Moral Inversion

I could share some stories.

Just the other day, I was linked by the media to a murder plot by a terrorist group. I didn’t know any of those people. I never even left my house. I just sit here and write about news, politics and history on a daily basis. Still, an Antifa group thought those people MAY have read my website, so that was picked up and recycled as a “story” by the media.

There isn’t a single thing that I believe that wasn’t at some point or another a part of our traditional culture in the South before the Baby Boomer generation. Normalcy and perversion have traded places under liberalism. Progress is the subversion of norms. As our ancestors were fond of saying, liberals are fond of novelties which they mistake for progress.

First Things:

“Admittedly, such a transformation may be painful. But, its advocates say, sacrifices must be made if we are to establish a just society. The history of mankind is a history of discrimination—by white races against black, men against women, Europeans against non-Europeans, heterosexuals against homosexuals. The counterforces impeding progress are legion: sexism, racism, homophobia, and many others. All of them must be monitored and eliminated. To this end, the friends of freedom should employ all the instruments at their disposal, from legal punishment to social ostracism, from education to browbeating. The enemies of the needed transformation do not deserve compassion.

This description sounds like a caricature, but it is not. As an example, let us take the new concept of marriage. It is said to be an important sign of progress that marriage is no longer defined as the union of one man and one woman. Allowing anyone to marry anyone without regard to sex is far more “inclusive.” This revolutionary change has met with opposition from various groups, who make many good arguments—biological, moral, historical, theological. But this is of no help. Opposition is met with force, not counterargument. …

The monopoly of the liberal super-theory sustains itself by identifying ever-new enemies of freedom. The monopoly cannot survive without mobilizing its functionaries to fight what Orwell called thought crimes. Today’s thought crimes are many: sexism, racism, Islamophobia, binarism, misogyny, homophobia, eurocentrism, and ageism, to name a few. I find myself impressed by the number. It is larger than the number of thought crimes that existed in the communist system, which was, one might have thought, unsurpassable in its determination to find the enemies and destroy them. But liberalism has surpassed it. …”

I won’t even bother to run the always multiplying -isms and -phobias through Google Ngram Viewer. None of this bullshit had any traction until World War II.

Ryszard Legutko is correct to point out how traditional morality vanishes under liberalism. I’ve made this same point many times before here. Morality has become conforming to the laundry list of -isms and -phobias. It has nothing to do with qualities like honesty, fortitude, courage, loyalty and so forth anymore. Good people are those who conform their lives to political correctness. Bad people are those who disagree. The best people of all are the thought police.

Note: By the time you finish reading this article, a new -ism or -phobia will have been created in some academic department and conservatives will have surrendered to it.

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  1. Dear God, this crazy system has to end some time. Unfortunately that time may not be near. We may be the USSR circa 1970. Twenty long hard years left to go…

    • The USSR in 1970 wasn’t so bad, they had a pretty good standard of living and virtually no crime, other than some occasional juvenile delinquency.

  2. WWII is often cited as “Destroying Nazism” but in fact, WWII destroyed the West as well. The booming economy of the 1950s made us think that we had “won” and defeating the Nazis and Imperial Japan made us “stronger.” But it was akin to a dying terminal patient having one last burst of energy before succumbing to death. The seeds of liberalism; the seeds of death, the seeds of our destruction, lay in the ruins of Dresden and Berlin.

    For out of the ashes from that terrible war, of white European against white European, there came a dominant ruling thought paradigm of Liberal vs Nazi. Any attempt to crack down of violent crime was “Nazi-like.” Any thought of maintaining the European ethnic stock of the US, Sweden, Germany, UK, etc. was labeled, “fascist” and “Nazi-like.” Any opposition to gay-pride parades of half naked homosexuals mimicking sex acts in public was denounced as “Nazi-like” and “intolerant.”

    I once had a liberal denounce me at work, saying, for all to hear,
    “You want to execute rapists and child molesters? That’s what the Nazis did! That’s how it starts. First they close down art galleries, then they execute rapists, then gay people, and then they execute the Jews.”

    He was only voicing what most in the West have internalized: Any attempt to maintain our white European culture, and uphold the Western ideal of law and virtue, is seen as “Nazi-like.”

    • ““You want to execute rapists and child molesters? That’s what the Nazis did! That’s how it starts. First they close down art galleries, then they execute rapists, then gay people, and then they execute the Jews.”

      Yeah? Sounds right to me…..

      • Funny how all those evils seem to always lead to Jews…

        I know you know this – but art galleries are NOT closed down. Filthy porn exhibitions ARE.

        • This is how (they) weaken and destroy an existing society so that (they) will be the masters of a new society. All leading to (their) grand plan of global rule, olem ha’ba.

    • The position of the left seems to be that because Nazis did something normal, the normal must be Nazis. I dread the day it occurs to the left that Hitler wore clothes.

