Bernie Sanders Is Stealing Trump’s Populist Issues

Is Bernie Sanders a threat to Trump in 2020?


Campaign Finance:

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Current thoughts on the 2020 race.

In the 2016 election, I voted for Donald Trump to further these big ideas of nationalism and populism. I also voted for him because of his positions on immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness and campaign finance. This was enough to get me off the couch. Abortion and guns hadn’t been enough to get me to vote for McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012. There other aspects of Donald Trump’s agenda in 2016 which I disliked, but swallowed.

In the 2020 election, I no longer think of Donald Trump as a nationalist or a populist. I think of him as being another conservative like Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney. He has let those people run the government while he monitors our decline from his Twitter account. I now think that Trump has sold out to the Republican donors and has made political correctness worse. He has let neocons run our foreign policy and has been totally ineffective at best on immigration and trade.

Bernie Sanders takes foreign policy, trade, campaign finance and the opioid crisis off the table in a race with Trump. He is also better than Trump on taxes, health care, student loans and infrastructure. From my perspective, the choice comes down to Sanders or Trump’s record on immigration, political correctness, LGBTQ rights, guns and abortion. He hasn’t done anything about immigration and political correctness has only grown worse.

LGBTQ? Trump has normalized homosexuality and has only put up token resistance to transgenderism. Guns and abortion? There isn’t much that Sanders can do which will be upheld by the courts. Political correctness? Trump hasn’t challenged the existing taboos. He hasn’t used his platform as president to make life any easier for his supporters. Instead, he has used it to court minority groups while ignoring the people who voted for him in 2016.

Is Bernie Sanders an option then for disaffected nationalists who have written off Trump? As bad as Trump has been as president, what stops me from supporting Sanders is voting for someone who could be even worse. Will the Democrats unite behind Sanders to pass Medicare for All or student loan forgiveness, or, say, the Equality Act? The Republicans used the Trump presidency to pass the standard conservative agenda. The Democrats will just use a Sanders presidency to do the same thing with the standard progressive agenda. It is reasonable to assume that the only thing that will come out a Sanders presidency is what Congress, the federal courts and the Deep State allow him to do which is none of the things that working class voters like about him.

It doesn’t really matter who wins the 2020 election. Neither Sanders or Trump will be allowed to do much of anything by Congress, the federal courts and the Deep State. Republicans will hyperventilate about socialism and nothing will happen. Bernouts will be as bitterly disappointed as we are today although Bernie is a true believer in socialism and has an ideology and decades of experience and allies in Congress and is different from Trump in that respect.

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  1. Bernie is actually committed to an ideology, whereas with Don the Con it’s all about his ego and vanity. Truth be told Bernie and Miss Tulsi are the only two candidates whom I do not despise. For that reason alone they would get my vote.

    • Committed to an ideology like being the dog on a leash for Al Sharpton, you mean? Suddenly his ” commitment to an ideology” has changed regarding the second amendment, protecting American workers, now he is for the illegal alien takeover of America and will be for giving untold billions or more to blacks with reparations.

      Just because you are mad and want the system blown up and Sanders says a couple of good things does not change the fact he is a radical anti white communist who will leapfrog this country to third worldism. Can you imagine the judges he will be looking to get approved? Plus the guy just had a heart attack pushing 80 years old. It seems a fat, black wahhhmenzz will step in to take over when that happens and the United States of Somalia we become.

    • Dear Spahn, I totally agree with your appraisal of which candidates are the Real McCoys.

      Whatever happens or does not in the future, I believe that Sanders & Gabbard are two with a proven track record of integrity and caring for other human beings..

      I hope that Sanders has the wisdom to pick her for his running mate, as a Sanders/Gabbard ticket holds great promise to do good.

      In any case, all the best to you and yours!

