Michael Bloomberg Unmasks The Oligarchy

I understand.

Benjamin Dixon makes more sense to me on this than a lot of people who are on our side. I’m starting to think that the Right is wrong about immigration.

It turns out that immigration isn’t the single most important issue facing the country. It isn’t the issue that ultimately determines all other issues by changing the racial and cultural demographics of the country. The 2016 election was about immigration and literally nothing changed. Donald Trump is running in 2020 on increasing legal immigration.

The most important issue facing the country is that neoliberalism has created a breed of Jewish oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg and Sheldon Adelson who are rich and powerful enough to buy almost any policy they want. We can’t do anything about immigration or trade or foreign policy or political correctness or tech censorship because these oligarchs have bought the policies. We only get lip service, tweets and token gestures. Criminal justice reform magically got done in the lame duck session of Congress after the 2018 midterms because the oligarchs bought the politicians. Israel has been on an unprecedented winning streak because Sheldon Adelson bought Trump. The oligarchs bought the Trump presidency and have gotten the policies they wanted from it.

Current Affairs:

“The idea of Michael Bloomberg becoming the Democratic presidential nominee should be too absurd to even consider seriously. For one thing, he is a conservative who openly believes that the poor should be ruled over by the super-rich and is trying to buy the nomination outright. He has a history of saying monstrously offensive things about women and transgender people, and oversaw an infamous racist police regime that terrorized Black and Hispanic New Yorkers. If he did somehow manage to spend his way to the nomination, bypassing the democratic process, it would be such an outrage—and so demoralizing to the Democratic base—that it would guarantee Trump’s reelection. If the choice were between two sexist billionaires who hate the poor, how many young people would drag themselves to the polls to support “our side’s” billionaire? It would permanently disillusion an entire generation and vindicate every cynical theory of politics as a domain where money rules absolutely. 

But, troublingly, Michael Bloomberg’s candidacy has not entirely been laughed out of the room. A number of prominent Democratic officials, liberal intellectuals, and celebrities have endorsed him, including San Francisco mayor London Breed, Illinois congressman Bobby Rush, Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs, Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo, TV’s Judge Judy, and singer John Mellencamp. Henry Louis Gates promoted Michael Bloomberg, and Evicted author Matthew Desmond effusively praised Bloomberg’s housing plan (without officially endorsing him). Some of this seems a little strange—why is a sociologist known for studying evictions boosting the guy responsible for the New York homelessness crisis? Why are dozens of liberal elected officials suddenly stumping for a Republican billionaire?   …

Bloomberg reserved his sympathy for bankers. As mayor, he gave Goldman Sachs more than a billion dollars in tax breaks to build a headquarters in New York. Later he said Occupy Wall Street was unfairly targeting financial industry workers who were “struggling to get by.” After all, he said, “This is our industry. We’d appreciate it if someone recognized that this is our tax base.” He was scathing about the Obama administration’s effort to regulate banks after the financial crisis, calling fines “outrageous” and suggesting that Wall Street insiders, rather than Congress, should be writing the laws, and has supported cutting the corporate tax rate. He called raising taxes on the rich “about as dumb a policy as I can think of,” making his usual case that rich people give us everything, describing Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax as “mean.” Bloomberg can be comically out of touch with working people; when the city was crippled by a blizzard he suggested residents use the free time to take in a Broadway show. …”

Chumps vote on the basis of resentment over social issues like political correctness, immigration and abortion. We can vote on the basis of those things for the next fifty years and none of our electoral victories will matter at all as long as the policies are sold to the donor class. The culture and policies that we have now reflect the tastes and interests of the oligarchy. Nelson Peltz got his tax cuts. Sheldon Adelson got Jerusalem. Big Ag got more guest workers.

What did the chumps get? They got banned from the internet in return for their loyalty. Some ended up getting thrown in prison or sued into oblivion. They voted on the basis of immigration, but the oligarchy bought our immigration policy. Donald Trump couldn’t even resist raising the caps on guest worker programs. He redefined M.A.G.A. as Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple to celebrate how each of those corporations is worth over a trillion dollars now.

