The Dissident Right Should Rethink Its Approach To Politics

How should the Dissident Right approach politics?

What should be our relationship with the mainstream Right?

AntiDem is highly upset with my recent articles about Chumps for Trump:

Let’s talk about power.

We live in a liberal democracy with a two party system. There are two coalitions in American politics. There is the “conservative” coalition which controls the Right and the Republican Party. There is the “progressive” coalition which controls the Left and the Democratic Party. These two coalitions compete for state power and representation in the government.

In the 2020 election, the conservative coalition and the progressive coalition BOTH AGREE that the Dissident Right “has no place” in American politics. We see this phrase “has no place” used over and over again to describe everyone who is to the right of Steve King. Sometimes it is “has no place” in the Republican Party. Sometimes it is “has no place” in the conservative movement. Sometimes it is even “has no place” in America. It is broad enough to include the Alt-Right, Dissident Right, White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis and even most of the Alt-Lite. Everyone who has been cast out into this space on the American political spectrum is officially beyond the pale. They have been pushed to the margins of society for the grave offense of violating one of the -isms or -phobias. They are “fringe” and not “mainstream.” They shouldn’t be represented in the government. They are the American equivalent of the Untouchable caste in India.

The whole point of engaging in politics and winning elections is to secure power through representation. The conservative and progressive coalitions have a gentlemen’s agreement though that the Dissident Right should have no representation in ANY government. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether conservatives or progressives win the 2020 election because the outcome will be the same for us. Both sides have already agreed that we should be socially ostracized and politically marginalized. Regardless of who wins the 2020 election, we aren’t a part of either team. We have already lost. Nick Fuentes, for example, is too toxic to be seen in a photo op with Charlie Kirk. The attitude of Conservatism, Inc. toward the Dissident Right is TOTAL HOSTILITY.

In the 2016 election, the Alt-Right participated in that election like it was part of the rightwing team. The vast majority of people in this space drank the Trump koolaid. They plunged themselves into the election and clobbered Hillary Clinton in the online space. After the election was over though, the result was that the conservative coalition was thrust into power to pursue its own goals and the Alt-Right remained marginalized. It was blamed though by the Left for Hillary’s defeat and its punishment was that it was wiped out on social media. Stupid people win stupid prizes and the Alt-Right truly earned its prize of mass deplatforming, Antifa violence and a state crackdown by acting like Donald Trump’s enemies were OUR ENEMIES and his fights were OUR FIGHTS. The Republican Party never saw it that way in the 2016 election. Instead of acting like political combatants, we should have been realistic and understood we were only spectators.

Why should we support the mainstream Right? Why should we participate and vote for conservatives in their stupid elections? These are the people are who primarily responsible for marginalizing us and making our lives miserable and destroying the country on top of it. There are some people in the Dissident Right who argue that we should support the mainstream Right and vote for conservatives because of immigration and changing racial demographics. In reality, the Trump administration has shown that conservatives have no interest in doing anything at all about the problem. There is no border wall. Trump has increased the caps on guest worker programs. There has been zero change in legal and illegal immigration over the Obama years. He hasn’t even deported as many people as Obama and is campaigning for reelection on the basis of giving amnesty to the DREAMers and INCREASING legal immigration.

If our goal is to change our relationship with the Right and to have power and representation in the conservative coalition, which is what the mainstreamers want to happen, then the primary goal has to be to get rid of this gentlemen’s agreement that the mainstream Right has with the mainstream Left that we are beyond the pale and should be socially ostracized and politically marginalized and should be denied representation in ANY conservative government or coalition. Voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 election clearly didn’t have that effect.

Instead of being a cheerleading squad for Donald Trump, we should reciprocate the hostility of the mainstream Right. We should be neutral or hostile to the Right in the 2020 election. As long as the mainstream Right can continue to exploit our grievances to harvest our votes while marginalizing us in our own country, it has no incentive to change its behavior. Unlike the Dissident Right, the people who control the mainstream Right don’t care about these big ideas like “conservatism” and “populism” and “nationalism” although they give lip service to all of these things because rightwing people really do care about these ideas and sentiments. No, the only thing that they truly care about which is on display whenever they have state power is Israel and their money. They just spent the whole year of 2019 talking about nothing but fighting anti-Semitism.

