Pete Buttigieg Is Leading In The Iowa Caucus

Let me get this straight.

  • The final Des Moines Register poll which had Bernie Sanders leading in Iowa was cancelled because of Pete Buttigieg.
  • After Joe Biden crashed into a distant fourth place, the Iowa Caucus was locked down last night and the Iowa Democratic Party said it would announce the result this afternoon.
  • Pete Buttigieg declared himself to be the winner last night.
  • Now, Pete Buttigieg is magically ahead after picking up votes from the losers in the second round. We don’t know what really happened in Iowa. We just have to take their word for it.

Do you remember the time when Mitt Romney “won” the Iowa Caucus in 2012 and it was announced that Rick Santorum had won weeks later? That’s what is happening to Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Yes, Democracy Dies in Darkness like the Washington Post says, but not in the manner they suggest, or against the target they identify. However, I don’t see Bernie supporters accepting this like he will. Their man is weak, but I monitor some on twitter, and they are not going quietly. They will make their convention site burn, then they will sit out the election. Trump wins bigly, then starts that Iran wars, which combined with the coronavirus crashes the neoliberal world order. After that, patriots everywhere will finally have their chance to change things.

    • The beneficial owners of the Democratic Party would prefer to have Slow Joe Biden for President but it’s obvious he is all done, stick a fork in him. Bernie the Bolshevik and Pocahontas talked about a wealth tax against billionaires and that is just not allowed. They are therefore barred from the nomination no matter how many votes they get.

      This leaves the Democrats with unelectable candidates such as The Buttplug or one of the other dickheads. Whomever they nominate will lose to Trump but the owners of the Democrat Party (if not their voters) are OK with that because Trump is a known, safe, establishment President in spite of his incendiary rhetoric; he is all bark and no bite. The last thing the owners of the Republican or Democrat parties want or will tolerate is a candidate who will actually drain the swamp. They fear good government more than anything else.

      This will be like the 1996 election when the Republicans knew they couldn’t beat that loathsome scumbag, Bill Clinton. They let the useless eater Bob Dole be the nominee, bided their time until 2000 then the horrendous Republican, GWB II got elected. The Democrats will have to write off this election cycle like the Republicans did in 1996.

      The Democrats will win everything in 2024 anyway because of demography, that’s when the lights go out for good.

      • It’s all theater anyway. Richard Perle angrily replied on camera to a question about Jewish power in America, saying Jews can eliminate all but about 5 out of 535 members in both houses of Congress in any given election if they step out of line. Kompromat no doubt explains the Republicans’ betrayal of their constituents between every election in recent history.

        Your point about 2024 at the latest is the elephant in the room that Fox News and Conservatism Inc are silent about, proving they’re less than worthless controlled opposition—as if proof is needed in this post-911 era in which their collective cooperation in the cover up provides powerful evidence of their guilt as themselves the deep state they pretend to oppose. They extol democracy when it’s democracy that will guarantee the extermination of more than some abstraction called “whiteness.”

    • Trump had every possible chance to start a war with Iran plus the whole deep state pulling for it… and he’s resisted doing so for years now. You can accuse the guy of lots of things legitimately but lets try to keep a least some tether to observable reality.

      • As a lame duck, Blompf will take the brakes off the zionist’s agenda of war with Iran. You can take that to the (((bank))).

      • Blormp is waging a low-intensity war against Iran with his economic sanctions and targeted assassinations of Iranian officials. And there is also the proxy war being waged against Iran in Yemen, a conflict that has killed tens of thousands of Yemenis. Then there are the protracted military entanglements in Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc.

        So much for the accomplishments of your Orangutan-in-Chief.

  2. What a great advertisement for “Our Democracy.” Hedge fund jew billionaire Seth Klarmann funds Deep State guy Buttigieg; Clinton-connected firm creates “app”; DNC dumps their own rules regarding the number of donors for jew billionaire Bloomberg, who is buying his way in; famous Des Moines Register final poll canceled; anecdotal evidence suggests Sanders won and Biden crashed and burned–> no results announced last night because of “communications error” yet Buttigieg claims victory.

    Sanders campaign says they used their own app and didn’t tell the DNC. This should be fun.

    Gangsters all. Corrupt as all hell.

  3. What is making me laugh is how the media are trying to create momentum for Buttigieg. He is done after South Carolina. The big story was Biden coming in 4th which this shit has overshadowed.

    Biden’s strength in the South is now in question. Last poll had Biden only 5 points up on Bernie in SC.

    If Biden really is done which we will see in SC then the only one who can stop Bernie is Bloomberg who is warming up in the bullpen spending big bucks for Super Tuesday to take over Biden’s position as the top choice for the establishment Democrats and Republicans..

    BTW the Bernie camp is still saying they have won both the majority of delegates and the popular vote in Iowa, that the counties left are all his. We’ll see.It still wont take away the fake victory the media and the DNC has given Buttigieg going into New Hampshire not that I think it matters at this point.

  4. If only the best qualities of DNC candidates were combined into one hermaphrodite, America could finally have an Oriental, homosexual,race usurping, communist pedophile who gives everybody a thousand dollars as their President…I can smell the “progress” from up here at the North Pole.

  5. A Catholic Priest, a Jewish Rabbi and a Marine are captured by natives on an island in the South Pacific.

    The Chief of the natives enters the hut where the three are being held, and tells the three they have a choice, either death or buna.

    None of the three knows what buna is?

    So the Rabbi says I will take Buna rather than death. So he is led out of the hut. Minutes later the other two hear the Rabbi screaming. Soon the Rabbi is brought back to the hut, and, he is holding his bloody ass.

