Trump’s Chumps

I voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

I spent months making the case for Trump on this website. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong and that those who were skeptical of Trump in our community were right in 2016. In that election, I drank the koolaid and was one of Trump’s Chumps. Unlike AmNats, I have tried to learn something from that experience. I hate getting fooled by Republicans.

In 2020, we have a far better sense of Donald Trump. The Trump administration has a record now. Donald Trump’s first term is mostly history. We can now look back with the benefit of hindsight and evaluate our standing after the last three years without being drunk on Trump koolaid. No one drank the Trump koolaid in our community more deeply than the AmNats. Some of them remained drunk on the Trump koolaid even after the 2018 midterms. A handful of his most faithful cheerleaders have never given up faith in their GOD EMPEROR and succumbed to reality.

What is the reality of the Trump presidency?

1.) Those who feared that the Trump administration would lull the conservative base into a false sense of complacency and put all the normies back to sleep were right. Donald Trump has told his base that they are “winning.” They wear Q shirts and “Trust The Plan” at his rallies. They are Making America Great Again simply by having a Republican in the White House. They are content to go on believing that even as illegal immigration DOUBLED in FY 2019 and became a far worse problem than it ever was under the Obama administration. As we saw after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, they are also ready to swallow Trump’s war propaganda against Iran and believe anything their dear leader tells them. It was Julian Assange and Roger Stone who went to prison under Trump, not Hillary Clinton. Normies are content to have conservatism in power and are less willing to give us an audience with a Republican in the White House.

2.) Those who feared that the Trump administration would suck all of the energy out of the Alt-Right were right. In the final two years of the Obama administration (2015 and 2016), the Alt-Right was thriving on social media and was brimming with energy. Four years later, the country has only gotten worse, but the brand has been destroyed and all the energy it had back then as an online subculture has been sucked out of the room by Trump and channeled into pushing the standard conservative policy agenda. The movement has been in disarray and has been divided and demoralized ever since Trump won the 2016 election. The last few years have been terrible. As soon as Trump won the 2016 election, conservatives shifted their attention back to policing their right flank. They are far more successful at policing their right flank when they are in power.

3.) Those who rationalized voting for Donald Trump on the basis of immigration and changing demographics were proven wrong about that too. He has refurbished the George W. Bush era fence. Since he has been president, Donald Trump has built all of three new miles of fence, which is actually less than W. and Obama. He didn’t do anything about sanctuary cities or pass E-Verify. He has actually increased guest worker programs. There has been no cuts to legal immigration. Instead, Jared Kushner’s legal immigration plan only proposes to reconfigure the composition of it for big business so that more high skilled workers and fewer peons are imported from the Third World. Illegal immigration has remained steady and has surged past the worst highs of the Obama years. It has recently fallen back to 2015 levels after peaking in FY 2019. Trump has vowed to pass an amnesty to save DACA. The Muslim ban became an ineffective travel ban. The only area where he has had any real success is refugee resettlement, but overall the bottom line is that after four years of Trump there are millions of more illegal aliens and legal immigrants here. Donald Trump hasn’t even deported as many illegal aliens as Obama.

4.) Those who voted for Donald Trump to “move the Overton Window” succeeded in making homosexuality more acceptable on the Right. This was already clear by the time of the Deploraball at Trump’s inauguration. In the Trump era, homosexuals and drag queens would be accepted into the fold on the Right and White Nationalists would remain stigmatized. Congress has actually condemned White Nationalism at least two or three times since Donald Trump has been president. Far more White Nationalists have gone to prison under Donald Trump than Barack Obama. Trump has appointed “conservative judges” like Thomas Cullen who put RAM in prison. Some of Trump’s Chumps point to Bernie Sanders vowing to “declare war” on White Nationalism after the El Paso shooting. They conveniently forget the fact that National Review and conservatives ALSO declared war on White Nationalism last August. We’ve been covering the government crackdown which has been going on since last August.

AmNats have been purged from Turning Point USA, banned from its events and reduced to haranguing Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk from the sidewalk. They have been banned from even attending CPAC. Those who thought that they could work within the system to reform conservatism were grossly mistaken. Steve King was condemned by Congress, stripped of his committee assignments and has been treated as a pariah within the Republican Party. Michelle Malkin was deplatformed by Mar-a-Lago and excommunicated from the synagogue of mainstream conservatism. Ann Coulter was marginalized in the Trump administration. Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon were both fired. Donald Trump hired conservatives and staffed his administration with his enemies. While I won’t name any names, I will just point to all the people who actually worked within the conservative movement who have all been purged and fired in the Trump era by Conservatism, Inc. as proof that working within the system doesn’t work and is a bad idea and those people would have had more job security doing almost anything else.

