Live Thread: Super Tuesday


Virginia – Biden

North Carolina – Biden

Alabama – Biden

American Samoa – Bloomberg

Vermont – Sanders

I had a decision to make.

Here in Alabama, the choice on Super Tuesday was voting in the Republican or Democratic primary. I could either vote for Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders for president, OR, I could vote for Jeff Sessions in the Alabama Senate race. Tulsi doesn’t have a chance of winning Alabama. Joe Biden is likely to easily beat Bernie Sanders here because the Democratic electorate is majority black and moderate. Last time I checked the polls, Jeff Sessions is slightly ahead of Tommy Tuberville.

I voted for Jeff Sessions who was screwed harder by Donald Trump than almost anyone in his administration. I did this mainly because I have fond memories of Sessions representing Alabama in the Senate. He was the only Republican who I actually liked for years and I would rather have him in there than Tommy Tuberville when Trump is gone. I had the chance to vote for Donald Trump in the Republican primary too, but I just left that spot on my ballot blank, which is what I intend to do in the fall.

As for Bernie Sanders, I like a lot of his positions on war and trade and cancelling student loan debt, but he would probably call me a racist and throw me in the gulag for voting for him. If he wins the Democratic nomination, he will have a few months to convince me otherwise.

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    • THAT outcome is truly wonderful! Wow – what a smack in the face to Mike the Midget Jew! HAHA!!!Being a Jew, though – he thinks he’s doing fine.

  1. The Holy Catholic Biden comes out, and announces that his crazy Catholic co-religionist Beto O’Jerk will be his anti-gun czar. This can’t help Biden in Texas, and not even in kookie California.

    • Beta is popular among Mestizos though. This will help Biden split some of those Mestizo votes away from Sanders.

      • Huge victory in Texas yesterday for the anti-gun Democrats, after Biden promised to make his co-religionist & anti-gun fanatic Beto O’Jerk his gun czar. So much for Texas Republicans who blowhard about how pro-gun Hispanics/Latinos are in Texas. Biden is their co-religionist and that may effect the Latino vote more than any other factor.

        Even the Pope hates Trump. LOL.

  2. massive vote-jiggering by the DNC in VA. 4 polls yesterday: 2 showed Sanders leading by 5-8 points, 2 showed Biden leading by 15-20 points. But, as in SC, Biden winning by 30+ points. I don’t recall ever seeing a fix this shameless by either party. Biden may well come out of today with as many or more delegates than Sanders.

    • I think this is all splendid! The chicanery is SO blatant. As well as sloppy. Will ONE Dimocrat utter a word of protest, Bernie Short Bus Riders not-withstanding? Nope. They are ALMOST as stupid as the MIGAtards.

      • NO, NO , IT’S NOT POSSIBLE !

        A jew would never engage in false actions, just for financial gain.
        Suggesting that he would feign sincererity just to get a payoff.
        Snowhitey, i am really disappointed in you 🙁

  3. HW just can’t help himself from voting in a system that is ensuring the demise of White America – it’s like some form of mental retardation.

  4. They’re all gangsters.

    They yell “democracy” over and over again as they lie, cheat, steal and rig elections here every year. Then they go abroad and overthrow real democracies like Bolivia.

    • First, it’s a republic, but Americans are too stupid to even know their own form of government.

      A convention of fools.

      • Well, as William James once said (he isn’t the only one who said this, but he usually gets the credit for it), “There is nothing so absurd than when you repeat something often enough, people begin to believe it.”

        What you’re talking about is the absurdity of stupid people putatively “American” believing we live in a Democracy based on the thousands of times they’ve heard it repeated, and repeated it themselves, over the course of their lifetimes. This is why “one man, one vote universal franchise” is such an idiotic, self-destructive idea. The more stupid and incompetent people you allow to vote, or otherwise participate in any way in the decision making process, the more Ocazio Cortez’s and Chuckie Schumers (et al) you’re going to wind up with ruling it over their betters. This is also why voting in our elections is such a counter-intuitive thing to do at this point. As I’ve said many times before, I’ll think about (think about!) lending my credibility to the American electoral system again whenever Shaniqua and Tyrone, Joey the White Knight and his smokin’ hot girlfriend, and my college age daughter, no longer have an “equal vote” with yours truly. Until then, forget it. The whole thing is just a joke, man.

