Donald Trump Speaks At CPAC 2020

Seb Gorka was being mean to Infowars.

He was calling them kooks and snake oil merchants who shouldn’t be welcome at CPAC. They are undermining the conservative movement by associating with Nick Fuentes.

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  1. When you pursue acceptance by the mainstream, you validate their overinflated views of worth and value. The cuckservatives have access to donor money and corporate media, so attempting to get in with them means you want that too, principles and morals be damned. CPAC is a vanity project that fellates the cuck establishment. It showcases the cuck’s irrelevance and emptiness.

  2. Just more Catholic Political Action Committee (CPAC). Cardinal Schlapp, and now Father Gorka of the Holy Catholic Mary.

    • @Krafty,

      I was hoping that you would chime in again with your OCD. Are you a descendant of John Francis Bowers the creator and leader of the American Protective Association? Because you are cut right from the same cloth as the heirs to the “Know Nothing Party.”

      Here’s some info on an organization that would’ve really been in your ‘sweet spot.’

      • November,

        I am impressed. How do you know all these things? This is surely not main stream American Education. I was taught about the Know Nothing Party.

          • Virtus,

            I could have used some of your encyclopedic knowledge of European history in my ongoing debate against “The Enternal Anglo” on MW Public Chat’s Telegram channel.

            Their cognitive dissonance with historical reality is mind boggling. They accused me of being a globalist and multiculturalist for suggesting a Pan-European Ethnic Alliance against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Like Poland and Hungary, they are under the foolhardy belief that disjointed ethno-nationalism is enough to turn the tide. Because we cannot post photos on OD, I can’t show you what photo got their knickers in a bind.

            Suffice to say, I left them with the “at least you’re not speaking German in Londonistan” shot to the solar plexus.

          • Virtus,

            That was valuable information on the alleged Jesuit conspiracy. Thank you for providing it.

        • Cristina,

          Definitely, not mainstream education. I just follow leads from one topic to another. Sometimes it’s out of curiosity, and other times, a relevant gem will fall into my lap unexpectedly. I’m kind of cursed and blessed say in that way.

          • Why thank you brother November, for your kind words, and of course for sticking up for historisches heiliges Deutsches Reich.

            Yes indeed, the “Eternal Anglo” (lol) is quite a character.

            Petulance, thy name is British.

          • November,

            You as well can remind these “Eternal Anglo$” – along with their calcified anti-German bias and, more prosaically, €nvy of the Fatherland – that many great and noble Englishman recanted this attitude, and repented of their ways towards their cousins in Germany, two of the greatest being King Edward VIII, who was forced to abdicate in 1936, and who thus took the title Duke of Windsor


            Erstwhile British Prime Minister David Lloyd George – in office for the latter half of the “great war”, who called Chancellor Hitler “the George Washington of Germany” – and who apologized to Hitler & the German people for what Britain so unfairly did to Germany during and after the first war (in particular, the lying atrocity propaganda, and the starvation blockade, and of course the Versailles phony “armistice”)


          • Virtus,

            You are a treasure trove of information.


            While I admire and appreciate Devon Stack aka Blackpilled ability to deconstruct Hollywood propaganda, I am just a free agent sprinkling some non-kosher truth here and there. Though before I had my Twitter account suspended, I used to converse with Blackpilled pretty often. BTW, Blackpilled had his Twitter account suspended last month.

      • Funny how you Catholics think Mary was assumed into heaven, and, worship her by “praying” Buddhist prayer beads to her. LOL. Where in the New Testament does it say Mary was Assumed into Heaven? Or that you should recite prayers to her over and over again. Brainwashing? What’s a Novena? LOL.

        Like the Schlapps’ and Gorka you Catholic cultists believe all kinds of crazy stuff. So before you go kicking people out of political gatherings for having ideas you don’t like, you need to consider your own crazy Catholic ideas.

        How’s the infallible Pope doing?

        • Kraft,

          We do not worship Mary. That would be a sin. We venerate her.

          The New Testament is not all there is. That is a Protestant belief. There was not even a book called the Bible until the Church around 400 A.D. put it together by deciding what was inspired and what was not. We also have the teaching authority of the Church as well as Liturgical laws etc.

          The Pope is only infallible if he is a valid Pope, is speaking as the Head of the Church to bind all Catholics on pain of sin on a specific Defined Dogma. The Pope cannot go against any previously Defined Dogmas as well.

          Francis is going against Defined Dogmas on homosexuality, married couples etc. He is only expressing his evil personal opinions. He has not tried to speak as Head of the Church in order to bind Catholics to any heresy on pain of sin. If he were to do so he would de facto be a Formal Heretic and would stand officially condemned. He has not violated Papal Infallibility for the reasons I have already given. If he does he would lose the throne.

          I will obviously not be dragged into an internet war. But my response was warranted. I wrote this only so others could see not you.

  3. I remember the 2016 campaign during which clowns like Cruz and Jeb! kept saying that Trump is not a conservative. Jeb! famously said so in Spanish (naturally).

    They were wrong.

    Trump is an exemplary conservative– tax cuts and Israel are at the top of his program.

  4. “I will never recognize anyone who denies the Holocaust as a Conservative.
    – Borg-a Gorka

    God will never recognize anyone who denies the Jews killed Christ, EVER.
    Just sayin’…..

  5. CPAC is insane with Diamond and Silk and Madame Cleo laying healing hands on Trump (I wondered what happened to America’s favorite psychic. I have not seen her in commercials in years) and Lady MAGA. What rational white person wants to be part of that. To hell with both the Retarded Right and the Lunatic Left. A pox on both of their houses!

  6. I can’t listen to any of that garbage. Those creatures have nothing to do with my life, and are a detriment to me and mine.

    Greg Johnson was on Tim’s podcast last night. I like Johnson, overall – but he was being superfaggy and blathering that WN who are against Trumpeldor will stop being stupid and “come to their senses” eventually and vote for the back-stabbing King of Israel.

    I’m not stupid. I realized that we were betrayed and used after that VERY first strike against Syria.

    I’m not voting for Sanders – but I’m NOT voting for the Orange Toad.


  7. Good for the amnats on getting out and doing their own thing with AFPAC but they have zero influence or power by supporting Zlimpf and the Republican Party.

    When you get kicked out, banned and blacklisted and you continue to support those supporting your exclusion……


    • They’re like the abused spouse that keeps coming back and hoping conditions will change. The AmNats will all end up voting for the same too of the ticket as Gorka, Kirk, and Diamuand Silk. How pitiful is that?!?

  8. The faggot Gorka, “can call them out”. Yeah, that’s about all these jews and jew lovers can do, silence and call names, because they sure as hell can’t support their lies with any facts.

  9. All while Info Wars was kicked out. That shows the Conservatives and Republicans will never associate with Info Wars because it’s always been known for exposing the New World Order and World Government. The Republican Party is 1,000% in association with the New World Order and World Government. Deo Vindice !

  10. It was just a grifters’ convention, sort of like an Amway convention but not as exciting or honest.

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