Explaining Chumpism

We’ve all heard the term “wignat.”

Wignat is a slur that is shorthand for whigger nationalist. The wignat is a White Nationalist who doesn’t Trust the Plan. He is low class and has terrible optics. He has blackpilled on Donald Trump and the Republican Party. He has a high time preference. He rejects American Nationalism. Instead of reforming conservatism, he supports revolutionary violence or goon marches in the streets. The stereotype has been pushed for the past several years by a clique of White Nationalists to silence criticism of Donald Trump and American Nationalism in the Dissident Right. Why?

I would like to introduce a new term based on a phenomenon which I have observed over the past several years. Let’s call it Chumpism. The people who subscribe to this worldview are chumps. The chumps are defined by their unwavering fidelity to Donald Trump and their belief that it is possible to work within the system to reform mainstream conservatism. The whole worldview of the chumps is based on the ties that these people have cultivated behind the scenes with the Steve Bannon Network since the 2016 election. The chumps all suffer from the delusion that they are infiltrating and influencing the GOP, but the truth is that the influence and infiltration has overwhelmingly gone in the opposite direction. They have become conduits of influence for Republican operatives and have been duped by conservatives into dividing and damaging their own movement. The chumps are nothing but pawns and useful idiots who have been manipulated and burned time and again by their masters. They led their followers to a political dead end.

There are five degrees of Chumpism in the Dissident Right:

1.) Steve Bannon and other figures associated with Donald Trump’s inner circle and the GOP were once and still are at the top of the pyramid of influence.

2.) Below Steve Bannon, you had the various Alt-Lite figures like MILO and Alex Jones who were his minions and who used to have a vast audience in 2016.

3.) Below them, you had all of their contacts in the Alt-Right who they had buttered up like Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Weev and Nick Fuentes.

4.) Below them, you had other people who had no direct ties to the Alt-Lite, but who knew that something was going on in the 2016 election.

5.) Below them, you have the typical follower who was and still is completely in the dark about what was going on with their leaders and the GOP behind the scenes.


Read all about what your leaders have been up to.

Interesting theory.

I found it highly enlightening.

If this had all been debated openly, where would we be today?

In the 2016 election, I was a fourth degree chump. I vaguely knew that something was going on behind the scenes, but I wasn’t a part of it. I supported and voted for Donald Trump. I simply took what Trump said at face value, drank the koolaid and trusted him to deliver on his promises. I got duped like everyone else because he didn’t have a record like Marco Rubio.

Spencer was a third degree chump. He was pumped and dumped during the 2016 election cycle. Steve Bannon had no use for Spencer after the election and was ordered by his donors to take out the White Nationalists. The Alt-Lite was supposed to inherit the Alt-Right and all its followers. This is why all of Bannon’s minions like Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson ostracized Spencer after Heilgate. This went on for several months into 2017 until the Syria strike when it started to become clear that Trump had no intention of delivering on his campaign promises.

Bannon’s coalition was crumbling by the time of Charlottesville. After he was fired by the Trump administration, he went to war with the Alt-Right and everyone who was still in his orbit pushed the AmNat divide and conquer strategy. The Alt-Right was trashed and those who had defected from Trump and the GOP were branded “wignats” by Ricky Vaughn and Weev. The goal was to kill off that faction for the Bannon clique could remain “viable” and more Steve Bannon-backed Republicans could be elected in the 2018 midterms. The plan was to absorb the AmNats into the Alt-Lite which called itself the “New Right,” but Bannon himself was dumped by Trump and abandoned by the Mercers after Roy Moore failed to win the Alabama Senate race.

Over the course of 2018 and 2019, the Bannon Network collapsed as the Alt-Lite was taken out back and shot on social media and driven into bankruptcy, which has continued in 2020 with Nick Fuentes. Trump went ALL IN with Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk and the GOP establishment. All of Steve Bannon’s burned Alt-Lite pawns now huddle together for warmth on Telegram and have thrown their support behind Nick Fuentes. Bannon has been trying to create a neo-Alt-Right around “King Nick” and has been using the Groypers as his cat’s paw to lash out at Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk while also taking shots at Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right.