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  1. Sure, Bloomberg is Crassus, and I won’t vote for him. But he may be the Dems’ best chance – plus he has an executive record in governing New York, and had no bones about bashing Dindu skulls to keep the public safe.

  2. Tucker claims Bloomberg is trying to buy the election but so is Trump. Trump is selling access and the policies to the donor class as we speak.

    The only difference is that Bloomberg will beat Trump at his own game. He will not only be able to outspend Trump 10 to 1 but he will succeed in lobbying most of the donors (other than maybe Adelson) to drop Trump. Bloomberg would get a lot of wealthy Republican support as well.

    IMO the only thing standing in the way of a Bloomberg Presidency is Sanders who is still at this point poling as the front-runner. Bloomberg is climbing fast as his strategy of buying everyone is working. I do not underestimate Bloomberg and his cynical and evil technocratic strategy at all.

    • Unlike Blormp Jewberg has billions of his own that he can spend to purchase the presidency. He won’t engage in any groveling. And Jewberg genuinely doesn’t like the schvartzes, whereas Drimpf will do absolutely anything to please them. Jewberg also knows how to run a business and is a genuine SOB who doesn’t care if he hurts anybody’s feelings, while Chump wants everyone to like him and makes a fool of himself with his constant backpeddling and big, empty promises.

      Look, if were gonna have a jew oligarchy running this country we might as well have a hard-assed jew in charge of it. Especially one from New York. So take THAT, all you cornpones and slack-jawed yokels!

  3. The negro is correct, but the majority of the negroes are too stupid to grasp the reality of things. I’d be willing to bet that if Bloomberg is the nominee he will get wide spread support from the negroe leaders such as Van Jones and nigger Al Sharpton.

    • Donna Brazile just opined on Faux News. Dear Ed Henry, aye he’s a lovely lad asked Brazile about Bloomie the Jew’s racism. She paused for a half a second, and burbled something about that all being in the past, and then began reciting all of Bloomie’s accomplishments.

      Ruh roh.

    • “Rev.” Al, Jessie Jackson and all the other “Reverunds” are cheap whores, they are for sale now and always have been. The only one of the black leaders who is not for sale, as far as I know is the Nation of Islam types, they seem to believe in their cause. Bloomberg has already bought the “Reverunds” for pocket change, now he carries them around like little pieces of lint.

      HW had a great video about a week ago of blacks getting walking around money in a black church from Republican operatives to vote Republican. That never works and the Republicans are idiots. The blacks will take the walking around money and vote Democrat anyway for the gibs.

  4. HW was right when he said we should just dispense with the fiction of democratic elections and simply auction off political offices to the highest bidder.

    Why aren’t we getting angry about 2% of the US population wielding almost 100% of the influence in Washington? Perhaps we deserve to become slaves?

    • I agree. No matter who wins this election the Jews hold all the cards. NASCAR fans did get to see a cool flyover and limousine lap though. Somewhere a certain mustache man is laughing.

    • We’re already slaves… taxes: federal, state, and local and excise’s amount to 65% or more take of your work product!!

    • and that ain’t taking into account the usury theft by the inflation debauchery of the currency stealing your buying power all day every day!!!

  5. Mini Mike is the first candidate that will pay you to meme for him. All the other candates feed you a line of BS so you’ll work for free, then they screw you later.

    RIchard Spencer has been retweeting videos of Mini Mike saying, darkies are dumb, have behaviorial problems, and have no prospects, so they are better off locked up. Imagine if he became President as a Democrat. LOL

    Does anyone know why Bloomberg and Trump hate each other?

    • they don’t, it’s all part of the dialectic theater to global “messianic’ despotic noahide monarchy (see Rev 12:5) … enjoy rubes… all duped: 2 Thess 2:11 … no man is God and no man created the universe, another assumption and lie delusion, the universe just is, see the first law of thermodynamics…

  6. A summary from 4chan –

    « USA 2020 Election is Most Jewish Ever

    Leading candidates
    > New York Jewish capitalist Mike Bloomberg
    > New York Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders
    > New York Jewish-in-family President Donald Trump
    > Loyal-to-Israel linked-to-CIA gay guy Pete Buttigieg

    Enjoy your variety of choices in your election, Americans! »

    • Maybe we should write in Stacy Abrams. Talk about acceleration. It will give new meaning to “in the blink of an eye.”