    The Priest is then asked what his choice is, and says buna is better than death. He is led away. The other two hear him screaming, and after awhile he is retuned to the hut holding his bloody ass.

    The Chief is standing at the hut entrance and says to the Marine, what will it be? Buna or death. The Marine, looks the Chief in the eye and says, I will take death!

    The Chief looks at the Marine and says, death by Buna.


  6. the anti-Sanders Zionists couldn’t rig it for Biden, who was too far behind. So they rigged it for the deep-state fag. Apparently Buttfiegal’s billionaire Jew-owner is (((Seth Klarman))), who – such a cohencidence – also bankrolled the vote-(mis)counting phone app.

    it’s kinda neat that all this Jew-corruption (+ Zionist Jew vs. red Jew) is all out in the open now though.

  7. Interesting.

    Journalist Ben Norton writes that this Buttigieg supporter and moneybags Klarman also funds those behind the “app.”

    He also re-tweets this:

    “One striking similarity between the DNC app scandal and the coup in Bolivia – both Pete Buttigieg and Evo Morales’ weak opponent Carlos Mesa declared victory with no votes counted. The US national security state is using the same tactic it used abroad to defeat democracy at home.” (from Dan Cohen)

    • Comrade Ben Norton is right as always. This is the shit they did in Venezuela too, with kike Juan Guaido who was declared legitimate president despite the vast majority of the people supporting Maduro. ZOG doesn’t care about democracy, they only care what Jewry thinks.

      • Ain’t it the truth. Ask Evo, Maduro, Honduras, Nicaragua, Iran, Chile, and many, many others. These bastards support “democracy” only if their side wins. This approach seems to be taking hold here as well as abroad.

  8. How long do you think the King God Emperor President Blumpf account will last before @jack’s H1-B streetshitters shut it down, HW?

  9. So it’s gonna be President Buttplug, President Commie Jew, or President King of Israel.

    Iran – please nuke us.

    PS – that delegate that wants to change her vote – that’s hilarious! And tragic. She should have known that Buttplug is a sodomite.

    • That was hilarious. But all I could think while watching that was how could she have not known he is a rump ranger?

      • Boomer dementia is a thing, poor old bitch didn’t know where the hell she was it seems “you mean to tell me this buttgrig fella he is a Sodomite?” wake the hell up lady the election campaigns have been going on for a year and a half you should know the candidates by now

    • Denise, I count on you for the most hyperbolic black pilled takes, you let me down. We all now the DNC is going to nominate a Bloomberg/buttgig ticket.

  10. I do hope the Sanders Bolshies riot. It will be fun.

    I do think the results may be, just may be, kinda correct. The Suburban Lib Soccer Mom types may be a teensy bit skeered of Bernie’s Commie Cred. Buttplug seems so…”nice”. You know he and his “husband” (tee hee!) won’t do anything NASTY. He’d be OK to have as a next door neighbor. Desirable – those gay men have excellent taste, in décor, and will keep up their property beautifully.

    • Have the Buttplugs adopted a pickaninny from Africa, madam? You know, as a lifestyle accessory they can show off to the other affluent liberals?

      • Then they would have a real, modern, diverse, American fambly. Wouldn’t they also need a Guatemalan or two to round things out?

    • “I do hope the Sanders Bolshies riot. It will be fun. ”

      From your mouth…. to Dagda’s ears! LOLOLOL

  11. If Bloomberg v Trump, you might as well start minting Trump inauguration coins.

    Bernie has the best chance to win, Biden is looking real stiff on the campaign trail. Warren, Buttigieg also are losers.

    It’s like they are doing this all to save Trump.

    Putting the Impeachment right in the middle of Iowa screw up and State of the Union.

    It looks like it’s rigged – for Trump!

    Hopefully Tulsi runs 3rd party to spice things up.

  12. It’s looking increasingly likely that we are getting Trump another 4 years. I really cannot see him losing against any of the following:

    (a) another boomer that is even more senile
    (b) a communist jew
    (c) a capitalist jew
    (d) a fudgepacker with “butt” in the first part of his last name

    I could see Pocahantas beating him, but if she can’t win the primary that doesn’t mean anything.

  13. Hmm. Either a sodomite is going to be a winner in Iowa or there are shenanigans afoot in the Hawkeye state.

    Now which is more likely…

  14. Seriously? There is a person in America who had no idea Mayor Pete was Gay and married to another man. Should somebody that uninformed even be able to vote?

  15. The main appeal of Sanders winning the democratic nomination is that he might put up a coherant case. I guess that’s why the CIA sent in Buttplug. Controlling the Democratic message is far more important than a somewhat free ranging debate between Trump and Sanders.

  16. One of these clowns will probably be your next president. Before a single ballot is cast these Democrats are a hair away from victory. It doesn’t even matter how ridiculous or corrupt they are. The demographics are already there. Blowouts like the Democrats suffered in 1972 and 1984 are now impossible. If Trump wins it will be a squeaker. 2024 is when several big states flip from red to blue permanently.

  17. Dear God, SMITE the Sodomite. For thy mercy’s sake, and so America will not be further humiliated. Amen.

    • Maybe that’s what the corona virus will do before it’s all over. Aren’t plagues biblical? There is also a massive plague of locusts in East Africa now apparently moving northeast through Saudi and into Pakistan and India, if historical patterns hold true.

  18. I think if i was an American, i would vote for Buttplug-Pete. Just for fun… The situation can’t get worse anyway.

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