Steve Bannon and Bill Maher Go Head-to-Head

Steve Bannon is counting on the Bernie Bros to reelect Trump.

If it comes down to a highly divisive Bernie vs. Bloomberg race for the nomination after Super Tuesday, it could very well happen. Then again, it didn’t look like the Republicans would unite behind Trump. It looked like Trump would lose by a double digit margin.

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  1. Empirically speaking, the Democrats appear to be taking a dive.

    Their plan appears to be use Buttigieg to block bernie, then Bloomberg gets the nomination.

    Trump will annihilate Bloomberg.

    Oh well, I’m not involved.

  2. The Democrats are in a bad situation. Most of the leadership are elderly and have zero idea of what’s going on. Pelosi ripping up the speech was unreal. She is a lunatic.

    Trump wins next year and the Boomer voters continue to die, in numbers that will effect both parties. This a transitional time. The future doesn’t look good. The Democrats will go hard left, with the priority of taking the nation into full monetary Socialism. And that’s how I see it.

    The next President after Trump will throw open the borders like a welfare office. Every bit or resource will be handed over to the new “Americans”.

      • The so2 (sulfur dioxide) levels reported around Wuhan China, worry me more! HW/November that means high levels of burning organic matter, hope it’s just contaminated bio waste plastic, no matter what they are burning, high so2 levels equal acid rain half way around the world corrosiveness.

        • Sunburn,

          If you want to frighten yourself about SO2 emissions comic out from China, checkout how many high sulfur coal burning power plants they’ve built and continue to build. The Chinese don’t give a crap about reducing smokestack spewing pollution, or for that matter, any regulations that might hamper their economy. So the CCP and the RETARDicans have that in common. Muh GDP!

  3. That was a great no-holds-barred interview….except that neither one mentioned the you-nose-whos. Guess who will be seeing Maher perform at the Mirage in Vegas, eh? Eh?

    • I read this article title, and thought, ‘Who cares?’ It’s all so much Kabuki theater, and the acting is lousy, even. Oy!

  4. I like how Baked Alaska and his fellow GriftNats insist that “wignats” are irrelevant and yet they won’t stop talking about us and how we’re incredibly evil/stupid for not supportingTrump/Catbois/AmNat rap albums. I thought these November Groypers were all ascending to political relevance now?

  5. C Difficile Colitis, is in the mix with this pandemic!

    Good luck with dung matter disinfectant wipes and face mask prevention of the infection upper respiratory track.

    • Clostridium difficile runs rampant in just about all hospitals and nursing homes. It’s a nasty little SOB. The treatment calls for high doses of antibiotics which in turn kills both the good and bad bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, so the diarrhea continues as does dehydration.

  6. November if the crematorium centers are burning the bodies in Wuhan at the sad rate we know they are? Then why not make a scare tactic with the 6 million Ukraine hoaxacost , can’t mention the tribe of the chosen the ADL May get upset they own gay Hollywood.

  7. Zoomer clips twitter account is run by Cucked Alaska right? Baked is in his late 30’s not quite exactly a Zoomer then

  8. As bad as Bannon is we sadly dont even get this out of Trump. Bannon and his brand of civ nat is supposed to be a fake truth telling fire brand, that would tell you the hard truth fox hosts are afraid to. It’s supposed catch conservatives falling through the cracks of Hannity but was never intended to hold power.

    This is why you can’t simply reverse compass your way to truth “TV jews say he’s bad so he’s good right?”

    Some times controlled ops try to make a power grab and they have to get swatted down.

    Kinda sad, but also kinda funny to watch. Poor guy got tired of grifting and wanted power, only to be called racist by the same Republicans who staffers would leak to breitbart to get their stories out- Sad!

  9. The Jews don’t want the Trumpenberg to lose. That’s why the democrat primary is so obviously fakr, gay and absolutely boring.

  10. Not a worthless debate but Bill Maher remains the moron that he’s always been. Chronic marijuana ingestion over decades does lower IQ and significantly impairs cognitive functioning.

    As 2020 approaches, we are going to likely hear a LOT about ‘climate change’. There are even some in the AR/DR who sadly believe in this pseudoscience.

    Here’s the latest (02/08) Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Satellite Data from the NSIDC. Anyone with a high school education who has take a science or math course could easily interpret the obvious.

    There isn’t a scintilla of evidence for any climate catastrophe/emergency/alarm to be found. Yes, we are having a warm winter in the Northeast but Polar Sea Ice is within normal historic SD.

    No one wants to be a Trump Chump and the GOP are traitors and deceitful frauds but the Far Left is and will increasingly be ‘Reeeeeeing’ in the streets over nothing……


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