  7. Due to enervation I’m feeling a strong disinclination not to vote for anyone period. I got jew fatigue and I got it bad, with consequent severe symptoms of apathy, lassitide, lack of interest — total indifference. A tsunami wave of ennui washes over me and I’m left with an indisposition to any kind of voting exertion. Doctor, help! Tell me what is wrong!

  8. So, what’s the takeaway, HW?

    Do we acknowledge that the Christ-killers own this nation, on either side of the D/R divide, and merely stand down, and say, ‘Well, it was a nice 200+ years of White Man republicanism, and go silently into that dark night?

    Do we acknowledge that the Christ-killers are our enemy, and vow to kill every single last one of them, in retribution for Calvary, thus following the biblical mandate [Deut. 1: 8, 7:1, Numb. 33:53, Matt. 28:18, Rev. 2:9, 3:9] against YHWH’s Enemies, and truly OBEY the Lord’s Prayer, of ‘Thy Kingdom Come ON EARTH, as it is [present reality] in Heaven, for ONCE IN CHRISTENDOM’s EXISTENCE?

    Do we acknowledge that the Christ-killers are our Enemy, but realize that our sins have turned God away from us, and that voting in EITHER Candidate is a slow death, so why not vote Bernie Sanders- the overtly Jewish Bolshevik Commie- in, and get this over with, quickly (in God’s timetable, of a seventy-year Captivity)?

    Do we acknowledge that the Christ-killers are our Enemy, and form that Christian RED-State White Nationalist nation that we’ve been talking about on either the Left or the Right for DECADES, but do so amicably, without guns, blood, or loss of life and finally, irrevocably, bring to a cloture, your Dixie desire?

    Tell us, Brad…. what are we to do? Instead of LARPING around pretending that we have a say in our own governance….. Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Hey Johnny – did you happen to see my reply to your disgusting post on the Jew House Immigration Failure article, re: that DESPICABLE screed on Identity Dixie, by the Anti White sub-moron CRETIN Whitless re: Marion Morrison’s life long predilection for race mixing with Mestiza mongrels, and God knows WHAT else?

      Do you think Marion’s final mestiza the Peruvian Pilar is “White” like Whitless does?

      Here’s a pic of her when she was young. BEFORE the plastic surgery and what must have been oceans of skin bleach:


      Is that White? Is that a White woman? Apparently it is in Lateeno Murca.

      • Denise, they probably deleted your post as they the TRS “brother’s” are all “spiritual jews” (see https://the-godcast.zencast.website/ ) of the Jerusalem Temple of Solomon and TRS “brothers” do not speak for their blood kinfolk but only their “brotherhood”, and speak like jews when they say “we need this” while talking to Dixie, they only mean themselves, similarly as the jew when they say “fellow whites” are privileged they do lie as they know they are not white Europeans but far mongoloid afro-asiatics promoting genocide of the white European … the TRS crowd are all extreme misogynist toward european women which also promotes genocide of our race and allows the jew a bride gathering cult of aryan women (https://theapolloniantransmission.com/the-bride-gathering-cult/ ) … i.e. they are the epitome of CUCKS just like John + !!!

        • No J – Hunter didn’t delete my very long post to Fr Johnnie. I am simply waiting for the “brave Christian knight: to reply – which he is too cowardly to do.

          You are correct about the TRS gang, and many other alleged White Advocates. Tragic

      • Laughable…but sadly, there are actual whites stupid enough to consider her white, too. That is why we are fucked…most of us don’t even know who WE are!

      • Neesey- NO, I didn’t see it. Why? I don’t necessarily agree with what I post, I merely post it for the value of adding to the discourse. I know precious little about John Wayne’s marital peccadillos, and frankly, could care less. It was HIS choice, and I put it down to at least let Cristina understand that all the hysteria is not necessarily directed at her.