  3. Good points in the video, but he fails to address how it’s come about. Rather obviously, not any of this could have happened had the Republican Party not been controlled opposition, and the same goes for Fox News and Conservatism Inc—leaving to the courts what had needed to be dealt with in the streets decades ago as a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

    We’re going down for good either this coming election or the next inasmuch as all three elements of the kosher-owned opposition would have us believe more of the democracy that’s brought us here is the solution. As one example of what controlled opposition looks like, I believe it was Hunter Wallace who pointed out Tucker Carlson was featured in that Israeli slobbermouth’s conference on what conservatism is supposed to mean in America.

  4. The US Air Force just sent a directive to all commanders on Eglin AFB stating that lactation rooms be established in all buildings hosting office workers. These rooms must be sanitary, offer privacy, and have power for breast pumps. I am not bullshitting you and this isn’t a joke. It was sent stating this is part of our inclusion and diversity imperative.

    Our military is a damn joke.

    • Here’s another one: A major company I worked for, a Fortune 100, had ‘Special Needs’ rooms built in all their buildings. The “Human Resource” department aka sjw department sent out a memo (with the ceo’s signature) celebrating that not only lactating ladies but also people with various fucked up “gender issues” would now be using the “special needs rooms”. I would not want to have been the cleaning crew for those rooms.

      Yikes! Imagine the diseases left there by the various freaks.

    • What do the women trapped in men’s bodies who are transitioning do in those rooms? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

      There was a time, not too long ago when none of this perverted bullshit happened, at least in the Army and I imagine also in the rest of the military, too.

      • “Our military is a damn joke”

        Oh, they just pour more duties onto striaght Whites , to keep the standards up.

        The dumb honkie will shoulder the burden.

  5. In the Atlanta newspaper article you linked, Mr. W., I see the following …

    1 — The persons who’ve been arrested allegedly planned to murder a couple “whom they believed to be antifascist activists.”

    2 — “The left-wing activist group Atlanta Antifascists released a statement last week stating the couple were not members of their group.”

    3 — “But the statement pointed to a prominent white nationalist blog which had listed one of the two people targeted, posted photos of him and published links to his Bartow County business.”

    4 — “’White supremacists have no concern for accuracy when they publish enemy lists or kill lists …,’ [Atlanta Antifascists] said in a press release.”

    5 — “Griffin’s Alabama-based blog had published the man’s information in 2018 as part of a series of posts identifying left-wing activists that Griffin believed to be members of antifa groups.”

    I can’t make sense of that. Did you say specifically, here at Occidental Dissent, that the man who was targeted by “the Base” was a member of Atlanta Antifascists?

    • No,

      I wrote a series of articles about Georgia Antifa. I identified people who were involved in Antifa all over the state, not just in that one group. These were people who went to multiple rallies or who identified as Antofa on Facebook.

      When all this shit came up, the accusation was that I had doxed a “Bartow County couple.” No one published the name. Thus, I couldn’t check to see if I had written anything about this person at all in 2018. Also, there is no reason to believe these people in “The Base” ever read this website. They were set up by some fed. No one really knows where they got the name. It could just be the people who I identified who were going to multiple rallies all over the South, mostly unmasked, were loudmouths who identified themselves on Facebook and were known in their communities.

      • HW, as i posted previously.

        The more successful you are, the more slander and libelous accusations will be made against you.

        Just prepare for it.

      • It’s hard for me to tell, of course, when you and I have had only this brief comment-exchange and when, in addition, the Atlanta newspaper article was unclear, but why exactly have you allowed yourself to be put on the defensive? Unless you have some reason to believe the doxing you did amounted to invasion of privacy or something else unlawful, why did you “take the [doxing] pages down,” as the newspaper reports, “a day after the Atlanta activist group accused [you] of providing the information needed to target the Barstow couple”? Even if there were, in fact, evidence that the members of The Base identified their targets via what you posted, you wouldn’t be responsible for the illegal activity in which they’ve allegedly been involved. If I were you, I’d put the pages back up–unless, as I say, you have reason to think there’s something unlawful about them.

        Of the two other things that confuse me in the newspaper article, the first is Atlanta Antifa’s statement–more or less directed at you, apparently–that “[w]hite supremacists have no concern for accuracy when they publish enemy lists or kill lists.” Did they point out an inaccuracy in what you’d posted? They deny that the Barstow couple are members of their group, but you’ve just told me that that’s not what you posted. How were you inaccurate? If you weren’t inaccurate, then Atlanta Antifa has unfairly maligned you.

        The second thing has again to do with your having allowed yourself to be put on the defensive. The newspaper quotes you as saying that Atlanta Antifa are “accusing” you; but if all they did was point out that one of the Barstow persons was named at Occidental Dissent, I’m not sure why you thought yourself “accused.”

        Am pressed for time, so can’t proofread this. Hope it’s been clear.

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