Ivanka Trump Unveils The W-GDP Act

Ivanka Trump is currently in Dubai where she is giving the keynote address at the Global Women’s Forum. She will be speaking about the W-GDP Act which would make the global economic empowerment of women a priority of U.S. foreign policy and ensure that Ivanka’s global crusade on behalf of feminism would continue beyond the Trump administration.


“Washington (CNN) – Ivanka Trump on Wednesday commemorated the first anniversary of her signature policy, the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, with the unveiling of upcoming bipartisan legislation to support her efforts. However, the initiative drew criticism from advocates who see it as dissonant from the Trump administration’s broader global women’s policies.

Speaking at a State Department event — which featured a lengthy roster of Trump administration officials and lawmakers — the presidential adviser and first daughter announced the forthcoming introduction of the “W-GDP Act” into the House and Senate.

It will be written and introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat, in the Senate. A companion bill will be introduced in the House by Reps. Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican, and Rep. Lois Frankel, a Florida Democrat, Ms. Trump said. …”

New York Times:

“DUBAI — Ivanka Trump, an adviser to her father U.S. President Donald Trump, began a trip on Saturday to the United Arab Emirates where she is due to speak at a conference to promote female entrepreneurship this week.

Trump is set to deliver a keynote speech at the Global Women’s Forum which is taking place in Dubai on Feb. 16-17.

On Saturday, she visited Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and met with women business leaders at the Louvre Abu Dhabi before touring the museum …”

White House:

“On February 7, 2019, I signed National Security Presidential Memorandum-16 that directs members of my Administration to prioritize women’s global economic empowerment through the first-ever, whole-of-Government effort dedicated to this issue: the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative. One year later, I am pleased to announce that we have impacted 12 million women in 2019 alone. Under the leadership of Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump, my Administration has taken bold action to increase the work of the Federal Government and our partners to unleash opportunities for women to participate fully and freely in the economy. The W-GDP Initiative seeks to economically empower 50 million women across the developing world by 2025, and, in so doing, boost economic growth and increase peace and stability around the world. Accelerating women’s access to economic opportunities ensures that our development assistance furthers countries’ self-reliance, yields dividends for us all, and supports my America First policy.

Today, 90 countries around the world still have laws on the books that restrict women’s ability to work in the same jobs and sectors as men. We can, and must, address these discriminatory laws and regulations. To that end, two of the most significant milestones of the W-GDP Initiative have been the Governments of Cote d’Ivoire and Morocco each amending laws in order to promote women’s economic empowerment by enhancing women’s property …

We commend those governments for making these important and bold reforms. The United States stands ready to assist in any government’s efforts to take action to address discriminatory legal and regulatory barriers that hold women back and impede economic progress for all. …”

I know what some of you are thinking.

Why is the president’s son-in-law in charge of everything from Middle East peace to American immigration policy? Why is the president’s daughter using the White House as a platform to lead globalist crusades on behalf of feminism and homosexuality? What does that have to do with big rightwing ideas like conservatism, populism or nationalism? Why is the Trump administration pressuring other countries to embrace feminism and homosexuality?

National Plutocracy isn’t opposed to increasing legal immigration, legalizing homosexuality or empowering women. These policies could have a tremendous impact on the GDP and Wall Street. Transforming the world into a shopping mall could make our bloated oligarchs even richer. Who needs wives and mothers? The world needs more female entrepreneurs like Ivanka who were born into privilege and whose clothes are made in Third World sweatshops!


Note: I haven’t ruled out voting for Andrew Yang in the Alabama primary. Abolishing the GDP was one of his better ideas.

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  1. How weak is Trump that he lets Javanka define his presidency? All bark no bite! Notice in his State of the Union address he boasted about all his new hires in government and pointed out 72% of them were women. If you live in the South you know how runs government agencies. Black females. That have that Affirmative Action Advantage. (AAA) That is why Virginia is blue now because all the federal workers moved closer to DC.

    • And it’s these ” fine church ladies ” who are behind disarming de wi’mahn cuz’ all dat’ gun vi’lense’…but not da-quan an’ he’ gang’bangin’ homies. sheeeeit!

  2. It’s none of their business.

    Why can’t these DC gangsters leave other countries alone?

    As it is these creeps pass laws and then try to enforce them worldwide.

    They threaten Iceland and Poland and Switzerland and scores of others to push their policies.

    This must end as must all of these crusades on behalf of “progressive” agendas.

    What would that take– the adminstration of a serious “bloody nose?”

    I am not voting to re-elect President Kushner and his wife. Not will I vote for any other of these scumbags.