        NO J [shabbas goyim] is, instead, the person you should be attempting to educate, as those idiots are literally worshiping the lies of the Jews (cf. Talmud) about Christianity, or else they are puking back the bullshit they learned from their fundie brain-dead toothless relatives, in Evan-jelly-goo Xtianity… either way, they are ignorant as Hell.

        You, at least, have a mind.

        • @ (((John +)))) Global messianic monarchy (“second coming” of a jew!! or otherwise) is COMMUNISM and is antithetical to kin-nation sovereignty, square that circle jerk for the temple of Solomon!! Christianity is a 2000 year old psyop to global despotic tyrannical monarchy against the sovereignty of all kin-nationhood!!! IT IS GLOBAL CAESARISM (irrefutable archeological evidence to the truthcreatingchrist.com)


        • Well Johnny – that was very dim of you. Wasn’t it? When I opine or write comments, I do my research FIRST. I strive to be accurate. I care about FACTS, TRUTH, and REALITY. I think it’s tragic that in your desperate desire and need to be loved by hostile, invasive racial aliens, you spread malicious, VICIOUS anti-White screeds, chock-full of anti-White hatred and lunacy. If you and Whitless hold up a drunken Race Traitor like Marion Morrison as a masculine Hero – YOU SHOULD CARE. Why don’t you?

          And finally – did you look at the pic of Pilar, Marion’s final mongrel? Do oyu consider the Negrita to be White? For the record.

  9. Big Brain Nibba’s like to compare/contrast FUSA republic/empire to Roman republic/empire. I’d like some of you BBN’s to look-up ” The Crisis of the Third Century ” and the solution proffered by the Emperor Diocletian. Here’s a hint: the Crisis was sparked by the Praetorian’s holding public auction for the Imperial Purple…sound familiar?

  10. I’ve been stating “It’s the JEWS” for ages. Tons of people have mocked me. Bloomberg is infinite more competent and effective about getting things done than Trump or any-one else. Should Bloomie succeed in outright buying the office of POTUS – Noahide Rule begins for REAL.

    • and the Christian’s like (((John +))) will fall right in line with it!!! It is the dialectic in play for 2000 years (creatingchrist.com) but they all are so brainwashed programed that they can’t get past their delusion of the false claim that a man created the universe and is therefore God, a jew mind you!! (trinitarian bullshit) … I will use their own propaganda against them: 2 Thessalonians 2:11

      • “…and the Christian’s like (((John +))) will fall right in line with it!!’
        What an ASS you are, you stupid ignorant adolescent fool! Have you read ANYTHING I have written on this forum, in the last two weeks, where I point out that such a stance is not to be borne, but MAY be divine retribution (i.e., Punishment) for YOUR sins as well as mine?!

        i was talking about the evils of Noahide law, probably before you were even born. Yet, no one listened then, and even fewer are listening now. Which tends to confirm my thesis that YHWH God is using HIS ENEMIES, the CHRIST-KILLERS (i.e., JOOZ) to turn His TRUE People back to His Law. And the worst offenders of that law, are those whites who pretend to be sentient human beings, but whose taste in culture, music, and life is akin to Eminem. Deracinated ‘yoofs’ who wouldn’t know a Botticelli from a Barbasol… such as yourself.

        Antichrists are those who deny Christ is come in the flesh. Jews do that, and so do you and all like you. You serve the Jews, and you don’t even effing know it! Idiot.

  11. The Current Affairs author writes like a comic parody of Greta Thunberg. If Bloomberg, for all his egregious faults, hates the poor, it’s only, I’m sure, in the sense he loathes the personal habits and group traits that keep poor people habitually poor, while bearing no personal hostility toward individual persons. I’m sure he also deeply loathes almost all non-Jews as well, to be used and only incidentally abused in service to Jewish interests.