5.) What about Antifa and Big Tech censorship? Aren’t those good reasons to vote for Donald Trump in 2020? Neither of these issues were on our radar screen BEFORE Donald Trump won the 2016 election. Both of those problems became dramatically worse as a result of electing the boogeyman as president. Far from being a victory for the Dissident Right, we became identified with Donald Trump and were caught in the backlash while he delivered Jeb Bush’s agenda (the boogeyman wasn’t real). Before Trump was elected president, Antifa was a tiny nuisance that protested Amren conferences and there was still a great deal of free speech on the internet. We could also hold rallies all over the South without serial harassment from these people. Now, everything from harassment and doxxing by “journalists” to chronic Antifa violence to police stand down orders to deplatforming to FBI counterextremism witch hunts has became part of the scenery of life under the Trump administration which is only interested in these new grievances insofar as they can be milked and exploited to elect more Republicans. In hindsight, it would have been better NOT to have identified ourselves with the boogeyman in 2016.

6.) Isn’t having Donald Trump in the White House a huge victory for “identitarianism” and big ideas like “nationalism” and “populism.” President Donald Trump’s signature policy victories have been passing a huge corporate tax cut, criminal justice reform and renegotiating and rebranding NAFTA. Trump is a “populist” in the sense that he has DEEPENED neoliberalism. When you look at his policies, he has continued and further extended the status quo of the last forty years which has been tax cuts, deregulation, entitlement cuts, free trade agreements and huge increases in military spending. Trump’s economic agenda has been no different from the last three Republican presidents. He has been all bark and no bite.

Donald Trump is pointedly NOT a nationalist, populist or identitarian. He carefully avoids ever mentioning the word “White.” Instead, he talks incessantly about the black, Hispanic, Asian-American, LGBTQ and female unemployment rate. He holds events at the White House for blacks and Hispanics. He delivers policies for blacks and Hispanics too like criminal justice reform. The “forgotten man” couldn’t be further from Donald Trump’s mind when he is schmoozing with the likes of Steve Schwarzman and boasting about the stock market. Trump is a demagogue who recognized that nationalist and populist sentiments were growing in the American electorate and he has harnessed and manipulated and exploited those forces for his donors.

7.) Speaking of Trump’s donors, we wrote Trump a blank check in the 2016 election to deliver on the MAGA agenda that he had sold us. We voted for big ideas like “nationalism” and “populism.” The reasons why I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 were immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness and campaign finance and furthering these big ideas of “nationalism” and “populism.” He has been a disappointment on all fronts.

Those of us who were duped into believing that Donald Trump had a team of Jews who were going to craft all of these policies which were going to stabilize America’s demographics should reflect on what has actually happened during the Trump presidency. Orthodox Jews hit the jackpot with the King of Israel and Zionists have been on an unprecedented winning streak. In just the last three months, Trump has issued an executive order to ban anti-Semitism on college campuses, assassinated Qasem Soleimani and has given Bibi Netanyahu the green light to annex large swathes of the West Bank. Trump is even considering allowing Jonathan Pollard to return to Israel. Is it any wonder then that a recent Gallup poll found that Israelis support his “America First” foreign policy over Americans by a whopping 18-point margin?

Trump’s Chumps haven’t been deterred by any of this. They want us to write Donald Trump a second political blank check in 2020, which his Jewish donors intend to cash at the White House, only this time he won’t be restrained by fear of losing his reelection. In light of everything he has delivered for them so far, what is Donald Trump going to do in his second term for his Jewish donors who fund the GOP? Do we trust Trump not to start a war with Iran?

8.) In the last two elections, Donald Trump has pulled a bait-and-switch and Trump’s Chumps are gullible enough to fall for it a third time. While I was wrong about the 2016 election, I was one of the first voices in our community to wise up to what was going on. By the 2018 midterms, I saw the bait-and-switch coming and warned our readers about it.

As you might recall, the 2018 midterms were about tax cuts and the roaring economy, deregulation and putting Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. It was also full of dire warnings about scary Antifa groups, Big Tech censorship and caravans from Central America to stir up the base. Trump vowed to issue an executive order to end birthright citizenship. The GOP knows what its base cares about and shamelessly manipulates its base during election season.

After the 2018 election was over, you might recall how Trump banned bump stocks and passed criminal justice reform for Van Jones and the Koch Brothers during the lame duck session of Congress. As we entered 2019, the Republican agenda changed to overthrowing the government of Venezuela to install Juan Guaidó in power and passing anti-BDS legislation. The GOP spent the whole year accusing the Democrats of anti-Semitism and promoting Jexodus. Virtually nothing else was talked about for a whole year in Congress but anti-Semitism until Trump issued his executive order on anti-Semitism on college campuses after the House and Senate had failed to reach agreement on anti-BDS legislation. The White House held its Social Media Summit in July and nothing came out of it. Antifa disappeared from the agenda and was replaced by a government crackdown on White Nationalists after El Paso. Ending birthright citizenship was forgotten about. Illegal immigration soared to its highest level in over a decade last May.

Don’t forget how Trump’s Chumps told us how “Chad” it was in 2018 to elect more Republicans to stop Antifa, the caravans and Big Tech censorship and how those same Republicans once elected to office preferred to fight anti-Semitism for AIPAC.

