Donald Trump Thinks Coronavirus Will Go Away

Coronavirus has established its first beachhead in Santa Clara County, CA – the home of Silicon Valley.

The GOP is responding with Tax Cuts 2.0:

Maybe a miracle will happen and it will disappear:

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  1. C’mon RETARDicans, you all know what will stop Corona Chan in her tracks; more foreign aid to “our greatest ally.” Duh!

  2. Is it really that bad? Nothing compared to even this year’s run of the mill flu.

    I do think that this helps Trump because they will blame the crash on something he cant control, when they have been plotting to crash the economy to scuttle his reelection by blaming the crash on Trump’s protectionism.

    • If there’s a crash, it will be blamed on open borders. But only by those who are rational.

  3. Tax cuts = massive federal deficit.

    At some point, somewhere, somehow, that massive debt comes rolling back , with a vengeance !

    Then, game over.

    Brother, can you spare a dime?

  4. 99 % of non chinks don’t have to worry about the “virus,” but we do need to stock the F up on &hit !!! The supply chain interruption IS likely to cause shortages of food water plastics rubber parts etc. COULD even cause very bad recession.

    Get food water ammo supplies coffee toilet paper cleaning stuff tires belts and bulbs for your cars and get solar or pay electric bills 6 months ahead.

    And don’t be so in a hurry to replace Trump with some gun grabbing commie Marxist. Us throwing a tantrum won’t fix anything. WHERE THE F IS OUR PLAN ? OUR MANIFESTO TO RESTRUCTURE AMERICA ? WE SAT ON ASSES AND WHINED. NOW WE HAVE TO RE ELECT TRUMP TO HAVE 4 YEARS TO STOP ACTING LIKE DUMB BABIES AND FIX THIS OURSELVES.

  5. Blompf surrounded himself with jews and by the process of osmosis, has become one. Now he surrounds himself with niggers who are infamous for their Magical Thinking, among other things.
    And by the process of osmosis he has now become one of them as well.
    Blompf has morphed into a nig-kike! LMFAO!!

  6. I guess he’s figured out how to appeal to the other dark meat. Most blacks still won’t vote for him and I’m betting even some in that room.

  7. You’re starting to sound like a broken record, Mr. W.? Why are you banging on Trump again? Do you not see what is happening here? Do you not see the hazardous situation into which you witless Teutons have allowed yourselves to be (((led)))?

    Why do you think the stock market is disrupted? Because investors think the U.S. doesn’t have enough surgical masks or whatever those masks are called? The stock market is disrupted because there is NO CLEAR WAY out of the globalism that makes this contagion a problem? I don’t mean globalism makes it a problem because there is so much international travel that controlling the spread of the virus is far more difficult than it would be without such travel. That’s part of it, sure; but the real problem is that ECONOMIC ACTIVITY IS GLOBALIZED.

    China’s finished, don’t you see it? Would you open a factory in China tomorrow–or, like, anytime in the next one thousand years? It’s finished as both a labor zone and a market. The Middle East is finished as a market, too, since Iran has been revealed as the pseudo-modern state that every Third World polity is.

    Is that a problem in itself? Not really–the white world could adjust to all of that very quickly if it had to IF THE WHITE WORLD WERE UNDER WHITE CONTROL.

    But it isn’t, is it? We can’t even build a goddamn fence along the Rio Grande, to keep out parasitical dimwits. Is that because we don’t have enough steel? No–it’s because somebody else is in control; and as all those investors know, in the backs of their wallet-focused minds, that (((somebody else))) isn’t going to allow the white world to extricate itself from this mess.

    That’s what you should be banging on about, instead of prattling about idiotic candidates’ debates and hammering on Trump day after day. You’ve allowed this to happen–to your breed, your race, your people. It’s your duty, the duty of MEN, to secure the future for your women and children–and you have SECURED NOTHING.

    • Won’t work, too much leakage, people evading it.
      Although it will moderate the spread and lessen the impact.

      Quarantine, who will move and process the food?

  8. Oh, how utterly CONNED we were, in thinking that a sleazy Queens Real Estate schmuck could have led this country. Forgive me, Father for I have sinned……

  9. Trump wishes Corona virus to go away. He was betting a good economy would ensure his re-election. Corona virus related world economic slowdown threatens his chances of winning re-election. The stock market reaction to his Corona virus announcement means the smart money is not convinced he can manage the corona virus threat to the US economy.

  10. That is a smashing photo. Who knew that in 2020, ferchrissakes, the White House photographers would be using P Funk album covers as inspiration. Look how the window behind tall yellow on the right fits onto her head exactly and turns her into the Statue of Liberty! “I can hear my people call! I can hear my people call!” [or however the PFunk lyric goes]

    Of course, I’m assuming this is a real photo when it might not be.

  11. The wuflu shows how brittle our economy is.
    There isn’t the robust resilience of ample stockpiles, solid financial structure etc.

    The frackers are heavily in debt, low oil prices for a protracted period will bankrupt most of them. Which will put a heavy load on many banks. Leading to more bank bailouts.

