Mini Mike Bloomberg Suspends His Campaign

Mike Bloomberg spent the most money on the biggest flop of a campaign in history. If he had skipped the Nevada debate like Trump, it might have worked though.

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  1. A billion dollards is a lot of money to Trump, but its just play money to Stop And Frisk guy.

    Still it makes me wonder why he felt he needed to run, since his tribe owns Trump’s blackmail video and debt. He said he doesn’t disagree with Trump’s policies, just the way he approaches it. Perhaps here’s a war between jews we don’t know about, apart from the obvious disagreement between commie/SJW and far right zio jews.

    • In the oval office I suspect the president gets raped by a nog dressed in an Unlce Sam costume. Like Joseph Heller’s Public Burning meets Mike Judges diocracy. Nixon ended it all with a strange twitch on his face. So did Bush.

      They learned to love Uncle Sambo. What else can explain it all?

  2. Mini Mike made his millions via all kinds of financial shenanigans, just like his co-Jew Paul Singer. I’m glad he lost a lot of millions. They aren’t as schmart as they think they are.


  3. The other big flop was Pocahontas, she couldn’t even carry her “home” state, she came in third. She also did poorly in her other two “home” states, Texas and Oklahoma, she is done. She is the crazy, nasty, hall monitor shrew who could have exactly traced out useless shit in school like how the UN is organized or how a bill becomes a law in Congress, and she believed that shit was true well into her adulthood!

    Pocahontas not only has a plan for everything, she has a detailed plan, and she actually believes it. That makes her typical of over-educated, suburban, white, wealthy, soccer mom crowd. She has unholy causes that are sooooo good she is entitled to lie, cheat, anything at all; the ends justify the means.

    Her autobiography should be the titled: The (impossible) Taming of the Shrew with an introduction by the worst shrew of all, Hillary. She could plagiarize Shakespeare for the book. She has learned nothing from her manifest failures, her type never does.

    Good riddance to bad trash.

    • As even as Trump said before, no need to insult the real Pocahontas by associating her with mentally ill Lizzie Herring (Warren)

      $he is a totally emblematic poster girl of the stratospheric losers that White American boomers have become.

  4. I voluntarily shoah’d my Twatter account over a month ago. I stopped following blompf on Twatter over two years ago. I’m feeling the tiniest twinge of regret for leaving that virtual dumpster fire behind, cuz’ I would have been tempted mightily to “like” those twats reproduced on this T-fine ‘site…
    I stated on another thread that lil’ kike mike might shower shekels on ol’ senile creepy joe.
    Oh how I wish he would! Do it, kike…flush-away more of your ill-gotten wealth! Not even six-gorillion shekels can save the train wreck that is the biden campaign…unless they’d be used to build a creepy joe cyborg! This is really shaping up to be interesting Primary season!

  5. Yea it was nothing but a waste of money. I think he and another guy was looking at a Moderate Third Party run in the past but the party folded. So he went Democrat and that was bad for him because Democrats are very against the rich now. Joe Biden will take his donations. However I think the base of the Democratic Party is 100% in the Bernie Sanders camp. However young people no show on election day so that’s hurting his vote count. I think this Rich vs Working Poor thing got real popular because of Trump. He’s the definition of For The Rich…so Democrats are restoring it’s party as for the Working Poor. Deo Vindice !

  6. and Pocahontas is only staying in to crimp Sanders and further clear the path for Biden. Should get her the VP nod, though. Unless Biden is even stupider than we know.

    • @Haxo Angmark…I hear ya’ bro, and I agree for the most part. But ya’ gotta’ know biden’s gonna’ have to pick a shitskin…probably the standard issue diversity hire: the negress!

      • Then I nominate that ugly, angry, foul, 400 Lb. beast, Stacey Abrams. The VP choice is very important if Slow Joe becomes President. That corrupt, sleazy, lying, degenerate old bastard will be lucky to make it to election day without collapsing. Trump is 100% correct on Joe’s manifest unfitness for the office of President (or anything else either).

        Stacey; put down the KFC and the 40 oz. bottle and come on down to be VP and maybe Prez. She is what this country deserves. If Stacey can’t make it how about Hunter for VP? I hear he is available and he needs a job, too.

        • You make some very true comments, 12ax7. Biden is so disgusting, so corrupt that he will do a reverse Obama and pick a blaxxx as his running mate. I too, think Stacey Abrams that great defensive tackle for ” muh diversity.”

          Plus she is from Georgia which is this close to becoming Democrat again because of the blitzkrieg of black people having too many kids along with so many moving there. Can’t tell you how many times I have heard blacks on the street and on tv speaking of moving to Georgia due to At Lane ta.

          Imagine Biden winning Georgia because of his defensive tackle running mate and him plucking off pathetic ” moderate” whites?

          This is what happens when only jokes are made when black wahhhmenzz plop out 6 kids from 3 different black sperm shooters. It is amazing nothing was done to limit how many kids welfare people can have. That would truly make America great again. Blacks are by far the most sucked up to group in America with trillions given to welfare thieves, cost of incarceration, bussing them in to ruin schools, absurd white money for black scholarsheeeps, affirmative action and so on. Now we get the anti white party Democrats talking reparations meaning more trillions for blaxxx who live as well as they are going to live thanks to whitey. We are truly living the American version of Camp of the Saints.

          On a side note. Notice virtually zero black celebrities lifting a finger for the destruction and death in Tennessee regarding the cyclone. Hmmm. no Spike Lee or da rappers or Samuel Jackson? Nope. Only when blaxxx are heavily involved do these America destroyers take notice.

          All of the names mentioned above will be campaigning for Biden. Don’t forget that in your moments of anger against Trump. In fact Lee and Jackson routinely throw out ghetto classics when discussing Trump like ” fug dat mutter fugger” . Yep. They hate him? That means I like him. Certainly like him far better than a treasonous, senile, corrupt old white man making his wild child post middle aged son wealthy thru getting him on the board of Ukraine companies. Hey Joe, are you running for president of America or Uranus?

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