9.) In the last election, Trump’s Chumps were manipulated into splintering their own movement by GOP operatives who divided and conquered and data mined the Dissident Right. When Ricky Vaughn was exposed as a Republican operative named Douglass Mackey who was scraping Paul Nehlen’s Facebook in order to feed the information into the Smartcheckr database, Trump’s Chumps loudly denounced Nehlen for doxxing Vaughn. Strangely, they had nothing to say when Smartcheckr which became Clearview AI sold that database and its facial recognition tool to the FBI and hundreds of other law enforcement agencies.

10.) Trump’s Chumps have demonstrated in the last two election cycles how easy they are to manipulate. They can be relied on to vote and shill for the GOP no matter what it does. Donald Trump isn’t under any pressure from these people to change. He knows his mark better than they know themselves. They are so desperate for acceptance and to participate in elections and to feel like they are “winning” that they will delude themselves like the rest of his cult into believing almost anything. Give a drowning man enough rope and he will hang himself.

Four years later, Trump’s Chumps are still sitting by the phone waiting for the Donald to call back while he huddles with Steve Schwarzman and Bibi Netanyahu. They can’t see what is front of their own eyes. By going ALL IN for Trump, they wrecked, divided and demoralized their own movement in order to advance the standard conservative policy agenda. They have been pushed off the internet and in some cases even to the dark web. In virtually every way, they are worse off than they were four years ago and have nothing to show for it. Insofar as they are getting more web traffic, it is because America has only continued to deteriorate under Trump, which would have happened anyway regardless who won in 2016.

It’s not too late for Trump’s Chumps to reclaim one thing that they have lost over the past four years. They can still reclaim their self respect. They don’t have to participate in this charade a second time and mislead people who are less informed because they now know full well that Sheldon Adelson has bought Donald Trump and the lickspittle GOP Congress.

Note: Imagine thinking a New York City billionaire is a “populist.” LMAO what were we thinking? He told us what we wanted to hear and we believed it.

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  1. I always accuse Trump’s Chumps of being low-testosterone cuckolds who like watching their wives get tag-teamed by sweaty, muscular MAGA Negroes. Not one of them has denied it.

    • The same case could be made against Richard Spencer ! ( Or almost anyone ? ) He went from pushing the white ethno state to liking Obama hating Trump and becoming addicted to football ( his words. ) Doesn’t make him a bad guy. Just useless to white nationalism and the south.

      Who is it that thinks all we have to do is vote and bitch ? WE the people are in charge. WHAT have we DONE to fix anything ? ANYTHING ??? Zero.

      So of course we have to re elect Trump to buy us time while we DO something.

      And MAN are there a lot of trolls on this site trying to get everyone thinking “stay home on voting day !!!”

      Trump will rock in term 2. What will WE do though ? WHERE the F is a white nationalist movement ????

  2. I had hope that the AmNats were maturing during the Groyper War, and indeed they do seem more eager to spar with mainstream conservatives than in the past. But all the momentum built up during the Groyper War ended the moment Vince from Red Elephants went up to Don Jr. and insisted that the Groypers support him and his father.

    It’s quite clear that these people are going to be stuck in an infinite loop every election cycle (“this is the most important election EVER and the GOP will deliver THIS time!”), and factor in all the anti-WN jabs coming from Red Elephants and AIM, it should finally dawn on everyone that AmNats are not on our side. I think the Murdoch Murdoch crew are getting it. I hope everyone else does as well.

    • Sorry we booed you and your slut mommy gf Don, that was for Charlie, not you. Please, please, please let us into the Republican Party now.

      That’s pathetic levels of grovelling.

    • Please! I could see the writing on the wall before the so-called groyper war against tpusa and charlie cuck. It was so obvious that the AmNat chickens were going to return to the marcus/singer/adelson fold. They still believe in “the plan.”

      Vincent James, Nick Fuentes and that crew are just edgy “irony bros” paleoCONservatives. Presumably, they thought they wouldn’t look like the bitches they are, if they put up some resistance to cuckservative, inc. before they capitulated to jared kushner and don jr.

      • Excellent point November!

        They resemble the tea party, believing the ((( political system works and can be))) (((CHANGED)))

        Can it be changed (((?)))

        • Sunburn,

          Right you are. AstroTurfed opposition is eventually swallowed up and incorporated into the very establishment that they were supposedly against.

          It makes one wonder what is currently being used as 30 pieces of silver in 2020? Superchats and payment processors not revoked?

    • Maybe they will have a sideshow at CPAC where they can knock over a few chairs and OWN Charlie Kirk, but I doubt it

      • HW,

        Michelle Malkin and Nick Fuentes are hold the AFPAC at the same time in D.C. as Z(c)PAC this year.

        Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

    • The groyper’s 15 minutes of fame came mostly from that event in California where Don Jr. and his mistress were shouted out of the room. It made international news. That was epic. Those guys had the right instincts but once again were led away from the things that work and generate energy by peer pressure from the usual suspects and useless e-celebs and various GOP operatives.