  2. I will not be voting for Bernie Sanders or Orange cheeto man. One is a kike and the other is a retarded cheeto colored butt goy who has spent his entire presidency fucking over whitey all while giving the kikes everything they could have asked for, promoting faggotry around the world, letting in millions more shit skins, crafting terrible trade deals, imprisoning peaceful Nationalists and White civil rights advocates, letting the pharmaceutical companies continue to get away with murder, ect. If Bernie gets elected I hope it causes chaos and in that vacuum is where we come in and use it as an opportunity to spread our message to the dissatisfied in a bid to gain power.

    • “If Bernie gets elected I hope it causes chaos and in that vacuum is where we come in and use it as an opportunity to spread our message to the dissatisfied in a bid to gain power.”

      THAT’S why one votes for Bernie, NOT because you agree with him, but because FOR ONCE, a LOUSY, ANTICHRIST JEW WILL BE THE FOCAL POINT OF ALL THE RAGE, ANGER, and SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE on the DEICIDES as a race!

      With Buttigeig or Drumpf, the Jews can HIDE.
      With Sanders, THE JEW IS IN CHARGE….. and all the retribution will have MORAL and LEGAL “consent of the governed.” He he he.

      Payback for killing Christ, must happen ‘on earth, as it is in heaven.’

  3. The thing I like about the Sander’s campaign is it’s about issues and policy. It’s substantive. All the rest of the candidates including Trump have nothing interesting to say. Tulsi and Yang being exceptions of course.

    Trump spends about 95% of his time now whining about the WITCHHUNT! Read the transcripts! My perfect phone call! etc.

    A week after acquittal and he is still spending all his time talking about it. It’s all about him. It’s about the cult of personality. Not the people. Trump never talks about issues anymore. To him and his idiotic voters, he made America great again so there is nothing to talk about.

    • “It’s all about him not the people”… So you’re telling me the guy who has his name plastered on hundreds of tacky buildings around the world and would jump at any dog show, WWF wrestling match or movie to play his character persona in isn’t a man of the people for real?

    • “The thing I like about the Sander’s campaign is it’s about issues and policy. It’s substantive.”

      I see, ya’ll haven’t learned a thing from 2016.

      Those Alt-Right fools spent years meming for Trump for free, and what did they get out of it? More immigration, 2.5 miles of new fence, more troops in the Middle East, and a witch hunt against anyone who is not anti-white. If your state voted for Adolf Hitler, they would change your choice to Martin Lucifer King.

      Following democracy is the modern day equivelent of the Roman Coliseum. It is very exciting rooting for your favorite gladiators, but them winning or losing doesn’t change a thing.

  4. “The Democrats will just use a Sanders presidency to do the same thing with the standard progressive agenda.”

    Yep. Even if Dems somehow get the senate back, most of Bernie’s policies won’t pass. Bernie himself will be too old and weak to do anything about it.

  5. Do you see Bernie catching fire with Dems tired of the Establishment like Trump did in 2016? Because that is what it will take.

    I think Bernie will face a bossed primary and the only play the Bros have – threatening to withhold support in November or go third party – won’t materialize: Bernie folds his hands over his crotch like he did when BLM took over his event.

    The Left are on a religious crusade to perfect the world*, and no one man will Trump that, even Bernie; pun intended.

    *Sadly, the world can only be “perfected” via the Abolition of Man (preceded by White Genocide), but the bulk of Leftists neither know this nor care…

    • Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, and Conrad pointed out long ago that beneath the leftist crusade to perfect the world lies vengeance, not justice. They’ve been proved right in spades and yet the inevitable is deemed impossible here—because of democracy? Democracy as corrupt as it is in America in fact guarantees mass oppression and killings of whites will eventually happen here.


    After much soul-searching, I am going to support Senator Sanders for president in my state, North Carolina.

    Why would a pro-Southern Christian reactionary, who loved and supported Candidate Trump in 2016, do such a thing?

    Because President Trump ain’t Candidate Trump.

    Though I love most of his judicial picks, and very much appreciate how he has hurt political correctness in this country, the president has continued the Neo-Con wars, been an abysmal failure at Immigration Reform, and has not delivered economically for those who hoisted him on our backs – The Rural & Smalltown White Southerner.

