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  1. I’m actually glad that it’s going to be either Biden or Sanders. I’d rather either of them over their competitors and especially over Hillary Clinton. Biden was an outsider in his own administration, opposed the red line in Syria and opposed the Libya operation. He didn’t vote for the war in Iraq, he voted to authorize war if Saddam was found to be making WMD. Bush tricked him.

    • It’s the blaxxx that put Biden over the top in sc. They represented about 60% of all Democrat voters and Biden won about 60% of their vote. Biden says “y’all” better than the other Democrats so that’s enough for the blaxxx with their phony church going nonsense as they vote for abortion Joe.

      So called church goers voted for Biden..lol. Gee, is it the abortion? The homosexual marriage support? The open borders support? The never ending sucking up pandering to blacks as whites get thrown under the bus again?

      Biden is going to pick that communist heifer Abrahams as his running mate if he wins the nomination. Just another anti GOD person like Biden who will help fill up the comedy act black churches as they all worship blackness first with a sprinkle of that guy JESUS. Now where da food at, y’all?

      • Actually, she reminds me more of a gorilla than a cow. But you are right, she will be the running mate.

    • @Dwyre

      Southerners get that Neoliberalism, although problematic, is not half as bad as Democratic Socialism, which robs them of their money and gives it to undeserving people of all colors – White, Black, and Brown – nor is it as bad as Bolshevism, which leaves them starving to death. At least neoliberalism keeps their bellies full.

      To the Dissident Right: Starvation, being thrown in gulags, and having all your hard earned wealth and possessions stolen from you is always going to be worse than Drag Queen Story Hour, Gay Pride Parades, Porn, Deplatforming, Antifa shenanigans, or anything else that’s triggered you so much its causing you to want to exchange 21st century America, flawed though it is, for 1917 Russia or 1950s China, or 21st century Sweden, which has no free speech and is the rape capital of the world.

      Last night, I was reading an exchange on Twitter that took place on February 25 between Dr. Ricardo Duchesne vs. Richard Spencer & Evan McClaren. It finally dawned on me: Leftie Populist-WN’s are full of the same hate and bitterness towards the Middle and Upper Classes as any typical Bolshevik or Bernie Bro. “Eat the Rich” is just code word for “Gas the Suburbs, Class War Now.” Its clear that their real enemy isn’t MAGA – Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon – its the White Middle Class Suburban family who makes $80-$150,000, lives in a McMansion, drives in pickup truck or an SUV, and sends their kids to homogeneous White schools. “Filthy individualistic suburbanites! We hatez them precious!”

      Well, about this: The white underclass in America – not the salt of the earth working class that can actually hold down an effing job and generally has good manners, no, the white underclass with its opioids and disgusting mannerisms and broken families – should not get Medicare, or food stamps, or any other assistance from the government. The unemployed, lumberjack wearing, Chapo Trap House listening, bearded hipsters in urban cities should not have a single penny of their college debt relieved by the government. National healthcare should rejected just like it was in the 1950s, and if Bernie tries to get through tax increases – which he wants to impose on everyone making more than $30,000 per year – then corporate America and Suburban America should conspire to stop him.

      The racially diverse, heavily segregated country we live in today is preferable to conservative WN’s like me than living in a racially homogeneous, communitarian shithole where I’m liable to get Corona Chan in my bowl of soup from the local kitchen at the shanty town surrounded by heroine needles. Shopping malls and the McDonalds Arch are preferable to whatever miserable vision of the world that Nazbols like Spencer, McClaren, and this site have in store. They can say all they want that Bernie’s policies are “Good for Whites,”. but that’s only true for the whites who are societal failures and outcasts, not normal, hardworking, decent Whites.

      The only good commie is a dead commie.

      Hail Victory.

      • Poe’s Law in action. Specifically, the part of Poe’s Law that says that no matter what kind of hysterical reactionary bullshit you can spout as a joke, the real thing exists and it’s ten times as bad.

        The above posts looks like it has to be me LARPing but it’s really not.

      • But on further observation, it appears you are a “legitimate” user and you are serious. And the fact is, you are right.