        • T. Morris,

          A good comment. A republic that goes universalist is self destructive especially when it now represents a United Nations in miniature.

          • Cristina: I used to read some of our leading founders and shudder when they pronounced that the probable end game of the Republic they had established would be, in their words, ‘a reconciliation among the general populace to Monarchy.’ Those are actually my words strung together into a sentence of paraphrase and of my own making, but you know what I mean.

            I’m too old and tired to concern myself anymore with whether or not the general populace prefers “Republicanism” or Monarchy to rule it over them. They’re going to be ruled, and that’s a fact. I figure Monarchy is a WAY more stable form of government than what we have now (“Republicanism,” “Democracy,” whatever you care to call it). Therefore, I fear not Monarchy, even in its worst form imaginable. There is no form of government more imaginably degenerate than what we have now in the “good ol’ U.S. of A.” best I can tell. So there ya go.

            A return to feudalism wouldn’t be a bad thing, in my estimation.

        • T. Morris,

          I am glad to know that the USA founding fathers were intelligent enough to realize that Monarchy would be the end game. As a traditional Catholic I support monarchy. My father rules like a king, my religion is a monarchy. Our most intelligent saint–St. Thomas Aquinas said that monarchy is the best form of government and democracy/republics are the worst. And he said that in the middle ages before the advent of modern liberal democracies/republics.

          A monarchy need not be absolute. A monarch is anointed by a christian clergy. If christianity is true then that has to have value.

          People evidently can not rule themselves as a group for any length of time. A few people can but not most. Any future ruler of the USA will have to be extremely firm at least until normalcy is restored.

          My father has forbidden me to engage in argument on this website so if someone disagrees with me on this issue then so be it. I somewhat violated his instructions on animals with November and others.

          So while not disrespecting the USA founding fathers may I suggest that Queen Cristina sounds kind of catchy. So I would make you minister of Family Affairs. Virtus I make minister of Diplomacy. November I make minister of War. I make Snowhitey minister of something as well.

          Now who should I make Minister of Race Relations?

  5. “As for Bernie Sanders, I like a lot of his positions on war and trade and cancelling student loan debt…”

    And what’s his position on cancelling student loan debt exactly? Making the rest of us pay for it? Bernie Sanders, the America First Nationalist candidate, pro European/American culture, third World immigration restriction-ist, no more aid/support for Israel and ME wars. Yea right, give me a break. It’s ok to just not vote for any candidate.

    • I can’t believe he even wrote that. There is no “canceling student debt”. There is only “making working people pay for it”.

      • How about we just cancel the compound interest on all the debt, student loans, car loans, home mortgages…no one ever introduces that idea, I wonder why?

  6. Biden is doing disturbingly well today so far. Not looking good for Bernie. The DNC has pulled out all the stops to shaft him. Looks like we may just end up with another four years of the orange jackass, much to my chagrin…

    • actually, Biden and Sanders will both defeat Drumpf in the pop vote by 5% or more. But the EC will be very, very close. If Biden gets the nom – which he evidently will, given the scale of the fix we’re seeing today – and then appeases the Berniebots by picking hardLeft Warren for VP he has an excellent chance of winning. That would be way better for us than another 4 years of the Drumpf smother.

      • There will be NO difference in a Bernie the Jew, Biden the Senile Jew Puppet, and the Orange King of Israel’s Admin. None, what-so-ever. But at least a Biden or Sander’s POTUS’y will be very, very funny! I’m actually getting behind Biden. A Sanders year Knish Out, with him screaming non-stop, could get tedious very fast. Biden, though – the Hebes behind him will spend the ENTIRE time trying to excuse or correct EVERY crazy thing he utters.

