Daytona 500 Ends In Horrific Crash

UPDATE: Looks like he will survive.

I don’t watch NASCAR.

This is horrifying though.

Trump was just there yesterday doing laps in his limo.


  1. Why would anyone watch NASCAR? Several hours of cars turning left. So exciting. Our people are dying and this is what they waste their time with. I feel sorry for that man’s family, though.

    • I’m guessing most of the tobacco-chewing, beer-swilling yahoos watching that boring event do so secretly hoping there will be a big smash-up, followed by a fire and explosion.

      • You know why blacks have solidarity and whites don’t? They don’t refer to their lower classes aqs “crack-smoking, ball-tugging coons.”

        Fuck you and your disdain for impoverished white people. YOU are the problem.

          • Who’s been pushing the “dumb white Southerner” meme for a couple generations now?

            The Jews in Hollywood.

            And you’re dumb enough to have swallowed it whole.

        • Only in a brain as stunted as yours would wrangle a defense of lower-class whites into support for Israel and blacks.

          You’re the one attacking a significant portion of the white population, not me. And I assume you’re white. I repeat—YOU are the problem.

      • You guys will get nowhere if you write off a large chunk of the white, largely Anglo and Scots-Irish Nascar-loving cohort of the Southern population.

        • True Story: One of members of an illustrious NASCAR family always brought his personal vehicles to me to take a look at when he had mechanical problems.

          NASCAR is far away from the “stock car” days of the 50’s and 60’s. The cars are over engineered, and the basics are neglected.

          Even today, people get killed at the few remaining tracks every year—including spectators.

    • I don’t know… My dad is a Yankee and has worked as a driver (big rig) for 40 years. He is a huge NASCAR fan, collects the memorabilia and once every few years makes the pilgrimage to one of the major races. I would be willing to wager he is exponentially more wise than your average person mocking a tried and true All American past-time reaching back almost one hundred years….

      I don’t claim to understand it, but in this utterly broken and despicable country where people listen to vile music and watch pure propagandist filth on screen when not cheering for some random man of color being paid millions of dollars to shoot or run with a ball…

      Your problem is with white working class guys who like cars NASCAR? Fuck off you utter deluded and undeserving pretentious twats

  2. I guess Trump’s stupid, arrogant stunt of ordering his chauffeur to drive the presidential limo around the track like a pace car is going to be forgotten now.

    I understand that real white men love adventure and testing the limits of themselves and their machines, but when they have small children and a wife who need them to be around they might want to consider finding a safer line of work.

    I’m glad that, as rotten as I am, at least I have no interest whatsoever in watching any footage of the crash. But I’m sure the kike media will play it over and over and over again.

  3. NASCAR is not in my wheel-house! I will watch the Daytona 500 periodically, but what NASCAR does possess in a high degree is its ‘implicit whiteness’ everywhere you look. NASCAR is dominated by whites from the drivers, crew-chiefs, ownership teams and most importantly- the fans!

    To my limited knowledge, almost everyone of these drivers I’ve seen have beautiful looking families. And you will never find some soy-boy beta-bitch manning the wheel behind one of those well-oiled, fine-tuned, aerodynamic cars. The sign reads, ‘Men only!’ Alpha personalities dominate NASCAR! Cut in front of a Kyle Busch or rear end a Tony Stewart in his day and it would be time to get ’em up or if your lucky, have a nice sized helmet headed in our vicinity!

    Like SEC football, NASCAR is worshipped in the South at a completely different level that those from outside that area of the U.S. cannot even begin to fathom its intensity and vigor. Just imagine if it was EXPLICITLY promoted as a white sport!

    Worst NASCAR crashes ever:

      • The guy left a positive and upbeat comment in support of family and American tradition, and your weak ass is back for a second round of anonymous pretension. Even money you are a self loathing lonely twerp who only gets hard when online mocking decent people as you are some sort of ideal man looking down on the lesser folk. Lets be honest. You know who you are… What you do.. What you look like… And there in lies the reason you are mocking Ed in Salt Lakes top notch comment

        • Blah, blah, blah….you all talk tough but do absolutely nothing. And unlike you I don’t get aroused by watching ghettoball or cars go around and around a track, dumb ass.

          • You’ve made it abundantly clear your form of arousal is anonymously appearing on internet forums to criticize others and talk like a big man.. Which any dime store analyst will concede is a bulwark of self loathing and loneliness. Perhaps a NASCAR race will be good for you. Take a shower, put on a nice sweater to cover your paunchy gut, and mingle with decent upstanding and God fearing white Americans who enjoy the same traditions they shared with their dad’s and granddads for decades. Quite wholesome and healthy. .

            You know. The whole leaving your apartment and computer screen to gain some genuine communion with In group preferential people

          • many years ago some guy named von Tripp got killed @ Cannes. I always feel bad when anyone with a “von” in front of their name gets killed. There are so few left. Since then no more car racing for Haxo von Angmark.

    • I do admit it was probably more interesting back in the good ol’ days when manufacturers competed to make faster cars. Different engines, different body styles. I’d still never watch it though. They changed the rules and now the cars are just cookie cutter punchouts….all the same.

