What Bernie Would Mean For Us

I rarely disagree with Jared Taylor.

I’ve seen all these arguments though about Bernie Sanders. I don’t find them persuasive. I think Jared is making a mistake by reading Bernie’s platform and taking every statement he has made and every position he has taken on the issues at face value.

This was the key mistake we made with Donald Trump. We took everything that Donald Trump said at face value. He had a great immigration plan on paper. In the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump’s rivals were all puppets of the donor class. He was going to get rid of the carried interest loophole in the tax code because “the hedge fund guys were making a killing.” He was going to build a 30 foot concrete border wall and create a Deportation Force. He was going to have a nationwide stop-and-frisk policy. He was going to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure, etc.

The truth is that there has been more continuity than change between the Obama and Trump presidencies on most issues. The annual influx of legal immigrants and illegal aliens hasn’t changed at all. Donald Trump now says he wants to pass an amnesty for the DREAMers. He has raised the caps on guest worker programs. He has built three new miles of the George W. Bush era border fence. To put this in perspective, the Obama administration built more of that fence than Donald Trump. Barack Obama deported more illegal aliens than Donald Trump. Congressional gridlock and federal courts have defined the last twenty years of immigration policy through the George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations.

Immigration has become a lightning rod in American politics. It has become to nationalists what abortion has become to evangelical Christians. It is a hyper partisan issue that determines voting preferences. The GOP knows how nationalists and evangelical Christians feel about immigration and abortion and has tailored its rhetoric to exploit those populist grievances and harvest votes from backlash politics. The 47th annual March for Life recently took place in Washington, DC and abortion is still legal even though Republican presidents have appointed 15 of the last 19 Supreme Court justices. Every year there are slightly fewer abortions and it has almost nothing to do with state legislation. Similarly, illegal immigration waxes and wanes depending on instability in Latin America and economic conditions in the United States. The same amount of legal immigrants come in every year and nothing ever changes.

What would Bernie mean for us? I don’t believe it would be what he says a Bernie Sanders presidency would mean for us. Bernie’s agenda will similarly by stymied by partisan resistance by the Deep State, Congress and the federal courts. The best case scenario for President Bernie Sanders is that he accomplishes one major policy victory like Barack Obama with health care or Donald Trump with his tax cuts before overcoming the hurdle of the filibuster in the Senate grinds his agenda to a halt. Bernie will spend his political capital on health care, students loans or taxing the rich and the rest of his presidency will be defined by backlash politics.

As for declaring war on White Nationalism, it began after Charlottesville when Congress unanimously condemned White Nationalism and Donald Trump signed the bill. It is true that Bernie Sanders said he would declare war on White Nationalism after the El Paso shooting. National Review also declared war on White Nationalism on behalf of conservatism. The war actually began six months ago and we have been covering the mass arrests. The head of the FBI recently said that it is already treating White Nationalists as a domestic terrorism threat on the same level as ISIS. The state crackdown on White Nationalism is already underway and both Republicans and Democrats unanimously support it.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders agree on waging war against White Nationalism. Neither Trump or Sanders will cut immigration levels. Neither Trump or Sanders will reverse America’s changing racial demographics. Neither Trump or Sanders will halt America’s cultural decline or put an end to abortion. The meaningful differences between Trump and Sanders are on issues like Iran, Israel, taxes, health care, military spending and student loan debt.

Bernie Sanders will be far less pro-Israel and pro-Wall Street than Donald Trump. He will be less willing to start a war with Iran. He will support tax increases and imposing new regulations of Corporate America. He will support some kind of government takeover of health care. He will support canceling student loan debt. He will support cutting the Pentagon’s budget. While it seems counterintuitive, Bernie’s socialist economic policies will likely crash the stock market and chill the U.S. economy, which will likely do more to slow immigration than anything Trump has done or proposed. Immigration rose under George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

Having said all of this, none of it is a reason to support Bernie Sanders. We shouldn’t be under any illusions that Bernie Sanders is “pro-White.” Indeed, that is the strongest argument for electing Bernie Sanders as president. Unlike Donald Trump, no one will feel the need to shill for Bernie Sanders or to make 4D Chess excuses to rationalize his policies. No one will pretend that having the Democrats in office is somehow in the interest of White Nationalists. No one will perceive Bernie Sanders as being their secret friend. No one will grow complacent under President Bernie Sanders. Unlike Barack Obama who wasn’t nearly this bad, Donald Trump and the GOP can condemn White Nationalism, preside over the total destruction of online free speech and our right to free assembly and launch a state crackdown on White Nationalism and deliver on none of his immigration promises and people will still vote for him and make excuses for him.