      • They love the old ones who are borderline senile. Even more so during the second term.

        I wonder if Nancy Kissinger and Jill Biden are friends. They certainly have the same response mechanism when it comes to protecting their husbands. Nancy “Lurch” Kissinger is really good at it.

        Speaking of Kissinger….. Again, what was the headline of that Roman newspaper so many years ago? Something like….. Kissinger is coming. Please keep your kids indoors. I guess he’s really good at hopscotch and jumping rope. The editors probably didn’t want the little sore losers losing self-esteem. What else could it possibly be?

  7. Biden is winning in MA and MN? Sanders campaigned in both states, got large crowds and sizable polling bumps out of his appearances, but isn’t winning either state? That’s highly suspicious.

    It was remarkable that the Dim establishment was able to coalesce around one candidate, Nuzzlehumper Joe, at the last possible minute and so quickly, in their desperation to stop Bernie. It’s even more incredible that this sudden move had such an immediate and sizable impact in Biden’s favor. Biden hadn’t the money to campaign or broadcast ads in most of the Super Tuesday states, as I recall. Some of his campaign offices in CA were even padlocked shut. Due to the amazingly huge swing of votes into Senile Joe’s column, I doubt that the votes in many states are being honestly counted.

    The Dim establishment is pulling out all the stops to preserve the lucrative status quo. They somehow learned their lesson in vote-fixing from the disaster in IA, and this time are apparently leaving no tell-tale signs. Never doubt elites made desperate through fear they’re about to lose their access to easy money and power. They’re afraid Bernie being in charge means the party money spigots will get turned off, so for them the primary cycle has become an existential war. I hope that the Sanders supporters will note what’s actually going on here, and rip apart the corrupt Dim party. May something similar happen to the Recucks and their Zionist/Koch/US CofC stooge establishment.

    • “Technical problems,” according to ABC, affected voting in MN, TX, and CA. They asserted that “malicious actors” had nothing to do with it. Perish the thought!

    • “Biden is winning in MA and MN? Sanders campaigned in both states, got large crowds and sizable polling bumps out of his appearances, but isn’t winning either state? That’s highly suspicious.”

      It’s not highly suspicious, it’s confirmation.

  8. “I like a lot of his positions on war and trade and cancelling student loan debt,”

    Please don’t be so naive.
    You know his breed , you know their behavior.
    How you could think that ? SMH

  9. Unless corona-chan and a wailing wall street nosedive jab-hook combination occurs, “king of the jews ” will be reelected by electoral votes.

    With bibi nuttyahoo maintaining the helm in israhell and Blompf in the Oval Office, come early to mid-2021, war with Iran will be on the front burner.

  10. As someone voting for Trump again, I much prefer Biden to go up against Trump than Sanders. Sanders brings enthusiasm and big crowds. Biden can’t even fill up a gymnasium, is senile, boring and is barely coherent. Plus Trump will wrap Hunter around his daddy’s neck.

    Biden has taken so many anti white positions and now, anti second amendment positions that it will doom him.

    Sanders has a lot of very young supporters. Young people are emotional and erratic. If there is any hint of Sanders’ people feeling Bernie got screwed, many will vote for Trump or not vote at all. It will be more so than 2016.

    Breitbart put out an article today showing just how much mass immigration has changed the Democrat primary and America in general. The elephant in the room has gotten so large that refusal to take action or promote it more shall make us just like all those nations South of the border. Worshipping business GDP has turned us into pee pee.

      • Lol. It beats going full anti white and open borders that every Democrat will bring. It’s not even close. Trump is the best choice. Now he is using the public charge rule. The only Democrat who would do that is extinct.

        This Bernie acceleration theory is a joke. He will only accelerate the end. No more wall, either. More like a white flag.

