Donald Trump Opposes War Powers Resolution

The Senate will pass the war powers resolution. The King of Israel will veto it like he did when it passed the Yemen resolution. This is all political theater.


“Washington (CNN)The Senate is expected to pass a War Powers resolution this week aimed at restraining the President’s ability to use military action against Iran without congressional approval, a move that comes amid simmering tensions with the country in the wake of a US strike that killed a top Iranian general.

Debate on the resolution is getting underway on Wednesday, and a final vote is expected on Thursday.

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia kicked off that debate in a Senate floor speech in support of the resolution.

“We should not be at war with Iran unless Congress votes to authorize such a war,” Kaine said. “While the President does and must always have the ability to defend the United States from imminent attack, the executive power to initiate war stops there. An offensive war requires a congressional debate and vote. This should not be a controversial proposition.” …”

America First takes a backseat to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Trump needs his war powers for he can launch more attacks on Iran for Sheldon Adelson who plans to spend $100 to $200 million on the GOP in the 2020 election.

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  1. It’s disgraceful that one rich jew like Adelson can buy a major war from what is supposedly the world’s leading country. Pathetic.

    • He tried the same damn thing with the miserable Mitt Romney aka Pierre Delecto in 2012. Sheldon, who made his fortune off of the ruin of degenerate gamblers promised approximately 120 million to Mitt in return for a promise of a war against Iran. I don’t know if he actually provided that much money to Pierre Delecto but Pierre came in 2nd in 2012 anyway.

      One of the few good things about BHO’s presidency was the Iran deal which drove Sheldon and his scumbag friends up wall.

      • 12 – this many sound absolutely MENTAL – but here goes…

        Back when Soteoro was POTUS, and he was defying the Zhids on some issue, I made a comment on THIS site to the effect that the Yids made the wrong call with a Mulatto. They should have put some White Republican in office, because all their plans would go down so much more smoothly.

        I know every White Advocate site is watched. It’s my fault. I told them to put a White man, or what passes for one, in the case of Trumpeldor, in the Jew House – and they did it.

        • Bathhouse Barry barely qualifies as a real Negro, madam. The kikes should have found a flamboyant Don King, James Brown or Al Sharpton type instead, someone that the soul bruthas could have identified with. That would have been most entertaining!

        • Hello Denise;

          I think Trump may not care all that much if gets reelected. He has already accomplished much of what he wanted when he was first elected. He has advanced the globohomo shopping mall agenda and done everything “our greatest ally” wanted, except for one remaining thing.

          If Trump sees his reelection in danger, perhaps because of a crashing stock market and financial system, he will probably launch an attack on Iran, otherwise he will wait until after the election. This will accomplish his final goal, then he can withdraw from the race and leave Mike Pence the Halfwit to finish out the losing campaign. Trump will retreat to Mar a Lago boasting that he didn’t lose an election, Mike the Halfwit did.

  2. Of COURSE Trumpeldor opposes this. He’s the King of Israel. No one DARE tell the K of I what he can and cannot do! Shut up and PAY up, Goyim!

  3. “Americans” overwhelmingly support it eh?

    If you mean boomers, rich people and Jews, sure.

    Meanwhile, among people I know IRL (working class/poor and not boomers) I literally know ONE person who supported the ZOG assassination and the prospect of war with Iran. Their reasoning was “because Iran is where all the annoying call center workers are from”.

    Their is nothing more out of touch than a neocon who claims to speak for “the people” and claim only “elitists” aren’t neocons. It’s the polar opposite. Public opinion on ZOG wars falls heavily on class-struggle lines.

    • It’s a shame more working and lower middle class White Americans aren’t politically as well as racially conscious. If they were they would become Mensheviks or Strasserites.

  4. Iran needs to import a few North Korean nuclear scientists to leapfrog their nuclear weapons program into fruition. That along with dozens of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft batteries to blow ZOG’s B-2s, F-117s, F-22s, and F-35s out of the sky should Blompf or any other zionist puppet POTUS launch an attack on Iran.

    The spiteful kikes in tel aviv and d.c. need to understand what a balance of terror looks like.

  5. If Trump had only half the concern for protecting our borders as he has for protecting Israel’s. No man can serve two masters. There’s no such thing as dual loyalty.

  6. Iran/Persia needs to be totally nuked off the face of the Earth, that’s because Iran/Persia produces Flat Earth Geocentrics like the Flat Earth Geocentric terrorist Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni! The most troublemaking terrorist the Persians/Iranians ever produced!

    NUKE Al-Biruni! 🙂

  7. Sadly, President Trump has not been consequential on Candidate Trump’s promises to end the wars.

    It’s one of a number of reasons why I will support Senator Sanders in his bid to take the Oval Office.

    When people in my community have been aghast at this, and have asked me how I, a Reactionary Southern Confederate, could be for Sanders, I say this…

    ‘As our economy has been destroyed by a decades long malicious lawlessness of the United States’ Government and the negligence of that by our own state government, we have no manufacturing, and, thus, next to no Mom & Pop stores. As a consequence, there are few goods and services, and next to no employment opportunities. Our towns are falling down and our churches are dying away because youngsters cannot remain at home, but, must move far away.
    As our kids move away, their places are taken by immigrants from every corner of the world.
    Moreover, as our streets are flooding over in drugs ; many of our people are porn-addicted, confused, atheist, ADD, psychotropic-dependent. To top all that off, we are soaked for one foreign adventure after another, for constituencies that have nothing to do with us, Southerners. President Trump has changed absolutely nothing. In fact, things cannot get any worse.’

    Something about this brief statement acts like a gas attack, for long silences reign immediately thereafter. Eventually, though, they nervously try to reassure themselves and me about how President Trump has set those things in motion that will correct all of these things, which, by the way – in their view – are not quite nearly so bad as I say…

  8. I believe you meant to write, “Netanyahu and his Likud party opposes the war powers resolution.”

    Remember, all you Southerner Nationalists whom brag to no end that you’re the “combat arms” of the Jewish empire that it will be y’all who will be doing all the fighting and dying for the zionist-yankee Blompf and his wealthy jewish donors. You hard chargers may as well just join the IDF because there’s practically no difference between the jewnited states militant Israel’s.

  9. The senate voted 55-45 in favor of the war powers resolution act. Only five RETARDicans voted to strip kushner of his ‘go to war free’ card and none of them were from Dixie. It looks like the evangelical zionists in the South cucked their senators.

    Blompf will veto the bill, and unless some senators find their backbone, it appears that kushner/Blompf will have a ‘green light’ to instigate another war for Israel.

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