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I agree with Tony Martel that “crisis reveals character.”

Just this morning, I was woken up by a weather alert on my phone. A severe thunderstorm was rolling through my area. Tornadoes were touching down on the ground in my county.

I got a call first by my father, then by my mother and finally by my brother who all got the same weather alerts. I turned on The Weather Channel and looked at the Doppler Radar. The tornado was on the other side of the county and was heading away from me toward my hometown of Eufaula, AL.

The tornado struck Eufaula this morning.

It passed within two miles of the grocery store where my mother was shopping at the time. A few minutes ago, I got another call from my brother. The tornado that hit Eufaula had destroyed his best friend’s parents house on the golf course. Fortunately, no one was hurt because they were warned by the National Weather Service on their smartphones and had gotten out in time. I’m currently waiting for my brother to call me back. I might be needed to go over there and help sift through the debris.

A year ago last March, a different tornado struck the other side of Eufaula and destroyed the airport. An even more massive tornado ripped through and flattened Beauregard, AL just outside of Auburn. The tornado devastation in this part of Alabama was so bad that President Trump came to visit:

Nearly a decade ago in April 2011, I will never forget the day that the F5 tornado hit Tuscaloosa, AL and came within a mile of hitting my brother’s apartment:

Nothing out of the ordinary happened this morning.

We are used to dodging tornadoes and hurricanes in Alabama. I will never forget the time that Hurricane Michael hit Panama City, FL in October 2018. I went down there after the storm and participated in the relief effort. It was the worst thing that I had ever seen. I’ve been going to Panama City since my youth and it was surreal to stand there amid the destruction after the big one finally hit and to see the suffering of the people who knew that day would come but had chosen to live their lives there anyway.

I think this sense of fatalism toward destruction is part of the culture of the Gulf South. We’re used to shutting down and ducking for cover in the midst of a disaster which tend to be real and common enough. The same is true of the “Florida Man” fools who act like they are invincible during hurricanes. Everyone here relies on weather forecasts like models and tracks of hurricanes which are not always accurate, but usually accurate enough to provide fair warning of a pending disaster. Sometimes the jet stream will bring a hurricane within miles of Florida’s Atlantic Coast only to push it away and out to sea.

As with tornadoes and hurricanes, diseases are real and common enough too in the American South. It was a smallpox pandemic that nearly wiped out the Indians who lived here before our ancestors. It was also “just the flu” and various other illnesses, but American Indians had no immunity to European diseases like influenza. Southerners have had to deal with smallpox, cholera, measles, the Spanish Flu, malaria, yellow fever and polio over the centuries. We’ve been through and have conquered HIV and SARS. We will survive the coronavirus pandemic too and “liberty” will be fine on the other side of it. The world didn’t end when cities all over the South shut down for a few weeks during the Spanish Flu pandemic.

Such is my attitude toward the coronavirus.

While I generally have a dim view of federal government and the mainstream media, I tend to trust the National Weather Service. I trust The Weather Channel. I also have a positive view of public health officials because smallpox, cholera, measles, polio, malaria, yellow fever and the Spanish Flu have all been eradicated which is precisely what made all of this economic growth possible in the first place. HIV will be cured soon and is now treatable. The threat posed by Ebola and SARS have been dealt with. What’s more, a novel coronavirus outbreak in China that becomes a global pandemic has been predicted by public health experts for over a decade. Hollywood has made movies about it. Bill Gates has warned it would happen for years. The federal government simulated such an outbreak last year. This was a known and highly anticipated threat like a major earthquake striking California. These things are bound to happen on a long enough time scale and we were overdue for a major pandemic.

Do you know what else was bound to happen? The nutters, cranks and paranoid conspiracy theorists who have infested the Right for decades have responded to the coronavirus exactly as we would all expect them to. If I were to turn on unmoderated comments and step away from this website for a few days, as I recently did to spend more time with my family, the comment section would be full of people arguing about how the earth is flat and the moon landing was a hoax. Every time there is a mass shooting these people blame it on “crisis actors” and invent complex conspiracy theories. While the mainstream media is politically biased, the alternative media ecosystem is even worse at times.

I’ve been following the coronavirus since January. Back in late January and early February, the mainstream media was focused squarely on Donald Trump’s impeachment, which was the biggest story in America. Insofar as the media was reporting on the coronavirus, it was to lecture people about how the flu was the real threat to America and that racism and xenophobia were the real virus:

Vox, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic and The Washington Post were all full of smug articles dismissing the coronavirus threat. Mother Jones ran an article attacking Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity. The mainstream media only gradually changed its tune after the virus outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and after it spread to Italy, South Korea and Iran.

