Mini Mike Flayed Alive In Nevada Democratic Debate

The debate tonight in Nevada was BRUTAL.

Michael Bloomberg got hit harder than the time Tulsi Gabbard knocked out Kamala Harris. Will it matter at all though? Were any of the Democratic normies who are low information enough to vote for Michael Bloomberg even being bombarded with his ads watching this?

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  1. Nigs understand that Biden is a reasonable bet. But, obviously Sanders is the most intriguing Jewish frontman for ZOG evah.

  2. More ” interesting” things said by these characters recently.

    Buttigieg tells illegal aliens that this country belongs to them.

    Warren says all illegals must become US citizens.

    Biden says only felons should be deported andv that “dreamers” are more American than most Americans.

    The illegal alien voting bloc must be huge.

      • Klobuchar also want the US to have an even closer relationship with Israel. You can’t get closer than two coats of paint!

    • You make great points. It is so easy to get caught up in the train wreck that we take for granted just how anti-white these people all are. Sit back… Laugh at Bloomberg.. But meanwhile, someone who is going to be the Democratic nominee is telling Salvadorans and Guatemalan migrant caravans that the United States is their home and will support them and their families for eternity because “that is who we are”…. Because of a Communists poem or something on Ellis Island

  3. Excepting Mexifornia, the votes of the South and the West don’t really matter. In 2020, however, Yankeedom and her Pacific Coast allies barely hold onto the majority vote in elections and in Congress. But they can still out vote us, if those six Northern States get squirrly and decide to swing back the other way and vote Democrat.

  4. I can think of a thousand ways for Sanders to attack Bloomberg tonight. This is his chance to wreck this guy for good.

  5. Yea I think it’s obvious that Bloomberg is only running so he can go after Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Socialist views. He looks 10,000% like a Republican op. It’s classic because the establishment don’t like Bernie Sanders and his Populist views. Trump was the Populist….now he’s not. He’s showed what he really cares about….The Rich. Now Bernie Sanders is the Populist even though some people will never understand his forward thinking policies. The establishment hates him….the establishment really hates people (Nationalists) like us. Deo Vindice !

  6. This is scary. The next president (IMO) is on that stage. They make guys like Jimmy Carter, Paul Tsongas, George McGovern, Bill Bradley, and even Gary Gary look like giants. The decline continues.

  7. Bloomberg’s entire strategy is to buy the nomination and flood the nation with ads and then go on to buy the general election out from under Trump who is also trying to buy the election through the donor class. Bloomberg is just more blatant about it and has bigger pockets.

    I’m not sure this debate matters in the long run and I still think he is the biggest competitor to Bernie. We will have to wait to see the polling and what he does to counteract this debate.

    I do not underestimate Bloomberg’s strategy at all. It has been working so far. He went from 2% in December to now taking 2nd place in some national polls.

  8. Imagine being a 78 year old mega billionaire who makes Trump look poor yet has to literally trash 80% of what he said and did to appease ” muh blax” in the never ending race to the bottom to suck on the butts of non whites? It’s truly hysterical in a pathetic way. Yet this is the modern day Democrat Party in duuuuhhh verse Merica.

    Bloomberg simply road Guiliani’s coattails to become mayor of nyc in the early 2000s. On crime he was quite good and his views describing blacks and browns as basically always being the criminals in cities in particular should just be a big shrug as in ” no kidding.”

    But now America has become one giant lie and decades of allowing absurd amounts of third world immigration along with letting welfare people plop out as many kids with no restrictions has literally redrawn the Democrat Party where whites are evil, blacks are pretend victims, brown illegal aliens are viewed as patriotic and homosexual dung hole sex viewed as normal. Is it any wonder America is a decaying land in monstrous debt?

    Throw in the never ending cynical and treasonous news reporting where gobs of money is being made even by ” fake” Jews news like cnn, the ny times and others. Fox news is a money machine where Sean ” You’re a great American” Hannity makes an utterly obscene 40 million dollars per year to flag wave. News is nothing but mega capitalism at work fighting for ad dollars.

    Bloomberg will be defeated. Bernie will be the guy. The hatred of capitalism will continue bit by bit simply due to the massive disparity in wealth. People no longer buy the bull of ” if you just work hard” you will get rich. Do you really think Hannity works hard compared to an electrician or demolition crew member? Hey, latest dead rapper, what cha got to say on that? ” Nigga please.

      • Thanks. Doom berg is so used to bossing people around. It must be hard to grovel to people he secretly hates. Then again his giant ego and hatred for Trump ” Trump’s” that.

