Bloomberg or Sanders?

I’m not betting against Bernie Sanders.

We’ve already spent a year debating which Democratic candidate would be the best for our movement and largely concluded it would be Tulsi or Yang. Neither gained any traction with Democratic voters.

Bernie is the most popular Democratic candidate. He is leading in the polls. He tied Buttigieg in Iowa. He has won New Hampshire and Nevada. There is no reason to believe that Bernie will start losing the race now to Bloomberg who is the most disliked candidate in the Democratic race and who is losing ground in the polls. This race could be over next week or even earlier if Biden loses South Carolina.

I largely agree with Keith’s take that Bloomberg would be the better accelerationist candidate from a metapolitical standpoint given that as an arrogant neoliberal technocrat he is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with our system. The populist Right and Left can find common ground in hating Michael Bloomberg. In a two man race, I expect Bernie to emerge victorious though. In the event that Mini Mike defeated Sanders and actually won the Democratic nomination at a contested convention, he would divide the party even worse than in 2016 and Trump would be easily reelected.

I find it more likely that Bloomberg and Steyer will suffocate the moderates who will run out of money and clear the path for Bernie to the nomination. We will see in South Carolina.

Note: We will know much about this race after Super Tuesday.

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  1. “Accelerationist.” There’s that word again.

    Let me simply ask this, for those who unaccountably believe in “accelerationism” — rather the way in which Evangelicals ever blindly seek to accelerate toward the so-called Rapture:

    What if accelerationism only accelerates the decline, and no meaningful resistance ever emerges to it?

    What if accelerationism just means accelerating toward the conditions of South Africa?

    What if acceleration just accelerates the U.S. toward becoming a nationwide California, with one-party Democrat rule?

    And what if Sanders (assuming he wins) is behold to his woke base (which is likely) and does NOT even give whites any $ benefits, but instead implements what the Dem base wants:

    -reparations FROM whites to POCs
    -completely open borders
    -pro-migrant and anti 1A judges
    -complete amnesty for ALL illegals

    What will “acceleration” have given us then?

    What I’m saying is, there seems to be some kind of quasi-religious belief in some circles that bad events will “wake whites up” and make them see our side of things.

    But what if that’s completely false? What if it will only demoralize whites even further?

    Then we would just end up “accelerating” our demise, senselessly and needlessly and foolhardily.

    • The wage slaves will never wake up. The Oligarchs are smart enough in the USA to give the 99% something to lose, even if it is always subject to being taken away. People’s materialism will keep the masses from trying to Fight the Power, to avoid any and all risk. There is no hope to ever change anything-the rich have too much future money to accumulate, they will do whatever it takes to win. They could lose if enough people join together to fight, but does anyone see any stirring of that mindset among the people? Of course not. Unless Huey comes back from the grave with a better (or more honest?) security detail, the country is destined to fail sooner or later. Acceleration is unnecessary.

    • Trump is your accelerator, if such a state actually exists. The rapture crowd is the Q crowd, and will never see anything other than Jews in Israel. Disregard them.

      The liberal whites who hate Trump, are scared to death of blacks for the most part. The ones I know do notice the Trump love affair with Jews. Bernie’s politics bother them more than him being Jewish. Mayor Mike’s myriad of nondisclosure agreements with a lot of women actually bugs the awfls probably due to Bloomberg being a Republican at one time. That leaves Trump as the best man for the near impossible job.

    • “What if accelerationism just means accelerating toward the conditions of South Africa?”

      The only reason South Africa still exists and is not in full blown race war, is because it is propped up by the United States. Who will prop up the United States when it becomes South Africa? Russia? China? Why would they care?

      “What if acceleration just accelerates the U.S. toward becoming a nationwide California, with one-party Democrat rule?”

      Without outside funding California would have already collapsed. Even with that help they are having trouble keeping the lights on, and people are using the streets of their big cities as beds and toilets.