    My grandfather grew up on the streets of Manhattan when the poor could live there, speaking Yiddish as code language. His Jewish best friend used to say that every Jewish kid has it drilled into his head from his mother’s knee that “non-Jews will hate you because you’re so much smarter than they are.” Bloomberg no doubt has this imprinted in his DNA straight from his mother’s knee—this signature reversal of reality in which Jews justify their inbred loathing of non-Jews by claiming it’s the non-Jews fault, who in the latter case only notice “Jewishness” when they’re beaten over the head with it or it’s thrown in their face as an expression of contempt and loathing. It’s the way it is.

    In any case, Donald Trump, while he may also loathe traits and behavior, surely has no hate in the sense of personal hostility toward individual poor persons. If either of these men hate anyone, it’d be those they have conflicts with at their level. The difference, I’d say, is that DJT can be quite magnanimous toward those around him, while Bloomberg, apparently, never is and therefore should be excluded not merely from public office, but from civilized society as well.

    Just as immigration under DJT is accelerating compared with Obama, so, too, will the wealth disparity increase under Sanders despite the rhetoric. Bloomberg has told us the rationale Sanders will use, which is that the rich contribute way too much good and pay almost all the taxes to punish them to everyone’s loss.

    • I’ve been following those circles with great amusement. Bloomberg is the personification of everything we despise – a neoliberal technocrat Jewish ultra billionaire who corrupts our political system – and he is trying to buy the Democratic Party in broad daylight.

        • “non-Jews will hate you because you’re so much smarter than they are.”

          First, ask yourself what ‘smart’ means to a jw ?
          Not the same meaning as thought among goys.

        • “…but it won’t apply to them, of course”

          Of course not. That would be another shoah! Any wealth redistribution should also exempt the special people.

        • Hey HW, gotta point out that by refraining from offering a personal opinion on how to throw off those wage chains and reclaim traditional society you are effectively “monitoring” the situation like the guy you love to troll, Donald John Trump. Yes, Trump has the FU funds to do so, and ride out any Civil War II, unlike you and your posters. But failure to join the game means forfeiting any chance of success in changing things for the better. I get the safe course for a family guy is to not step out, I do. Being a Prairie Populist from Minnesota Not-So-Nice I am inclined to shout from the rooftops in support of the mass General Strike to shut it all down until the Sovereign Wealth Fund based UBI is created. Vote for me, I will be as ruthless as Huey, and for the common person, too. JRC 2020.

  12. The sad thing is that Bloomberg is almost identical to the way Trump has actually governed. It shows that most of the people with strong opposition to Trump only oppose him for very shallow reasons. Mostly it boils down to “optics,” that Trump is vulgar.

  13. One silver lining from all this corporate censorship is that it seems to be causing many on the white right to shift left on economics. But I hope the ones that have already been far-left for a while (like Richard Spencer) don’t actually think Bernie is going to take down the Jewish plutocracy.

  14. You know, maybe it is time to cut out the middle men and just have the presidency auctioned off to the highest jewish bidder. Why not?

  15. Hey Hunter, I’m actually in agreement with you that there is no solution to modern degeneracy, other than literal dissolution of the Empire of Evil called America. Revolution is a young loner’s game. Everyone else has too much to lose, normies and nihilists. I enjoy contemplation, so I try to game out the possibilities in giving the unknown future a chance. But in the end, we are all preservationists, hoping to keep our piece of the Game of Life intact. No shame in that outlook.
    But still, I play the what if scenario:. a peaceful uprising where the war of all against all ends, the 99 percent act as one, and as a result a truce is declared in the culture and materialst wars. Live and let live, subject to 3 rules:. no physical harm to others, no lying, and no theft, forceful or by trick. A sharing 50-50 of society’s output, whether by JRC’s Social Security for All UBI or some other delivery mechanism to insure against all idiosyncratic risks to income, not just those approved by TPTB. Is there no hope for either modus vivendi equilibrium? I wonder if a ruthless Huey-san could force those truces.
    Anyway, thanks for your forum and insights. Knowledge is powerful even if just as a dream. We appreciate you, sir. Take care, always.

  16. Years and years ago I read a Sci-fi story where the Government was basically drafted and people had to serve a tour of duty. People were randomly assigned to positions (even the presidency) and once your tour of duty was over you were never allowed to serve again. That is looking more and more like a viable form of government compared to this corrupt nonsense we have now.

