Could The Dissident Right Swing The 2020 Election?

Colin Woodard is back with a very fascinating article in Politico on non-voters and how activating or deactivating blocs of non-voters could tip the 2020 election.


“Conventional wisdom is that those who stayed home in 2016 cost Hillary Clinton the election, and if Democrats can just increase turnout in 2020, they’ll defeat President Donald Trump in November. That assumption is likely wrong.

Report after report has shown that nonvoters nationwide prefer Democrats over Republicans. But new data from the Knight Foundation suggests that if every eligible adult voted in 2020, Democrats would likely increase their popular vote lead from the 2016 presidential election—but still lose the electoral college. …”


“On Wednesday, the Knight Foundation released the results of “The 100 Million Project,” the largest survey of chronic nonvoters in history, and the most robust attempt ever to answer some of the questions that have long bedeviled political scientists. More than 13,000 people were polled across the country, with special emphasis on 10 battleground states, followed by in-depth focus-group conversations with thousands of them. They were asked about their political preferences, media diets, social networks, income levels, general life satisfaction, and about their demographic characteristics and social connectivity, their reasons for not voting, and their assessments of electoral and political institutions. The result is the most comprehensive survey of the politically disengaged to date, with lessons political consultants, candidates and civic educators won’t want to miss. …

Nonvoters are an eclectic faction with distinctive blocs that support Democrats and Republicans—but don’t show up to cast their ballots—and an even larger group that is alienated from a political system it finds bewildering, corrupt, irrelevant or some combination thereof. These blocs are so large that when a campaign is able to motivate even a portion of one, it can swing an election, which may have been what allowed Trump to bust through the “blue wall” in the Great Lakes region in 2016 and Barack Obama to flip North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Indiana in 2008. What these blocs do in November could well decide the 2020 presidential election. …

More surprisingly perhaps, and potentially more consequential for November, these numbers gently tilt in the opposite direction in many battleground states, with nonvoters choosing Trump over the as-yet-undetermined Democratic nominee 36%-28% in Pennsylvania, 34%-25% in Arizona and 30%-29% in New Hampshire. Wisconsin and Michigan mirror the national average, favoring the Democrat 33%-31% and 32%-31%, respectively, while in Georgia the margin is 34%-29%. This data challenges many long-standing assumptions of political experts. …

These “passive liberals” stand in stark contrast to a larger mass of nonvoters who are far more profoundly disengaged from and disinterested in politics. More in Common calls this tribe the “Politically Disengaged,” a group comprising 26 percent of Americans, who are almost invisible in local politics and community life. As a group, they’re much poorer and less educated than the average American and much more likely to say that “being white” is important to being an American—20 percent, rather than 11 percent—to say people of other religions are morally inferior and to say that a “strong leader willing to break the rules” is needed to fix America, 57 percent to 45. They are much more eclectic of a group than More in Common’s other “tribes,” like Progressive Activists and Devoted Conservatives. …”


  • Half the electorate sits on the sidelines because they don’t like the candidates, believe their votes don’t matter and that the system is rigged against them.
  • If the non-voters all voted, Trump would win the swing states.
  • EIGHT PERCENT of Americans are “progressive activists,” i.e., Left Twitter, who are more than twice as likely to say than the average American that politics is a hobby.
  • A QUARTER of Americans are the “politically disengaged” swath of eligible non-voters. 20% of those people are White working class non-voters who believe that being White is more important than being American. This is about 16 million Americans. Donald Trump got 62 million votes in the 2016 election and barely won several swing states.
  • 11 PERCENT of Americans think being White is more important to them than being American. This is about 29.7 million people. There are are upper class, middle class and working class people in our community.
  • We’ve seen other polls in the past that suggest anywhere from 3 to 11 percent of Americans are racially conscious Whites. This means that we are an even larger share of White America and a still larger share of right-leaning voters.
  • In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton depressed the Democratic base and these occasional left-leaning swing voters while Trump activated these occasional right-leaning swing voters in record numbers in the primary and the general election.