          • And are we able to buy health insurance across state lines?
            Where’s the reinstatement of media libel laws?
            Where’s the national carry permit?
            Are most of our troops home?
            The list is very, very long.

        • @ Jeff,

          Those three new miles of wall built in the three years of Blompf’s administration are most likely all you are going to get. Blompf isn’t even campaigning on immigration anymore. He had multiple chances to hire immigration hawks like Kris Kobach, but instead chose the GOP establishment’s ‘water carrier.’

          DACA amnesty and “a road to citizenship” will be on the agenda of the second term of a Blompf presidency, as will more big tech censorship ” monitoring ” and even more tax cuts for his beloved wealthy jewish oligarchs. That’s not to mention an almost certainty of war with Iran, more attempts to ferment a coup in Venezuela by neoconservatives, an even bigger menorah on the White House lawn every hanukkah, more betrayals to his horse blinders wearing MAGAtards. At best, he’ll get to nominate the replacement for the rotting corpse of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Even then, expect Blompf to be influenced to nominate another jewess.

          Voting for Trump and hoping to keep ruin and disaster at bay is equivalent to the children’s story of the little Dutch boy that attempts to prevent a catastrophic flood by plugging the numerous holes in the dike with his fingers.

          • November. Actually hundreds of miles are going up/ in the phase of doing. I know you don’t believe It but I do. In fact there was an article referring to 700 miles of wall posted the other day. If even 200 are up by November that is fine for now.

            . I guess Bernie or Biden can give you white flags to wave at the border as you get replaced. Or you can work harder to give away muh reparations” money to the blaxxx. That should really accelerate things. Lol. Obviously you know the deal what’s going on so how could you compare a Trump to a Bernie/Biden?

            Tell me what Democrat will be using the public charge rule or looking to keep the invaders in central America? What Democrat will be literally changing the appeals courts and Supreme Court to be far more conservative? How about none.

            A war with Iran? Trump has been extremely anti war unlike Bush and company. Gas prices have also been excellent under Trump. Yeah, it matters.

            Some of you nationalists are living in a dream world. I guess you want Bernie to get you things as he berns down the country. He can have Al Sharpton as his economic advisor. The NAACP as his white house team and la raza as his border enforcement.

            It’s almost embarrassing to have this discussion on a pro white site. If you don’t see Trump as 1 billion times better than literal nation wreckers with Bernie and Biden. well you might as well join the urban league.

            Trump is a stepping stone. It seems too many people viewed him as the ultimate guy. I never thought that but it’s clear he has done things no other Republican dreamed of. Simply voting for one more term for him against the anti white sludge running against him is the biggest no brainer in political history.

          • November, it’s not about trusting a plan. It’s going to be Trump against a literally dementia filled, corrupt to the core, anti white Democrat in Biden. I understand the frustration with Trump on some things totally. He angers me on doing zero regarding social media censorship. He was slow starting the wall. He has done little on white south African immigrants. I know. It bothers me a lot.

            But he is not running against David Duke or even Steve King. He is running against a Democrat party that is explicitly anti white. Trump is not anti white. He has put in radically better judges than Obama or Clinton. It matters. His public charge rule is good. So is his stay in Central America policy. No Democrat living would ever do that.

            He has done things that are now built into the political Dna like a wall, the public charge, bringing in better educated immigrants that a future Republican nominee can expand on. Before him all Republicans would expand on is war and tax cuts.

            While Trump has left me disappointed in some things I do have hope in a second term. The Democrats bring literally chaos and virulent anti white racism. Thus, Trump is an easy selection against Joe Dementia and his Pimp daddy son, Hunter.