Four years later, Steve Bannon’s political games have gotten us nowhere. Bannon has ruined everyone around him from MILO to Daily Stormer to Fuentes. We would have been better off if the chumps had never taken the bait and backed Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

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  1. It all sounded plausible to me as well. It’s how I figured it was playing out behind the scenes.

    They all got what they deserved. Now they can take their seat on the USS Trump as it sinks. They earned it.

    At the end of the day the only ones who benefited from their treachery was Bibi Netanyahu and the plutocrats. Congratulations.

    • We know for certain that Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn) was working for the Giuliani clique. We know that weev was working with him and with Chuck Johnson and Cernovich, who are Alan Dershowitz underlings in that same clique. And Bannon was tied in with all of these guys too. So I’m not sure if Bannon was the ring leader or if he was just an intermediate of this NYC mafia himself.

  2. I haven’t been a part of this movement as long as some, but the wignat seems to be the most honorable, loyal, and level-headed of the nat.

    And he is filled with a righteous passion for his people that other, more optics friendly nats cannot even dream of possessing.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up too badly, Hunter. We all knew Trump 2016 was a huge risk, we all doubted his sincerity, but we took a punt on him because who else was there? We knew there was significant probability he would either be an outright failure, or a double-crosser. He’ll lose in November because we – the dissent right – will desert him & all those grateful African Americans and Hispanics wallowing in their Greatest Ever Unemployment will vote in droves for whoever the Dem candidate is just to stick it to Trump.

    Trump should’ve named an Alt-Right, Nationalist cabinet when he took office; as you pointed out at the time, the GOP / RINO picks showed he was going to back off his promises.

    • Trump:
      1) A white liberal billionaire property developer from New York.
      2) Who called Pat Buchanan a Nazi.
      3) Who screamed anti-semitism as he opened Palm Beach up to jews and blacks.
      4) Who owes everything he has to chabad jew finaciers.
      5) Who gives jews preference in senior hiring in all his organizations.
      6) Who was Grand Marshal in the Israel Day Parade in New York.
      7) Who says he supports Israel 1000%.
      8) Who gave his favorite daughter to a chabad jew who’s father is a convicted crook.
      9) When Bibi Netanyahu visited New York, he’d come for sleep overs in Trumps’s jewish son in law’s bed.

      I could give you six million pieces of evidence…

      Only a big brained intellectual could convince themselves that supporting Trump was 3D chess.

      Ya’ll campaigned for someone who considiers you thier biggest enemy, he won, and you’re getting exactly what you voted for.

      I just saw this on twitter:

      “This is one way that Civil War II could start. The feds deploy what are essentially military units to big cities that are in defiance of federal laws on immigration. Antifa types attack them and the feds return fire.”

      So in the second term of the Trump presidency, the jewish wall street oligarchs will instruct Trump to start Civil War 2.0, over whether their endless supply of cheap brown third world labour will have papers or not?

      • T. Morris,

        I am forbidden to make new comments for now but am allowed to respond. I am glad to see you. I hope you are wrong on Trump but the powers that be have given Americans very lousy Democrat candidates.

        So, I expect you are right on trump.

  4. The thing is, Blompf screwed over everybody that supported him. Not just the voters, but even his own friends and famous backers that put their reputations on the line on his behalf. Roger Stone and Alex Jones, for example, have been stripped of everything they had, while Cowardly Orange Man silently “monitored” their downfall. Trump has been poison for everyone that helped or believed in him.

  5. Trump was the best option. There are no other options. Anyone else would’ve lost against Clinton. The establishment doesn’t want Trump in office. Trump is a constant thorn in these peoples sides. I will vote for him on that reason alone. There are no other Republican candidates better Trump. Who else would be better suited to run? Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Romney? All are corrupt evil establishment scum.

    Trump has tried to to everything he promised and has been delayed by legalism at every turn. This legalism was intentionally set up – to keep the power of the President in check. It has been abused more than any time in US history.

    Trump IS trying his best. You aren’t giving him enough credit. He is alone up there. Trump is not even the real leader of the United States. The synagogue of satan rules this world system. They control the value ALL currencies in the world. They can impoverish a the USA with 1 turn of the knob.Trump’s agenda goes against their agenda. But Trump is trying to play it out with them. That requires certain concessions. I am sure most President’s don’t realize the extent of the deeps states power until after they are elected. Even the secret service that “protects” the President is deep state. They are the same “secret service” that assassinated JFK.

