Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 9

Is this being exaggerated? What do you think we aren’t seeing? What isn’t getting out?

This explains the gas coming out of the weird trucks

Anon was concerned in October.

The Year of the Golden Bat

4chan is on the case.

Going to the grocery store during flu season

More of these weird trucks

Borders are springing up within China.

If the novel coronavirus isn’t a bioweapon, why couldn’t it be used as one by a terrorist group?

Interesting excerpt from the Dean Koontz book about the Wuhan-400 killer virus that is released by accident.

Not worried about racism.

The real virus is racism.

This is the weirdest flu outbreak of my lifetime.


  1. Weird flu definitely but I’d say scary is the better term here because there are so many theories on whats its caused by manmade from cia bill gates gilead project or incompetetance from chinese lab experiment gone wrong, weird exotic meats, sulfur or pollution .

    Chinese governments is shutting down people who are just giving mild critiques and frustrations

    • China has a lot of internal problems, riots, discontent, high unemployment and something like this could trigger a revolution.

      • Kinda hard to put on a revolution or WW3, when if more than two Chinese get together, they come down with killer flu.

      • Simmering ethnic tensions, an inadequate water supply, the encroachment of the Gobi Desert, a huge workforce about to be made redundant by automation……China may not have what it takes in the long run to rule the world.

  2. Two countries to watch closely, very closely, are Singapore and Switzerland.
    If any nations can manage this pandemic , these are the two..

    Additionally, the comparative health statistics coming from these two nnations will reveal any racial component to the viruses epidemiology.

  3. Any high risk takers ?

    Wanna bet on coronachan and against beanie boyz ?

    Puts on LVS and WYNN.


  4. Hunter, you seem to be quite the complete sucker for sensationalist reports. Based on past performance, my guess is that these will turn out to be total bullshit.

    But I get it: you just enjoy having something to say, whether you know what you’re talking about or not. Definitely not one of your better qualities.

    • This isn’t sensationalism.

      The difference between sensationalism and a real crisis is watching all of these videos coming out of China of people dropping dead in the streets, quarantines of 400 million people, roadblocks, stadiums full of beds for the sick and dying. That’s exactly what you would expect to see in a real crisis.

      • The Chinese gov would not be taking these extreme measures without justification.

        The extent of the measures makes me think that things are far worse than they are revealing.

      • I’m not denying it’s a “real crisis.” That’s certainly how all mainstream media outlets and health organizations are portraying it. But just because it’s a real crisis doesn’t it can’t be sensationalized and exaggerated. It can clearly can and it clearly is.

        • Look at the Epoch Times, Great Game India and Zero Hedge for good examples of honest and detailed coverage of this pandemic. Tell me exactly how it’s being exaggerated. Seriously, I’d like to know. It’s curious that strains of HIV were found to have been spliced into this virus, for just one example.

          • 400 million quarantined in their own country Beijing and Shanghai are practically ghost towns, chinese government welding people in their own homes because there isn’t enough hospitals and doctors to treat them, makeshift facililtes and food shortages “you’re being too sensationalist bro” lol

  5. I think a lot of those incidents where Chinx are fainting in the street are due to stress, not the Omega Man virus itself. There certainly is a lot of hysteria surrounding this outbreak. So far no regular people (white occidentals) have caught it, though.

  6. A Journal of the Plague Year
    Novel by Daniel Defoe

    If you want an interesting read on how the ppl of London reacted and behaved during the Great Plague of 1665.
    A good read for young ppl.

    • The Great London Fire of 1666 destroyed much of the old city but hardly anyone was killed, because the population was devastated by plague a year earlier.

      • The Plague of 1665 was horrific. The peasants and poor, who couldn’t flee, were walled up in their houses, and left to make do any way they could,

        • The ppl who died the most were those who had to go out daily for work or food. Those who could just shutter themselves at home, not going out, had the highest survival rate.

          But that was flea borne and bacterial, however it may be a good analog.

  7. Dailymail

    Leading virologists …. Science Media Centre in London on Friday

    dire warnings about the disease,…

    A vaccine will not be ready until at least 2021

    Even if we eradicate the virus … could re-emerge in winter

    The death of….healthy Chinese doctor in his 30s raises fears it may have ability to kill people with strong immune systems
    me: he was under a heavy viral load

    Don’t be fooled by a decrease in confirmed cases in the last few days – this could be a lack of man power and errors in cataloging them in China

    Cases are at least 10 times higher than the current 31,000 being reported

  8. I see the notsee Chinese are using a tried and true delousing methods to quell the outbreak of whatever is outbreaking.

    Lets just hope its not JUSTthe jew chinaman that gets deloused, I couldnt stand to hear everyday about the muh 6 goriyan atrocities.

  9. Try finding n95 or n100 masks, anywhere !
    All your Chinese ‘neighbors’ have bought them, in bulk.

    “You need mask round eyes, 50 dolla. You have sick child, 100 dolla”.

    “Diversity is our greatest strength.”

  10. Masks won’t help. The virus can enter through your eyeballs. My personal favorite video clip, on this article, is the one showing the cops looting supplies, and TAKING AWAY stuff from an old lady. I remember Negro cops looting during Katrina – but did they take stuff away from old ladies?

    What lovely superior High IQ people!

    • I think the only thing that would work is a full face mask and plastic body suit. Even then it will be on every surface, including the items you bring home from the supermarket.

      I’ve started buying extra food in case it comes here. If we get it as bad as China, its going to be much worse for us with our weak government and diversity.