  11. I can kind of understand why people on our side voted for worse is better in the past, but I don’t think 2020 is the year to be doing that. The democrats have become very extreme on every issue and very anti white. Trump isn’t perfect, but he currently represents white America in the eyes of most of the country. The other side needs to lose. And I don’t see any redeeming qualities for us in the likes of Bernie or any of the rest of them on that side. Trump isn’t perfect but we shouldn’t treat him like he is Bush, McCain, or Romney,….. he is far from that. And don’t forget some of the many things he has said that possibly stirred the pot and got people thinking. He isn’t the best but he is a step closer in the right direction. I wouldn’t be able to say the same thing about McCain if he were alive and running in this election for whatever reason hypothetically.

    • Thank you, Courtney. Exactly. Great post! Trump is pushing things that can become part of Republican DNA like the wall, the public charge rule and bringing more white immigration here! They have no other choice because they will go the way of the Whig party in a majority non white nation. Trump is gone after one more term, regardless. Why would we want to undercut that for a Bernie or Biden who are part of the anti white party?

      • @jeff and Courtney,

        Both American political parties are anti-white. The democrats are overtly so, whereas the RETARDicans are even more devious in their covert “boiling of the frog” ushering in their jewish master’s anti-white replacement and erasure endgames. The soothsaying traitor (i.e., republicans) are using the same script as the democrats, but implementation of the talmudic agenda is accomplished at 3/4th the speed of the virulently anti-white scumocrats.

    • Courtney – your comments hold the essential disaster with Trump – “Trump isn’t perfect, but he currently represents white America in the eyes of most of the country”.

      Except he doesn’t DO it. He DOES the opposite.

      Are you a Christian? Is that why you can’t SEE what’s right in front of your face?

      the JEWOP are the worst Anti Whites in the WORLD

    • Courtney, as Brad has said numerous times, Trump’s re-election may depend on us, the descendants of the colonial Americans who founded the US. We are probably the last one’s considered in any political decision by Trumpo. If we don’t get off the couch on election day Trumpo loses, or if we even forget it’s election day, Trumpo loses!

      So, Trump will need to work for our vote, and keep his promises. Why hasn’t Trump filled Federal positions with fine young men like Brad, or James Edwards? Instead Trump has surrounded himself with the worst sort of men and women, who have done nothing but, stab him in the back.

      A lot of us have roots that go way back to the French and Indian War and before, and Trump’s own roots are not as deep as ours in the US. We were willing to accept Trump, and he better understand there are still a few of us around—Brad estimated 30 million who were aware of themselves as White men, and I will add Protestants. Because, the two are the same when it comes to the Founders.

      Back in the 1970’s I got up to New York on business frequently, and Trump caught my attention, and I asked about him. I was told he was Dutch Reformed, that is a Presbyterian, and that he was from an old New York family. Trump’s family might have been an old New York Family, by New York standards, but, they were not an old American family by our standards. LOL. I think Trump is a Protestant, and he will be running for re-election against some combination of Catholics & Jews. All of whom don’t have American roots or appreciation of us.

  12. Hunter – Sanders NEVER ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING, expect enriching himself, Which means he EMBODIES the Eternal Jew ethos.

    Styxx is very, very happy.

  13. Mike “the little kike” Bloomberg has dropped out as well…and thrown his endorsement at Senile Creepy Joe…and maybe a few hundred-million shekels?

  14. Looks like the fight for the Democratic nomination is to be reduced to a contest between Socialism and Senility.

  15. As noted above by BoomerX and others, the speed in which Democratic primary voters stampeded towards Senile-Demented Joseph was too swift to have been an accident. My theory (no inside information, just an educated guess) is that Barack Obama wants back into the White House to reverse Trump’s erasure of the Annointed One’s legacy, and directed the string-pullers behind the scenes and in the Establishment Media to make Joe the Lone Ranger against Bernie, with Lying Liz to stick around to suck professional class liberal votes from Sanders, all to insure Biden is the nominee. Once Joe wins the election, he either names BHO his senior policy advisor or just obeys Barack’s behind the scenes directions. A third and forth Obama Administration results. The rich stay rich, the War Machine keeps humming, and the chump Democratic voters get to pretend all is well, like Trump’s Chumps, as our host calls the Maga-Maniacs. Win-Win. Am I right?