      There is no getting out of the South African future that is coming, there is only delaying it a little longer. The only question is when do we want it to happen? Will we be better able to fend off the anti-Whites in government in a year or 5 years? We might be better prepared in 5 years but there will be less of us, as under this system Whites are dying out.

      “What I’m saying is, there seems to be some kind of quasi-religious belief in some circles that bad events will “wake whites up” and make them see our side of things.”

      Whites are a race of dreamers and racial retards. They dream whatever nonsense Hollywood makes up. When civilization is falling down, how will Hollywood operate?

    • Whites are rapidly running out of demographic time,

      you silly cuck. Either

      we get acceleration soon, or we die. Drumpf

      has smothered the White Right for 3 years.

      5 years more of him, and we’re about finished. Look at

      the way the mere suggestion of (((Bernie the Red)))

      has got (((Wall Street))) in a tail-spin. That’s

      what we need more of. LOTS more of.

    • Karsten,

      The White America experience is over. Perhaps you didn’t get the memo, but things are going to keep going downhill no matter who’s in the Oval Office.

      Your beloved trump has let POC criminals out of prison with his and kushner’s prison reform act, and at the same time imprisoned and entrapped with the ADL’s political police (i.e., fbi, state and municipal police departments, and a rigged judicial system). Have you not witnessed the betrayal of one after another of trump’s campaingn promises and his closest allies by this administration?

      Demoralized? Ha! Boomercons can’t wait to vote for the “king of Israel ” again. They’re in full “KAG” mode, even though they get their asses kicked by the neo-liberalist’s shock troops aka antifa that your beloved president does absolutely nothing about. By the way, I don’t give a $hit, if white normie RETARDicans are demoralized after November 2020. They’re truly ridiculously stupid and deserve what they get from a Sanders administration.

      I have been off trump’s talmidic train since 2017. It’s shocking that some people can read OD and other dissident blogs and videos, and still cling to this Israel First conman.

      There’s no guarantee that trump won’t go full amnesty for illegal immigrants in his second term, betray the NRA, crackdown of anarchist-marxist violence, or build anymore wall than the few miles he’s built.

      Whitey will go back to sleep for another four years because ‘their’ guy is in the White House. Trump is literally the equivalent of the metaphor of “The boiling of the frog.” No, this time around, Whitey needs to feel the Bern, so they can either capitulate or fight for the future and the 14 Words. Times up.

    • I believe that reparations are the one thing that could possibly jolt whites into some type of pushback. Taking a bite out of people’s pocketbooks is the best way to piss them off.

      • yep, agreed.
        The left has been calling for reparations for the rapist dindu race for years….and name 1 single thing that these fucken scumbags have demanded that they haven’t eventually gotten.

    • “we would just end up “accelerating” our demise, senselessly and needlessly and foolhardily.”

      If God has willed it (for our many sins, and DT’s continued idolatry of the sodomite faction)

      – cf.

      your comment is utterly meaningless. WE DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU MENTION. And only a fool (or a deluded Evan-jely-goo FAKE XTIAN- oh, wait… I repeat myself) would think we can get out of this without a major war, or societal disruption, etc.

    • What if accelerationism just means accelerating toward the conditions of South Africa?

      Many years ago, Hunter himself used to chide those who argued that “worse is better.”

      No, Hunter would say, sometimes worse is just worse.

      He’s obviously changed his mind on that count.

      • He may have. But I have not yet encountered a logical, rational, material (i.e., non-religious, non-wildly-speculative, non-fantastical) argument for why worse (meaning a Democrat administration) would be better.

        “Worse will wake whites up” — LOL. This is simply a point of faith, like a religious belief. I see no evidence that this is likely (let alone a certainty).

        “Well, at least Sanders will provide benefits to poor whites.” — well, this contradicts the argument that worse is supposed to be what makes whites see things our way, because then you’re seeing to make things better for whites, not worse. But regardless, as I said above, the idea that whites actually would get benefits under the Dems is like Yang’s magical $1000 — it will never happen, and if it did, it would go to POCs, not whites; who would likelier end up just paying reparations to POCs.