    Trump has tried is best given the situation. The writer does not give Trump enough credit. Nor any benefit of the doubt. They are simply whining he was not able to accomplish everything he was elected to do.

    • If Trump tried his best and was simply defeated by the deep state it would be different.

      If he truly tried his best to deliver his promises he’d be victorious or dead.

      In reality he did do his best, but for the Jews.

    • “I like to watch my wife get tag-teamed by black MAGA bulls while I hide in the closet and sob hysterically, because I’m a cuckold.”

      – Dave, interviewed by 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl, January 2019

      • Spahn – tragically that “interview” applies to all of the I Am Not a Racist/I Don’t Care About Being Replaced As Long As Racial Aliens Come Here Legally” MAGATards.

        • It doesn’t matter if we get overrun with wogs as long as I still have the Constitution, the Constitution! (And they come here legally).

    • Dave – Trumpeldor IS the Establishment. The Heebs FREAKED initially because they thought they couldn’t control him. It took a few years, but now he’s completely under their cloven hooves. Happily so. He’s is more owned by jews locks stock and barrel than ANY other POTUS factotum. They WANT him in office.

    • Meat puppet, please explain why your God-Emperor had opportunities to build the wall AND drain the swamp during the gov’t shutdown (under the gov’t bureaucracy’s own rules), but instead did nothing and let the Dims reopen the gov’t while receiving nothing in return. That’s just one of a long list I could bring up, btw. Why did your precious Orange Savior forsake us all when no one could have stopped him from pushing through his agenda? Could it be he never had any intention of keeping his promises?

    • Instead of staying home, I’m voting against Trump. Bernie is a socialist and at this point, his policies would be better for my sons that anything Trump has done. The republican party used to be implicitly White until they chose to be overtly brown. Immigrants continue to reap benefits, I want my family to reap as well. Bernie may have browns fooled & even if he doesn’t, Whites are only praised at fake Trump rallies, where out of towners show up for gibs. Bernie is from White Vermont & is Pro-Gun. Good enough for me. Bernie2020

      • And what makes you think that your white family will “reap benefits,” rather than what the Dems will surely implement instead — which is a “racial justice” program where the benefits are taken FROM whites and given TO browns?

        In two years, we’re going to have articles here titled “Bernie’s Chumps” — mea culpas describing people who, after thinking themselves SO SMART for having supposedly “seen through” Trump, turned around and started blindly believing every single promise Bernie has made!

        And when it turns out that he ends up implementing a Neoliberal agenda, except even more anti-white than Trump (because that is actually quite conceivable and likely), then we’ll hear qualing voices saying, “Oh, he’s just being prevented by the Democrats.”

        But the result will be the same: full-on ammesty, full-on open borders, benefits for coloreds but not whites, Leftist SCOTUS judges… oh, that’s going to be a pretty picture of buyer’s regret then.

  6. This theory would explain why people like Anglin were hailing Bannon as “General Bannon” back in 2017. I remember Anglin spinning Bannon as this political mastermind, and he even wrote an article demanding that Marine Le Pen listen to whatever instructions Bannon would give her over the phone, as if he was her only hope of winning.

    I always suspected there was an invisible hand guiding the AmNat insurrection, as they made such a radical 180 degree pivot from the 2017 AltRight. It just didn’t seem organic at all. Having ghosted the TRS forums during the height of the optics infighting, it seemed like half of the AltRight succumbed to some mysterious mind virus that came out of nowhere. People don’t naturally change their beliefs that quickly.

    Hopefully we learn from this in the future. I think it’s prudent for us to be cautious about growth and redpilling people during periods of rightwing “winning”, as we’re more susceptible to grifters, charlatans, and infiltrators. It’s better to focus on building our movement’s infrastructure so that we’re able to more efficiently process a future wave of converts when the political winds favor the Left again.

    Redpill during Democrat rule, build and shieldwall during Republican governance.