  16. Hunter-I remember that when Tuberville coached Ole Miss in football during the 90’s, he comp[lained that the Ole Miiss’s confederate symbols and legacy were the reason he couldn’t recruit, and he set in motion the drive to remove and abandon the Colonel Reb mascot, , the Rebel flag, the playing of Dixie at games by the band and even the unsuccessful(thankfully) move to change the state flag by removing the confederate flag motif from it. He also lied about not leaving Ole Miss after he already secretly accepted the position at Auburn..He’s a liar and a race traitor of the first water, and at best is a chamber of Commerce phonyr-get the word out to your friends in Alabama-Sessions all the way!

  17. I don’t give a shit what any of them would think of me. Politics is a dirty game. It’s about lesser evils. It’s as dirty as being involved with drugs. I support Bernie’s class warfare but lean against some of his positions on social issues. If he would oppose me for instance consider abortion taking a life than go ahead and oppose me. Politics was never about being friends with people.

    • Daryl,

      On social issues, trump and Bernie are simpatico. Don’t believe trump’s words/message but his actions.

  18. I think some of you misunderstood Jeff and I. We didn’t say Republicans were on our side. We didn’t say Trump was perfect. What we said was that he is better than what we had before for years on the Republican side. He is a step in the right direction. He isn’t more of the same like Bush or Romney. And he has said a few things that have rocked the boat. I also wonder what all he could have done immigration wise had his hands not constantly been tied by leftist judges. At the same time, the left has gotten far more radical and anti white than ever. This is why we don’t want to vote for someone else other than Trump right now. I think a lot of people in this movement expect either 100% perfect results or nothing, as opposed to taking things as they come and working with it.

    • Courtney, I think, Brad is thinking of the Hayes-Tilden election when a political deal was made to end a deadlocked Presidential election.

  19. CourtneyfromAlabama,

    Using the “leftists judges blocked Blompf’s agenda” is some earth’s core level deep cope. Sure, the 9th circuit in sanfagsicko blocked of the things on his wish list, but they didn’t force him to not reopen the government unless congress provided more funding for the border wall (and while on the topic of border wall funding, whatever happened to Mexico paying for it through taxes and tariffs on financial remittances sent back to Mexico by the mestizos, huh? The 9th circuit didn’t prevent that), nor did leftist Obama judges force Blompf to call for the most immigration in American history, but they have to come here legally, or bringing in millions of East Indian panjeets and Chinamen techies on H-1B visa to dispossess White ‘big men’ from their jobs, how about Blompf not reauthorizing E-Verify, what about not using executive orders as promised on day one to end the “anchor baby ” loophole and DACA? That’s not all his betrayals on immigration. I am sure HW has written about each one of his flip flops since January 20th 2017. Not to mention his “cancelling ” of his most ardent supporter Ann Coulter for holding his feet to the fire on all his immigration promises and having the ‘audacity ‘ to point them out in her weekly columns.

    • Excellent reminders of Blompf’s lies and letdowns on THE issue that got him elected, November. Considering how often Obama ignored court rulings (on ending oil drilling moratoriums, Voter ID laws, complying with subpoenas on Fast and Furious, on and on and on….), the argument that Blumpus was stopped by the courts is really weak tea. He even gave in to judges ruling against him on executive orders, which no judge has any authority over whatsoever. Don’t forget that DACA, which was an Obama executive order, is now supported by your Clown-Emperor.

      E-Verify was shown to be 99.5% accurate years ago, and by gov’t standards is a cheap program. So why would Blompf not use it? Because he never intended to keep any of his promises. He’s ruling like a neoliberal instead of a populist, because that’s who he really is. Bad Orange Man’s actions have been a complete betrayal of the people who supported him.

  20. Sad to see so many Southrons voting in Federal elections. Whatever redemption was accomplished after Reconstruction has been overturned. USG is ZOG. Voting is acquiescence.

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