I was taking the coronavirus seriously and treating it as the most important story in the world in late January when China locked down Wuhan. I knew then when China took extreme, unprecedented actions to quell the outbreak and slow the spread that it wasn’t “just the flu.” The Chinese Communist Party didn’t lockdown Wuhan and then half their country in February to fight “one little bug.” The Chinese didn’t WELD PEOPLE INSIDE THEIR APARTMENTS for two months in a city that is bigger than New York and nuke their economy unless they were forced to take such extreme actions. These scenes were all on display in China and Italy before the coronavirus arrived in this country.

I don’t have to listen to the media to know how bad the coronavirus really is because it has already arrived in force in my area. I have friends and family members who work in the hospitals around here. Albany, GA has been overwhelmed by the virus and is sending patients to other hospitals in the region. I know people who are personally dealing with the crisis right now. I don’t have time for the conspiracy theorists who say it is all one elaborate global hoax. Their foolishness will be exposed in April.

I will let this crisis reveal my character. I put taking care of my own family first. I provided my readers with accurate information. I debunked the Flu Truthers. I didn’t go out and spread the virus in my community. I wasn’t a burden to my neighbors. I took the threat posed by the virus seriously long before the president of the United States, the conservative movement and the mainstream media. As always, I also let people who fiercely disagree say their piece and in a few weeks we will see who was right. I stand by my opinion that it is foolish to believe everything that the media or public health experts say has to be is a lie and it is more likely that the media was overly dismissive of the threat and was caught off guard.

Note: I’m bracing for all the comments about tornado hoaxes, crisis actors and how I am on the Soros payroll for not supporting Donald Trump.

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  1. Meh tornados are fake. I’m a hairy chested real man like RamZPaul. When tornados approache my town, I don’t shelter like a sissy when the authories tell me to. I go out into the street and shout, ‘Liberty or death!’

    • Ramzpaul has the nerve to say anything about manliness when people have seen his face. Nobody takes the internet tough guy act seriously from a guy who looks like a middle-aged lesbian. Reminds me of Matt Forney pretending to be some Casanova ladies man

    • “If I were to turn on unmoderated comments and step away from this website for a few days, as I recently did to spend more time with my family, the comment section would be full of people arguing about how the earth is flat and the moon landing was a hoax.”

      So, now we know your p.o.v. But that doesn’t mean you are either omniscient, nor correct. It merely means you have an opinion, no matter how incorrect…like every other person with a serious lack of knowledge.

      Brad, you’re a very good blog poster, and you have done a great service to many on the right side of the fence. But how in heaven can you call yourself a Christian, when you hold to opinions and beliefs that are the defining mark of the very left that you claim to abhor? (Obama’s much-quoted comment about ‘We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat-earth Society.” Comes to mind.)

      Stop and think. Why does the Establishment continue to hold to outdated and outmoded scientific theories (such as Einsteinian physics) that other scientists say are now passé?
      (for one example-

      Why are we constantly told by people from Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Gould, Carl Sagan, et al. over the last 50 years, that we are merely an ‘insignificant blue marble orbiting a small star on an arm at the edge of a minor galaxy,’ etc. if not to DEMEAN THE ADAMIC/WHITE RACE, and God’s Incarnation IN that race, of the Second Person of the Trinity, to SAVE HIS ELECT!?!?

      Why does the FEDGOV wish to control us all? And isn’t mandating belief in a globe that CAN NEVER BE PROVED, nothing short of the ULTIMATE MIND CONTROL?!? IF National Geographic is now controlled by a Jew-

      then videos such as this, merely confirm the JEWISH control scenario, at its’ root.

      Why did the US and the USSR hold massive nuclear bomb testing in the Stratosphere back in the early 1960’s? Have you even a clue?

      Other minds, far more cogent than yours, have noted and changed their long-held SECULAR beliefs
      Just one person’s writings come to mind, but there are a lot more – Mark Sargent, Rob Skiba, etc.

      You’ve had other viewpoints exhibited on this site, and that’s good. But it appears that, once you have made the decision that you are right, you are almost intransigent about changing your opinion. Part of that is a function of youth, part of that is the fervor of your creedal Lutheranism (or are you no longer?) that seems to affect most fundie Prots (I know, I used to be there) and part of it, is the fear of appearing foolish.