    As for Sanders – I totally disagree with him on abortion, guns, marriage, gender, and sexuality, and a host of other values’ issues, and, as well, the notion of Federalism.

    That said, the overwhelming majority of the U.S. populace disagrees with me on States’ Rights. So, as a voter, I am being asked to choose between two different visions of a huge central government.

    In that case, I choose Senator Sanders because I believe that he says what he means and means what he says.

    He will pursue policies that will favour rural areas – from his policies aimed to buttress the family farmer, to his medicare for all, his desire to end and not start wars, his anti-fracking belief in clean air and water, and, above all, the fact that all his life he has been for closed borders.

    In my small olde Southern town, I am surrounded by East Indians, Africans, Chinese, Latins of every stripe, and Arabians. Most have come since President Trump was inaugurated.

    While I get along with my immigrant neighbours, it galls me to be living in what is progressively like being an outdoor The United Nations, particularly in light of the fact that President Trump campaigned against this sort of thing.

    Lastly, even where I disagree in Senator Sanders on matters, such as guns, I appreciate that he will irk my fellow Smalltown southerners to such an extent they may begin to reevaluate continuing to belong to this ‘union’.

    Evidence of this kind of thing is what is going on in Virginia over gun rights.

    Moreover, I know that Senator Sanders is the only one who will go after the smalltown Southerners’ greatest enemy – the Corporate-Globalist Establishment; they the ones who have raped and pillaged the smalltown South my whole lifelong.

    The South is literally in ashes because of Corporate-Globalism, and, in Sanders, we find an ally.

    Whether The South is independent or not, we will never get right until we can get the Corporate grip off our throats.

    So, to my way of thinking – Senator Sanders will be a win-win deal, even though I will grimace at some of his executive orders.

    P.S. As to Sanders stealing Trump’s populism, I think it is vice- versa, as a lot of what Candidate Trump used in 2016 had been decades’ long talking points for Sanders.

    In any case – President Trump ran as a populist but has governed more or less like George Bush cake with a different coloured icing.

    • @Ivan Turgenev Don’t play into the Kosher sandwich man. One is a literal kike and the other is an honorary kike. Just sit back and hope for as much chaos as possible which will create a more receptive environment for our ideas. Communism and Capitalism are both evils created by Jews to divide and conquer White Christian Europe and America. Nationalism is the only way going forward and participating in a rigged system that openly fucks you and wants you dead is cowardly.

      • Dear Croat, thank you so very much for having taken the time to share your thoughts with me.

        My point of view is a bit different than yours.

        What is it?

        I am a Southerner. That so, I do not believe in individualism to the point where I buck my community. What this means is that, because my fellow Southerners, for reasons that are beyond me, want to remain in The United States, as is, I will follow the laws and exercise my civick obligations as conscientiously as I can.

        That said, I respect your right to do the contrary, for all the reasons you have.

        All the best to you and yours!

  7. One advantage the left has that maga never did was a more active activist and protest networks.

    Bernie says he’ll encourage his supporters to protest in the streets for Medicare for all. We never had trump appointing people in the justice department who would allow for, not even the alt right but 2016 type trump supporters to mobilize.

    People on left also dont get embarrassed by themselves demanding what they want out of government.

    The NRx meme of protesting all being put on by the elites or completely ineffectual is a half truth that isn’t real.

    I still would bet that medicare for all wouldn’t past but in that scenario you’d get at least a better compromise

    However I also seriously doubt bernie will truly follow through with his strategy (cope for leftist in the dnc hamster wheel) of an “inside, outside, movement” meaning while you had a socialist president would have massive protests/rallys and grass roots politics in support of the socialist agenda while bernie or a bernie like figure was in office.

    It’s a better strategy than the amnats but I have serious doubts if bernie *really* has the heart or the stomach to follow through with that. Also if he really tried to implement an “inside, outside movement” the deep state will definitely fuck with him hard, and again does he have the stomach to be called a dictator when he cleans house at the intelligence agencies? And if he won’t clean house they’ll do what they can to take him down.