      From here on out until November it will be nothing but shilling for Trump and the GOP. The donor class easily won the Trump era. It wasn’t even close. The tea party put up a bigger fight.

  3. Wisdom too late, HW. Haxo

    warned you. And all the rest

    of the TrumpChumps. ‘Murkan Whites

    are rapidly running out of demographic time.

    We need an accelerator. Any demoncrat will do.

  4. “The reasons why I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 were immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness and campaign finance and furthering these big ideas of “nationalism” and “populism.”

    I voted for Trump to keep the Clintons out of the White House, and to delay the onset of WWII for a few years.

      • The racial requirements for admission to the Allgemeine / Waffen SS were rather strict. One had to be able to prove one’s Germanic ancestry going back to at least the year 1750. Ironically, Hitler himself would have been ineligible for admission.

        • Those rules were eliminated later during the war. They were using persuaded Romanians to fill out the ranks of the Wiking division at a certain point.

  5. What many in the “dissident right” who call themselves “America-first” but are actually paleoconservatives are showing us again for the umpteenth time is that they are only concerned with GOP electoral victories, not real policy victories. They just want to defeat Democrats. That is what it comes down to every two years for them.

    All that crying and whining they do between elections about the treachery of the GOP should not be taken serious ever again. They can be counted on to not only vote for them but to shill endlessly trying to convince as any people as possible to take the same disastrous path they have taken for years or even decades.

    The only thing I am personally paying attention to right now is the 2020 Democrat race because regardless of how woke it is (compared to Lady MAGA) there are real policy debates going on that interest me especially regarding economy and trade. Watch Bernie’s press conference declaring victory in Iowa as a perfect example.

    The Billionaire club and the Davos crowd is more concerned with what is going on with the Bernie campaign than they are anything that is happening on the right which they have mostly under control and have neutered quite successfully.

    The Billionaires have Trump in their pocket and his cult will follow their leader into hell. They are far from worried about that bunch.

    • If the (((Billionaires))) were not concerned with past and present “Trump Supporters” they wouldn’t be doing so much to smear, usurp and ridicule them.
      The men who actually produce something in America voted for Trump, the “right,alt right,Trump cult” etc are just a side note of the civil unrest that is occurring among the people who produce real wealth in America, like food, houses, roads, hydro and the hands that keep it all running etc…perhaps they do have “Trump in their pocket”, IDK for sure, but they sure as fk don’t have the well armed working man who voted for Trump in their pocket..and that scares them..they are not afraid of Trump, they are afraid of the muscle who supported him.

      • Many of the “muscle men” that supported Trump were at the gun rally in Virginia asking if they looked like racists. The “invisible” muscle that is purported to be out there is either too cheap or poor to waste ammo for Trump. That’s chest thumping trash talking. Nothing more.

  6. Don’t be so quick to throw in the towel, friend. The Overton window is pendulous. And the Alt-Right is not so much dead as it is dormant. In a chrysalis, if you will. We have yet to swing far enough to the right to break free from the constant oscillation between mainstream left and mainstream right. And before we do, there still remains one hard swing to the left ahead of us.

    What’s significant about the last couple years is not so much what’s happened to those on the right as it is to those on the left. We’ve witnessed their open radicalization. Their embrace of violence. The racist and thinly-veiled totalitarian theme of their new, leftward march. The “Coalition of the Ascendant” has begun cannibalizing the old guard that spawned it.

    Why is that significant? Because it resolves the most significant dilemma that whites faced. That of a slow and silent death. Going out with a whimper, rather than a bang.

    What happens next is the demographic shift in states like Texas turning the political spectrum in America solid blue with the eradication the mainstream right. The proverbial pendulum swings further to the left than it ever has as the two party system disappears and the possibility for a political resolution dissolves along with it. When there is no second party for anyone to point to and say “if we give our vote to X, then Y will be out of power”, people will stop looking at voting as a path to resolution. Thus, the realm of accepted public discourse will move in a radical direction and a new paradigm will form. One centered not around conflicting political factions, but tribal ones.

    The reclamation of power in this country by the left was always inevitable. Demography is destiny, as the maxim goes. Halting illegal or even legal immigration was never going to stop that. The birth rates of those already here ‘legally’ would continue carrying the momentum of demographic decline. The only ACTUAL solution was and is driving unwanted demographics out, whether illegal or legal. That was NEVER going to happen under Trump. Not ever. What did happen under Trump is the insanity and racism of the left was brought into full light. So while many among the more center-right seem to be high on victory, placated in the belief that they are watching this hideous vampire burn up in the aforementioned light; it’s important to remember that the higher they are, the farther they will fall when the inevitable comes to pass and that vampire not only survives, but rises to the throne while sealing off all peaceful exits in the process. And what beautiful creature will then emerge from it’s chrysalis to catch those falling into despair in this darkest hour? The seeds we are planting today will bear tomorrow’s fruit.

