Patriot Front Rallies In DC

It has been relatively quiet for the past two years.

There hasn’t been much interest in street activism since the Alt-Right tore itself apart in the Optics War in 2018. The overwhelming majority of conservatives are satisfied with the Trump administration. The pending Charlottesville lawsuits, fear of police stand down orders and the federal crackdown on accelerationism have also put a lid on rallies. As we saw with Unite the Right 2, there aren’t going to be any of these volatile public rallies where any random person can just show up and get themselves in trouble like James Fields, Jr. in Charlottesville.

If Donald Trump loses the 2020 election and the Democrats elect the communist boogeyman, I wonder were we will be a year from now in the post-KAG era.

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  1. If Bernie Sanders gets into office I believe this will cause many White Americans to wake up. Bernie is a literal anti-white communist Jew straight out of posters from NS Germany. He will finally be the spark that causes the torch to reignite 75 years after it was put out by those evil Satanic Jews and their Capitalist and Communist butt goys.

    • Hamburger Americans will not revolt until McDonalds runs out of fast food.

      Bernie running against Trump will wake the MAGApedes up to vote Republican – To own the libs and to prove how not racist they are.

      If Bernie wins, they will bitch and moan about muh taxes/muh gun collection rights for four years, and then vote Republican again.

      If Trump wins, they will fall back into a stupor before being carted off to the nursing homes or cemetaries.

      • @Matty I agree that there will be a portion of white America that will never wake up because they are either self-hating whites or are cowards however there will be a significant amount of whites who will finally open their eyes. If Bernie Sanders or one of the other Jews becomes president then the mask is finally ripped off. At that point the puppet master becomes revealed and is out in the open.

        @Juri Commies and kikes also use to physically attack and harm people like Mussolini and his followers however once the black shirts began to defend themselves and showed force in numbers those days ended.(Look up Mussolini’s march on Rome)

      • I somehow doubt that, except for the diehard Drumpf idolators, and they are so numerically small, they don’t matter. I think most people realize that we are hanging on to what remains of America by a thread. And what we need to do (except for the cowards around us) is to snap that thread. We cannot hope to remain in peace, when God is preparing for war… and judgment.

    • When Bernie get into office or anybody except Trump, then is too late to wake up.

      Relative peace before Trump was only because white liberals believed their own propaganada and ignored dying out white males

      Now they are woke and will root out Nazism with iron hands.

      Good old days before Trump will not come back. Now commies make sure that there will be no bad surpises anymore and going full Soviet is best way to that.

    • Whites only react when push comes to shove. If electing Sanders or Bloomberg is the way to make whites wake up, perhaps it is worth trying.

  2. Glad I was able to catch the soyboi stream. No incidents. All made it from start to finish in good order. DC fuzz did what they’re PAID (handsomely) to do. Antifa pathetic…squeaky womyn screeches…

  3. Patriot Front Rallies In DC

    Why? It’s a complete waste of time. Like Larry Joe Billmeier, it’s both retarded and dead.

  4. 150 is an impressive number in this post-Cville climate. Bravo to these brave lads. It’s encouraging to see WNs still taking a stand for their people.

    Three cheers for Patriot Front!

      • I get why Hunter and other Cville veterans are not too keen on rallies these days. And yet I think PF is showing us how rallies can be done without mass doxxes, arrests, or lawsuits. PF deserves a lot of credit for having avoided any of those traps in the last couple of years while carrying out public activities in places like Boston and other cities. They always demonstrate tight discipline and opsec. I think they have a bright future ahead of them.

        • “Discipline and OpSec”… What are you talking about? There is nothing to be gained from this, as at best you don’t get doxxed and only get mocked and made to look small fringe and impotent on Twitter (as seen above), misrepresented as “Soopremassst Naziiiis” by the media and get to leave in your six small vans having accomplished nothing.

          Worst case you are doxxed, have media pursuing you and fired from your job, and possibly prosecuted for whatever crimes that can be thought of.

          Stop LARPing and talking OpSec. Conduct yourself like a normal person, don’t use slurs or profanity and talk to people… Just talk to people. Socialize. Get involved in local politics and fraternal organization. You’re going to find that there are alot of people out there with fellow good intentions

          Wanting to preserve your ancestry and family, wanting to be able to socialize with whom you choose, and having a voice about immigration and replacement are normal takes most people can get behind. If you’re not dropping N bombs or referring to certain groups while spitting on the ground you will be fine and make a difference. Unlike marching like a total feeb in groups of a few dozen so that people can gawk and think you’re a loon supremacist goon.

          Nothing is gained from this nonsense. It is embarrassing

          • It isn’t embarrassing at all. Patriot Front’s crew don’t hurl slurs in public or engage in brawls with antifa that lead to media shitshows. No one has been boxed or arrested either. PF deserves credit for that.

            And I disagree with your notion that there is nothing to gain from this. It’s encouraging to see brave White men still willing to make a public stand for their people. I think these kinds of events help demonstrate that WNs CAN work together. In a heavily toxic movement where people regularly fling poo and call each other feds without evidence, this is whitepilling for me and others.

            If you don’t like marches, then don’t participate in them. Do your thing, whatever that is.

        • this must have been a flash mob. which is the only way to do anything. im happy to see people doing something. but what did this accomplish? i wonder about their politics. all i see is an american flag and a fasces. ok. well what is the platform? not trying to neg this, but other than demonstrating you have people and are organized, what did this do?

          • What did it need to accomplish in your mind? What grand objectives need to be fulfilled in order to justify activism?