  4. I m reading this blog from South Africa. I m having a great time . Blacks and Whites here that have jobs have all been very nice and we agree about most everything .

    I m having a blast.

    Following American pres politics from abroad or trying to care about NASCAR , SEC football, the Super Bowl, the Superbowl halftime show, the Academy Awards, Chicago crime, Chicago women .
    What s the bloody point?

    I m having a blast in Africa

    Black Africans here in Africa have been extremely nice and civilized compared to Black African Americans in Chicago.

    I love and admire my brothers and sisters on OD, and at the political cesspool , Vdare, but sad to have to say this … I really don t have much in common with the NASCAR nation , Christian Zionist boomers, cuckservatives or just dumb as& goyim .

    I don t want to ever come back.

    J Ryan

    • Well…’Bye. The Afrikaan Whites that have been murdered and have had their farms stolen from them would strongly disagree with you, idiot. But to indulge yourself, you have to ignore little things like barbarous tribalism, don’t you? May you catch Ebola, you backstabbing hypocrite.

      • I eagerly await Jay’s NEXT post, telling us how he’s met a wonderful, traditional, feminine African woman, who is ONLY 20% Negro! “She’s really mostly White!” – just like that Peruvian/Argentiian/Whatever it was Indio he was babbling about for 2 minutes….

    • I suggest you politely turn down the offer of a car tire as a necklace from those “extremely nice and civilized black Africans.”

      Jaye Ryan, there are only three good reasons to be in South Africa. 1. Patrolling White townships with NVGs, multiple 30 round magazines, and an AK. 2. Assisting White South Africans find sanctuary by escaping to other Western nations. 3. Killing poachers.

  5. Anti-Whites hate NASCAR because it’s “too White”. I dislike NASCAR only because it’s too boring.

      • Powell,

        Buddy, I have to disagree with you about hockey. It’s my favorite sport overall. I used to love MLB too, but after the 1994 baseball strike and cancellation of the World Series, and then the steroid era, I’m no longer a big fan. At most I can watch a few innings, before intense boredom sets in.

        Hockey on the other hand is fast paced, strategic, it combines finesse, strength, endurance, incredible skills and teamwork.

        I played hockey for years. Though I most often played center, I got the most joy of applying suffocating defense against to other teams main scoring threats.

        One thing jewtube still hasn’t deleted are the fantastic Canada Cup hockey tournaments and the Summit Series between the Canadian All-Stars and the Soviet Red Army teams.

  6. So, i recently saw a nascar commercial with some knuckle dragging sow pit-crew member who was now the “representative” of this “sport”.
    So murrican!
    Before you know it, the whole sport will be dindus chimping out and crashing before the first lap is finished.
    Hooray, progress!!

    • It really is so transparent isn’t it? I don’t even dislike the lady, as she seems to be pleasant enough… But the fact that in a “try out” which requires upper body strength and basic knowledge of mechanics and automotive procedures…

      They just so happen to pick a petite 24 year old girl who has never watched NASCAR or worked on a car before… Oh and she happens to be black and most likely a lesbian..

      Im sure she was more qualified than 250 pound Ray Bob who has been working on cars longer than she has been alive and has a passion for the sport.

      Man this is really depressing. Like i said, no hard feelings for her, but the people who need to do this as a virtue signal

  7. Yea that was a crazy crash. Probably the worst I’ve even seen and I’ve been watching racing since I was young. That crash was much worse than Dale Earnhardt’s crash that killed him at Daytona. Much worse. I imagine he survived because of all the upgrades in safety Nascar has done over the years. That and God! Prayers for his full recovery! Deo Vindice !

    • Yes sir, the tech and safety upgrades in the roll cage alone is space age. I am not the biggest NASCAR fan but my dad loves it and we do the drive down south once every other year, and it is both a great bonding experience not to mention the event itself is awesome.

      After living year round in my family town of 150 years, now known as “Little New Delhi”, it is great to get away and feel like you are back in America with people I used to see everyday 20 years ago as a kid.

      Dales crash really did seem like such a nothing by the way. He just hit that wall so hard the car stopped immediately and the impact killed him instantly

  8. Why come down so hard on our brothers? Be charitable and expand your horizons. It would be most interesting, once Mr. Newman has recovered, to discuss with him, over a drink or two, the finer points of strategy a driver takes and what went wrong in this instance. Or to discuss with his chief mechanic (at the 50,000 ft. level, for me) what makes one engine or vehicle better than another. I say that as one who has never watched a NASCAR event. One fellow might be into NASCAR, another football and another something else. Life is hard and we all have and need our diversions.

  9. NASCAR is boring? Possibly, I’ve never been. But brothers you do not know boredom until you have been to a professional tennis match! More boring than watching Golf on TV! So NASCAR has a black female crew pit member. And TV will not quit showing San Francisco’s new female member on its coaching staff. Is she Lesbo? Will wonders never cease? The Society of Spectacle!

    Here is my sport: Hockey Ball! Just like football except on a 300 foot ice field marked off just like a football field. with players wearing Hockey skates but otherwise passing, kicking, running, and tackling like football. Now that would truly rival the Roman Colosseum and would be the sport of the gods!

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