      But God commands us to consider the wisdom of this world as foolishness, in light of the complete Ownership of the Universe by the Almighty. And if HE says the earth has corners, can never be moved, and that the sky is a firmament, who are you, O MAN, to talk back to him… or to us!?

      Just sayin’……

      • Great reply Fr. John! I still remember the day about 6 years ago when I decided I was going to spent ALL DAY researching ‘flat-earth’ and came away convinced that it was I who needed to adjust my thinking. I ask sphere-Earth conspiracy theorists two questions:

        1- How are East-to-West and West-to-East plane flights(say New York-to-San Francisco)virtually identical if on one(East-to-West)you are flying TOWARDS the spin of the Earth at hundreds of mph and this would thus reduce your flight by many hours. Now flights are not identical because when you fly West, your flying into the jetstream, so it takes a little longer. At the Equator the Earth is suppose to spin at 1,000mph, so a flight flying East along that course would never reach its destination because there is no jet-liner that can fly that fast. Your destined city would eventually spin around and catch you from behind.

        2- The Earth has 24 time-zones that all converge at a SINGLE POINT at both the North and South Poles. What time is it at both poles?

        “Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies”- Nietszche

      • “And if HE says the earth has corners, can never be moved, and that the sky is a firmament,”

        Just the blabberings of some primitive, ignorant men…not some god.

  2. Thank you for service, Hunter. You have been a reliable source during these critical times. It is good to hear that your family is protected as much as possible. Do you think Deep South states like Alabama will enact a full lockdown such as seen in France or Spain? Here in the Netherlands, the government takes a more liberal approach and strongly encourages people to stay at home, but you are still allowed to go outside.

    • I second VanSpeyk’s comment, thanks HW.

      Regarding the point of view that corona is fake and gay you have struck the nine inch nail on the head by pointing to CDC statistics regarding deaths and hospitalizations. In police work two things are very difficult for criminals to hide when they try to cover up their crimes.

      One is vehicles. They are big, expensive, have legal paperwork behind them and tend to
      stick around after their use in a crime providing all sorts of evidence for the police. The other is bodies. They also have all sorts of paperwork associated with them including means of identification providing all sorts of evidence for police.

      Your observation about CDC statistics focusing on deaths gives the lie to the idea that this is some kind of big conspiracy. Dead bodies are difficult to hide and the CDC keeps track of deaths anyway during non-pandemic times for among other things, the express purpose of contagious disease monitoring. Perhaps the CDC should be abolished and the glorious “free market” should be left to do the disease monitoring instead of the CDC.

      No doubt the loathsome Republicans, the vile Chamber of Commerce and the grifters at Conservatism, Inc. have a plan for that too. Perhaps Charlie Kirk and his black boyfriend could stroll through miles of disease wards in NYC interviewing all the wogs (at least those who speak English) there about how corona is fake. I recommend they do their stroll without masks or PPE because that’s the “conservative” thing to do.

      The video of their stroll through the virus wards could then be shown on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” on TV in memoriam.

      • What is the second thing that criminals can’t cover up? You never got to it, just was curious? You seemed fairly informative and I was waiting for that tidbit too. I know one thing, there are now cameras EVERYWHERE and Bundy and Gacy would have a much harder time today getting away with their crimes. In my town some weirdo who failed out of the PhD program and was obsessed with Ted Bundy grabbed some Chinese Chick here on a student visa and it was a huge International scandal with the Chinese media focusing on his “open relationship” and some sort of strange website where he was meeting fat chicks for S&M that came out in the trail. Their state run media loved to focus on the underbelly of weirdos in the US. The guy was caught immediately, there were thousands of cameras in town that showed him driving around stalking chicks, pretending to be a cop, some British Chick was smart enough not to fall for him, cops aren’t allowed to have beards for one, big tip off.(In Oregon an Ultra Russian Orthodox guy lost a case trying to have a ZZtop beard and be allowed to be a cop.) Without the cameras though he probably would have gotten away with it for the time being, nobody was looking for a grad student.

  3. Has it ever passed by your mind to move somewhere else…many times tornadoes are nastier than hurricanes…

    • I agree, why would any white man voluntarily live in Eufala, Alabama? It sounds like an old colored lady’s name.

      • There’s another town with the exact same strange name in Oklahoma about halfway between Dallas and Joplin, I filled up at the Loves there and had a slice of Herman Caine’s Godfather’s Pizza.