            Let’s face it: we don’t have a lot of options. Our movement is still in tatters thanks to all the fifth column conservative hijackers. We must appreciate the positive developments that come our way, even if their significance is seemingly small.

            Here’s Eric Striker’s take on the rally. From his point of view, successfully hammering the idea that no antifa = no violence is a major narrative win for us:

  5. That’s a great example of Patriots coming together and rallying for the White Race. That’s how all such rallies are past, present, and future. Peaceful Rallies! The Government, Police, Media, and others should look at this rally and realize that Patriots aren’t the problem. We believe in peaceful political activism. It’s Antifa, Communists, Liberals, FBI informants, infiltrators, and nuts that cause problems. Most of those promote violence and do so in helping the Government in shutting down right wing organizations and Freedom of Speech as a whole. Deo Vindice !

    • “That’s a great example of Patriots coming together and rallying for the White Race.”

      Where did they mention being white? Even once?

  6. Street activism needs to be a thing again. And we really need a good, well-run, pro-White organization to join. Perhaps it could be Patriotic Front?

    This hiding in the shadows behind our keyboards isolated from everyone else is getting us nowhere. Let’s
    stop allowing ourselves to be intimidated by the Negroes, jews, Antifa and the cops, dammit!

    • Spawn, go right ahead. I want to see your face on the nightly news with Tom Brokaw…. before they put you in prison, just like they recently did with Chris Cantwell… again. Until the Bolshies become so bad, that ab-normies begin to fear the Cheka knocking on their door, such stunts as this are useless.

      We either prepare for a Civil War (which has already begun, or didn’t you read that piece HW posted about Julian the Apostate’s new law making WN be the same as ISIS?!?) or we remain anonymous, and plan our expatriate strategy…..

  7. We must expect him to lose. The dems stole mid terms and Iowa. More importantly, no one will prosecute them, so why won’t they steal it? of course they will try. there is no point in voting 2020

  8. God bless these fellows. I don’t know what will be accomplished, but at least they showed up and marched and nothing happened. Especially in the light of the Eff Bee Eye persecution of Whites. FYI ANY-ONE who voices the mildest of pro-White sentiments falls into the White Nationalist Turruriss category, according to the Eff Bee Eye. So I commend the Patriot Front!

  9. Don’t know anything bout patriot front maybe some are feds i dunno but they at least have good optics no swastika flags, natsoc uniforms or stahlhelms that i can see

    On the otherhand was this really a win or is this just copeposting?

  10. Im waiting for John + to pipe in about the jew messianism … I’m sure he’s a Bernie Bro too ..

    I ain’t jewish so I ain’t christian… no jew messiah’s!

  11. Flag waving doesn’t impress me anymore. Civic nationalists who love Diversity do it all the time. Civic nationalists, aka MAGA & super majority White, are the supporters of Trump he can’t do without.

  12. Our situation is not unlike what our folk in Germany were facing in the early 20’s. Then an obscure, “accelerationist” group with a strong and intelligent leader eventually made a difference. It can happen again. Strong and intelligent leaders are very hard to come by though.

    • Exactly. White Nationalists should be carrying symbols of resistance against ZOG – Confederate flags, swastika flags, hammer and sickle flags, Strasserist flags, Iranian and Venezuelan and Syrian flags, etc.

      “BUT MUH OPTICS”. Fuck that shit. Only petty-bourgeois pussies are scared of scary flags. For working-class normies the Nick Fuentes style incel bullshit is far more off-putting.

      • @Jijcf,

        We don’t need to carry the banner of any specific nation and/or organization. What would be more effective IMHO would be placards or poster boards with our positions written on them along with a website address for more information. That’s just my two cents. I’m willing to listen to other suggestions.

        • November, is your idea to provide a short intro to nationalism on a website, in a completely non-threatening way? Like taking certain memes and pithy sayings, and putting them up for anyone to look at? For the placards/poster boards part of it, some people could post the equivalent of the “It’s OK to be White” on poles and bulletin boards all over their town with the website address. It makes sense. Before we start talking about reorganizing society, we’ve got to have the numbers to do it.

          • Boomer X,

            Yes. The sheeple’s ‘ ignorance is a large part of the jew’s power of controlling the narrative.

            Back in the day, my colleagues and I used to put informational flyers inside of newspapers. When John and Jane Q. Public bought a newspaper, they also received a bonus leaflet courtesy of us. We also put such leaflets into books at public libraries in the corresponding topics.

  13. Typical of so called WN attacking other whites for trying to do the right thing. How about standing with your white brothers whether you agree with them or not. Now I see why we always lose, because we are our own worst enemy. Our enemies never attack each other, they always have each others back. If we only had the will and determination of our enemies, we might get taken serious. I know, lets here all the excuses of why we can’t do this or do that. When you have the defeatist attitude you are defeated.

    • We need to embrace the truth that no one in our movement has a crystal ball illuminating the clearest path to victory, and that we all need to work in our separate lanes. I’d have a lot less problems with AmNats if they weren’t constantly conducting gayops against explicit WN individuals and organizations.

      May the best strategy prevail.

    • It could be that once nationalist policies become more popular among normies, the idea of nation as family will become more accepted. Family is associated with one’s own kind — who looks like you, in other words. Most normies I know (almost everyone I know IRL, sadly) will bitch about Hispanics, Somalis and Blacks, but have not made the logical leap to “White preferentialism,” for lack of a better term. The CivNat/Magic Dirt programming keeps them from acting on their own behalf, or fighting for their families. They love their distractions and materially indulgent lifestyles too much.

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