It’s true that we are on the “fringe.”

This isn’t because of our numbers though. It is because the so-called “Far Right” is excluded from representation in politics by the gentlemen’s agreement that exists between the leadership of both parties to demonize and police people who are pro-White. Both parties are owned by Jewish donors like Michael Bloomberg and Sheldon Adelson which is why it seems like nothing ever changes and our people are so cynical about politics. If everyone who is pro-White were to move and concentrate in a single state, it would be between the size of Florida and Texas. What’s more, people who are pro-White swing voters are more likely to live in the swing states. There are far more of us in America, but a tiny cabal of Jewish oligarchs own Conservatism, Inc.

It actually matters a great deal whether we are dialed in or tuned out in election cycles especially at times when other blocs of left-leaning non-voters – the sort who believe the system is rigged and want to blow it up – are likely to come off the sidelines to vote for Bernie Sanders. If we didn’t matter and we were totally irrelevant in American electoral politics, there wouldn’t be any need for dog whistling and baiting and switching and gay ops in election season. The GOP could win purely on the basis of the popularity of the Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk platform. These people lost the 2016 election, but weaseled their way into controlling the Trump administration.

Note: I’m using “pro-White” in the broadest sense to encompass people who believe that race exists and who generally have a positive view of their own racial identity.

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  1. We could be a kingmaker voting block if there were any unity or discipline in the DR. The problem is there are too many people who vote by their fears, the “lesser of two evils” and who fall for Republican rhetoric every time. I have no doubt that many will be back on the Trump train full steam by summer. They will be right back to calling anyone who doesn’t want to support Trump “wignats” and so on. You can see the beginnings of this already.

    • The entire AmNat coalition is more-or-less reassembled minus TRS and Red Ice. It’s going to be nonstop gayops against “WigNats” from now until November. Buckle up for a LONG campaign cycle…

    • ” I have no doubt that many will be back on the Trump train full steam by summer. They will be right back to calling anyone who doesn’t want to support Trump “wignats” and so on. You can see the beginnings of this already.”

      Then we deserve to die, voting in the same traitorous ego a second time. I’m sorry I even voted for him, but I hated Hitlery so much, and DT DID say the right things. But he’s so wrong, now.
      Fool me once, etc.

  2. I hope not. What are the choices, jew vs. jew vs. jew? I’d rather been duped by the self proclaimed king of jews himself Trump than the democratic jews running.

    Have you forgotten the democratic jews are after White people no matter what political affiliation?

    Brad you are a fucking moron by bringing your readers towards the democratic jews that want all our heads. It must be that Alabama dumb thinking or is it too damn hot there in the south or do you still have that north vs. south grudge?

    No matter what, we’re being fucked under the thumb of ZOG! …and there is no where around it.

    • Where have I said vote for Bernie Sanders?

      I’ve said that I am not voting in 2020. Both parties are owned by Jewish donors. I do think Bernie is the lesser of two evils though because he is more likely to impose communism on Wall Street and raise their taxes.

      • Bernie’s tweet went something like this

        White nationalism killed all of my fathers relatives in NAZI Germany. I will go to war with White Nationalism.

        So you want to take chances?

        No jew should ever be elected to top commander! Brad, so did the Bolshevik revolution slip your simple mind?

        • @General Butt Naked
          “Bernie’s tweet went something like this

          White nationalism killed all of my fathers relatives in NAZI Germany. I will go to war with White Nationalism.”

          They will tell people to vote for Bernie and if he wins, Bernie’s people will send them to jail using any excuse at a rate far exceeding that which Trump’s Jews are doing it.

          Then the same ‘tards will say ‘Plz send money to support our people who are in jail.”

          Why? You campaigned to put them there!

          The same 3D chessers who told us to vote Trump in 2016 and ignore his Jewish connections, are now saying vote Bernie and ignore the fact he is a murdering Bolshevik Jew.