    I think bernie is in serious jeopardy by not using the new Hampshire debates to frame the narrative in his favor while the media is framing pete as the winner. But I’m still going to vote for him in the primaries and in the general if he makes it because he’s still the chaos candidate.

    Even though like everyone reading this believes his presidency would mostly likely end like another Obama term we already know what another trump term would like and more importantly so does “the deep state.”

    We all know the have a playbook for Trump to get him to do what they want, they’ll have to come up with another playbook for bernie and the success bernie will have is undetermined. Will bernie do a fake protest movement with moveon and code pink at the helm or would it be large enough it can’t be managed by DNC protest groups? Will bernie completely cuck? Will the protest movement become uncontrollable? Will bernie primary democrats who dont vote his way and do rally’s in their home state like he promised he’d do?

    No matter how these questions are answered its a positive for us. If bernie cucks there’ll be, not all, or even half but a decent chunk 10-30% of straight white males who supported bernie who may come over to us after seeing all the shit that screwed bernie. The app creator that fucked iowa was funded by a rich hyper zionists and the democrats for Zionism non-profit that were running adds against him in iowa. Bernie bros are seeing a lot of jewish power up close and personal for the first time. Most of them cope, Israel is bad because they’re right wing, but once you’re at the point of seeing Israel as bad it only takes willingness to look into it and see its not true. The average white bernie bro who doesn’t like Israel hears the typical leftist Israel cope posts and never looks into their claims, but after seeing the person as the *one* incorruptible politician who was the best chance to democratic socialism maybe ever cuck or get destroyed they’ll be looking into their assumptions and searching for new ideas to explain what happened.

    I dont regret voting for Trump and he was worth voting for and supporting in 2016 just for the rhetoric and the chaos his election created. He’d be worth reelecting if he was even taking half steps towards issues and strong rhetoric but now he amplifies and affirms establishment talking points, he’s worthless.

    If the DNC complete fucks bernie and steals the nomination from him the people who will care the most and want to get out in the streets will be white people and it’ll be awake up call when they see all of bernie’s latino supporters maybe protesting for a day and calling it quits or just not show up at all

    Either way breaking american political mythology is important.

    • Whatever it is you were trying to say in this rambling screed of yours I’m sure it could have been stated in a few sentences. One good slap across the face with this codfish ought to bring you back to your senses. Better make it two good slaps, just to be sure you got the message.

    • “I have serious doubts if bernie *really* has the heart or the stomach to follow through with that. Also if he really tried to implement an “inside, outside movement” the deep state will definitely fuck with him hard, and again does he have the stomach to be called a dictator when he cleans house at the intelligence agencies? And if he won’t clean house they’ll do what they can to take him down.”

      RIGHT! Whether he wins or whether he loses (cuz he’s NOT going to be good for America) WE WIN.


  8. One of the few times in history where there was a balance of economic stability between classes was under Eisenhower. The high taxes for the wealthy kept the elites from having an overabundance of resources, which meant they couldn’t control society and the economy like they usually were able to do. Prevalent unionization kept wages higher for all, and made benefits like health insurance common for most workers. Infrastructure spending, like for the interstate highway system, was a priority.

    Culturally, the country was conservative, and that was still reflected in schools and on movies and tv. We had that rare combo of social conservatism and leftward protectionist, spread-the-wealth economics. That’s the combo no politician will aim for these days, because the donors want their hegemony unchallenged. It benefits international capital to have atomized, self-indulgent consumers. Homogeneity and tribalism threatens their control and power. Sanders, unfortunately, is an internationalist and pro-identity politics. His challenging of the uberwealthy is cancelled out by his multiculturalism, which doesn’t take away any corporatist power and promotes divisions among the peasantry by not acknowledging obvious realities like our tribal nature.