    As far as I am concerned, everything is going according to plan. Trump’s election sealed the fate of the mainstream left. And 2024/28 will do the same for the mainstream right. From there we will only have an untethered right and left that spiral ever-further outwards from the center until violent conflict erupts and seals the fate of one or the other. One preaching unity and camaraderie among whites. The other aggressively demonizing and persecuting them to an increasingly Bolshevik degree.

    Until then the mission statement remains the same. We prepare for the inevitable while networking and maintaining a presence on the fringes with the expressed goal of peacefully spreading awareness until such a time that the fringe spills inward to fill the void left by abolition of the mainstream.

    • One thing we must understand is that it is an exercise in futility trying to predict when the Boogaloo will finally begin. If it ever happens at all!

      • There will be some sort of catalyst, perhaps the corona virus disrupting the economy, perhaps Trump starting a war with Iran, maybe something else.

        If Trump starts a war with Iran he will quickly find he has caught a tiger by the tail and needs conscription to feed his war; conscription of white, Christian males. Hopefully that will result in massive civil disobedience as white males refuse the Government’s command. That’s when things get interesting.

    • The boomers are aging out. Trump, Biden, Bernie, Pocahontas and most of the leading figures in the establishment parties are nearing 80, they are all done. As they leave the field their bad ideas will fade with them clearing the field for new bad ideas which the Left is full of.

      • In light of the nuts coming up, the bad ideas that have been forced on us by these jew boot lickers may well seem like a panacea.

    • I agree. The violent accelerationists are on the Left. They are the ones pushing the envelope with radical proclamations and unprovoked, random attacks on unsuspecting rally attendees.

      Most White People, having been brow beaten for decades; living in comfort; desensitized to violence by constant exposure via the motion picture industry and increased levels in the communities; unable to empathize with any White person’s plight or predicament other than their own; and imbued with an individuality that precludes or, at least hinders, social organization or cooperation, which is further restricted by self induced electronic interference, simply cannot find the common bonds necessary for cohesion, nor do they have the vital impetus or even possess the former natural impulse to bring it into being.

      The continued marginalization and targeting, while still being held responsible for the inevitable shortcomings that will accompany their displacement, will finally be a hand that has been overplayed.

      But, it will take many more denigrated, overwhelmed, beaten, raped, underfed, dispossessed, destitute, jobless, homeless, wrongfully incarcerated, and murdered White People at the hands of their minority friends before the motivation becomes sufficient to impel a reunification.

      Hurricane Katrina and the Superdome is an example of a situation where White People had no other alternative than to band together, and that is the kind of situation that the majority would have to be in before they would realize that it was in their best interest.

      The question is, how many of our own will continue to sell us out in the final crisis? Women, historically, have been the right of conquest. Most White Women don’t appear ready to put up much resistance and many won’t be on the side of White Men anyway. Think of the legions of Oprah and Ellen viewers, not to mention the multitudes who engage in miscegenation. Then, we have the career oriented white men, who will never jeopardize their increasingly precarious positions. Also, white men with Asian and Hispanic wives and children are too invested in their diversity to be counted on. With all of the degenerate elements that have manifested within the White race over the past half century, it will be very difficult to deprogram the Trump Chumps in time. Ours may be the fate of the Rhodesians.

  7. I suppose the only silver lining to Blompf winning in 2016 was not permitting Hillary Clinton the opportunity to put two more jews and/or lesbians on SCOTUS.

    • And I simply find it hard to believe that anyone cannot recognize just how important that is, in a nation like the U.S., which is basically a kritarchy. Ultimately ,every question of cultural importance is decided by the Supreme Court.

      I’ll give you another silver lining: no mass amnesty. Again, if someone doesn’t recognize how much MORE damage a mass amnesty, plus an altogether wide-open border (and yes, the border could be open far wider than it is today, and yes, ICE could be dissolved) would do, I can’t help you.

      Mass reparations from whites to POCs . . . really, to fail to understand that, bad as things are, they could and would be drastically worse under a Dem. president is a staggering failure of imagination.

      • Karsten,

        Trump is still the most corrupt, incompetent, lying piece of shit that ever occupied the Oval Office.

        • That may be. But that in no way counters my specific points.

          I have no affinity for him. But I have not yet read a single persuasive argument why having a Democrat in office, who would very likely do the specific things that I stated, would be better. Because it would not be better at all, but rather even worse.

          This is the plain situation:

          Trump is very bad.
          Everyone else is far, far worse.

          The only way we could expect someone better is if we had the kind of donor money Shelden Adelson does. But we don’t, so here we are.

          • Karsten,

            The shrinking White majority need to wake the f*ck up, and they’ll go to sleep with another four years of the Blompf/kushner administration. Don’t you understand that trump is a judas goat? I have zero sympathy for those idiots that pack his pep rallies, and then are attacked by antifa leaving the venue who their heroes’ DOJ works in tandem with to prosecute pro-White activists.