          Why does anyone still listen to these people??? They should be sent to the dunce corner.

          Don’t ya’ll get it? USA democracy is fake and a distraction. Your time is better spent preparing for what is coming. It is coming regardless of who wins these fake elections.

      • Hunter, I anticipate we’ll see more dishonest smears directed against us for refusing to vote for the Orange Golem. I think we’re going to see some intense gayops that will make the Great Optics War seem like a polite disagreement in comparison.

        Hold fast, friends. 2020 is going to be a bumpy voyage.

      • I am 100% thumbs up for anyone sitting out 2020. BUT, if you are going to sit there (like the paleocons do) and make arguments about the lesser of two evils then Bernie Sanders is the candidate.

        If voting for the lesser of two evils is the most important thing anyone can do than it’s undeniable to anyone who is honest that Bernie Sanders is the man to vote for. He is the only one who is running a populist campign that revolves around smearing and calling out the plutocrats and big finance.

      • He’s not going to “impose communism” on anybody any more than the fast leftist Tsipras was able to in Greece recently (ie not at all). In the case of a Bernie victory, the ‘deep state’ entrenched interests that made short work of Trumpism (assuming Trump at any point was at all serious) will work to keep far left lunacy in check.

        Is that really the lesser of two evils? I’m not fully convinced. The plus is that republicans feel motivated to resist democrat policy initiatives (including on immigration), but the minus is that we lose the feeling of momentum we’d built up, that pro-white change is bound to eventually come.

      • In your opinion are all Jews bad and our enemies? Or are some Jews good? The Bible also says to love your enemies if not one cannot be a Christian.

    • Trump is campaigning for faggot rights globally, his daughter is campaigning to get more women into the work place, his Jewish son in law is trying to start a War in the ME and coming up with immigration plans so you, your children and your grand children with have to compete globally with a billion Indians and Chinese who have more experience for jobs and YOU are calling Hunter a “fucking moron” because he’s not shilling for Drumpf?

      As a Millennial I have played the bait and switch game for years now and I’ve already had enough of it. There must be some switch in certain people’s heads that causes them to truly believe they are on the precipice of death every election and to save themselves they must bully others into supporting the center right. I can’t imagine it working on a man over the age of 30 in 2020. Even my right leaning friends just refuse to vote over voting for the mainstream Conservatives.

      I can understand some people voting for Bernie based on economic factors, but unless you’re wealthy or gay, Trump really isn’t doing anything for you as a White man.

      If you’re going to be duped by anyone, at least have some self respect and vote for a 3rd party like the Constitution party or something.

    • Buck Private: I think you haven’t been reading the posts with an eye to detail. Why should we let Drumpf hide his Jews, for yet another four years? Better to vote in the worst candidate (Bernie Sanders) and let the WORLD KNOW what a Jewish Bolshevik idiot can do, to destroy the West, than pretend the jews don’t exist.

      As I noted in many prior posts over the last week and a half, here are a few quotes to enlighten you:

      1) “Napoleon’s famous quote ‘Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich’ demonstrated his understanding that most people can only accept the existence of inequality and other hard realities in our world if they believe that there is a higher reason for them. Otherwise if, as atheists believe, there is no afterlife, and this is our only existence, then why should anyone accept inequality? This appears to answer the question of how atheism spread so widely when paired with the dominant political drive of today: egalitarianism. The entire system of hierarchy, so essential to civilisation, always tends to buckle and collapse when this very question is asked. It happened in 1789 and 1917, and there is no doubt in our own period we are going through unnecessary madness brought about by people asking that question.”


