1. Bernie was the only real threat, and he never intended to do what it took to win; namely to upset the apple cart. In the end he just stood there with his hands folded over his crotch.

  2. The polling must look awful if he drops out two days before Super Tuesday and after he collected more money from his suckers.

    Buh-bye, you creep.

  3. Two white men on the ticket? Never happen. If Creepy Joe gets the nomination it will have to be an Affirmative Action pick for VP

  4. I think he’s more realistically thinking about a cabinet position and a future run some time down the line. Right now being gay would still matter, give America 20 years and no one will care.

  5. Buttplug is a calculating, cunning and ambitious little queer. He was the favorite of the white Dim party professional class, so for him to leave the contest so soon means he anticipates getting favors in return: Future support for higher office, backing for a cabinet post (if Biden wins, because the cocksucker is surely doing this for the establishment’s choice), or something else that leads to him getting more money and power.

  6. Probably Buttplug’s AIDS was acting up anyway so now he can get back to humping his so-called “husband”. This country is a disgrace. Just the fact that a creature like the Buttplug can be out and about in public, flaunting his perversion with claps of approval indicates how low this country has sunk.

    And Trump thinks these freaks are OK? What have the grifters in the Republican Party been conserving anyway for the last 100 years, certainly not any kind of a healthy, normal country.

  7. This is the second gayest thing to happen on March 1st. The faggiest was Blompf’s tweet praising charlie cuck’s book and subsequent interview on marc levine’s fox jews show.

    • Wait—Trump praised Charlie Kirk’s book?

      But I thought the almighty Groyper Movement destroyed him!

      Do you mean to tell me all this triumphalist hype about the Groypers “accomplishing” things is just self-serving delusional behavior among a group that consists 100% of young men who’ve never been laid and have never accomplished anything in their lives beyond the occasional video-game circle jerk?

  8. Anyone else read that title as Pete Buttplug drops out? No just me? lol Alright

    So creepy dementia Biden vs Commie Bernie is whats left now?

  9. Thank God that blasphemy on two legs is no longer a candidate. And if ANYONE wants to have ‘her’ as a VEEP, then that man needs to be shunned at the polls by every sane American… if there are any of them left.

  10. It’s gonna come down to Biden vs Sanders. And Sanders will simply be screwed out of the nomination.

    Biden seems to be the only one with a campaign bus. Or at least he got one first. Then there are all of the Freudian slips by the media, calling Biden Trump’s electoral rival, but not calling any of the others that.

    This just might be the last gasp of the traditional, White Democratic Party.

    • the demoncrat party is a Jew party. True since 1913.

      the Republiscam party is a Jew party. True since 1984. Whites

      are reduced to mere windowdressing in both.

  11. My standing theory all along is that Buttigieg’s candidacy wasn’t serious, that it was a name recognition hustle, getting prominent among gay men in the media, and gay men heavy political donors, (you can cut a lot of political checks when you don’t have to buy diapers), all to parlay it into a fat cushy cable news gig.

    His candidacy was getting some traction, but I take his dropping out now as a clue that he’s getting tired of the grind, and wants to get on MSNBC or CNN sooner rather than later.

  12. ” I guess I don’t want to be President anymore…am I still Mayor? “…pEt3 buTTpLuG

  13. (((DNC))) arm-twisted Klobuchar out today as well, figuring to switch a few more SuperTuesday votes – and delegates – over to Biden. Overall, right now

    it looks like the ZOG can stop Red Jew Sanders somewhat short of the 1,991 delegates he’d need to win on the first ballot. That might make a subsequent Biden nomination worthless, but

    the ZOG would much rather have Israhell-stooge Drumpf in the WH than Bernie.

  14. Klobuchar out today.

    Just Sanders and Bloomberg, Biden and Warren left of the candidates allowed into the debates.

    All over 70, three in their upper 70s. Two jews– one leftist and one gazillionaire, one corrupt and senile, and one fake Indian woman. Haha.

  15. The Left needs to put there money where their mouth is and show how “Woke” they are by rebooting Mister Roger’s Neighborhood with Bootyjudge as the new Mr. Rogers.

    “Hello boys and girls. Today we are going to talk about the evils of Cisgenderism. Can you say Cisgender?”

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