Bernie Sanders won’t get any credit from the Right for anything he does. He voted against the Iraq War which was the most devastating foreign policy decision of our lifetimes. He voted against NAFTA, CAFTA and PNTR with China. He seems to despise the billionaire oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson who bought Trump and have corrupted our political system. He wants to raise the minimum wage for the working class and abolish student loan debt. He wants the government to provide health care for everyone. No matter what Bernie Sanders does as president though he will be blamed for everything and the Right will rant and rave about his communist dystopia. Barack Obama was the worst president in history for negotiating the Iran Deal.

I’m just not buying the “lesser of two evils” argument anymore. I think having mainstream conservatism and Trump in power is the greater evil. It has suffocated and enervated the Dissident Right for the last three years and all for the sake of getting literally the exact same number of legal immigrants and illegal aliens who came in under Obama’s second term. I am tired of voting on the basis of immigration in every election when the GOP is plainly lying to us about intentions on immigration. If the GOP was actually going to cut immigration, there would be a plausible argument for voting on the basis of immigration but it is not even doing that anymore. Jared Kushner immigration plan calls for INCREASING legal immigration for employers.

Do we want to help White people? What is more likely to help young White people? Ending the burden of student loan debt OR four more years of Donald Trump’s inept immigration policies? It is not even close. We bought a lemon in 2016.

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  1. Jared Taylor wants to help White people by continuing to support another 30 years of neoliberalism that enriches our enemies, bloats the military industrial complex and national security state while at the same time is annihilating White communities all across America. I could go on about the rampant drug use, broken families, poverty and general hopelessness but who cares about that? We have another 20 years to waste pretending we are “influencing” the GOP on immigration and muh Blacks.

    Brimelow was recently making the argument that Kevin McCarthy, the chamber of commerce puppet is secretly our friend and that he is reformed on immigration due to the pressure of the Trump era. I kid you not. These old guys need to be put out to pasture. I am sick of it already. It’s not that they were wrong in the past but after 40 years of this they are completely wrong to continue to support this shit.

    I am so done with these people.

    They can get back to me when they have a leader who is ready to actually want to help White people in the real world that need real help instead of these fantasy-land copes about the GOP.

    The fact that a Jewish socialist is what White populists have rallied behind is an indictment not only on the GOP but on the entire right itself. They had their chance to steal these issues from the left and chose instead to spend the last three decades shilling for the GOP every election cycle without fail.

    • Even Kevin McDonald still thinks Trump is secretly pro-white and that he just needs another 4 years to halt the demographic decline of white America. That was really shocking to me. How can someone who understands Jewish power so well not see the forces at play here? Politically it would cost Trump nothing to say a few pro-white things here and there, but he goes out of his way to never mention whites. His rhetoric is standard minority worship and female empowerment, in other words, “fuck white men”.

      At this point I think its just a coping mechanism for these older movement characters. They are either too proud to admit they were wrong, or simply cannot face the prospect of not seeing some kind of victory in their lifetime. Would they just give up and kill themselves if they were forced to acknowledge the brutal truth? The truth can be painful but an honest assessment of our situation is the first step in taking meaningful action to change things.

    • You’re mixing up two distinct issues inasmuch as Jared Taylor’s challenge about Trump vs Sanders should not be confused with decades of betrayal by the Republican Party, which as we now see so clearly has conserved exactly nothing in decades of cultural genocide.

      Sanders showed his hatred for Christian America—which would include those of Euro heritage who deny they’re Christian—when in 2016 he pointedly had himself introduced to an audience of prospective Jew donors in LA by the insanely Christophobic, Christian-bashing yenta Sara Silverman. As to the other matter, we need to explore what is the Republican Party at the grass roots level and how it came to betray everything it officially stands for.

      Some years ago I stopped by a Tea Party rally in New Haven, Connecticut and was surprised to see mostly grannies and gramps in folding chairs enjoying the picnic atmosphere and those buying their food happily getting it from Mexican food trucks lined up on the road. Someone had paid for one of those rent-a-platforms with speakers on which various locals got up to talk about local issues—until the entire character of the event turned 180 degrees as several (obviously NY Jewish) political operatives took over the stage, equating grassroots conservatism with unquestioned support for Israel.