        You are right. We are going to invade your McMansions, kill you, rape your wives, enslave your children, redistribute all your ill-gotten gains to homeless meth addicts, and burn them to the ground. Then we are going to criminalize corporations, gas the kikes and kike-alikes who run them while they scream pathetically for mercy and beg us not to, and put the entire economy on the control of a totalitarian revolutionary workers’ state that will make Pol Pot look like a liberal.

        You can’t even imagine it yet. But it’s gonna happen.

        • I know it’s just words, as Obama so eloquently stated but, wow, and to think my comment about beating the shit out of some traitorous CEO’s was not published. At least, the source of our misery was the focus for me.

          It’s top down folks.

      • “The racially diverse, heavily segregated country we live in today is preferable to conservative WN’s like me than living in a racially homogeneous……”

        Ok basic bitch cuckservative.

        • Good to see my reply didn’t get censored though.

          Needless to say, this is why non-socialist “WNs” can’t be trusted. They will always pick multiracial capitalism over White Nationalist Communism. Their class interests come first.

          Reality seemed to prove me right every single day, even if nobody listens.

  2. No surprise. Disappointing to see senile joe get a win, but it will be worthless to him in the end. My money is still on Sanders. Sanders is still my top accelerationist candidate and I think he’ll rally going forward.

    Surprisingly high finish for Buttplug in conservative Christian South Carolina. He’s beating Warren so far…

    In other news…Peace in Afghanistan! Finally. Trump actually did something right for once.

    • “Peace in Afghanistan finally” Yeah but did you see the long list of commands they have to meet to not have US re-invade? Its good in the meantime i guess but its such bullshit considering

    • there is no way the Zionist wing of organized Jewry will allow anyone not 100% in the tank for Israhell anywhere near the WH.

      the (((DNC))) will steal it from (((Bernie))) even if it means throwing the fake-election to Drumpf who, as we know, is 100% ZOG. Lookit SC:

      Biden was up c. 10 points in the polls 24 hours before the voting….then wins by 30 points over Sanders? You do see the problem there? Massive vote rigging cost Sanders a fistfull of delegates, same as in Iowa. He’ll likely go to the convention with a substantial plurality of the delegates but no majority. The rest

      you can guess.

      NB: Mayor Pete has pulled the…errr…plug. And Drumpf’s “witjhdrawal” from ‘Stan is an election year ploy. Will not happen now, or 14 months from now.

      • Make no mistake. The jews WILL have whoever they want and that tool will do whatever the jews tell him/her to do. This is all total bullshit which serves to put countless millions in the pockets of the jewsmedia.

      • “Massive vote rigging cost Sanders a fistfull of delegates, same as in Iowa. ”

        It’s Ron Paul, ALL OVER AGAIN.
        Who’s to blame? JEWS to blame.


  3. I shudder to think of the treatment I could expect from that jury in the upper right of the photo if my “crime” of being a white man were brought to trial. Dude second from left is probably a record-setting female weightlifter, so “he”‘s no help.

  4. This is strange to me, and I don’t know why, but Biden’s win in SC is somehow…re-assuring. Comforting.

    I can’t begin to explain.

    It’s like a continuation of the old style American corruption, until the new style corruption kicks in.

    It’s like you can still count on something.

  5. Creepy Biden wins one thanks to the blaxxx. Blaxxx as usual with their pretend Christianity as they vote for abortion Joe, homo lover Joe and open borders, anti white Joe. Praise JESUS y’all as the blaxxx sing another gospel song and run to the food after service.

    Sanders has to play this game of sucking up to blacks but must be so happy to now go on to less black places like Texas and California that he will win. The entire party is anti white so whatever.

    Even goofy Andrew Yang hugging that pilot fish Tom Steyer with Yang muttering something about Steyer being for ” racial justice.”. Lol. Yeah ok math boy. My math tells me “racial justice” according to you means never speaking of all the black on white crime, welfare stealing, destroying of schools by blacks, covered up black on white hate crimes.. No. What that Chinese guy” means is let’s make whites the enemy and forever pretend blacks are victims in your disgusting, fake Yang gang world as you and your wife make a point to live in a hyper segregated area of Manhattan. The whole thing is so tiresome that it’s evil. Without whites it’s over and everyone knows it.