    • The now diseased government in DC, through its Farm Service Agency of the US Department of Agriculture, already guarantees farm loans and gives preferential treatment to women. Here’s the full list of those groups who’ve been designated “underserved” for the purpose of making it harder for young white men to get into farming in America:

      Women; Hispanics; blacks; native Americans/Alaskans; and Hawaiians or others from the South Pacific.

      If this unmerited affirmative action for farming careers is statistically covariant with medical school preference—arising from the same hatred and prejudice as it does—it follows that about nineteen more qualified young white men looking to become farmers will be passed over for such loans, and this just regarding the placement of women. Add in the other minorities who make up what’s ironically the victimology majority and white men are getting screwed first and foremost in America itself. MAGA, MAGA. DJT, he’s our man!

  3. There’s nothing more uplifting and inspiring than rejecting Christian morality and Christian culture while retaining that old time missionary zeal! The missionary zeal of old time Christianity is still with us, except it’s totally detached from Christianity and is now attached to the Jew Leftist Frankfurt School of “critical theory”, in other words, the New World Order.

    I voted for Trump. I thought I was voting for one man as president. I didn’t know I was voting for a Triumvirate presidency. This Triumvirate, instead of three men, two men and one woman, Donald, Jared, and Ivanka. I voted for a Tri-Trumpvirate presidency — and I didn’t even know it.

    The world will be a Paradise when the Muslim countries and the other NON Western countries have a NWO culture just like our NWO culture in the United States. How Yankee does it get — imposing Yankee thinking, Yankee mentality, Yankee way of life, Yankee culture, on the whole world. The world will be a Paradise when everyone in every country everywhere in the world is wholeheartedly singing in unison at the top of their lungs The Battle Hymn of The Republic!

    • It’s Machiavellian, not Christian, Joe, using the trappings of Christianity as Machiavelli recommended in chapter xv of The Prince, where he says leaders must be great pretenders and liars who are the opposite of Christian and only pretend to be so for power’s sake.

      The greater, underlying betrayal, however, is the Republican Party, Fox News, and Conservatism Inc’s suspicious insistence that democracy is our greatest strength when it’s obviously fast becoming the delivery vehicle for white genocide in America. If this sham democracy stays on its current trajectory, genocide is a given. The Russians said it couldn’t happen there, and they were a whole lot tougher than bourgeois-soft Americans are today.

      The victimology majority, such that if you’re not a white male you’re a victim, now sees itself deserving of not just unmerited preference in admissions, hiring, and advancement, but also of unmerited reparations and the sort of sanguinary vengeance seething from the mouths of CNN’s talking heads and the Dem coalition of homicidally racist POCs.

      College miseducated white women apparently cannot get enough of this hatred toward their own men and will probably deliver the margin of victory to the Dems. Sanders or any of the other Dems will openly deliver on unmerited preferment, reparations for non-whites, but especially on vengeance, while another four years of our being lulled into inaction by Trump, Jared, and Ivanka will keep the outright vengeance at bay to more intelligently deliver on the rest as Ivanka’s doing today.

  4. It’s not just Trump, but the so-called “nationalist” leaders in Europe also support Globohomo and Globofeminism. (((Geert Wilders))) is in favor of bombing Iran because Iranians don’t respect “women’s rights”! Salvini said similar things recently. Nationalism and populism nowadays are literally fake and gay.

  5. I’m sure those impoverished nonwhite countries love getting lectured about how they should run their affairs by some rich, spoiled American jewess.

  6. Are the elites involved in some weird, 4d-multilevel chess, double-reverse kung fu conspiracy that makes us want to become racist and sexist? (I call racism and sexism what they used to be termed: “obvious reality.”) If so, it’s working really, really well. Every time something is done to show how capable and smart women and other racial groups are, it looks like emptyheaded pandering that exhibits the opposite of what’s intended. Besides, if they were equally capable, they wouldn’t need the extra help.

  7. That Game of Thrones ending made no sense at all, and contradicted earlier parts of the show. But of course, it was written by jews.

  8. I am a life long dedicated clothes horse. I have never reviewed nor purchased the Bagel Bimbo’s line of clothing. This article aroused my couture curiosity I checked out the clothing and shoe line – and it’s nothing. Everything is very ordinary, if not downright tacky. The First Bimbo obviously doesn’t design anything; it just sticks it’s name on very conventional, un-inspired junk. The dresses are ALL apparently 90% polyester. I don’t wear polyester. Period. Artificial fabrics irritate my skin. I’ll wear some items that may have a slight blend of unnatural fabrics – but it’s very unusual for me. Cotton, linen, silk, and cashmere. Most wools annoy me. Most of the dresses range from $60.00 – $150.00. I wouldn’t pay more then $10.00 for ANY of them. I only saw one that I would ever consider wearing – but it’s 90% polyester – so no way.