      This infiltration undoubtedly holds true for the local precinct meetings we irresponsibly never go to, allowing Dem ringers like Collins and Murkowski to magically appear on the ballot as Republicans. And probably for the same reason that we got Hastert as Speaker on the national level, so we got McConnell and Ryan, who when push came to shove passed the Dem budget, including fully funding Planned Parenthood as if they had no alternative, which they probably didn’t if they wanted their dossier kept secret.

      We’re at a terrible disadvantage versus the left since politics is the ersatz religion of atheists whose atheism reflects their hatred of God, not in relation to God whom they couldn’t hate for not existing in the first place, but understood by them as a surrogate for the essence of the American people. Their collectivism, furthermore, is merely one manifestation of the beta male’s reversion to voyeurism, in turn reflecting his sexual preference for masturbation and porn as relief from the self-discipline and individual prowess required of real men.

      Our greatest danger from such men is their cowardice and hence need to mesh with the collective since, as Samuel Johnson noted so long ago, the chief trait of such cowards is their cruelty—as if we need look further than The Black Book of Communism to see what such cowardice is capable of. The Republicans offer no resistance to the point their inaction is a death warrant for white America.

  2. Bernie is still a Zionist peace of crap. The idea that he is good on Israel is a myth. https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/02/13/how-bernie-sanders-became-a-fighter-for-palestine/

    Being “better” than Blormpf or Bloomberg or Bootygay on Zionism doesn’t mean much. He is no Jeremy Corbyn. He is a Jew – period.

    (((Bernie))) is basically a “left”-liberal who wants to make imperialism great again by bringing back the old New Deal coalition that was responsible for Korea and Vietnam and various coups in countries the US doesn’t like. But I partly hope he wins so that the impossibility of “reforming” capitalism is exposed and a Jew becomes the face of it. It would be better to have Bloomberg win, since he would make the connection between Jews and overt neoliberal capitalism clear.

  3. I’m not that familiar with the Alt-Right movement or its personalities, but I get the impression from the shameless and one-sided reaction from Trump, the Republicans, and mainstream conservatism that the Alt-Right is being vilified for the broader objective of precluding Middle America from taking their constitutional right of peaceable assembly to the streets—establishing with this pre-propaganda the grounds for positioning any nascent grassroots movement on the right as Alt-Right.

    The reaction has been so grossly disproportionate that it can’t be explained even in part on the merits. Any grassroots movement from the right that tries an end run around the Republican establishment will be destroyed.

    It’s time, in fact way past time, to turn the Republicans out of office, from the right, inasmuch as the Dems may be evil, but so are the Republicans and at least the Dems aren’t guilty of crass betrayal.

  4. I wonder if the FBI has Sanders and his campaign under surveillance. Are there FBI infiltrators? Is there a dossier against him being purchased by the DNC?

    Gazillionaire Zionist Bloomberg buying the presidency would be a fitting end to this farce.

  5. HW and voting for Prez is like a continually abused dog that will always roll over for a belly scratch from its abuser.

  6. Bernie’s platform now is just an attempt to bring in the Democrat base for the primary. We know his stances on the issues because he has a track record, but he has to appeal to the batshit core of the Democrat voter base if he wants to continue on to the general election.

    • This is a complete fantasy. On the one hand, you are all laughing at the “Trust the plan” MAGA idiots, but you are simply diving into a “Trust the Bernie plan” fiction which, if anything, is ten times MORE misguided.

      You’ll anoint ANYONE as your savior, then, when disappointed, race to embrace another savior, then another. Not Trump, then it’s Yang Gang. Not Yang? Then Bernie. Never ends.

  7. When you vote for the “lesser of two evils” you are still voting for evil.

    Let’s vote for Lenin, because he won’t kill as many people as Stalin.
    Should we vote for Caligula, or Nero? Who is less sadistic?

    These arguments are meaningless.

    “It’s morning in America again” said the Reagan TV ad in 1984. Really?

    Because I remember in 1972, when I was 13, my parents bought a new house in a new subdivision in Phoenix, Arizona for only $37.000. My mom strayed home, and my HS drop-out dad worked a factory job, and we lived well on just his income. And Phoenix was safe, and nearly all-white. In 1972 Phoenix was 93.3% white, and everyone spoke English.

    “Morning in America again?” That was BS in 1984, and it’s BS today under Trump.

    • They say that 1972 was the economic peak year of the US. It’s been downhill since then.