  4. We know how to handle seasonal flu and pneumonia. This is a virus we don’t have experience with, and until we get a better handle on it the death rate will remain many times higher than it is for those other illnesses. To expect other people to go out and sacrifice themselves for the GDP and the Dow, or (even more stupid and empty) to do so in order to “prove your manhood” is practically psychopathic. Lives matter much more than money, of course.

    • Basically that’s what is happening in the university hospitals like the John Radcliffe in Oxford. The medics are learning how to diagnose, triage and overcome this. I am confident that they’ll have therapy and cure ASAP. Best minds in the US and UK and Australia are going to figure it out after muddling through.

  5. Violent weather, violent Negroes and no cultural sophistication whatsoever….No sir, the South doesn’t sound very appealing at all.

  6. Go to websites owned by Flat Earth Geocentrics and you won’t come across ad-hominem slurs against Heliocentrics. Go to websites owned by Heliocentrics and you will always come across ad hominem slurs against Flat Earth Geocentrics.

    You will also always come across ad hominem slurs against those who are not exactly Flat Earth Geocentrics, but just simply question Heliocentrism. In Science, questioning is supposed to be appreciated and actually encouraged. Imagine that, Science that actually encourages questioning and scrutiny and examination. Science is supposed to be about asking questions, NOT putting down and not laughing to scorn and disdain those who ask questions. What kind of science is Heliocentrism if one can’t even question the science of Heliocentrism? Sounds more like a religion to me, if you can’t question it , that sounds like religion to me. But even the priests and the ministers are more easy-going towards those who question religion, even the priests and ministers allow questioning, at least some questioning, which is more than one can say for the heliocentrics.

  7. It’s desirable to stand up to the media. But it’s not desirable to blame everything on the media. If the media says 2+2 is 5, then say it’s 4. But if the media says 2 + 2 is 4, don’t say it’s 5.

  8. I for one can attest that Hunter reliably gives a fair hearing to points of view that conflict with his. He has cross-published things that I’ve personally written on a few occasions.

    While I support and will never be far from dissident right politics, I am growing weary of the conspiritard-right. I owe a lot to people like Alex Jones, if for nothing other than giving me “permission” to question mainstream narratives. Unfortunately, that comes with a price. The conspiritard-right enables and caters to the paranoid and delusional. Left unfettered, it does more to weaken our cause than to strengthen or liberate it.

    I so wish that our circles could come to consensus on these important subjects. I have a soft spot for Anglin. Despite being a Yankee, and a provocateur, I believe he writes a ton of thoughtful, even important things. Unfortunately he’s turned into a literal retard where this Coronavirus thing is concerned..

    It’s a shame, because he often presents alternative ideas and arguments that shouldn’t be dismissed. For instance…I believe he is 100% correct in regards to the “believe all women”/Harvey Weinstein situation. He is right to call out the “white knight” faction in our circles. I don’t take lightly that a disgusting opportunist Jewish pervert was taking advantage of his position and “power” over white women…but I can’t overlook the realities of women, and the type of women who will happily use their bodies (and thus their own power) to advance their careers. Whatever. What I’m saying is, I wish these arguments and debates could bear fruit and further the cause of truth instead of causing rifts and chasms in right wing circles.

    There are so many intelligent men in our circles, but because we find points of disagreement, we often throw the baby out with the bath water. Still, there is no place for incoherent insanity, and calling this coronavirus situation a “hoax” borders on dangerous. To be honest, it almost validates social media platforms like Twitter being censorious. Just today they took down a tweet from Jair Bolsonaro. I find that appalling on principle, but I find it equally appalling that a world leader would be taking this so lightly. He almost makes Trump seem competent in comparison.

    Keep up the good work. I read your blog daily. I’m not a big fan of constant “Orange Man Bad” content, but your criticisms are valid regardless.

    • ” Despite being a Yankee, and a provocateur, . . . ”

      C’mon SR, there are lots of Yankees on the Alt Right and on HW’s blog as well as everywhere else with actually “worse” (worse=better) positions on issues that the Left hates and tries to outlaw than many in Dixie. I’ve seen it and I’m sure you have too.

      I will concede that although the ruling class is hideous throughout the country there are certainly some better characters in Dixie in places like Congress than the majority from the North but that is damning with faint praise anyway.

      Sen. Burr (R. NC) is certainly not one of them but Jeff Sessions, whatever faults he has is certainly better than most of the scumbags from north of the Mason/Dixon line.

      Some like Pocahontas, Nancy Pelosi et al. are in a class by themselves.