If the people who control the mainstream Right start to believe that they stand to lose enormous amounts of money by perpetuating the status quo, that is when they will start to rethink their approach to the Dissident Right and when change will start to happen. Why should they change their approach to the Dissident Right though when the chumps will go out in every election cycle and vote and shill for them and fight their battles for them on social media anyway? They have succeeded in manipulating these people into voting for the mainstream Right and perpetuating the status quo for half a century by baiting and switching them in every election cycle.

AntiDem isn’t wrong that some of us want to sabotage the mainstream Right in the 2020 election. He is wrong that we are “allergic to gaining power.” We aren’t gaining power by putting Donald Trump and the mainstream Right in power. Instead, we are ensuring that we are socially ostracized and politically marginalized by electing these people who tell us we “have no place” in the Republican Party. From our perspective, it is better for the entire Right to be socially ostracized and politically marginalized than for the status quo to continue indefinitely.

I’m not saying that our political tribe should permanently embrace neutrality and isolationism and shun American politics like the Amish. We should be realistic enough to start acting like we are marginalized and ostracized and have no dog in these political battles rather than pretending otherwise. Perhaps one day our circumstances will change and we can reevaluate our options but until that is a realistic possibility we shouldn’t support the mainstream Right.

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  1. I share Hunter Wallace’s call for electoral neutrality.

    Trump isn’t offering us power. Us cheerleading for him won’t grant us power. “National Conservatives” and AmNats alike will continue to gatekeep against us no matter how much we stump for Blumpf.

    There is nothing to gain from supporting Trump as a movement. We will only make ourselves look like pathetic worms groveling for acceptance. Weak horses.

    Instead of wasting time shilling for a Zionist conman, we need to focus on building our own infrastructure. Finding ways to solve the funding problem, rebuilding Augustus Invictus’s legal network, supporting our political prisoners (, etc.

    The next four years are going to be Hell for us from a political standpoint. “National Conservatism” will be ascending, emboldened by Trump’s reelection. AmNats will gear up for 2022 and 2024 GOP cheerleading. People who seemed to be in the process of being redpilled and race and the JQ will regress as Trump’s “winning” will make people think that civic nationalism can work just fine. Trump’s DOJ will likely ramp up its crusade against us as well.

    It’s going to be real difficult to resist the blackpills during this period. The sooner we detach ourselves from electoral politics and focus on infrastructure/networking, the more we’ll be able to endure the storm that’s coming our way.

    • You mention that we wasted our time on Trump when we could have been focusing on building a network and grass roots operation of our own. I couldn’t agree more.

      I wonder if that was (((their))) plan all along. To keep us distracted with MAGA and they knew we would take the bait.

      I for one am going with Hunter in this as well by staying home on Election Day and focusing on strengthening my health and my relationships instead.

  2. What’s in the 80% that Drimpf has given us? A border wall? E-verify enforcement? Immigration reduction? Protection of our rights? Stopping unnecessary wars? Keeping and promoting American jobs through erasing foreign trade deficits and instituting a system of tariffs? What does Anti-Dem believe that we’ve received from Blompf, except for his contempt?

    Also, it would be great if someone, ANYONE, in the two-winged Uniparty wanted our support. But they don’t. Which is why some commenters here and elsewhere recommend building our own constituencies. A parallel system, one where we owe no one a damn thing. We’re not allergic to power; those in positions of power are hellbent on making sure we don’t get any through conventional means. Which means we have to pursue power through other avenues. If we want to fight for the scraps left for the plebes by elites that continue to hoard more money and resources for themselves, that is. Societal changes are often made by people on the margins, and we’re definitely out on the side. Maybe we shouldn’t hope for scraps from our self-proclaimed betters, and go our own way.

    • Shills are either making bank from the higher-ups in the status quo, or hoping to. Lying about the good done by Cheeto Clown for “us” is a tip-off about the traitorous nature of AntiDem. I wonder if it/they has Fed connections.

      • Who or whatever organization AntiDem is affiliated with doesn’t matter. He or she hasn’t changed anyone’s mind here. Trump has been a massive failure for his base.

        Isn’t that just like America? Whether Blompf is reelected, or 80 year old Bernie gets a term as POTUS, jews will continue formulate both foreign and domestic policies. The big kosher deli shit sandwich.

    • Where does “anti dem” get this 80% from? His ass? 80% = 0%…mathematical impossibility becomes political reality.