      2) Better to have the outright Bolshevik candidate, in all his racial and propositional glory, than a twinkie sodomite, or someone claiming to be a Republican, who is doing much the same, but pretends to be a ‘conservative’ – who (by the way) just put White Nationalists on the same level as ISIS, with the FBI. That means men who are ideologically on a par with Founding Stock Presidents such as Washington, Jefferson, and Adams, are now ‘traitors’ -per Donald John Drumpf; and the Judaizing moniker of ‘neon-notsee’ is just a RED Kosher Herring…

      So, why Bernie? I’ll tell you. Or rather, let me quote another:?
      “If you haven’t figured it out, what I’m getting at is that there’s a decent case for the argument that those of us who support the dissolution of the Empire ought not to be backing the least bad option, which is to say Broland Skrumpf, but rather we ought to consider backing the worst one. Bernie Sanders.”?

    • So General – you prefer the “Republican Jews” – like POTUS Chabad Kushner?


      Krazy Kommie Bernie will tear this FranNation apart in no time!

      That’s what we want, isn’t it?

      Dearest – just acquire basic goods and necessities for whenever CoronaChan hits your turf. Even the Jew Media is starting to mention “shortages”. I just informed a 60+ Boomer I know, who is VERY athletic and well-fixed about the fact that all medicines are made in China. He doesn’t take anything, but members of his Fam do. He had NO idea. He made a list of stuff while we were chatting. A Bernie supply chain TOTAL FAIL will cause riots in the streets. Calm yourself and get ready….

  3. I wrongly thought our numbers were small. In terms of open affiliation, like those of us participating in pro-White websites such as this one, we definitely are. The silent majority of those unashamed to be White aren’t connected, and that’s where we could build a powerful voting bloc enterprising pols would want to woo. My thinking it would take many years of quietly building up support starting at the local level, then grind it out on the edges for years until we gained more widespread acceptance, is thankfully not correct. Pro-White voters are already out there in big enough numbers to have an electoral impact. The question now is, how do we bring them together?

    • Hey fellow Minnesota Not-So-Nice Boomer X, I think the answer to your question is simply to engage the battle. Use Twitter and other electronic media, protest bad businesses, churches, politicians, etc. Use the same resources to affiliate in real life with allies. That’s what the other side does, they fight. Too many on our side are content with ridicule, words but not deeds, and words among like-minded people instead of common sense persuadable neighbors.

      Too many people here and in the Dissident Right are not willing to act, but just vent in safe spaces like this website. Life is pure competition, nothing more, and the winners are those who want it more. Let us all stand up to the bad people and just refuse to lose ever again. One person at a time, changing things locally at first, then expanding out with like minded persons of whatever description until the Oligarchs are overwhelmed once and for all time.

      • The Minnesotans I know and came to loathe, were all deracinated Whites who literally were worshiping the Somalian ‘die-versities’ in Minneapolis… of course, doing so from their Chanhassen, Minnetonka, and Excelsior million dollar homes. Oh, there were the MPR types living near 50th and France, who thought themselves ‘edgy’ but they, too, wouldn’t be caught dead (or would they?) in Powderhorn Park, jogging at night….. or shopping near Lake Street and Hiawatha/Cedar area.

        Most of the DFL’ers DESERVE Ilhan Omar. More’s the pity. It’s one of the reasons we left- the racial and intellectual schizophrenia of those inane and insane ELCA types, just couldn’t be borne anymore.

        • The cosmopolitan snobs raving about ethnic restaurants as proof of the innate goodness of immigration deserve to be roasted over an open flame.

          I’ve often thought about leaving, Fr. John. I still do. If it wasn’t for certain friendships, I would’ve been long gone from ‘sota. For me, trust is extremely difficult to give, so when people have earned mine it’s difficult for me to walk away from them.

          There’s also a higher quality of life here even in smaller towns I haven’t seen in other states in the Midwest. (I don’t know how we compare to states in other areas of the country. Maybe I need to travel more around the US.)

    • I’ve read that only 5% of American Whites have a strong pro-White identity, and that 10% feel that being White is important.

