn’t just include Jews. The movement is about nothing else but Jews.

The GOP spent the whole year of 2019 on “fighting anti-Semitism.” I’m not even exaggerating. Trump kicked off the year by spending 15 minutes talking about anti-Semitism in his State of the Union Address. He called himself the “Chosen One” and the “King of Israel” on Twitter. The top legislative priority of the Republican Party in 2019 was passing anti-BDS legislation for Sheldon Adelson, AIPAC and Israel. It was swiftly passed by the Republican Senate. A similar anti-BDS bill passed the Democratic House. Donald Trump and the Republicans spent the whole year accusing the Democrats of anti-Semitism and promoting Jexodus. It went back and forth all year in Congress until Trump signed his executive order on combating anti-Semitism on college campuses in December. Dozens of Republican-controlled states have also passed anti-BDS legislation. Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida went to Israel and was paraded around by Sheldon Adelson wearing a yarmulke and signed the most draconian anti-Semitism bill. The Department of Justice hosted a conference on fighting anti-Semitism.

What else was accomplished by the GOP in 2019? Donald Trump recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. A Jewish settlement was named the Trump Heights in his honor. Trump designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a “terrorist organization.” Yoram Hazony held his first National Conservatism conference in which John Bolton was a keynote speaker and gave a speech on the danger of isolationism and David Brog opened the event by telling any White Nationalists in the audience to get out of the building. Nothing else of significance happened in 2019 except for hiring Elliott Abrams to overthrow the government of Venezuela. The whole year from Trump’s State of the Union Address in February to his anti-BDS executive order in December was spent on anti-Semitism.

We’re now a little over a month into 2020. Donald Trump kicked off the new year by assassinating Qasem Soleimani for Israel and nearly plunging us into a war with Iran. He has also released Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan which gives Israel the green light to annex large swathes of the West Bank. In between the anti-BDS executive order, the assassination of Soleimani and the future of the West Bank, the policy victories just seem to keep piling up for Israel. It is hard not to notice how Orthodox Jewish donors seem to get everything they ever dreamed of out of Donald Trump while the rest of the country has gotten nothing but lip service out of his presidency. Nick Fuentes needs to update his whiteboard because this imbalance has only become more staggering and obvious over the last year of the Trump administration.

Bernie Sanders is running on abolishing student loan debt. What is Kosher Nationalism offering that can compete with that message? Oh, well, Donald Trump ended the Iran Deal. He moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He took out Qasem Soleimani with a Reaper drone. The perfect finale to this “America First” charade will be when Trump allows Jonathan Pollard to return to Israel before the election. It will be a fitting end to the era of Kosher Nationalism.


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  1. This is just more of the same– jews telling us what is acceptable, what is moral, what is allowed, what we must think, what must be banned.

    • Yes, it’s boringly predictable. I want to know what our More Of The Same thinks about more of the same from the kosher nationalists.

  2. No matter how much you protest or deny it, no matter how defensive you become, no matter how much you grovel to apologize, the enemy regards you as a “Nazi”. So you might as well be one.

    • Why be what someone projects of his own moral defects onto you? Your point, however, about their characteristic Freudian paranoia is well taken inasmuch as no matter what you say, they “know” what you’re really thinking about them, projecting their hatred of you as something you’re the one who’s guilty of toward them.

      This grandiose delusion of fancying oneself able to read the minds of others was more or less the core of psychoanalysis, the severe mental illness calling itself the cure for mental illness. They still can’t get enough of it despite it being so thoroughly debunked, apparently because all evidence to the paranoiac merely confirms his suspicions all the more.

      So of course it follows that we’re all still Nazis under the skin. Arthur Miller wrote about it in his novel Focus, condemning all Americans as Nazis under the skin all the way back in 1945 and at the very time American soldiers were coming home in boxes from the battlefields in Europe to save the Jews (or so the former thought). American Jews, meanwhile, had the opportunity to take over banking and finance (documented by Martin Mayer decades ago in his book The Bankers) and of course the time to write and get rich spewing hatred for the best host the Jews ever saw.

      • this is well said. The reason

        the Jews always bite the hand that feeds them is

        to promote “anti-semitism” and persecution. In which

        (((they))) find proof of Chosenness.

    • If he does, good for him. Would that there were far more 21-year-olds who at the very least aspired to be Pat Buchanan, if they dare not aspire further right than that.

  3. The thing I notice about Kosher Nationalists is they are the incredible Hulk online and in their news articles,shows, media etc…but IRL they are Doe eyed awkward little faggots who shudder with fear in the presence of a strong White, Nationalist, Patriotic male…I wonder why Fuentes would even give this guy the time of day? these twitter bitch slap drama fests only raise the profiles of those involved…which I hear is quite lucrative!

    “Don’t do anything but follow the online drama the plan. Laura Loomer, Charlie Kirk and lady MAGA will give you all the zio drama you want and crave..organize yourselves around our leadership goyim…social media and YouTube is where the REAL fight is goyim!”

    We have a Canadian version of these zio drama shills too, like “Amazing Polly”.. She talks about all these ” Globalist, Epstein, “Q” trust the plan, investigate the rich” type thing and gets a bunch of suckers to give her their money.

    At the end of the day, for every hour you spend watching Fuentes,Kirk,Amazing Polly etc. is an hour lost organizing and preparing yourself for the inevitable storm…that’s what most of these people are there for, to waste your time and take your money.

  4. You know it’s a Zhid when one glance at the wormy visage inspires a deep rooted, visceral desire to punch said visage into six million little globules of ooze.

  5. Fuentes and the alt-right both have real followers and Hazony doesn’t. My guess is most of the people in audience at these meetings are more of less with us. Remember, “National Conservatism” is proof these people are scared to death of us. This is a desperate, last minute attempt to save fake conservatism. “National Conservatism” even sound like National Socialism, something that won’t be lost on the left when they decide to go after it. This is not language Hazony wants to have to use. He’s walking a razors edge and is going to fall off. There is no way white ethnic nationalism is not going to come out of the closet in this decade. The best thing to do would be to go to these events and protest or just talk to people and say “we have to be ethno-nationalists too.”

    Groyper style activism would be great for this.

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