  7. “…to honor the successes, contributions, and advancements of African Americans throughout our nation’s history. ”
    -A slave class can have none of these things. SEND THEM ALL BACK.

    “Wignat is a slur that is shorthand for whigger nationalist….The stereotype has been pushed for the past several years by a clique of White Nationalists to silence criticism of Donald Trump and American Nationalism in the Dissident Right. ”
    -Thank you for the explanation.

    “The chumps are nothing but pawns and useful idiots who have been manipulated and burned time and again by their masters. They led their followers to a political dead end.”
    “In the 2016 election, I was a fourth degree chump.”

    -FWIW, I was a solid fifth degree Chump from 2016-2018, but am working hard to be less than (more than?) a fourth degree Chump.
    And I owe that to your site, HW.

    Dump the Chumps, Dump the Drumpf.

  8. Re: optics – I have been toned-policed by feckless, self-defeating pearl-clutchers for years. “You’re not NICE!! The way your express yourself is horrible! You’re not NICE! YOU’LL SCARE OFF THE NORMIES! OH NOES!”

    (((Lefties))) do not EVER do that. They don’t apologize. ANY in-house clashes and power struggles are kept IN HOUSE when going after a goal. They do NOT apologize! They don’t make excuses, or attempt to explain anything that any one of them does. Finally – THEY DON’T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR ANYTHING THAT ANY OF THEM DO.

    They don’t care about Normies, and in fact DESPISE Normies because Normies generally go along to get along with anything that’s in power.

    (((Lefties))) want POWER. They seek POWER. They do what it takes to GET POWER. An they WIN.

    Are they rotten? Do they lie and cheat? Do they flush facts right down the toilet if the facts get in their way?

    Yes, yes, an yes.

    They clock is running down for us. Rightly Whites care about honor, truth, and good manners. These are wonderful traits – excepting when we are facing complete EXTERMINATION.

    But I guess it’s more important to have well manicured fingernails than to be alive, right?

  9. C’mon Brad, Bannon’s an Irish Roman Catholic. LOL. What other kind of results could be expected? Sure, I feel sorry for “Our Dick” Spencer, and some of his White Protestant friends like you. Remember, sonny it’s a learning curb.

  10. I believe Bannon is still unofficially working for Blormpf. He still waxes enthusiastic over that orange prick. And Trump hasn’t said anything like “I don’t know him”, which is what he says after screwing over former supporters.

  11. Well, it seems Anglin has finally been completely cut off, too. His site is going under and no mysterious millionaire bitcoin accounts are coming to his rescue this time. In pursuit of the big donor bucks, he alienated any of the grassroots support he once had, so he can’t even crowdfund effectively anymore.

    Seems Republicans believe Trump can win without courting alt right votes at all, which may turn out to be true. A lot of them will still vote for Trump regardless, and the R party knows that. If the Dems end up putting forward some republican-lite tool like Bloomberg, then I could see Trump winning again just because of abysmal turnout for dems. They could win with Bernie, but the Democrat donors would prefer a Trump victory before that.

    After all of this, my respect for Richard Spencer has increased greatly. He’s the only guy in contact with those “insider” circles who didn’t sell out to the GOP in the end.

      • The fact that mostly and almost only knew Weev is a Jew is the reason why that whole incel movement was controlled ops from the very beginning. When we said so, we were called “wimmins”. Listen or Perish a vote at a time.

      • Yes, but he has been forced to fire his staff and to switch to cheaper hosting because his website has been in the red. He is not doing well.

    • @Dart: The impending demise of the Daily Homo cannot come soon enough. Lil’ Lord Anglin is the most unlikable and uncharismatic would-be cult leader I’ve ever seen. And as HW has already pointed out his website is for entertainment purposes only. He is simply playing the role of an “internet neo-nazi” in order to make fun of anti-racist liberals. His small fan base of gamers and incels think he is their savior but the joke’s on them. Anglin has nothing but contempt for those losers.

  12. Honestly, isn’t believing that White identitarians will receive any benevolence from either part is the biggest “Chumpism” imaginable?

    Let’s quit lying to ourselves. No one is going to throw us a lifeline. White normies only follow their financial best interests not their racial and cultural ones.