        So if it’s unlikely that worse will persuade whites to see things our way…

        …and also unlikely that whites will even get any gibs…

        …then there is zero reason to vote for the Dems.

        On the other hand, with a Left-majority SCOTUS, full open borders, reparations, etc., things will likelier just BE worse, with no upside for us — “will will just be worse.”

        We thought “black-run America” was bad? Wait till we get “SJW-run America,” which is what the next Dem admin will be, regardless of who’s in charge.

        Again, there has not yet been a single reasonable, persuasive argument from the other side, other than endless repetition of Trump being a disappointment. Everyone knows this already. But worse would be worse, and nothing good would come out of it.

    • Yes Karsten. THAT IS what would happen. It’s really quite simple. Non Christians leave a huge opening for Satan and his smartest. He’ll target first those with some kind of audience. Hence Richard Spencer, who is now the poster child of possession. Listen to his podcasts from just 2 and 3 years ago. THEN listen to his last 5 or so, ( McSpencer Group.) He’s done an exact 180. He’s now on the same page as Spielberg Streisand Ratzenberg Katzenberg and all the other BAD Jews we all can’t stand. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ??? 🙂

      He like many before him, thought he didn’t need God and he’s not afraid of a Cherub that was #2 in Heaven. He’ll outsmart the fallen Cherub and his smartest strongest followers who’ve been around for aeons.

      This site is now PACKED with trolls and possessed flunkies who are on Satans page : Sit out this election or vote Dem.

      GOD wants an ethno state. Satan HATES a condensed mass of strong smart white praying Christians. The founder of the ethno state will be Christian. All others need not apply … and grab either a Sanders or a Bloomberg bumper sticker on your way out …. and when you get home get your guns ready to be confiscated and yourselves ready to be sent to re education camps.

      You see, you idiot morons you … (((they))) will never accept you, no matter how much you kiss their butt and do overt acts to show you’re now on their side. Kissing ass doesn’t pay.

      And as for Trump … he popped a few center rights in The Supreme Court and did something with the 9th Circuit, while having to play politics and defend against more deep state attacks than any president in history. What did WE “DO?” Vote and bitch. What will he do in term 2 ? What will WE”DO” during that time to build the ethno state ? Vote and bitch again ??!!

      Did you know the post office was created to protect freedom of speech ? I know almost everything yet I had to hear that from some brown guy !!!! Influencing the USPS could be our step 1 to not needing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Mailchimp ETC ? Step 2 has to be to form an NGO to sue and bring criminal charges against big tech and big bank –

    • The only thing that needs to accelerate are Bipolar Brads meds. The worse is better is not going to bring more to your cause because Whites by n large will not embrace a racial worldview again.

      • Kevin,

        I thought the American Psychiatric Association ended the practice of lobotomies. Somehow they granted you an exception.

        • November,

          The idea of lobotomies and shock treatment seems strange to me when trying to help people. I also agree that whites are like everyone else, inherently race conscious. It is only massive medication called fear and brainwashing that keep you sedated.

          Your wit seems to be as sharp as ever. Kevin at least seems to be polite most of the time except when it comes to Hunter Wallace.

          • Christina,

            I agree entirely with your assessment. Tribalism is instinctive, and White tribalism needs to shake off the decades of perpetual jewish opinion inducing propaganda.

            That’s why I say that in the not so distant future, Whites that want to control their destiny will have to assert themselves in fearlessly bold and unapologetic ways and means.

    • I’ve been saying for years that “smart whites should get up and leave the jew-S-A” , and we planned that when the time comes for my wife and I, financially speaking, that we were going to leave this rotten putrid corpse called a “nation”.
      But where would we go?
      I mean , we could travel a little bit and we wouldn’t have to make that decision right away -but it’d be nice to have that figured out to be honest! LOL
      Obviously people that speak on leaving weimerica usually talk about SE Asia or Japan but i was thinking more along the lines of possibly heading to Eastern Europe somewhere.