            Kicking the can down the road is a child’s game, but when adults use it for a false sense of seu, it’s quite cowardly.

            For every lie told, the truth is owed a debt. Pawns in a game aren’t victims of chance.

          • November,

            I understand your point perfectly. But the trouble is, there is no evidential support for it:

            “The shrinking White majority need to wake the f*ck up, and they’ll go to sleep with another four years of the Blompf/kushner administration.”

            This could only be an argument if there were an objective guarantee that the majority WOULD wake up if the Democrats got into power.

            But there is no such guarantee. All that might end up is that whites would be even more demoralized than they are today, and thus more vulnerable to the Leftist narrative that “diversity” is inevitable.

            And you know what? Even if they would “wake up” — what would that result in? At best, another GOP majority House and/or Senate, and possibly another GOP president after the next Democrat one — and one that would certainly be even more GOPe-beholden than Trump.

            In other words, with Trump we at least get a better likelihood of no mass illegal amnesty, another possible SCOTUS seat, and a few more miles of fence.

            We the Dems we get none of that, but will likely get mass-illegal amnesty, a Leftist SCOTUS seat or two — and ZERO guarantee that whites would react to these things, and even if they did, no indication that their reaction would lead to anything but more of the same election cycling.

      • It’s inevitable. As insane as they are and as stupid as the White race traitors who vote for them are, DIMs will rule soon. If not in January of next year, then after the 2024 election.

      • An administration attempting to impose reparation payments upon white people is exactly what these head-in-the-sand fools need.

        • Powell,

          Yup. White normies need to take a real big bite of the kosher sandwich. If that “demoralizes” them, let them roll over on their backs in submission. They need to face the future now.

  8. Trump is gleaning a lot of popularity off of his beloved Wall St and his half-assed Greatest Economy Ever – without one – or both – of those components he is defeatable.

    • He may lose his beloved economy and Wall $treet as the corona virus disrupts trade everywhere, including capital flows. China’s industrial production has taken a huge hit with the much of the country on lockdown. That has to have ripple effects all over the globe, eventually reflected in the stock market Trump has tied his reelection to.

      The Plunge Protection Team (PPT) can only do so much, then the bottom falls out of the market.

  9. A thousand articles and thousands of words to repeat the same message ad infinitum. You want the democrats to win. Everyone should either vote democrat or not vote at all, because in some completely unspecified and even unimaginable way – virulent anti-whites being elected is supposed to help pro-whites. We get your position already.

    Now if you’re going to dress this pro democrat/leftist/anti-white leftist politician thing you’re doing up in some high minded claim that politics DOESN’T MATTER how about you ALSO QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT and actively campaigning for one side.

    This site once upon a time had interesting things to say before you became bernie bros or whatever. Even mainstream media organs pumping for democrats take a break now and then for movie reviews or human interest stories.

    Makes it less obvious, you know?

  10. 2018 was a Republican debacle. 2020 will be worse. And that is good. The Uniparty is ZOG. The Republican Party is ZOG. A couple more election cycles, the Republicans will be gone.

  11. We shouldn’t have any collective guilt over electing Trump. We were a hopeless people given hope. The guy was saying things that no candidate would even dream of saying and he really did seem to be on our side. It’s not like he doesn’t have his appeal. Whatever the case, he would’ve won without the alt-right’s help anyways, and he’ll win again without it. That’s because it’s in all likelihood what the establishment wants. Why else are they trying to put him up against a smarmy little fudgepacker with “butt” in his last name? Why else did CNN give him so much attention in the election cycle?

    • “We shouldn’t have any collective guilt over electing Trump”

      I disagree. We should’ve known better. We saw him grovel before AIPAC. We saw him threaten Iran. We saw his Jewish daughter and his Jewish grandchildren. We supported a Zionist billionaire from New York because he merely promised to enforce existing immigration laws. His immigration rhetoric was no more radical than that of Bill Clinton in 1995, and his law and order statements were no stronger than stuff Joe Biden was saying in the 80s.

      Basically we “Nazis” (who are supposed to understand Jewish power), took a gamble on a pro-Jewish president and naturally we lost. And we deserve our humiliation too, we deserve it for being foolish enough to ever support a Jew lover. What is good for Jews is bad for whites and vise versa. This is the golden rule that will always hold true.

      • What did we have to lose by voting for that BUM? We were going to get screwed over one way or another.

        • “what did we have to lose…?

          demographic time. And Drumpf cost us 4 years of it.

          not to mention smothering and shattering the entire White Right.

          Mrs. Clinton would have smothered the Left while

          uniting and energizing the Right.

  12. I don’t think Anglin and and his crew were ever sincere pro-white activists. They pretended Trump was secretly anti-Jewish for as long as they could, and then they suddenly pivoted to ‘ironic’ fed-posting. Clearly they wanted racially conscious whites to be either voting Republican or getting locked up. His position of being ostensibly opposed to Jewish power while simultaneously shilling for the most openly pro-Zionist president in American history only makes sense if Jewish money is involved. He is undoubtedly a paid disinformation agent and his followers are dupes and morons. If you were genuinely opposed to Jewish power there is no possible way you could stomach voting for Trump.