    So outside of partition, revolution, we must hope for the collapse of the ZOG monstrosity either by economic and/or viral pathogenic means.

    • Agreed. I almost laughed out loud when I read an alt-right “leader” praise a tweet in which someone said that the dissident Right should withhold our votes because it will give us “leverage” against the GOP.

      LOL. They never WANTED our votes in the first place! Trump was denounced for not expressing disfavor with our support of him more vociferously.

      “We would have been better off if the chumps had never taken the bait and backed Donald Trump in the 2016 election.”


      -if Trump had won without our backing, things would be no better for the dissident Right than they are right now; in fact, they would likely be worse, because more than a few people became aware of alt-right/nationalist ideas precisely because we were vocal during 2016. Without that, we would have no penetration at all and the spectrum of ideas would be even narrower

      -if Trump had lost, the narrative of neoliberal inevitability would have been assured, whites (both normies and dissidents) would be even more dispirited than they are right now, and the GOP would have veered even FURTHER towards an anti-white agenda, as they were already set to do (with Nikki Haley and other POCs already being announced as “the future of the GOP” when it looked like Trump would lose)

      Basically, as awful as things are right now, any other outcome would have been even worse for us.

      • Karsten,

        I have to disagree with your assertion that trump and other GOP candidates in 2016 didn’t want our votes. They wanted our vote but didn’t want us or the policies that we advocated for. We so wanted to believe that this self-financed populist-nationalist was a diamond in the rough, that we let down out jewdar and better judgement on a wing and a prayer. We were used and abused.

        Whatever lies ahead one year from now or five years from now is inevitable. The demographic dam is going to burst, and cuckservative, inc. will move into the scumocrats party just as the Trotskyites moved from the communist party to being neoconservative republican chicken hawks.

        I think we have to stop worrying about waking up the normies. At this point, they’re nothing more than a ball and chain holding us back. Oh, and by the way, normie RETARDicans aren’t demoralized. They’re whopping it up with the greatest GDP, the empire’s militarism around the world, and bathing in the tears of despondent and unhinged saws.

        As its been pointed out numerous times, republicans and the GOP our the judas goat of our people leading us to the same ruin but at a slightly slower pace. We need them to fail and get out of the way, so there isn’t anywhere else for Whites to turn to in order to survive and thrive except by joining us in a united front.

      • So what you’re saying is Trump’s presidency is only good for postponing the inevitable enslavement and destruction of white America. If that’s the case then why prolong the agony? We lost, just bring on the forced marches at bayonet point and the FEMA camps already.

      • Father John +,

        Thanks for the link. I usually do check identity Dixie every few days. I cannot recommend their chat aka Southern Mercury though.

  13. Is there any evidence that Bannon is the hidden power behind Fuentes and the Groypers or is this just speculation on your part?

    • The evidence is they have the same smell about them as Ricky Vaughn, Weev, Milo, etc. They try to look Pro White, while attacking anything that is explicitly Pro White.

      They try to cause chaos by turning the movement against itself (men vs women) like Weev and Anglin, or signal against Pro Whites like Vaughn and Fuentes, or record people for blackmail purposes like Milo.

      They want Pro White leadership gone and in its place, a dumbed down, politically correct, mixed race mob of flag wavers for cuckservatism and the GOP. The billionaires Bannon represents, want to harvest White votes, but they don’t want to hear from them.

    • Gast,

      Connect the dots.

      In 2015-16, Bannon was bankrolling Milo to shill for trump. It’s no secret that Fuentes and Milo have a partnership of sorts. During Fuentes’ so-called “groypers war,” Milo released the “secret ” recording of Richard Spencer speaking to his supporters after being attacked at C’ville by both LEOs and antifa. Bannon, Fuentes, and Milo all have a grudge against Richard Spencer and try to marginalize him, so doesn’t it make sense that Bannon may be a not so hidden hand behind AmNat and pro-war Fuentes to shill for the reelection of trump?

      Isn’t it ironic, that the anti-Spencer coalition likes to paint Spencer as a “fed,” but it’s their leadership that stinks to high hell of doing the bidding of ZOG-USA? Don’t you think that there’s something fishy going on?

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