        This was a guy who was caught on video saying. bull %#/ and cracking up laughing with staff when news came down that Robert Atkins- creator of the Atkins diet- died of traumatic brain injury from a fall on the ice. Doom berg was obviously trying to say the Atkins diet created it. I am waiting for that bizarre video to surface again. Lol.

  9. If the virus gets here and spreads Trump is to blame and Guppy lips could win. Why isn’t Trump closing the border to protect Americans from sickness? Does he want us all dead?

  10. Yea it’s interesting that Michael Bloomberg really got trashed in the Democratic debate. I think it shows the Democrats are serious about Democratic Socialism now. Anybody that talks about Capitalism and “For The Rich” thinking is completely trashed by the Democratic Socialists. I’m one that follows politics and have always been interested in political ideology. It’s interesting seeing Democratic Socialism being so popular and I think it’s obvious people are losing faith in the right wing libertarian (morons in my opinion) view of Capitalism. It’s really no longer Capitalism but extreme Corporatism. Now even the Big Corporations are going out of business left and right and being replaced with Amazon. It’s really sad because that means Small Businesses are an Endangered Species now. That’s past……now it’s more like Big Department Stores are an Endangered Species. It’s obvious people in Europe have it better in terms of working hours, wages, and health care. This country (the US of A) is pretty much a Third World country in terms of the economy and it’s relation with workers. People are so ignorant about political ideology….thinking it’s Conservative vs Liberals. It’s way more than that. The Democratic Socialists are pushing things in a forward thinking direction. We (Nationalists) have different political views and some of them being Nationalism Socialism. What do you get when you combine Nationalism and Socialism? Nazi….think about it. Think forward. The Third Position is the future of American politics and it’s positive thinking on Government, the Economy, Racialism, and the Working Class. Deo Vindice !

  11. Liz dispatched mini Mike -Cui Bono(who benefits)/?- Bernie, whose fingerprints aren’t even on the weapon-pretty slick-but the vast mass of potential democrat voters don’t even vote, much less watch these debates. Like 3 Siamese fighting fish in a bowl-the smart one sits out the early fighting, lets the others wear themselves out, then moves in to dispatch the exhausted winner of the early combats. Now we get to see if it’s possible to buy the democratic presidential primary despite poor debate performances. If being good on the debate stage was that important, Tulsi would have been on the stage, and Biden would be gone. stay tuned.

  12. Bloomberg is the Wall Street candidate. He is pretending to tax Wall Street banksters by proposing a transaction tax, which will paid mostly by Middle America. Wall Street fat cats will keep their ill gotten riches if Bloomberg is elected president.

  13. What is going on? How can this be happening? Our country is falling apart almost like its cursed by God. But John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, and Jerry Falwell assured me that America would be blessed as long as we bless Israel and the Jews. They are, as Hagee said, the apple of God’s eye!

  14. One of Zlimpf’s main problems is that he still fails to realize who put him in the White House. We did. Not Putin or any Russians. We did. We overlooked all his glaring flaws, his horrible debate performances, his hyper-cringe and hyper-Zioshill and still voted for him. Yes, he deserves a lot of credit also. But, we’re the ones who still showed up after all that the entire establishment did to make sure he was defeated. He should be sending us checks. He was our tool that we chose.

    The reason that the establishment hates Zlimpf voters with so much vitriol and fury is that we knew all his flaws and we still voted for him to give a big FU to political correctness, the lugenpresse, and the massive moral hypocrisies and betrayals of our ruling elite.

    The ironic thing is that he still might win due to what the establishment, deep state, antifa, and the TDS lugenpresse have done over the last three years. That’s theoretically. In the real world, many states have already passed laws to give all electoral college votes to the popular vote winner. Democrat controlled states have already changed voting systems to ensure mass corruption. What happened in Iowa with the DNC is an omen of what is to come.

    If they can make up the Russian Witch Hunt and Ukraine Impeachment Hoax out of thin air then there is no telling what they’ll do to ensure a Zlimpf defeat in November. Remember, hundreds of thousands to possible millions of illegal aliens and other non-citizens have already been voting for the Democrats pre-2016.

    It’s only going to get crazier in the run-up to November……

    • Arian | February 21, 2020 at 12:14 am | Reply
      “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth”

      Translation to English:

      If we don’t keep cramming more ppl into USA, the paper asset bubble will pop.

      At some point , this ponzi scheme of mass immigration crashes, crashes hard!


      Welcome to the worlds latest and greatest shithole … entry point San Francis …

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