    • That’s exactly what radio-jock, Michael Savage, said the other day – that Israel has never had such a friend in the Oval Office as President Trump!

  9. I can’t vote for any of the Democrats.

    Clinton and Obama did a great deal through executive orders. Remember: “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Pretty neat.”

    And federal judges won’t override the Dems at every opportunity as they did with Trump. District judges even denied him powers given by the Constitution.

    Think of the potential damage.

    Think of two or more new jews on the Supreme Court. Amnesty. Free health care for illegals. Reparations. Confiscation of guns. So much more.

    • I appreciate your analysis, Mestigoit, but, recent actions in both Virginia and North Carolina make it abundantly clear that no gun confiscation will ever go off in Dixie, without a full shooting war.

      I agree with your take on Clinton and Obama, though, I would add that neither of them did so much damage to my country, The South, with their pen as they did by perpetuating Ronald Reagan’s choice for the Fed – Mr. Alan Greenspan.

      Greenspan, with the wholehearted support of 5 presidents, designed an economy which undid all the gains of the previous century and which has left us effectively ravaged and dead.

      As to Illegals – they are New England Yankee United States’ government slaves. Yet, true to Puritan hypocrisy, they are not called as such, but, by any other name. In any case, they are here and working their butts off, and, that so, they deserve care.

      AS to the courts – I agree that supporting Candidate Sanders means unsavoury judicial appointments, yet, there are so many problems in this country, at this time, that criterion cannot be considered alone.

      As to not voting for any Democrats, I must respectfully disagree, because that implies that the Grand Ole Party of Lincoln is somehow a better party, and that they are not.

      The only thing that is, and, indeed, has been, grand about the GOP is their ability to pose as defenders of White Men, when, in fact, they have always been subduers, abusers, exploiters, and murderers of White men and women, since 1861.

      In any case, thank you for your thoughts!

  10. 40% of Billionaires are the Chosen in the USA with Citizenship or (((more countries ))).

    How many more can ((( The NYC Polish Vermont Sanders))) the (((looking white grey hooked nose ))) tell the Billionaires who are (((the chosen billionaires outside USA Citizenship))) living in Europe (((EU))), Russia, South Africa/South America and Canada/Australia make them Nogs pay their far share!

    The Answer lies in a high rise in Tel Aivi
    Or Saudi Arabia, and Odessa Ukraine?

    Switzerland is (((neutralized)))

  11. C^mon

    Bernie Sanders is a Communist Atheist Jew from New York City !

    Plus he wasted the early 1960s agitating for Black insurrections, destruction of White civilization in my University of Chicago neighborhood.

    If Bernie Sanders becomes President my top Chicago, Illinois, USA elected officials will be

    Black women lesbian Chicago mayor Lightfoot
    Mixed race Country Board chairwoman Prentwinkle
    Fat rich Jew boy Governor Pritzger
    Atheist Jew Communist President Sanders

    The Supreme Court will get packed with the worst White hating Blacks, lesbians and especially Harvard Law Jews!

    We ll probably get the likes of Eric my People Holder back as Attorney General!

    A Bernie Sanders admin will be as anti White and chaotic as the old Bolsheviks , Al Sharpton and Mugabe.

    I m writing this from Southern Africa where most people are rather practical about racial realities.

  12. Just wait till Buyyy neee picks a fat black woman to be his vp while he runs to his owner Al Sharpton. I think as mad at Trump as some here are, you are also spoiled by him.

    Don’t forget, communist jew ends any wall expansion, refugees will go as high as 10 times more than we are letting in now, ice gets gutted, reparations for da blacks begins, millions of illegals become legal, I guess the Obama plan to push whitey off of the 5 and 20 dollar bills goes in overdrive. No thanks.

    So called cucked Trump is light years better than those insidious freaks at the Democrat Party. Sanders throws around trillions of dollars like monopoly money. Plus the turd can die in office. Fat black waahhhmennz takes over. Diagusting pigs like Oprah and Mooo chelle become regulars at the black house again. Those two were in New York the other day with their anti Trump garbage and the always deep thought lines like ” just vote, y’all.”