  3. I think the whole thing is a fraud. Land of the free, freedom of speech? That’s all a crock. Censorship is rampant, evan extreme in this country. Books are banned. Social media is policed by jew groups who suspend those they dislike. Others are also de-platformed and denied access to pay and to financial institutions. Sure, this is done mostly by non-governmental entities but the effect is the same. And they are all connected. The complex, you know. So many CIA types now in the media, for example.

    Rule of law, equality before the law? Right now they’re outraged over lowering the sentence recommendation for Roger Stone. They want him to die in prison for lying to Congress. (That (((judge))) will probably give him the highest sentence anyway.) Clapper lied to Congress– nothing. Comey, too– nothing. We saw today that former FBI bigshot McCabe will not be prosecuted for lying to the FBI and to the FISA court. Remember, these same shitheads ruined Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI.

    Former ambassador Marie Yovanovich, fired by Trump, complains about administration meddling with the State Dept. She wants diplomats “re-empowered” to do their jobs. Yovanovich really thinks unelected bureaucrats set foreign policy, not the president. So does the other jew–Vindman of “interagency consensus” fame. We also see that the FBI/DoJ seems to think they have veto power over elections, spying on and subverting campaigns they dislike and then trying to overthrow them.

    With all this corruption there is no point in getting involved.

    I haven’t even mentioned Israeli control over foreign policy.

    • “Censorship is rampant, even extreme in this country. Books are banned. Social media is policed by jew groups who suspend those they dislike. Others are also de-platformed and denied access to pay and to financial institutions. Sure, this is done mostly by non-governmental entities but the effect is the same. And they are all connected. ”

      That is why assholes like “I’m with Denise,” (and others of lesser IQ than either ‘Methody wastrel’ Ms. Denice herself, and Spawn of Hell) are the West’s ENEMIES as much as the Jews- because they both serve the same rival deity.

      “…the Establishment is associating Christianity with everything it believes is wrong about the West; it has not done the same with most other religions. The Establishment attacks Christianity because they, correctly, view it as the spirit of the West. They have made great gains in dulling the light of this spirit in most of the West. And by the West I am referring specifically to Europe and the Anglo-West (America, Canada, Australia, etc.) Kill the spirit, the Establishment muses, and you kill the West. Kill the West, and the Establishment is one step closer to its coveted one-word totalitarian government.”

  4. Mr. Wallace, you are right on target as usual.

    As for AntiDem, he sounds like he is retarded. 80%? WTF? Let’s just take E-Verify. If just that was made mandatory (which Trump has said he will not do) the magnet would be turned off. By Trump’s own admission, only 1 out of 30 job applicants to his company (companies) are US citizens. 29 out of 30 fail E-Verify.
    My God! How many aliens are there in the US?

    Want to talk about power AntiDem?

    Another Republican POTUS didn’t just talk; he used his position to invoke sweeping emergency powers in order to permanently change and alter this nation. When the dust was settled and the dead were buried, there was no way on earth, (short of another war or revolution) of undoing that Lincoln did. Voting after 1865 was never going to take us back to 1776: Lincoln made sure of that. Free men living in a free Republic was a thing of the past.

    Had Twitter existed in 1861-1865, Lincoln would not have been spending all of this time sending out mindless Tweets attacking Democrats and Southerners. Lincoln was interested in power: not politics, or petty disputes. Tweets were not going to permanently change America in 1861, and they will have no effect today in 2020.

    If Trump was really on our side, he would invoke emergency powers (as Lincoln did) and permanently change this country. And he would need little pretext to invoke those powers. A million aliens pouring across our borders and over 350 murders in Baltimore alone, would give Trump all the reason he needs to use the sweeping powers of the Presidency that Lincoln used.

    • I think AntiDem is part of the MyPostingCareer clique on Gab. I used to butt heads with him on occasion back when I regularly posted there. Not surprised to see him still shilling for the Orange Rabbi after all this time.

  5. See, how it works is if I get nothing from Trump then he doesn’t get my vote. That is how it works in the real world that is not part of Trump’s fantasy-land cult of personality. The idea that Trump gave us 80% of anything is beyond retarded.

    I am not on Team Trump anymore. I am on my team. My families team and what is in their best interests and yes what helps poor and working class Whites. That is what I care about.