    The shoes are worse. They are either pure THIOT trash, or totally boring and clunky and ugly. I LOVE shoes. I have…a lot…of shoes. The designers for the Bagel Bimbo’s lines are completely uninspired and have no reason to exist. They materials look worse than the garbage used for the dresses.

    The First Bimbo thinks it’s going to be the first female POTUS. Won’t happen. Ever.

    • You are a great fashion critic, madam. If you don’t like Feckless C-nt’s line of couture then it must truly be junk. What about that Chinkess Vera Wang?

      • Spahn, I am a White woman, and I am opining on clothing and couture, so I am compelled by honor to be really truthful.

        Wang’s clothing is terrific. REALLY top notch. She’s an artist. You can SEE it in the designs. That’s she can command TRULY formidable pricing. I have some off the rack tops, etc, from her House. They are commercial, not couture – but they are terrific and I always receive complements when wearing [them]. Wang is ethnically Chinese, but she was born and bred in NYC. Her personal history is interesting:


        My wedding gown was from a traditional English house, Alan Hannah. Ivory silk A-line, embellished with pearls. Very simple and classic. The gowns are made in the UK, not China.

        I am not a kiddie, so for commercial lines I prefer J. Jill and Ann Taylor. I do like One World stuff, for casual fun.

  9. A write in vote for “Jesus Christ” or “God” is probably the best strategy now. Imagine if they got the majority of the votes and on election night all the news orgs had to report this.

  10. And people condemn the KKK (though today they are infiltrated with feds). The Repubs and Dems are the two worst orgs on the face of the earth due to the political power they wield. God, Christ, the Bible condemn these packs of lying, sin promoting scoundrels. If we get nuked it won’t be soon enough. Good riddance.

  11. Just imagine if Jesse Helms was living today and had a Twitter account … Trump might have some competition …

    Voters] “sent me to Washington to vote no against excessive Federal spending, against forced busing of little schoolchildren, and to vote no against the forces who have driven God out of the classroom.
    — Jesse Helms, June 26, 1983

    “weak, morally sick wretches” … “incredibly offensive and revolting conduct” … homosexuals, lesbians, disgusting people marching in the streets, demanding all sorts of things, including the right to marry each other”
    — Jesse Helms

    Dr. (Martin Luther) King’s outfit … is heavily laden at the top with leaders of proven records of communism, socialism and sex perversion, as well as other curious behavior.
    — Jesse Helms

    “I think most Americans would feel that the participation of Marxists in the planning and direction of any movement taints that movement at the outset . . . . Others may argue that Dr. King’s thought may have been merely Marxist in its orientation. But the trouble with that is that Marxism-Leninism, the official philosophy of communism, is an action-oriented revolutionary doctrine. And Dr. King’s action-oriented Marxism, about which he was cautioned by the leaders of this country, including the president at that time, is not compatible with the concepts of this country.”
    — Jesse Helms

    I didn’t come to Washington to be a ‘yes man’ for any president, Democrat or Republican. I didn’t come to Washington to get along and win any popularity contests.
    — Jesse Helms

    It is interesting to note that the Nobel Peace Prize won’t be awarded this year. When one recalls that Martin Luther King got the prize last year, it may be just as well that the committee decided not to award one this year. Perhaps it was too difficult to choose between Stokely Carmichael and Ho Chi Minh.
    — Jesse Helms

    “White women in Washington who have been raped and mugged on the streets in broad daylight have experienced the most revolting sort of violation of their civil rights. The hundreds of others who had their purses snatched last year by [Black] hoodlums may understandably insist that their right to walk the street unmolested was violated.”
    — Jesse Helms

    “Your tax dollars are being used to pay for grade school classes that teach our children that CANNIBALISM, WIFE-SWAPPING, and the MURDER of infants and the elderly are acceptable behavior.”
    – Included in fundraising letter sent by the Jesse Helms campaign in 1996.

    “White people, wake up before it is too late. Do you want [Blacks] working beside you, your wife and your daughters, in your mills and factories? Frank Graham favors mingling of the races.”
    — Ad created by campaign strategist Jesse Helms and friends for U.S. Senate campaign of Willis Smith in 1950.

    • The plastic surgeons have tried to make her look as Aryan as possible, but she’s expressed more of her Yiddish momma’s DNA than Zion Don’s. It’s the eyes. Most of the work is excellent; the surgeons didn’t overdo it – but there’s only so much you can do with eyes. Jews always get jewier as they age.

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