      I’m not sure what the cut off date would be when it would be “too late to get out” but i doubt any amount of black rape / murder or racial declination could EVER wake up pot smoking , fast food eating , cellphone infatuated muurikans.

      We are running out of places to run from jewish lunacy …maybe we wont leave.
      I haven’t truly decided yet.
      Maybe we can hideout long enough at our place in Utah for the boogaloo to fizzle out but i do think its coming.
      i doubt anyone will win….seeing how there are no real winners in any “wars”..but this would be different imo.
      It would be a multitiered effort to protect the survival of our people.
      And if it doesn’t consist of this ideology in its core, it be will be a waste of time.
      There is so much stacked against us and not much in our favor but our genetics.
      Something better give soon, or i am afraid we won’t even see much resistance by the masses.
      What a sad thing it would be to watch the eventual announcement on the talmudvision that – “all whites are to turn themselves in to local authority for execution for racisms”
      It’s not illegal to be white….yet.

    • yep…literally none of this shit matters or is up for debated.
      Our “presidents” are selected not elected.

  2. I think it’s a no brainer that it’s bloomberg. I do suspect though the some of the older boomer “pro white” figures will try to make a big deal out of Sanders being Jewish, but I think they’ll have little success. Sanders does hold some extreme positions but he still represents the little guy.


    In all seriousness, the next phase is already underway with John Mark and Curt Doolittle. Were Trump to lose, which I consider more likely than not, we move into Partition. If Trump wins it is more “trust the plan” for 4 years because people only fight when their back is against the wall.

    Interesting times.

  4. I agree. Accelerating your execution date in the hope of triggering a prison riot in your favor is suicidal madness. We need deceleration if anything. We need as much time as possible to develop strong leaders and effective strategies. What we don’t need are “metapolitical standpoints” of any kind.

  5. If I wanted to get in name the jew mode, I could say that Bloomberg is taking votes away from Biden, which is allowing Sanders to build a bigger lead coming out of super tuesday. Thus it’s a conspiracy to hold joe biden down.

    I seriously doubt though that this is what is motivating bloomberg (the idea to clog the freeway so biden can’t drive fast enough).

  6. And for those who think ‘democracy’ is worth saving, Here’s a different opinion:

    “There are three major forms of State structure that differ radically in their relation to God and man:
    autocracy, despotism and democracy. In modern parlance, “autocracy” is virtually equivalent to “absolutism” or “despotism”. But in this work it signifies something different: monarchy in union with the Church, respectful of her essential independence and submitting to her in matters of faith. Despotism is monarchy that attempts to control the people in all aspects of its life, including the Church. And democracy is the despotism of public opinion regardless of the teaching of the Church. Autocracy is the only form of government that is pleasing to God; and in the Byzantine and Russian empires it has guided multitudes of men to the Church and salvation, in spite of the sins of its rulers. Despotism and democracy are two aspects of the same bipolar disease; in them Providence still guides men to salvation, but
    in spite of rather than with the help of governments, insofar as the dominant ideology is now not Orthodox Christianity but paganism, heresy or atheism.

    This is not an original thesis. In 1877 the philosopher Vladimir Soloviev made essentially the same distinction when he identified three basic forces incarnate in his time especially in Islam, the West and the Russian Orthodox Autocracy.”

  7. It really doesn’t matter. Regardless of who wins in November you’re going to get large numbers of illegal aliens and Third World legal ones, probably a mass amnesty, continuing war for Israel, an increasingly politicized and power-mad and corrupt federal bureaucracy which believes it has the right to determine policy rather than the elected government, out-of-control federal judges, an economy run for the benefit of Goldman Sachs and probably by Goldman Sachs, etc. Why bother?

  8. This is in interesting debate between JFG and Keith Woods. They both make compelling points. JF is going for Bernie Jew, and Keith is going for Hoseberg Jew.