    Interestingly the pro-Trump shills of the dissident right have a new angle, which is: Sure Trump sucks but we must give him 4 more years to buy us valuable time because the Dems will shut us down!

      • With Leftists being the only reactionaries, maybe their reaction to Trump’s reelection will finally become completely unhinged everywhere at once. The full rampage against the outcome encouraged by the Leftist politicians and media. An all out campaign of harassment and intimidation exercised against the Republicucks, with nary a peep in their defense from The Orange Knight. Only more Zionism, Negrophilia, Saber Rattling, Wall Street and the low Hispanic unemployment that never existed in America in the first place.

        Nothing, other than prolonged blackouts, food shortages, and large scale rioting will shake the White People out of their complacency. To argue that Whites will be lulled back to sleep with Trump’s reelection is almost like contending that the Tea Party was any real form of opposition to Obama’s policies. A bunch of obese, single issue, Boomer, Herman Cain / Ben Carson idolizing, NFL-NBA watching, Republicucks were never a threat to the advancing progressive agenda. We would have gotten the same, or worse, from any Candidate, from either side. And, the large scale indifference on the part of the Neo-Cons wouldn’t be any less, either way.

        The Left, on the other hand, needs very little, if any, provocation to take things to the extreme, and they are not as easily corralled as the Republicucks. They tend to operate outside of the established guidelines and are trying to out do each other in the realm of unreasonableness and insanity. It may be to our advantage to give them something that will send them off the deep end. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will cause the Neo-Cons to go berserk. I can’t see an easy way out, so I might as well have fun watching the Left attack the clueless and bewildered, shell shocked Right.

    • The Daily Homo is just an edgy comedy website for 14 year old gamers and incels. Anglin, Assholemador, Weev and that other queer Lee Rogers are an unsavoury lot who are pure poison to the pro- white “community”(for want of a better word).

    • “Interestingly the pro-Trump shills of the dissident right have a new angle, which is: Sure Trump sucks but we must give him 4 more years to buy us valuable time because the Dems will shut us down!”

      Thats not a new angle, that is a tired old meme the Republican Party repeats at the dumb rubes on Stormfront, every time there is an election on.

      I saw these repeated hundreds of times, before I got disgusted with the place and stopped visiting:

      We gotta vote Republican, to buy more time.
      We gotta vote Republican, because they are the lesser of two evils.
      We gotta vote Republican instead of Pro White, because the Republican has a chance.

      • Those Stormfart losers might as well just say “I like it when my wife gets a train run on her by based MAGA Negroes while I hide underneath the bed and play with myself, sobbing hysterically.”

  13. You really want a Democrat Communist to win? Have you been listening to these crazy loons including Bernie and what they have in store for us if they win? Yes, Trump is a disappointment, but the alternative is unacceptable.

    • Agreed. I have yet to hear a single persuasive argument against that most elemental and important of points.

    • Barbara Fleming,

      Do you have any children of the age of conscription? Unless they’re mentally or physically handicapped, expect them to be drafted to fight in Blompf’s war with Iran early into his second term. Is that acceptable?

      • What is the evidence to prove that any other Presidential candidate of either party (other than Tulsi or Rand Paul, neither of whom have any chance whatsoever of being President) would be any less likely to make war with Iran? All of them are even MORE likely to wage war with Iran than Trump is.

        • Karsten,

          That is complete bullshit. Likud controls trump more than any politician in America. Haven’t you been paying attention these last three years? Blompf’s entire Middle East policy is created in Israel and his big three zionist jew donors. BIbi Netanyahu literally sleeps at the kushner’s penthouse when he’s in New York City. Adelson, marcus, singer, and netanyahu all want an American war with Iran in Blompf’s second and “lame duck ” term, that is exactly what they’ll get.

  14. The thing that irks me about Romney is that he’s right to convict Trump, but its for the wrong reasons. Audition ING fir Maverick TM isn’t quite a good enough excuse.

  15. To add insult to injury, the Blasphemy at the prayer breakfast yesterday. Are White people willing to swallow anything this man feeds us? We voted for this criminal con for his agenda, and he’s done none of it. It makes us look stupid and weak, just like conservative inc.

    • Of course not. But he is less likely to grant a mass amnesty than any of the Democrats. And that is something.

      • Karsten,

        You don’t know that. As a “lame duck” POTUS, trump won’t ever have to face the voters again, so he would be a wild card in a second term.

        Personally, it would not surprise me, if trump enters into a mutual defense treaty with Israel which will lead to another excuse to go to war with Iran for his donors and son in law.

        • And you don’t know that any of the Democrats (except for Tulsi, who has zero chance whatsoever to get the nomination) are any LESS likely to wage war with Iran than Trump is.