    Trump is good for three things. Making the plutocrats wealthier, destroying the middle class further and giving Israel everything it wants.

    If Bernie can get Medicare for all done then more power to him. That would be ten times more than anything my family got from the Orange retard and his moronic cult of personality.

    If the plutocrats stop Bernie cold or cheat him at a brokered convention than that also is to my benefit as the White populist left is enraged even further.

    So far nothing these guys have said has even come close to convincing me that voting for Trump is a good idea. As a matter of fact the more I read from them the more I am convinced that they all can just go down with conservatism and the USS Trump. Even if he wins 2020 they will still lose because a second term of Trump will be a disaster of epic proportions and probably discredit them for good.

    Bush ended with a 20% approval rating. I expect the same for Trump.

    • “I am not on Team Trump anymore. I am on my team. My families team and what is in their best interests and yes what helps poor and working class Whites. That is what I care about. ”

      Never did I have such joy in ‘de-legitimizing’ someone, as when this weekend I shredded not one, but TWO letters, asking for money from Orange Cheetoh Man. I am no longer a Republican; I have registered ‘no party’ in my state, so I can vote for Bernie in the Primary… and in November, if need be.

      I want to see the Republican’ts hemmorhage and die a deserved death- presidentially, senatorially, and in every district in my “conservative” state for their TRAITOROUS actitivities against the White Man. I am voting IDENTITY POLITICS for the rest of my life, and encouraging my parishioners to to same- because it clearly is God’s will that you think of your kin, tribe, race, primarily.

      If that means my vote brings down the USA to a Bolshevik, Jewish-run Communist dictatorship, so be it. God is still in control, and I am merely doing God’s will, as HE PUNISHES the godless for their godlessness- or, if you prefer, the idolatrous from any further idolatry of the ‘American Way of Life.’


  6. Brad, you were 100% right when you said, if we don’t get off the couch in 2020 the GOP is in a world of hurt. Not just Trumpo, but, up and down the ticket.

    I’m sure all of us, at one time or another, have forgotten that it was election day!

  7. “If Trump is only giving you 80% of what you want, etc.”

    Okay, this is not a serious person. Dumbest shit I ever read, and I’ve read a bunch of idiotic shit.

    You’re right to bail out of politics at this point. It’s a fool’s errand and a zero sum game. Some people understand that, some people don’t. But that’s the way it is. Onward.

  8. We need to build a nationalist political party here in America, like nationalists in every European country have.

    • Where’s the website, the 501(c)3 donation button, the local location for such at the grassroots level? Oh, wait. JEWISH power sources have made such IMPOSSIBLE.

      When you can truthfully present something, let me know….

  9. Antidem should read The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis.

    What the “dissident right” ultimately is is humanity resisting the great tide of history in order to exist into the indefinite and infinite future.

    Even if our enemies dont realize it, even if most of the movement doesn’t realize it as such, we are saving not just ourselves from the enemy, but also the enemy from themselves.

    What does Trump 2020 have to do with any of that? What does “right” and “left” have to do with any of that?

    Corithians 13:8 whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.

    13:9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

    13:10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

    13:11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

    13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

  10. Good grief, do “I” have to spell everything out for you ? It’s VERY simple.
    1. We need to keep re electing the least worst ones, ( like Trump, ) till we get off our lazy no upbringing having asses and create a new country, ie., restructure America into 4 or 5 new Republics, ours being A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITES ONLY.
    2. Elect only white Christian far right candidates that are for this. Remember the Proverb about happy and wealthy is the nation who’s Kings are Godly men ? No? Oh Yeah. You’ve been possessed by Satan and brainwashed to hate anything “Jew,” which even means the bible 🙂 so you wouldn’t have read that. My fault sorry.
    3. Stop listening to paid trolls like 80 % of the commenters on this site, who’s objective it is to get you to sit out this election so someone WWAAAAYYYYY worse than Trump can get in and teach YOU a lesson !!!!!!
    4. Stop wasting precious time listening to anyone NOT pushing the re structuring / Confederacy 2 approach. At least John Mark, ( youtube channel, ) is on close to the right track, but guys like Spencer are targets of Satan because they reach semi large groups of people, and have been out smarted by him. He’s now a worthless milk toast seeking to be liked by the likes of Syrian Girl. Basically we need a few far right CHRISTIAN Richard Spencers, Michael Hills David Dukes etc., with a plan … a manifesto for CSA II.