    • There’s a lot of evidence pointing to the Coronavirus pandemic as being a HOAX. It is not “dangerous” to talk about the evidence pointing to it being a HOAX. Or, it’s dangerous if you’re Deep State or have some kind of vested interest in keeping the HOAX going and having everyone believe it’s a real pandemic.

      Go to your local hospital(s) and see for yourself what’s going on at the hospitals.

      “To be honest, it almost validates social media platforms like Twitter being censorious”. NO, SR. That should read : “To be DIShonest, it validates social media platforms like Twitter to be censorious”.

      Censoring those who question the government narrative of Coronavirus pandemic, or government narrative of anything else, and calling it “dangerous” to come to a different conclusion about what’s going on ; it’s “dangerous” to come to a different conclusion from the government narrative about what’s going on, especially when there’s a lot of evidence pointing to the falsity of the government’s official narrative, is totalitarian censorship and tyranny. We are not to question any government narrative, and if we do question anyway, we are to come to the conclusion the government is telling us the truth, even when there’s a lot of evidence the government is lying to us. Even when there’s a lot of evidence the government’s official narrative is all about covering up a HOAX being perpetuated on the citizenry.

      I’m not saying you’re a troll for the Deep State, SR. But when totally the economy crashes because of the Coronavius PLANdemic , you can always get a job working as a troll/hasbaRAT for the Deep State. I’m sure the JEW COMMUNIST Deep State appreciates your post and approves of your message ; Your message of subtlety , very slyly, approving of government CENSORSHIP in order to cover up the crimes of the JEW COMMUNIST Deep State.

  9. We had a ef5 tornado over in Joplin Missouri, a few years ago, $2.85 billion in damage, 158 killed, many more injured, much of the town flattened. I live 100 miles east near Springfield, mo. , I remember the sky to the west looking bad. It was a terrible day. Yea, these things are bad. Anybody who says they aren’t scared of them, never experienced one.
    Good to see you back Hunter.

  10. 1) Polio was never “eradicated.” Read ‘the curious case of polio.’ THE definition of moving the goalposts.

    2) Measles is harmless for healthy children in the developed world with proper nutrition and sanitation.

    3) HIV is a the second-largest hoax of the 20th century behind only the Holocaust™?. “HIV” is a retrovirus with no universal test and does not cause AIDS.

  11. Docc, I hope you and your family and friends are safe and sound following the recent tornado and I hope everyone in the ADR2 and their warm circles remain COVID-Free.

    You deserve more respect than anyone in the ADR2 (or anywhere for that matter) for predicting and warning about the great threat of COVID-19 to the US mainland. Thank you for your research and insight.

    I’ve been heeding your warnings and relaying them to family and friends for a while now. Personally, I’ve been recalled back to work from the lockdown due to my job being deemed ‘essential services’. We follow social distancing and sanitation requirements mandated by the State to continue working. I don’t mind at all. I’m continuing to work and get paid which is good and I’m fervently focused on staying COVID-Free through social distancing, quarantining, sanitation, and grocery stocking.

    With regards to politics, I want Zlimpf the King of Israel to succeed in helping to defeat the COVID-19 threat. All the ADR2 political critiques and analyses are correct but I still want Zlimpf to succeed in this endeavor. Even the most ardent accelerationists and boogalootarians have family and loved ones and unless we’re expert homesteaders and preppers, a drastic systemic collapse means plenty of heartbreak and suffering all around.

    Glad to see TRS.M.P. bring it back to the basics and help lead the ADR2 out of the rut. The contrarian and dissident ADR2 niche is highly useful and interesting so long as one doesn’t end up resembling the TDS obsessed mainstream fake news media and its AWFL pink hat contingent. So much potency and talent still exists and I really look forward to the post-Kaplan lawsuit era…….


  12. Yea we’ve been getting a lot of Tornadoes this year. I know here in Mississippi we’re #1 in the country in Tornadoes for the year. We had a bad one one county over from me here in Mississippi last week. Many prayers for all those with damage or injuries from Tornadoes and floods this year. Also many prayers that Coronavirus will soon be in control with the right meds, vaccines, and tests. I think everybody is ready for normal again! Deo Vindice !

  13. The last two years have made me hate the right more than the left. They’re all just Trump fanboys, its fucking cringe. I really hope these assholes eat a lot of crow once we’re post coronavirus. It’s still so early, thus its difficult to see the conclusion the public will come to but I pray it destroys Trump and much of the Republican Party.

  14. Glad you and your family were spared.

    Thanks for posting the truth as you see it. We can all profit from that.

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