      What we need is for cuckservatives, inc and the GOP to crash and burn, so Whites with their heads up their asses have no recourse, except to find common cause with us. Those that go over to the enemies team should be considered traitors and dealt with accordingly.

      • It’s the fringes that get changes made, November. The cuckservatives love to talk about how only 3% fought in the American Revolution. (Trumptards calling themselves Three Percenters are hilarious, btw.) Ten percent is the figure mentioned by historians when they write about successful political/cultural movements. That is, ten percent of a population pushed for a change that the other 90% had to accept. If 5% of a strong pro-White identity is admitted to in a poll, the number’s probably higher. The same goes for the 10% seeing their Whiteness as important. I thought we were in Yang or Gabbard territory, poll-wise. I had no idea the numbers were already this good. And I basically believe this poll’s numbers, because non-voters were approached, plus the methodology was careful and the questioning extensive. Usually, political polls approach more politically-involved leftists than independents or right-wingers. Those polls also usually extrapolate trends based on a few hundred responses. So, this Knight poll is quite different.

        Which all means the most important questions are how and where to direct non-suicidal pale people so we can connect. With all due respect to JBC above, Big Tech, gov’t, and corporate media are all united in keeping us quiet, so engaging with those who would be receptive to our way of thinking is difficult through electronic means, for now. Yes, JBC, connecting in-person matters, and establishes bonds of trust and cooperation like nothing else can. But for attracting substantial numbers to your side, mass communication is where it’s at, my friend. Effective communication strategies are needed. I’ve currently no idea what those might be, but they’re essential for our future.

          • Hello again Boomer X, no problem with the miss-typed initials, I do that too sometimes on my cellphone. We are respectfully debating the tactics of the fight, not the need to do so. I am 61, so my days available to try change things are more limited that our site host and most of his posters. Brad wants to keep his head down to protect his family, a noble sentiment. Some posters believe there is no hope, and the trend seems to support that view. But then they said that about the Soviet Union, and yet that Evil Empire collapsed. I believe we can win if we fight together, with like minded people of all types. So I say to you, carry on sir, and so will I. We owe it to Huey not to ever give up.

        • Boomer X,

          That’s a whitepill. Nice to know that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train.

          • Appreciate it, November. Identity politics is how every other racial tribe operates, so why not us? It might seem like the racially aware number of Whites is small, but considering the nonstop CivNat programming spoonfed to my generation and the ones afterward in school, in entertainment, and so on, I think it’s a miracle the numbers are that high. The social pressures we’re under to be multicultural are and have been immense. Reality can’t be killed by propaganda, however, no matter how intensively and extensively the lies are promoted.

  4. I’m not voting for this guy again and I suspect over half of us will sit 2020 out as well. We’re gonna get a lot of hate when he loses and hopefully a little respect.

    • The Republicans will wake up (a little) towards the end of the campaign season when they realize they need the votes of the anti-conservative right whom they have either taken for granted or openly disdained. They will probably make some sort of clumsy, stupid approach using their shills like TPUSA and find that tactic blowing up on them. They will then trot out their old standby; “the other guy is worse”.

      That may be true but after all the back stabbing, broken promises, constantly chasing minority voters, lowest black/hispanic unemployment ever It will be too little, too late. The energy behind the razor thin victory margin of 2016 came from the very people the good “conservatives” have scorned and abandoned. Against their better judgement they participated in the corrupt system once, twice is just too much to ask.

      This is the situation without Sheldon Adelson’s war against Iran. Imagine how hopeless it will be if Trump foolishly plunges the country in another war in the Mideast before the election. Sheldon hasn’t been giving these scumbag politicians all the money he made off of degenerate gamblers because he is interested in good government, he wants a war and he is willing to pay for one.

  5. I’m comfortable with any out come, despise Trump, and loathe the traditional GOP even more.

    When they stole the election from Roy Moore – I parted company with the GOP. Given the loss of the House in 2018, I wasn’t alone.