    Where are they ???

  11. “We live in a liberal democracy with a two party system. There are two coalitions in American politics. There is the “conservative” coalition which controls the Right and the Republican Party. There is the “progressive” coalition which controls the Left and the Democratic Party. These two coalitions compete for state power and representation in the government…..”

    Both “political parties” and their associated “coalitions” are controlled by Jews for the explicit destruction of Celtic/Nordic whites and their cultures. Through money and media propaganda, they control everything, and are in charge totally at this point.

    Everything else cited in this post is irrelevant in the context of that simple truth. The sooner we stop acting like our survival depends on who wins a political sporting event, but instead upon what race rules our Nations, we might make it. But of course, that kind of rational thinking leads to the dreaded “accelerationism”.

  12. Trump is going to need every vote this election season, it’s not guaranteed he will win by any means. That’s why the “conservatives” are worried that people who never voted or were Democrats who voted for Trump will sit out this election. Their last election pitch will be that old Republican chestnut: the other guy is worse. The “conservatives” will be correct but it’s unlikely to be sufficient this election season.


    You must be over the target if you are receiving this much flak.

  13. Blormpf has given me zero percent of what I want.

    This faggot probably thinks tax cuts for the rich, wars for Israel and ZOG, regime change in Venezuela, anti-BDS bills and the nonstop assault on the rights of workers are a good thing and that’s why he says Blormpf is 80% good.

  14. Antidem is jewish. This was common knowledge on the TRS forums back in their hayday. He was actually banned from them, and had to settle for shitting up the disqus comments for the articles they used to put out.

  15. His claim that Trump does 80% of what we want while Bernie would do 0% is blatantly false, so they rest of that guy’s posting is worthless. He is operating from false premises, and his belief that Trump is doing 80% of what we want shows that he is retarded.

  16. Starting a civics association might help. But power is something I never thought of before. In my personal framework that would have something to do with Competing. Being the best at something or having an exclusive capability others desire “gives” you power. Negatives could be using media to make people do things they didnt even think of before. Maybe the Dissident Right don’t want to “tell” people what to do because the high IQ participants respect each other to much. Getting own hierarchy accepted is probably the challenge.

  17. Any male who still supports Blimpf is either a cuckold or a closeted phag. I would feel like a big, giant homo if I voted for that orangutan again. When I think about those Government funded border wall prototypes that were unceremoniously destroyed right after the inauguration without any of them being put into production….

    I don’t give a tinker’s damn about what “antidem” says or thinks about anything. He ‘s just another Trump catboi.

  18. Actually AntiDem it goes like this: Our problems stem from Jewish power. When you elect a turbo-Zionist president like Trump you strengthen Jewish power, therefore supporting Trump and the Republican party is antithetical to your actual goals (if you are truly for white self-determination). Of course the same is true for the Democrats but at least they are somewhat honest in their anti-white agenda while the snake Trump pretends to be a friend of the white man. People who understand Jewish power were not surprised by Trump’s failure to follow through on his promises.

    The Jews are never going to give whites a seat at the table, so you have to take power for yourself, and the only way you can take it is by being explicitly antisemitic.

    When you don’t have political power the only thing you have left is your dignity, and when you throw away your dignity to shill for a bloated Zionist turd you have absolutely nothing at all.

    Keep triggering the Trump shills Hunter. Their whines and snivels mean you’re hitting the target.

  19. You aren’t even remotely neutral. You are constantly advocating that people support Bernie, and through him bringing the SJW Left into power. Because that’s who runs the Democratic Party these days, and Bernie will, by weakness or by compulsion, cave to and further their most culturally corrosive plans.

    You think that this will wake up normies? That’s the biggest fantasy of all. At most, it would simply mean that they would again vote the GOP into power in the midterms — and with Trump having lost, it would be even MORE the Rubio/GOPe party than it is today. Instead of even talking about restricting immigration, it would be joining in with the Democrats for bipartisan complete open borders.

    You are not neutral. You are pushing towards an utter disaster.

  20. All very true, but, Jews gained power over the entire West by being the greatest deceivers, liars, manipulators, and sociopaths the human race has ever manifest.