    Too many businesses in America exist payment to payment, any interruption could cause chains of failure to spread, cascading through the economy. People wi money are obviously scared, 4,000 points in 10 days, unparalleled !

    • Debt, debt, debt is the Achilles’ heel of the financial system. Under current financial theories the debt will be slowly inflated away along with savings which increases spending which keeps the economy moving and the debt becomes manageable. One problem with this theory is that debt is deflationary and after a point deflationary forces overwhelm inflationary forces. This results in massive speculation in financial assets which do inflate while wages and savings suffer from deflation.

      The net effect is impoverishment of the middle class, a bloated welfare class and concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands. This arrangement is inherently unstable, politically and financially. The political class only represents the interests of the super wealthy which are arrayed against the rest of society’s interests while financial speculation always results in a crash of markets. This ruins the currency if the debt is too large (like now) and the financial class is able to transfer their debt liabilities through the corrupt political system on to the Government’s balance sheet. This is exactly what happened in the 2008 financial crisis.

      This time it really is different, the USD is at risk. The Federal Reserve is a one trick pony when it comes to policy; cut rates again. Rates are nearly zero now from the 2008 crisis so there is very little room to cut although what little is available will be used up soon. Cutting interest rates weakens the dollar and promotes inflation, which the Fed wants. This will not rescue the economy and therefore the financial system but it does weaken confidence, especially overseas in USD assets.

      Debts are too great, the U.S. economy has structurally changed over the last fifty years with manufacturing (really value added activities) deliberately sacrificed for short term financial gain starting with Reagan in 1981. Import substitution and selling off capital assets coupled with massive deficit spending and improved computer technology accounted for prosperity in the 1980’s and ’90’s but that is gone now. Real estate speculation under that idiot GWBII masked inherent flaws in the economy in the 2000’s and that ended with a bang in 2008. The cycle of reflation through debt was kicked into high gear by the geniuses at the Fed after 2008 but that string is also played out now and there is nothing left. Corona is the black swan that will set things on fire.

      Like the eloquent, silver tongued Philosopher of Ferguson (Mo.) said in dulcet tones after the helpless, Gentle Giant was killed back in 2014 after trying to seize a cop’s gun; “Burn This Bitch Down!”

      • “debt is deflationary and after a point deflationary forces overwhelm inflationary forces.”

        That is an excellent point !

        It has twisted the entire financial system into pretzel logic.
        Savers are r4p3d while rewards go to wilder speculators, an inversion of common logic.

        Are we going to repeat 2008, on a larger scale with a different termination ?
        ( housing.prices seem completely out of proportion to buyers ability to carry their mortgages).

        • Another point,
          the mass injection of immigrants to create an artificial spur to the demand side of the conomy. The infusion of 3 million orcs per year creates frenetic economic activity, housing, cars, fuel, appliances etc. ( crowding, congestion, pollution added to the above.)

          I think (their) inner trick is to keep increasing immigration to prevent the deflation from crushing the economy.

          • Yep…infinity immigrants is their only way to assure infinity economic “growth”. But who cares if it is ultimately unsustainable and ends up turning everything into places like Bombay and Rio? Shit cities with an endless supply of shit colored people.

    • No worries. The Fed today just stole another large chunk of money from savers to encourage even more debt. I hope 12AX7 is right….just burn this mothereffer down.

  12. One confirmed death with this virus in the Seattle Washington area. If the High homeless population gets this Virus in the Greater Seattle area good luck containing it with out chaos. Same for all major Cities on the west Coast with the Opioid homeless crisis. I believe Vancouver Canada has some confirmed cases? The same issue with that city/costal metro is also facing high homeless populations issues.

    • So far it’s an Affluenza though. Cruise liner passengers, ski trip returnees etc. The first plague that has really struck at the upper middle classes.

    • Yes.

      Zog imports millions of ‘refugees’ while we have millions of homeless.
      Insanity on steroids.

      Any sane society would provide for its own, first and foremost.

  13. Check your can of Lysol. Someone showed me their can that listed Coronavirus as being among the parasitic infections that it eliminates. I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a new contagion and that someone was supposed to be cracking down on companies that claimed to be able to stop the spread of it. Somebody’s lying to us again.

    I read the label on a smaller can of Lysol and it did not list the virus. It was different than the other can, as it had the uses prominently listed and the other one had the uses in fine print.

  14. If current population parameters hold true,
    seniors over 70 are going to be hit wi a sledgehammer. 18% CFR !

    No deaths in the under 10 age group, so far.
    All our precious lil’ immigrants are safe.

  15. Have no fear! Lady MAGA is here! She will save us! Whoever thought a male transvestite dressed as Lady MAGA with blond wig , red dress, and make up would be the hit of the show at CPAC. As they say today’s conservatism is yesterday’s liberalism! CPAC is living proof of that!

  16. PS: If Trump understand the Concept of the Political-which he dies not-this is an excellent time to close the border citing the Corona virus as his motivation!

  17. “Donald Trump Thinks Coronavirus Will Go Away”

    Well it will. The only question is how many people will it take with it?

  18. “Whoever thought a male transvestite dressed as Lady MAGA with blond wig , red dress, and make up would be the hit of the show at CPAC.”


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