      Add to that the demographic changes set into motion just a few years before. I’m sure Phoenix is no longer 93% white. That is true of many towns and cities.

      What a shame.

      We should vote for the scumbags responsible for this? No one ever gave us the chance to vote on any of this.

    • You have all lost your minds. You think that there is no difference between degrees of evil? Tell that to someone who was incarcerated in the gulags — not some meme/trope of “gulags,” I mean literal, actual gulags.

      You think SJWs with their deplatformings are bad? Do you even know what the Stasi was and what it could do?

      You all somehow think that change must be better. You simply are lying to yourselves if you don’t realizes how bad things can get.

      • If Bernie or Bloomberg become President it will end in American gulags, Bernie’s people have already been caught boasting about it. They are the same people who brought about the so-called Russian Revolution (hint: it wasn’t Russian) in 1917 and the Spanish Civil War in 1936. On the other hand the Republicans, including Trump are like Tsar Nicholas II and the Republican government of Spain, antebellum.

  8. Awl this tawk about what kind of president Bernie would be is pointless. Blimpf is going to win a second term by defawlt.

  9. Lord Jared is a gentleman and a scholar but we don’t need people like that right now. He isn’t proposing any kind of change or action, just more of the same “Oh dear, the liberals and Negroes are at it again” hand-wringing. When are we going to start grabbing these punks and pushing them up against a chain link fence, like Harvey Keitel and Jerry Orbach in some 1980s movie about crooked New York cops?

  10. What would Bernie accomplish?

    Likely a new “Assault Weapons Ban”. Which is exactly the key piece of the puzzle the Left is missing for complete & utter control, subjugation and destruction of the White race.

    Sooner or later we’re going to have to fight, and by fight I mean a guerrilla style, conventional insurgency brought on by no other recourse.
    Once we’re:
    1. Disenfranchised
    2. Disarmed, we become slaves.

    To be clear, I’m not ADVOCATING that we start it, but that it will become inevitable.

    • Agreed.
      I have said this from day one on my first comment on this forum in 2015.

      The white race cannot dream anymore and hope that this destruction and subversion will end.

      “All men dream: but not equally.
      Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

      -T.E. Lawrence

  11. We might as well drop the terms Dissident Right and Alt Right and start calling ourselves the Revolutionary Right. That is not a call to violence but a call to political reality and reality politics dictates we cannot vote our way out of this, America is terminal, separation or extinction, and all roads lead to the White Republic or they lead nowhere at all. No Tricentennial!

    • 100%, brother..
      There is no peaceful way out of this mess and if there was it will NOT be permitted and will be sabotaged- as usual -by the murderous evil , child raping spawns of satan.
      There is no way to vote our way out of jewish clown world and there is certainly no way to vote ourselves out of kosher enforced genocide.
      We will either fight back or be wiped out.
      There are no other real choices.

    • So we should just lay down and die?

      I mean, you are 100% correct but i think there is always some shred of hope left.

      At least i want to believe it…

      As long as 1 million armed , jew-wise red-pilled whites exist in this putrid corpse called America, we still stand some sort of a chance imo.

  12. Yea I agree. I think the reality is Christian Conservatives should live in the real World. Abortion will forever be legal regardless if it’s a Democrat or a Republican in office. The establishment has no care for life especially the life of the Unborn. All the establishment cares is making everybody work for them. The establishment cares nothing about us. The love of money and power is all they care about. When I talk about Medicare For All around people in the Medical Field in Mississippi…they don’t like it. Why? Hmmmm because the Medical Industrial Complex only cares about money. Profit Profit Profit! The Church once played a giant role in Health Care….now it pretty much plays Zero role. The Church got infiltrated by greedy capitalist pigs.. the very people who elected Trump. Now it’s very obvious why the Church loves Jews so much and it’s not about some ignorant reading of the Bible. Those brainwashed Christians love Jews cause Jews love money. Print the money. Control the money and so on. That’s pure evil and the same goes for the Medical Industrial Complex. Medicare For All gets the medical field real mad. It’s got senior citizens mad because of Age Warfare. In other words Medicare is great for old people but not good enough for everybody else. I say progress forward. I think the right wing could learn greatly from the British National Party and other British Nationalist groups past, present, and future. Those groups are in direct opposition against the Conservatives, Liberals, and Labour Party. We should look at ourselves the same here in America. This country not having National Health Care makes us a Third World country. We can do better under God. It’s time for a change! We need Universal Health Care! Deo Vindice !

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