    America doesn’t really exist as a nation anymore. We all know this and can see this everywhere before our eyes. Every single traditionally respected institution, government and private, has fallen. There is no return. There is no respected moral authority anywhere. This is an indisputable fact. We are in the midst of a massively chaotic demographic, political, cultural and moral transformation.

    The only hierarchies that exist and that matter are related to raw power. Power, meaning the ability to subjugate other human beings to your will/narrative/paradigm and either extract resources or simply gain the nihilistic pleasure of domination and rule over others beneath you.

    This is where we are at here in Weimerica and it’s only going to increase. But, power is illusory and transitory and the nominally ‘powerful’ exist in an anxious position which is why it’s so easy to analytically deconstruct power and why they must continue to accumulate and subjugate. They intrinsically know their emptiness as well as we do.

    We have a massive amount of raw power here in these spheres. Patriot Front just exhibited that a few weeks ago.
    That’s raw power and that crowd should be exponentially higher. Every person in these spheres who is within the age range to apply to Patriot Front should already have applied. It’s the best organization out there. But, we don’t. Why?

    Because the cancer of endless blackpilling comes from a place of entrenched powerlessness and as that cancer pervades a movement, grifting, EO, infighting, and all forms of non-serious nihilistic faux-power signalling are to be expected.

    Go check out all of the plethora of unbanned Antifa accounts on Twitter to refresh your thinking and get out of your mental rut. Get outdoors, work out, lift weights, eat healthy, drink water, take vitamins, work hard, make money, fight, hate, love, smile, laugh, and keep that R.A.H………


  21. Boycott your enemies (Hollywood, mainstream media, academia, big tech, Wall Street)

    Vote for your friends (Constitution Party, Kris Kobach, Jeff Sessions)

    Oppose enemies (Bernie), extremely oppose extreme enemies (Bloomberg), and bitterly oppose lying traitors (Trump).

  22. The Alt Right in Charlottesville screamed”You will not replace us!” To which Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times responded: “We already have!” I think she was right! So all politics on our side should start from that premise!

  23. I like the term “dissident right”. It makes us sound like intellectuals being unjustly persecuted for our beliefs. “Alt right” is worn out and too closely associated with that effete playboy Lord Spencer. But at this point the Dissident Right is still too small, shadowy and unstructured to be effective.

    • How odd. Our Bishop’s recent visit said that TRUE Christianity is, in actuality, when compared to the apostate world, nothing more than dissent, revolutionary, and all that rot. Apart from his fidelity to testament and canon, at first it sounded like something out of the 1960’s. But the worm has turned, as they say.

      As that article from Berger noted, “…consider the carefully chosen words of a prominent UK political commentator who recently had the following to say about Viktor Orbán’s defense of Christianity and Christian Europe:

      ‘Race and power are entwined. When the right talks of “Christian Europe” or “Christian traditions”, it does not include black pentecostal churches in the inner cities. Christianity has become a synonym for “white”. When Orbán talks of defending “Christian Europe”, he is not defending religious dogma – only 15% of Hungarians go to church each week. He is advocating a modern version of the fascist conspiracy theory instead.’

      Christianity is now code for fascism and white-supremacy.”

      SO BE IT. Sieg Heil, Jesu Christus!
      “Tomorrow belongs to US!”

      • Yahweh is a Middle Eastern volcano demon, and “Jesus” is a jew theft of Osiris and Balder. Why do you hate TRUE White Civilization and mythos?

  24. I recommend embracing mullatos and love for decent people of all races. At this point it’s useless to hold to an exclusivist White only agenda now. The figure is gonna be brown regardless what positions you have.

    • We need to be all about promoting the preservation of our heritage and keeping births of white babies going despite being flooded with shitskins and race-mixing propaganda. Those things aren’t changing anytime soon so it’s pointless to talk about stopping them. We need to at least be able to stay alive for the time being and worry about fictional ethnostates later when that is actually feasible.

  25. Good grief! As if we, “deep down, don’t really want power”. That is like telling a drowning man in an ocean with no life vest he really doesn’t want oxygen.
    By what mechanism are we really going to get power when the entire system is controlled by the enemy? All we can do is be here when the system inevitably breaks. None of us know how and when it will happen, but it will break. If we vote dem, we hasten the collapse and potentially get free shit. If we vote republican, the collapse is prolonged and we don’t get free anything. It’s a simple choice really. Lastly, I could really see certain states talking more and more about secession under a Dem. presidency btw. Just saying.

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