  9. Yea it’s pretty obvious that Michael Bloomberg as President would really get the 2nd Amendment community active. It’s really already happened in Virginia. I think him being President and being so focused on the Assault Weapons ban would really spike interest in 2nd Amendment groups and Militia groups. I’d guess that would get the US Government interested in faking a Domestic Terrorist attack like Oklahoma City or something. I know Oklahoma City was a real Domestic Terrorist attack and all. However the Government would repeat something like that and say the Militia did it. Now on the other hand I’ve always believed 9/11 was 100% an inside job and the government knew it was gonna happen and did nothing so Bush could get us involved in an ignorant War on Terror. The only difference between now and before would be the US Government would go after Militia groups. The US has already been using extreme lawfare against White Nationalists after Unite The Right. I think any Democrat that got elected President would really get people interested in Militia and White Nationalist groups. All the above. Bernie Sanders would make people realize that Capitalism has changed over the years. We really don’t have Free Market Capitalism anymore and it’s more like Corporatism which is 1 step under Socialism. We know the next step after Socialism is Communism. All this would make more people think about America, the South, and what’s happening in Western Civilization. That things are changing and any Democrat President would continue and spike the War on Confederate Monuments. Any Democrat President would fast forward Open Borders. All these things are good for us in the long run because more people become awakened and will get involved in the fight for the very existence of the White Race. Deo Vindice !

    • The OKC bombing may’ve been “real” , but as all events like it, it was shrouded in deception.

      Look how fast Timothy McVeigh was executed and then ask yourself why other supposed “terrorists” like Nadal Hassan are still alive over 10 yrs later.

      Why should tax payers pay to keep that creature alive?

      Its all fake and scripted nonsense.

      I wouldn’t doubt it if NH was in Haifa with Epstein laughing at the stupid sheep people.

      Who knows if TM was even ever in prison or if it was just a movie made to indoctrinate people.

      I mean, 9-11 is another incredibly off the wall story ,and we all know the basics like jet fuel cannot melt steel or even stress it enough to collapse a building in the way the towers fell.

      Then building 7 just falls, but no others around the vicinity did…how odd that only lucky Larrys buildings collapsed.
      And because they were hit twice, he got paid twice.
      Oy gevalt, double fine means you pay twice, goyim.

      Obviously thermite was detected because explosives were used.

      And the sad part about it all, is that nobody in this dying country really gives a flying fuck.

      Of course there are all the people that think there were no planes at all, and that holographic project bluebeam technology was used and there were no planes, only explosions.

      At the Pentagon, there were reports that something resembling a missile hitting the building and not a “plane”….

      And just like the twin towers, airplanes cannot reach the speeds that were claimed at those low altitudes.
      Its all deception to form and shape the malleable minds of the goyim.

  10. There have been comments here implying that if HW doesn’t support Trump, he must support Bernie. That he didn’t support accelerationism, but now he does. I haven’t been here as long as many others in the comments, but it’s quite clear to me he isn’t supporting either Trump or Sanders. He has also laid out the reasons why he’s not for either of them. He has also opposed acceleration every time it has been brought up. Am I missing something, or are the naysayers?

    • Hunter’s always opposed violent terrorist type “acceleration,” so that hasn’t changed. But back around 2010 he was making the case for supporting conservatives and taking over the GOP through “Tea Party” style activism. (He also claimed there were no substantial negative consequences for taking a public stand and denounced as cowards those who were reluctant. Unsurprisingly, he’s no longer making that argument.) He gave up on conservatives within a couple of years of that, and began the slow drift towards his present pessimism.

      • Thanks, Silver. Viewpoints can change over the years. If the change is sincere and based on reason and experience, my only concern is whether or not I agree with the altered view. I can accept growth in someone’s thinking. Lord knows my worldview has gone through an evolutionary process, going from Chomsky to Pan-European nationalism.

        • Our ancestors knew better.
          The female mind is too malleable to the persuasion of crowd thinking.
          (Besides, they have too much power over men, as it is.)

        • November,

          My grandmother and mother agree with you on women voting. I am indifferent on the issue. It is easy in person for us to get our way by looking good, dressing nice, being considerate, and even just smiling at a guy. Males are easy to deal with.

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