Made In Israel: National Conservatism Hosts Rome Conference (Day 1)

America’s conservative elites have a problem.

The problem is that their reliable political base of Silent Generation and Boomer voters who supported mainstream conservatism for decades is shrinking and dying off. Meanwhile, the young online Right in the United States of Millennials and Zoomers have been trending toward nationalism and populism, which is a phenomenon found all over the world.

The Left has a similar problem. There is an enormous age gap between the radical middle class Woke Left who are progressives and the more working class Bernie Bros who support socialism and the rest of the Democratic Party which is older, more moderate and supportive of centrist liberalism. Younger generations that lean Right and are more working class went in a nationalist and populist direction (Trump) while middle class professionals remained conservatives and libertarians (Cruz and Rubio). Younger generations that lean Left and are more working class moved toward socialism (Bernie) while middle class professionals adopted wokeness (Hillary, Warren, Buttigieg). The upshot of the evolving political landscape is that the constituency of moderate centrist liberalism has cratered and has been replaced by various radical political visions. Millennials and Zoomers are also significantly less well off than the Boomers which means that nationalism and socialism are the most popular political visions among young people.

While there is a huge divide between the nationalists and socialists on the social issues, the divide over economics is much smaller. When Bernie Sanders was running for president in 2016, nationalists who supported Trump thought a lot of the things that he was saying about the top 1% in this country were true. This can be explained with a few graphs.

What do we see here?

1.) First, populists who are socially conservative and economically moderate are the center of the electorate. The liberal media calls us the “far right” but that is not where we are in the American electorate. We’re actually in the middle. We are swing voters.

2.) Second, if you are young in this country, which is to say, you are under the age of 54 and therefore not a Boomer or Silent Generation, you are far more likely to be more economically distressed. This is why we have this huge bulge in the electorate over economics.

3.) Third, most people don’t trust institutions anymore. Wall Street is the most distrusted institution in America. That’s because the wealthy owns something like 80% of the stock market. Trump is constantly celebrating the rise in the GDP and the stock market, but very little of that trickles down to the vast majority of the population, particularly to the working class.

4.) Fourth, the Silent Generation and the Boomers lost their grip on the electorate in the 2018 midterms. Undoubtedly, the situation has only gotten worse now for conservatives in the 2020 cycle. There are fewer wealthy Boomers and Silent Generation types to exploit who can be stirred up solely by grievances over social issues.

Conservatives are people who dislike change.

Conservative elites are people who really hate change. I highly recommend watching this video of Kim Holmes who is the Executive Vice President of the Heritage Foundation on “The Problem of Nationalism.” In 2018, the Trump administration had enacted 2/3rds of their agenda. Kim is pushing back against folks like Yoram Hazony and Rich Lowry who are trying to rebrand as nationalists to accommodate the changing demographics of the electorate.

The American electorate is a lagging indicator.

It was only in the 2018 midterms that the Boomers and Silent Generation were outvoted by Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z voters. The biggest lagging indicator in all of American politics is institutional conservatism which is populated by dinosaurs like Kim Holmes. No one is more out of touch with the young electorate than these people.

After Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, it was these people who staffed his Cabinet and administration. The Republican donor class who he had ran against in the 2016 election swooped in and bought the policy agenda of the Trump presidency during the transition. The GOP Congress interpreted the 2016 election as a mandate for Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda. Effectively, President Donald Trump became one man – a man who is not an ideologue, but who only pretended to be a nationalist to get elected – with a handful of advisers surrounded by his liberal family members, all of these conservatives in the Cabinet and his administration, the Deep State, the GOP Congress and so forth none of which wanted things to change. Trump worked with the conservatives in Congress to do health care and tax cuts because those were the two issues where they had the most common ground. The GOP Congress opposed his “National Populist” agenda and only gave him “wins” which were also “wins” for mainstream conservatism.

Conservative elites are not dumb people. They fully recognize that the rightwing electorate underneath their feet is changing. In order to continue to “tether” the growth of populism and nationalism to their conservative policy agenda which is sold to their donors, the solution that they have hit upon is to rebrand themselves as “National Conservatism.” The point of the “National Conservatism” conference in Rome is to associate American’s conservative elites with “nationalism” and “populism” in the hope that people who are motivated by these sentiments will identify with them and that the next generation can prop them up in power for the next twenty to thirty years in the same way that happened after the Reagan Revolution.

Could this work? It worked with the Silent Generation and the Boomers who were content to elect Ronald Reagan and Republicans to own the libs. They got lip service in return for their votes. The GOP rebranded as “conservatism” and harnessed the populist backlash against the Civil Rights Movement and Sexual Revolution and channeled it into electing Republicans. They have milked the evangelicals for forty years over guns and abortion. Throughout this whole period, a tiny conservative elite which we know as Conservatism, Inc. delivered the same familiar package of policies – foreign wars, increases in military spending, tax cuts and deregulation and Zionism – which is exactly what they have delivered under the Trump presidency. Conservatism, Inc. is now being replaced by Nationalism, Inc. which is like the difference between Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. The same people are doing the same shit and calling it “nationalism.”

