Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 13

8 … ?

Does anyone know anything about this virus?

Judeo-Christian hucksters are cashing in …

Yesterday morning, it appeared that the coronavirus outbreak in China was under control and that the number of new confirmed infections was declining. Then last night, the number of confirmed infections and deaths exploded after China changed the definition of infections and started including people who had been clinically diagnosed in the official numbers.

There aren’t enough testing kits. The testing kits are highly inaccurate. There are only so many people who are infected whose test results can be confirmed in the lab per day. The are huge numbers of people who aren’t risking being detained in the quarantine zones or infected at the overwhelmed hospitals and who are just dying of the virus at home. The truth is that no one really knows how many people are currently infected or have died and what we thought we did know was just thrown out the window because it was severely underreporting new daily infections.

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  1. Off Topic:

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    • Who was the constant promoter of firebombing German cities against the will of the British Cabinet, Churchill’s science adviser, Frederick Alexander Lindemann, a German jew.

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      • Fools say that the Israelites were the true whites. In actuality, the Old Testament paints a clear picture of the jewish mentality.

    • And then they said the Germans were the ones who had done a “Holocaust”.

      We are living in a tragic, upside-down world.

      • (They) always invert reality and project their faults onto us.

        It’s good to keep this in mind. When you hear an obvious inversion of reality, you can be certain of the real (source).

  2. Russianvids has his flaws, however he has done some good work in the past calling out hoaxes like the Boston bombing, Mandalay Bay shooting, etc.

  3. “Does anyone know anything about this virus?”


    The most telling thing you have posted was the graph showing exponential growth in cases, probably the most realistic concept, so far.

    Very little will be known for months.
    Until we start getting reliable stats from western countries.

  4. Yep china definitely is lying to us not telling us the real numbers of infected and dead to save face. They wouldn’t quarantine whole populated cities like Beijing and shanghai if it was even remotely close to being under control

  5. Are we witnessing a race specific lethality in Corona-Chan? Much like Ebola-Chan? The medical profession will never admit to it but…it looks like this virus doesn’t like Slopes.

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