  6. No POTUS in over 100 years has worked for our interests. So why do we still hold on to the false hope at this very late stage in crumbling polyglot America that something will change this time? It’s all downhill but at a quicker pace from here on out. We need to put what might’ve been in our rear view mirror , so we can move on to building our own destiny separate from zog-USA.

  7. The 11 percent are actually saying that being White is important to being “American”, which would leave blackpilled “WigNats” like me out in the cold since we view the United States as an anti-White entity. Still, 11 percent is nothing to sneer at. A nice white pill for the evening and confirms the growth we’re seeing for pro-White sites, AmNat and WN alike.

    • No, Sir – we will NOT refuse to participate in the system that was designed principally by our White Southern Gentile ancestors.

      The way to fight usurpation is to fight it face to face – NOT turn away!

  8. I think that THEY will stop at nothing to beat Trump this fall, even going as far as promoting mass voting by illegals, open fraud, ballot box stuffing in Philadelphia and Broward County, a complete sweep on social media against Trump supporters or groups thought to favor Trump, and violence by antifa at the polls.

  9. I am 100% for supporting the GOP to run in 2020 on their platform of tax cuts, deregulation, an aggressive foreign policy, Israel-first, and neo-liberalism on steroids. We should happily hand the baton over to Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk and let their talking points win for the GOP this time.

    I am glad they are running against “socialism.” I am happy they are running vs. Medicare for all. I am thrilled they are running against student loan relief. Let them run vs. Sanders on their true agenda and well see how they do. If it’s Bloomberg, the GOP can try to outspend him – good luck. The GOP’s entire strategy in 2020 is to buy the election by selling access to the donor class.

    This is why some of us have been so hostile to paleocons who want all of us to go into another round of being chumps for the GOP in 2020. They are begging Trump to give them more fake rhetoric on immigration and dog whistles on race. No thanks. Let the GOP win on the Heritage foundation’s platform – the one Trump passed using real policy, not tweets.

  10. >More in Common calls this tribe the “Politically Disengaged,” a group comprising 26 percent of Americans, who are almost invisible in local politics and community life. As a group, they’re much poorer and less educated than the average American and much more likely to say that “being white” is important to being an American—20 percent, rather than 11 percent

    This is EXACTLY what I have been saying all along. There is a strong Nazbol base to be organized among millions of White people who don’t (((vote))), I see it all the time. Not the Jew-loving boomers who vote Republic – the non-voters are where it’s at. If the white nationalists would grow a fucking brain and some fucking balls, and dtop all vestiges of right-wing, incel and libertarian bullshit to embrace Communism, they could organize millions of people into a Marxist-Leninist proletarian mass vanguard party that, through mass power and struggle, could bring down ZOG and destroy this prison-house of nations called America.

  11. Again, ‘piddle twiddle, and resolve, not one damned thing do we solve.”

    At least Ann Barnhardt put in her suggestion as to what to do with the entire Roman Communion recently. Would that White American MALES had 1/10th of her spunk, to do the same to the poltical scene in the nation as beleaguered as the Papal state is, today…..

    “What SHOULD Pope Benedict do? Well, barring supernatural intervention, the best case scenario, as I see it, would be to re-assert his Office and act like the Absolute Monarch that he is, and then liquidate the ENTIRE College of Cardinals and re-boot it with twelve men – not bishops, but good and holy priests, simultaneously consecrate them bishops and make them Cardinals – and start over. Also, Pope Benedict should liquidate the entire Roman Curia and reboot it, including the Vatican Gendarmerie, liquidate the Vatican Bank, and shut down the Vatican Museums which operates as a mafia. He should also close and re-boot the Pontifical Universities in Rome, and, of course, suppress the Jesuits and the Legion of Christ. He should put the entire German church under interdict, and depose most of the German bishops. That would be a good start. But, yes, I realize that this would be miracle-level stuff. But hey, miracles can and do happen.”