      • I take the Styx view. This Frankenvirus is going everywhere in the world. Every one will be exposed ue to global travel and the fall out from that incineration cloud. How long can you wear a full face mask, and a full plastic suit? Every day for the rest of your life? We’ll either live or die. Most will live. Some will die. The flu that’s raging in America this year is getting no widespread press – yet has caused 25,000 deaths, according to this site:

        The break in supply lines from Everything Made in China is the real issue. Stocking up on general medial supplies, things like toothpaste, household supplies, etc as well as food – it’s a good idea.

        We also need to start agitating for things to be made in our own countries. I plan to call reps tomorrow. Apparently acquiring auto parts is already an issue. I’ve written this before – but wait til the medical supplies dwindle. Insulin dependent diabetics are in for a horror show.

    • “Masks won’t help.”

      They can help. Just by preventing ppl touching around their mouth and nose.

      Anything to reduce the viral load is good.

      • Arian – sooner or later the masks come off. The lifespan of this virus lasts for days, on surfaces. What happens when an infected person takes their mask off, and wipes their nose, etc, and touches something? Say in a doctor’s office or an ER?

        • Denise,
          The idea is to reduce the viral load on a person’s immune system.
          If a person is hit with a cloud of sneeze droplets, so much viral material will enter at once that it overwhelms the immune system leading to a severe infection.

          However, if a person gets a small amount, attenuated through a mask, the immune system can cope with it and have time to make antibodies and prepare for full on exposure.

          It’s a matter of not subjecting the body to a sudden surge of viral material.

      • “I’ve started buying extra food in case it comes here.”

        Excellent idea.
        And get a few gallon bottles of water.
        And any other essentials.
        The more you can stay away from the public, the less your risk.

  11. The ‘official story’ of that 2009-10 H1N1 ‘swine flu’ epidemic is that it resulted in ‘between 151,700 to 575,400 dead worldwide’

    Half a million maybe dead from that … but we somehow have bigger crazy panic now?

    In fact huge numbers of people are always dying from seemingly minor illnesses, as human frailty is struck

    Perhaps the current panic has different goals … not just selling vaccines etc as with the hype over ‘swine flu’, but providing a vehicle for precisely timed financial collapse, already unfolding as China’s commerce and factory production shuts down

    In a China which economic analysts have thought was doomed to crash soon anyway, along with most all the world

    We maybe have departed too much from our spiritual anchors re death … ‘you know not the day nor the hour … today, tonight, your life may be required of you’, as the Jewish ‘good book’ says … we should be ready, and at peace

    Funny meme of China’s President Xi on this

    • Even worse was the 1957 Asian flu with 1 to 4 million deaths world wide estimated. That was before my time, but I did live through the Hong Kong flu of 1968 which killed an estimated 1 million world wide. I don’t know. Seems to be just hype today to sell the news or worse. In 1968, it was on the news, but it wasn’t an ongoing drama like today. I was only a kid, but still – school continued, etc. Not like the scare with the polio outbreaks in the 50’s. Also, today’s beer flu seems to be most deadly to Asian males – per the genetics, etc. based upon an article I read.

    • “that 2009-10 H1N1 ‘swine flu’ epidemic is that it resulted in ‘between 151,700 to 575,400 dead worldwide’”

      You’re missing the point.

      It’s the rate at which this is spreading, it far exceeds anything in the past. It is growing exponentially, it’s like a tidal wave.
      Containment is a joke.
      There will be so many infected so fast that it will completely overwhelm medical facilities. Then secondary consequences, like pneumonia will kill at a much higher rate.
      There will not be enough oxygen equipment to get ppl through the pulmonary distress phase of the infection.

  12. I’m staying with someone from China right now who is in constant contact with their Chinese friends and family. The cities are quarantined. Dissident Journalists are being disappeared. The police come by with digital thermometers and remove people with fevers.

    The official Chinese infection and death estimates are BS. It’s probably closer to 1.5 million infected with close to 50000 deaths as some media are reporting.

    But, pretty much all the infected even beyond China are Chinese.


    • “Pretty much all the infected even beyond China are Chinese.”

      Well sure, what are the relative numbers of Whites to Chinese in China, 1 to 10,000 ?

    • “The official Chinese infection and death estimates are BS.”

      Yep, just a weak shadow of reality, I suspect.

  13. No question that the Chinese government is taking measures such as roadblocks, quarantines, etc.! No question we are seeing videos of people on video suddenly ‘dropping dead’ and/or rolling around on the floor moaning and groaning! No question that in a city(Wuhan)of over 11 million people and a country(China)with about 1.5 billion people that we are seeing countless sick people!

    How many of these are the result of the ‘common’ flu? How many of these are the result of living in a country with the worst air-quality in the world? How many are related to other environmental or unknown sources? Where is the evidence that all of this can now be directly related to what we are being told is called the ‘coronavirus?’ A lot of assumptions are being drawn in our conclusions!

    Once again Jon Rappoport!

    As a man who has spent his life studying the etiology of pandemics in combination with the media hysterics that either create or exacerbate their overall seriousness, I believe he keeps THIS particular virus in perspective where more than likely in a year we will have moved on from this particular ‘virus’ and on to another epidemiological boogeyman!

  14. “No trash service now in quarantined Chinese cities ”

    What a perfect amplifier for an already catastrophic disaster.
    (You’d think any rational government would mobilize the army to remove trash.)

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