    • If you had a well educated, highly literate society that could work. However, with a nation of orcs and yards, just forget it.

  17. “It turns out that immigration isn’t the single most important issue facing the country. It isn’t the issue that ultimately determines all other issues by changing the racial and cultural demographics of the country. The 2016 election was about immigration and literally nothing changed. Donald Trump is running in 2020 on increasing legal immigration.

    The most important issue facing the country is that neoliberalism has created a breed of Jewish oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg and Sheldon Adelson who are rich and powerful enough to buy almost any policy they want. We can’t do anything about immigration or trade or foreign policy or political correctness or tech censorship because these oligarchs have bought the policies.”

    These issues aren’t exactly mutually exclusive. In fact, immigration is the single most important issue facing not only our Nation, but the entire white West. That “finance capitalism” has created a breed of oligarchs who are executing the immigration policy is causal, not an independent issue.

    You really need to stop trying to find ways to support Sanders and/or Bloomberg and the like over Trump. Maybe none of the above is where we’re at now.

  18. Chumps vote on the basis of resentment over social issues like political correctness, immigration and abortion.

    Okay. So is there a non-“chump” basis on which to vote? Or is the supposedly non-Chump thing to do to not vote at all?

    Let’s take the latter first: not voting. That changes literally nothing. No one is going to do anything more for us if we don’t vote. They don’t want our support in the first place. Both sides have made that abundantly clear. Both sides would rather lose than have dissident-Right support.

    Now the former, which presumably is an admonition to vote Sanders, supposedly to get “benefits” or “college-debt forgiveness.” Talk about being set up to be a future chump, if this is the basis upon which one is supposed to vote:

    1. What are the odds of such policies being actually implemented? Or have we gone from being so cleverly cynical to recognize that Trump can’t (or won’t) fulfill his campaign promises, to believing that of course Bernie would implement his!

    2. You really think that any Democrat-given benefits will be color blind and will be given out equally to all races? That is the epitome of a Bernie-Chump-to-come belief, because what undoubtedly will happen instead will be a “racial justice” benefit-allotment policy, which will see all gibs handed out to POCs and denied whites.

    3. Even if in the unlikely case that any benefits or debt-forgiveness will be implemented to whites as well as POCs (extremely unlikely), which whites will benefit most from that? That’s right — SJWs.

    And keep in mind: the kinds of explicitly anti-white policies that the Democrats could and likely would implement will make Trump’s mere Zionist-firstism seem like a golden age by comparison. Do you realize how far the Overton Window has shifted, for the Democrats, since Obama’s days? There is no degree of anti-white oppression that I would put beyond them, at this point. And it’s not like Sanders has ever seemed strong enough to resist this (even if he wanted to, which is in itself questionable).

  19. I’m still planning to vote Bernie in my primary, because I think he has the best chance to beat Trump. But even though Bloomberg is a weaker candidate, I can see myself supporting him if he ends up with the nomination, for roughly the same reasons: we get an obnoxious Jew with a D by his name in the Oval Office to absorb the hate of right leaning normies lulled to sleep by Trump, putting the central culprits in our decline front and center…while also possibly getting a policy decision that benefits our people. With Bernie, it’s student loan forgiveness or squeezing the rich; with Bloomberg, he’s got a track record of hating darkie crime, so he might crack down as chief executive. We will see, though. Either way, trump has got to go.

  20. Whether we admit it or not there is a class element to our struggle. It is a Revolutionary National Populist struggle for the white middle and working classes against a ruling class which is Judeo-Liberal in composition. And that liberal element is overwhelmingly white and Plutocratic and either psychotically liberal or infested with cultural Marxism whereas Jews are merely assuming their traditional role as a hostile elite in a host society weaponizing diversity so no counter-force can form against them by racially or nationally oriented whites.

  21. Your views on criminal justice reform are outside of the mainstream, it’s not just rich powerful oligarchs. Most people think America has a criminal justice system that has much like the health care system, has too much profiteering and money in it. Most people don’t think non-violent people should serve long sentences.

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