Are we better or worse off after four years of National Conservatism? It would be more accurate to call it National Oligarchy or National Zionism or Kosher Nationalism. It is authentically nationalist in the sense of being Zionist. The object of American patriotism is Israel First, not America First. Nationalism, Inc. has delivered bigger tax cuts and more Zionism than Conservatism, Inc. Homosexuality has been completely normalized on the Right by Nationalism, Inc. The wealthy are thriving under Donald Trump because the stock market has soared. We haven’t won anything. We have all been screwed by this ring of people. Again.

It is not the end of the world. The underlying forces of nationalism and populism are still growing in spite of these people. We will continue to grow regardless of whether the GOP is in power. If Donald Trump had lost the 2016 election, nationalism and populism would have continued growing like it had been during under the Obama administration. It will never truly push through the “mainstream” until the ring of people who have controlled and policed the Right in this country for the Left to keep a lid on these sentiments are wiped out for good. These people are just a lagging indicator. DO NOT DESPAIR. The situation is far from hopeless. We just need something to break this logjam and push them out of power and influence.

We don’t have a nationalist government in power in the United States. We have a demagogue who is a failed president. We also have these conservative elites in Rome at this conference sponsored by the Herzl Institute who are trying to manage the situation. It is not uncommon for demagogues to seize power in times of decadence when the public is frustrated and grasping at straws in the hope of changing the system. We’re only at the beginning of this process.

Note: Day One has already become dominated by accusations of anti-Semitism. The responses above from Jack Buckby and Will Chamberlain tell you everything you need to know about this conference. This is nothing more than an effort by Jewish gatekeepers to associate themselves with “nationalism” and “populism” to gain legitimacy to marginalize us.

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  1. I suppose its possible that thy will pull the same trick as in 1939-41 and hitch zionism to Anglo Nationalism. They did it once. They’ll do it again.

  2. As I noted on the Mayor Pete being declared the Iowa winner thread, Bernies’ bros and ‘hos are not going to accept their votes being ignored like last time even as Bernie himself cucks one more time. That combined with Trump’s post-election Iran misadventure and Chinese incompetence will bring the whole system down as gas price increases and reduced economic activity no longer can be papered over by the Fed.
    Once the bugaloo arrives and a restoration of sanity is possible, what comes next? Distributive support, UBI or a similar policy to socialize all of life’s risks, not just socially-acceptable risks? A devolution of politics and economics to the lowest level possible, a form of community self-sufficiency? Or can a Huey Long figure emerge who knows how to competently exercise preexisting power on behalf of employees, who legislatively eliminates administrative agencies or positions within them or the bureaucracy, or even judges or courts, to weed out the globalist/progressive traitors embedded within those organizations? That’s what Huey did, he used his allies in the legislature to get rid of countervailing power centers and persons. All perfectly legal under the law, ruthless but effective. The federal courts can literally be eliminated, then reconstituted with new judges and jurisdiction,and the U S. Supreme Court can lose 90% of its jurisdiction by statutory repeal.
    I like the UBI as a modus Vivendi between the Capitalist and Labor, but I like the Huey example better as more effective long term, pun intended.We shall see how it goes.

  3. “nationalism and socialism are the most popular political visions”

    Exactly and that is where some of us are coming from. We need to get rid of conservatism completely which is why I am such a harsh critic of paleoconservatism which desires to keep us on the plantation.

    It just happens that I see the most potential as of right now with the populist left mostly due to Trump neutering the right. That could change in a post-Trump era.

  4. (((Hazony))):

    Jew racial nationalism good,
    White racial nationalism bad.

    the kikes will continue to get away with this shit so long as

    they can buy White consent with (((debtbux))). That long….

    and no longer.

  5. Ha ha so the Jews organize a fake and gay zio-nationalism conference and their fellow Jews denounce it as antisemitic. A better example of the kosher sandwich I could not imagine.

    The one positive thing to come out of this conference is that any “right wing” leader attending it can be safely assumed to be a kosher bitch in the pocket of international Jewry.

  6. It’s going to get harder for the Israel lobby to control things. Younger people just don’t have the attachment to Jewish hang ups as their elders do. It will take time though. But all things come to an end, even Jewish power

  7. To quote Nigel Farage:
    ” You may hate populism, but I’ll tell you, a funny thing, that populism is becoming very POPULAR and it has MANY benefits! “
    Who can argue with that?!

    What was that song from the Rolling Stones, that fits like a glove at this particular article????

    Hate the EU and LOVE Europe !

  8. I can almost imagine a world free of jewish lies and tyranny…..there’s only around 15 million of ’em, less than the population of The Netherlands.

  9. ‘I can almost imagine a world free of jewish lies and tyranny…..there’s only around 15 million of ’em, less than the population of The Netherlands.’

    Counting all mischlings and cryptos as well as paternal Jews there is probably twebty times that number.

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