Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 12

Umm …

If you believe the official Chinese numbers, the coronavirus outbreak has peaked and is under control. The number of new cases is dropping.

What do you think is going on? Is it really under control or does the Chinese government have to say it under control for political reasons? I guess we will find out soon because it will either spread and take root abroad and become a pandemic or it won’t.

I would like to think that things are getting better. I don’t know though. I will continue to monitor the situation and take it seriously because this is a bigger threat than war.

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  1. Brad, your pal Xi is being quoted as saying that the Chinese must be ready for a long hard struggle with the Coronavirus. Possibly, the virus has become a hot political issue that the Chinese don’t want to admit is out of control.

  2. “If you believe the official Chinese numbers, the coronavirus outbreak has peaked and is under control.”

    No !
    The reduction in case numbers has dropped only because the chinese have redefined the criterion for ‘active case’. This is nothing but a ploy to ‘massage’ the numbers.

    Next, watch for death totals to taper off, as they reclassify deaths into other categories, heart attack etc.

    • When you weld shut the doors of apartment buildings, you don’t have to do any counting. You just bring out the dead after a few weeks, and keep the crematoriums working overtime for awhile. Counting, schmounting!

      • “When you weld shut the doors of apartment buildings”

        That is misleading !

        They were welding closed auxiliary entrances, so they could control entry at one main entrance. Checking to make sure non-residents didn’t enter.

      • BOC hit song don’t fear the reaper is all about suicide or in the songs description a suicide pact between lovers loved that song as a kid but looking back uncomfortable how it sort of glorifes or implies taking your life

  3. It’s going EVERYWHERE. Everyone I going to be exposed, Everywhere. Excepting perhaps the North Sentinelese. You can try to get on their island -but so far no one has.

    They may be the last Humans left on Earth, which would prove that ZERO tolerance of outsiders is the way to

    • I’ll bet the DPRK won’t be affected by this Chinky-Chong virus madam, even though they are right across the Yalu River from Red China. That’s because they are self-reliant and don’t want any damn globalization.

  4. Wuhan flu was a shut down of protests that were spreading and gaining international support.
    China will kill a few hundred k to shut up dissenters. They can also cripple instigators of protests by shuttering industry.
    Parts are already in short supply for many many manufacturing operations in usa.
    The west is weak tea when the shelves go bare.
    Ppl don’t have 5 minutes planned ahead as far as food, water, heat, sanitation, med supplies…except mebbe some crazy prepper notsees.
    Let’s see where we are in april…stay tuned.

    • Yeah i feel the chinese might be better prepared for this virus then the west would be i dunno tho then again this corona thing mainly affects Asian genes I heard some specialist on the news saying

  5. Why would you like to think things are getting better? If this is truly a pandemic in the making, it could be the paradigm changer we’ve been waiting for. As I’ve said previously…as long as it stays out of my local area, I’m content to watch the chaos unfold.

  6. This whole thing reeks of bullshit.
    1200 deaths in three months in a country of 1.5 billion is hardly a pandemic.

    Seems to be another ‘globalist’ power grab that everyone is falling for because they want to see the boogaloo.

    Meanwhile flu has already slain 12,000-30,000 or more people this season.

    And ‘coronavirus monitoring party’ the same.

    Also oil prices are on the rise after initial fall due to fear of coronavirus.

    Anybody else want to punch ‘Harry Chen M.D.’

    Who knows maybe it is ‘that bad’, God knows this shithole needs it.

  7. I don’t mean to be so soft or cucky but the corona chan meme is sort of sick shit imo the chinese are at fault mostly from the bat soup thing but I don’t want to hope more chinese die thats just sick shit to hope for

    Tho on another note I’m terrified typiod marys will result if this shit isn’t contained because alot of the infected aren’t going to self quarantine themselves

    • It’s not doomsday, unless the fatality is you.

      It’s a pandemic, there have been scores in recorded history.
      Just another disaster like , volcanoes, famines, etc.

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