    • All of which is guaranteed to deepen the racial divide. No other Dem would have the same worse-is-better pro-white impact.

      But we can worry about that later. The main thing now is for Bernie to get the nomination.

  13. Trump actually has one more important task to perform before he ends his presidency, either in Jan. 2021 or Jan. 2025 and that is to destroy Iran. His so-called “peace plan” (written by co-president Jared) is designed to back the Arabs into a corner so they lash out and attack Israel first. This will give Israel the excuse to start a war with Iran then turn the war over to the U.S. Government for fighting.

    If Bernie were to become President without Trump destroying Iran that task would fall on Bernie’s shoulders, and he would do the job. All of his anti-war votes, all of his railing against military spending would come to nought; blood is thicker than water. Different candidate, same result.

    There is historical precedent for this strategy. FDR tried his best to get the U.S. to join Great Britain and France in war against Germany in 1940-1941. The U.S. was neutral and Germany wasn’t seeking war with the U.S. in spite of several provocations. Public sentiment was decisively anti-war.

    FDR turned to Asia and cut off Japan from U.S. oil and other exports and pressured the Dutch government in exile to also end oil sales to Japan in 1941. Ostensibly this was because of Japan’s war against China and occupation of French Indochina. FDR wanted Japan to attack the U.S. first leading to a declaration of war against Germany.

    This left Japan potentially without oil which would have destroyed their economy, the exact purpose of the sanctions. It was at this time that Japan decided they had to seize the oil, tin, rubber, copper etc. of SE Asia from Great Britain and the Netherlands which controlled these areas. Japan was not at war with any nation except China at this time.

    The Japanese rightly feared that combined fleets of Great Britain, the U.S. and the Dutch could lead to their defeat so they attacked first on Dec. 7th, 1941. Hitler followed suit by foolishly declaring war against the U.S. on Dec. 11th, 1941. FDR’s strategy worked.

    The Japanese had six months of unparalleled victories then were defeated everywhere, getting nuked twice. Starting a war in spite of provocations turned out to be a ruinous strategy, apparently a lesson Iran has learned to the frustration of Israel and Israel’s poodle, the U.S. Government.

    • 12AX7,

      Hitler declared war on the United States, so kreigsmarine U-Boats could finally sink American ships that were supplying military aid to their enemies in both England and the Soviet Union.

      Hitler did everything in his power to not go to war with America. FDR was determined to go to war with NS Germany as far back as 1938. Take a look at all the jewish advisers in FDR’s administration.

        • Cochrane,

          It was Churchill with aid of his jewish advisers that plotted with FDR and his jewish advisers to bring the USA into WWII. They needed an event so outrageous and horrific that isolationist America would become a full blown combatant in the was for jewish hegemony.

          After Pearl Harbor was attacked, who would have expected that the USA would direct its military ire primarily at Germany instead of Japan? Not to say that the pacific theatre of operations ignored.

      • November;

        You have raised an excellent point regarding FDR’s advisors (or perhaps, owners?). There have been several scholarly books written about the “Venona Project”, a project undertaken from about 1943 until about 1960 to decode Soviet messages sent from the U.S. to the USSR. The messages were sent via Western Union telegrams or wireless short wave transmission starting in the 1930’s.

        The system consisted of ‘one time pads’ to encode secret messages. As the name implies, each message is encoded using a code that is only used once. After the receiving station acknowledges the decoded message the ‘one time pad’ is destroyed and a new ‘one time pad’ is used for the next message.

        This system is unbreakable as long as the pads are used only once. Even though the telegrams and wireless messages were monitored they only contained apparently random letters and numbers without the corresponding one time pad to read the message. This system was time consuming but highly effective.

        After WWII started in 1939 the volume of message traffic for all countries soared. Soviet cipher clerks in Washington, NYC and elsewhere were inundated with messages and began to reuse ‘one time pads’ making the system vulnerable to decoding. This fact was revealed by a Soviet cipher clerk in Ottawa, Canada when he defected in 1946.