          Yes, Trump is indisputably less likely than the Democrats to grant a mass amnesty. With the latter, it’s an explicit goal; their likelihood of doing it is near 100%; with Trump, at most 50% (and even that’s pushing it). Best odds we can get.

  16. This is really terrible journalism. Are the links supposed to support your assertions? They do not. For example the link you provided for your statement that illegal immigration has doubled; Illegal immigration has not doubled the number of arrests has doubled. Which most likely means the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States has declined. But why tell the truth when you can lie to serve an agenda? You should find a new line of work. You are a terrible journalist.

    • If you don’t like the facts stated here jack then go pound sand might I suggest CNN or Fox news? as a more reliable source for immigration stats

      illegal immigration Hasn’t doubled guys but arrests have doh

      • I think Ryan’s comment is unnecessarily hostile. .But it’s certainly fair to ask for precise sources for such assertions.

    • no, TrumpChump: arrests double whenever illegal insourcing doubles. In any case, 2/3 of those entering are never arrested in the first place. And

      of those who are, most are soon released with a court appearance date. Which

      they ignore. Orange Cty, CA, for instance, just turned more than 2,000 Mex arrestees lose.

    • Your hero was sending illegal immigrants to the interior of the nation by the bus loads day after day with nary a peep from you MAGA/MIGA ass kissers. Those same illegal immigrants do not show up to their immigration court hearings. They’re ‘In the wind’ just waiting for amnesty via a kushner second term or by the new demoncratic POTUS.

      HW is a “journalists” by the way, he’s a political commentator and ‘noticer.’ You on the other hand are a political novice if not an imbecile.

    • Let us not forget the blowoff Blompf’s administration gave the “Angel Mothers ” once they couldn’t be manipulated for churning out votes. Lest we not forget how Blompf has ‘unfriended’ Ann Coulter whose support in 2015-16 was critical to making the case for him as a candidate.

    • I’ve got to agree with O’Keogan about the general gist of that citation.
      That article in the link goes on to say that “The number of total enforcement actions, which include the deportation of people deemed inadmissible under asylum laws, surpassed 1.1 million in 2019, more than double the 2017 figures.”
      It’s hard to relate that to the assertion (“illegal immigration has doubled”) and harder to reconcile the idea that he is doing less than Obama. (Whether it is effective, I have no idea.)
      Haxxos spin does not pass the smell test either. Without additional resources, a doubling of migration would not double enforcement actions.
      As far as I’m concerned, legal migration is the primary problem where I live. It has the same effect as mass migrations, perhaps worse: Importing your own competition. They are brought in based on high demand occupation picking off opportunities and lowering wages – since it’s on such a massive scale,

  17. The only thing Trump’s election bought us was time.
    The iceberg has already been stuck, the ship is sinking.
    Changing the Captain won’t save the ship or the foolish passengers.

    Don’t be a foolish passenger. Prepare to sink or swim in post-America. Prep hard.

    • How did it buy time? All the negative trends of the past 50 years have continued or even accelerated under Trump

      • How did it buy time you ask?
        1. Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh would have instead been liberals appointed by President Hillary Clinton.
        2. Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 would have been passed under President Hillary Clinton.

        That’s just two of many that bought us time. Time we need to prepare for the coming storm.
        Or don’t, I really don’t care. I’m weary of advising Whites to act in their own best interest.
        There is a War coming. No one will be left out. Including you or I.

    • Zion Don bought his tribe more time to milk the cows, and fleece the sheep. When given two circle K choices take the third position. In the end all we ever really had was each other, and moreover, that is all we ever will have. Substantiating casino elections is the greater fool theory of political science. Pull the slot machine lever one more time, pull it harder this time, watch the wheels spin around and around. Hoorah, a new Nash equilibrium point.

  18. “Trump is a demagogue who recognized that nationalist and populist sentiments were growing in the American electorate and he has harnessed and manipulated and exploited those forces for his donors.”

    It was so obvious it stuck out like a sore thumb. I saw through him from day 1, not because I am smarter than anyone but I looked at the obvious. His 110 % support for Israel, letting his daughter convert and marry a jew and his jew connections in NY. The jews who put him in office are now demanding payback and the pay back has a cherry on top. Promises to Israel made and kept.

  19. Not bad points, but what is the realistic alternative? Trump did get Mexico to stem some of the human debris from the south. One of the reasons they were coming under Trump because the left was making it clear they would do everything possible to allow them inside and nothing like making a trek to see if they will the immigration lotto.

    His federal judiciary appointments have been less bad than under Hildebeast. I’ve actually had some jobs I could apply to though some of this from bad policies from past administrations. Trump has made an effort to roll back the asinine regs made under Obama.

    It is disappointing the kissed Jew ass and Jerod needs to be kicked to curb along with Ivanka, but again, what is a realistic alternative?

  20. Check out Steve Bannon on Bernie. Bannon knows Bernie is the biggest threat to Trump. He claims Bernie, if elected President, will not be able to defy the liberal and neocon establishment. Will voting for Bernie prevent an American war with Iran?

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