    • “Blaxxx as usual with their pretend Christianity”.

      I’ve come to realize one simple fact. Whites ALONE are the recipients of TRUE Christianity. The LXX was in Greek. The NT was in Greek. The Roman Empire/Europe was the ‘world’ of Jesus’ day, and the ONLY construct He had as the God-Man, to preach this Gospel, to.

      Moreover, the Holy Spirit forbade the Apostles preaching in Asia as witnessed in Acts, and they never went ‘back to the fleshpots of Egypt’- which forevermore is viewed as the continent of polytheism, and blasphemy.

      The Apostles went only North, and/or Northwest with their message. St. Paul, St. Peter, etc. While non-whites can gain some benefits from their association with Christianity, they are NEVER going to be the ‘holy race, royal priesthood’ of the Adam of God.

      • JESUS said why do you call me LORD and not do as I say? While I do think some black people are true Christians they are for sure a major minority. Like jews, blacks worship being black first. Jews worship the concept of group Judaism and their rituals. No pork or cheese fries for you, Schmuley!

        How can one be a true church going person and then go on to vote for the most radical abortion and homosexual politicians? This is classic black thinking. How can black Christians not be constantly condemning the outlandish out of wedlock sex. births and disease among other blacks? Because most black people are just actors when it comes to a life for JESUS.

        Several honest black religious people called hate mongers basically say most blacks are under the devil. That one preacher from Harlem New York says it all the time. Forgot his name. He of course gets condemned by Democrat ” progressives” since he also rips on homosexuality.

        No matter how much money is spent it’s always ” Groundhog day” with most black people. The sucking up and pandering to them by so many whites is a sickening display of stench. The entire Democrat field running for president run on an extremely anti white agenda. Lies rule. And because of it the people who should be having the least children are having the most.

  6. What happened is Biden went to South Carolina on behalf the the Democrat Party establishment, to see the owners of the Black List. The Black List is a list of people who own the Black Vote. A deal was done and the Black’s owners told them to vote for Biden. They have to be careful they don’t spell the name of the candidate wrong on the how to vote cards, as the Blacks once elected the wrong candidate.

    This is the vote the dummies at the GOPe told Trump to ignore Whites for. Trump is not going to get the Black Vote this time, like all the other times the GOP tried, because There Is No Black Vote.

  7. Notice the absence of white males in the front line of Biden supporters. Now if we add the absence of heterosexual white males instead of just white males…

  8. Will corona come through the ranks of these dried up old senile bastards like a scythe and thin the herd? The Buttplug probably has AIDS so he’s vulnerable too. I shudder to think that the dried up old shrew, Pocahontas could be left standing. Yikes! She looks like she needs a good screwing but who would volunteer for that unenviable task, perhaps Bill Clinton, he’s not picky but certainly not The Buttplug.

  9. I legitimately hope he stays in the race. The man is a singlehanded meme generation device that rivals the entire internet.

    Frankly, the values of mouth kissing his grand-daughter and sucking his wife’s finger are more wholesome than anything Pete is doing.

  10. It looks like Joe Biden is still in the game. I imagine he’s gonna do well on Super Tuesday and after that. It will be between him and Bernie Sanders. As for the Gay dude he has no chance of winning in the General Election because nobody wants a Sodomite President. Not now anyway…you know how things keep going in the US Sodomite Empire. Deo Vindice!

  11. The oligarchs want Biden to run as the Democratic anti-Trump, on a 1980s platform of ag subsidies and factory jobs for the Yankee Corn and Rust Belts.

    South Carolina is the beginning of the screwing of Sanders out of the nomination, again.

    They can’t ever have an obvious Jew as president. It would set the Jews up for a pogrom. Only controlled Goys and possible cryptos need apply. Biden is it.

    Just as Cardinal Richelieu ruled France through the mentally unstable/ill Louis XIII, the oligarchs will rule America® through their puppet, Biden.

    Biden will loose, however.

  12. It will be a joy to behold when the Republicans see that their “record high” employment for blacks did not help Trump one iota as they vote solidly Democratic. Do they not realize Democrats are the party of racism,white supremacy, Jim Crow, and segregation? I know this because conservative talk hosts told me so!

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