        A U.S. Army signals officer had been cataloguing Soviet coded messages since about 1943 even though they couldn’t be read at that time. He retrieved messages from Western Union as well as wireless messages back to the 1930’s. When informed of the reuse of ‘one time pads’ he saw an opportunity to read the catalogued messages by breaking the code.

        The effort was tremendously successful and led to Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs amongst many other spies being uncovered. The vast majority of the spies were, like the Rosenbergs, members of the Tribe. This led to the prosecution of the Rosenbergs for espionage and their execution. Alger Hiss was also guilty and served a prison sentence. Both lied about their activities which are contradicted by the Venona project.

        Soviet archives released after 1991 confirmed the decoded messages from Venona. Not only did the Rosenbergs transmit atomic bomb secrets but also the schematics and mechanical details of the proximity fuse, the second highest wartime priority for R & D after the Manhattan Project. This was also confirmed by Venona and seconded by Soviet archives. The Army wouldn’t let the FBI use the proximity fuse spying against the Rosenbergs because it would have compromised Venona, still an active counter espionage project at the time (ca. 1952).

        Senator Joe McCarthy was correct in his accusations of massive spying against the U.S. as confirmed by Venona and Soviet archives. The Usual Suspects were in it up their necks and they destroyed Joe McCarthy to cover up their evil deeds. Jonathan Pollard is another example of their egregious conduct putting the U.S. at risk and getting people killed. It continues down to the present day.

    • An Iran war is a possibility, and also entirely pointless, but frankly that eventuality lies well down my list of most important concerns. You know, say America does attack Iran? Okay, huge waste of money, but besides that, so what?

  14. The Democrats should focus on Universal Health Care. That’s the Democrats most important issue because Trump and the Republicans will never let it happen for We The People. All Trump did was get rid of the individual mandate. Obamacare is still in law. Nothing changed positive for We The People. Health Care cost continues on a spike that will never end until the Capitalist Pigs and Jews take 100% of people’s income for medical expenses. The time is now for change. Something I think our fellow White Nationalists should realize is that our ideology has nothing in common with Capitalist Pigs and Jews who run the Medical Industrial Complex. It’s a for profit system that’s done nothing but bankrupt families across America. The Democrats solution of Medicare for All is only a good thing is it drops the cost of everything medical and Don’t Raise Taxes. However we know how it goes….the Democrats will raise taxes. The Democrats and Republicans look at everything from a money perspective. It’s Big Government vs Big Business. We lose in the end. The solution is look at things from a pure Nationalist perspective. Do what’s right for your people. Bankrupting families in a White Nationalist society would be race treason and our people would be calling for the Death Penalty for such forms of treason. Our race will only get results with White Nationalists running our White Nations! Deo Vindice !

    • How right you are, Dear Mr. Pace, in suggesting to others that, no matter what our views are, we ought want to take full advantage of any opportunity we get to get this terrible monkey off our back – that being the perilously indemnifying medical system.

      I know I voted for Candidate Clinton in 1992, first and foremostly because he promised major reforms to the medical system.

      Sadly, 28 years has gone by, and nothing truly beneficial has occurred on that issue.

      It’s time to stop holding folks’ health over their heads like a highway bandit does a pistol.

  15. This entire presidential election revolves around jews.

    Trump is the president for Israel. His VP is a noted Ziotard.

    Sanders is the leftist jew candidate.

    Bloomberg is the gazillionaire jew candidate.

    Buttigieg is bankrolled by a bunch of billionaires who are (reportedly) overwhelmingly jewish.

  16. The Jewish, Bolshevik, Zionist, “populist” choice for our Nation’s President. Based on a string of tweets. Give me a break. The Overton window has apparently dragged you along on its leftward trek. If you don’t like Trump, don’t vote for him. Why must you play the Jews game and find a substitute?

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