    • Barnhardt also has this to say:

      “In this portion, I would like to focus once again especially on the Jews in the audience. So far, we have established how Israel has been the proxy for humanity throughout Salvation History. Understanding that as we do, we can now see that to hate Israel is to hate humanity itself.

      All we need do to confirm this is look at where the locus of anti-Semitism exists in today’s world. There are two main loci today: Marxism and islam. Both of these political systems have at their core an intrinsic hatred of the individual man. Both mask this seething hatred by wrapping themselves in a false cloak of collectivism, manifested in the call for Marxist class warfare and jihad. Both systems use the Jews as their primary scapegoat and whipping boy, blaming all problems in the world on Jews, and then calling for the “final solution” to the stumbling block to utopia that is the Jewish race.

      From the Koran to Mein Kampf, the rhetoric is exactly the same: exterminate the Jews so that utopia can be achieved. But what this is at its core is a call to exterminate humanity itself, which is the ultimate goal of both Marxism and islam. If the Jews are exterminated, the rest of humanity will follow quickly, because if the Jews are exterminated, that means that there are no longer any people of good will on earth who could see and understand the representative quality of humanity itself in Israel. No one would be left to take up the banner of Christ and the Church Militant to march against the forces of evil in defense of not just Israel, but of all human life on earth. It is essential to approach, understand and see this coming war with the forces of evil through that lens”

      Do you think that is “based”?

      • I actually think it is based because it tells the truth people here don’t realize – there is nothing more anti-Semitic than Communism.

        But that isn’t the perspective that it was written from.

  12. Hunter, the most disheartening thing you are doing is posting that you are not voting AT ALL in 2020 and are implicitly encouraging your readers to do the same. It seems you are so stuck in thinking that voting for one wing or the other of the Democrat-Republican Duopoly is the only way to go; like you have no choice but to order a Coke or a Pepsi, that you are, to all intents and purposes, nullifying your vote.

    You are doing EXACTLY what the Duopoly wants. If only 25 percent of the people vote, all a party needs is more than 12.5 percent of the vote to win. However, if 100 percent of the people vote but 75 percent of that vote is for a party OTHER than one wing of the Duopoly – well then, the DR could be a swing bloc.

    There are three other parties that run candidates for election; The Libertarian Party, the Green Party and the Constitution Party.

    Isn’t it interesting how the Talking Points of both sides of the Duopoly is to tell their potential supporters that voting third party is wasthng their vote? How is it wasting your vote if a majority of the people look at the Republicans and Democrats and decide to vote for None of the Above – not by erasing their own presence by not voting at all, but by voting for someone completely different?

    If Bernie gets burned by the Democrats and you overhear one of his supporters threaten to stay home on election day, encourage them to vote for the Green Party. Hunter, I am encouraging you and others in the DR who plan to stay home to register and vote for the Constitution Party.

    To everyone here, I urge you, WASTE YOUR VOTE. Don’t vote for Trump, don’t vote for whatever loser the Democrat Establishment selects; vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE. Review your ABC’s (Anybody But those Clowns).

    You don’t even have to formally register as a member of one of those three parties. You register as an Independent (because enough of them finally do vote for a wing of the Duopoly) and then, once, you draw the curtains closed in the voting booth, you vote Green, or you vote Libertarian, or you vote Constitution.

    Seriously consider it everyone.

  13. The answer is most definitely a big yes – the Dissident Right could swing the election.


    Because the election will come down to Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, and, in these states, the shifting of 50-40-30-20, 10 even 5 thousands of votes can be all it takes.

    To be sure, President Trump is likely to receive several million more votes than he received last time.

    Yet, just as with Candidate Hillary Clinton, if that is duplication in states that already go Red, it will have no effect.

    I predict Senator Sanders to win the presidency in an electoral score of 274-266, and that, because President Trump will insist on a lot of vote canvassing, and recanvassing, the inauguration of 2021 will be delayed by several months.

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