Contagion 2

Editor’s Note: Yesterday’s death toll has been revised to 912 deaths.

In Contagion 2, Bill Mitchell, Ramzpaul and Andrew Anglin insist the virus is “just the flu” and the pandemic is an elaborate hoax, Donald Trump focuses on cheerleading the stock market and can’t make up his mind for two months about whether it is the flu, Wall Street gets a massive bailout, every governor goes their own way without federal leadership, the Surgeon General tells people not to wear masks, the CDC fails to create a test for the virus and a vaccine until it is too late. Hydroxychloroquine is the miracle cure. Battle Beagle and Mister AntiBully warn the public about the virus on Twitter while the media insists the flu is the real threat. TruNews and Peak Prosperity provide the most accurate coverage of the pandemic. Finally, the WHO is focused on racism and xenophobia, which are said to be the real virus.

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  1. NY State: 1941 Corona deaths, nearly half of US deaths from one state – the state Trump is from and the state of a putative alternative Cuomo.

    Even the state hit first, Washington, has 144 deaths. Texas, the second largest state complete with roads boats and aeroplanes: 54. Is that how molecules work?

    Entire continent of Australia with a sizable Chinese population, 5.6% airports, etc: 8 deaths.

    See the difference? Some political jurisdictions are calling any death with a positive test for Corona virus as a death caused by Corona virus, two completely different things.

    They had to walk back the death rate once the obvious critique of silent carriers was raised. They had to walk back 2 million deaths – I’ve seen 40000 and 84000 bandied about by mainstream sources.

    Not that this is troubling me, I’m having some of the best weeks of my life except my wife gave me a questionable haircut, and when we wanted to go to best buy to see 8k TVs it was closed.

    I’m even toying with taking my family to church on sunday for the first time just to exercise my rights.

    • There’s much that can be done during reset. I like the idea of using the state’s fist to Search and Destroy the ghetto.

      Horders and profiteers to be shot.

      Heres a map of Brooklyn lads.

    • Australia has about the same size land mass as the USA, but most of it is uninhabitable due to its interior being desert. It has only 25 million people in it, so it has no where near the same population density as your big cities in the USA.

      Australia is an international backwater and does not have anywhere near the same number of international travellers visiting it as the USA. However the places we are seeing the most Corona virus unfections have occurred in areas where international tourists tend to stay.

      Most Asians I see in Australia have been masking up for a couple of months. They are way ahead of the Aussies in this regard.

      A couple of weeks ago the Australian government banned travel between the states, and introduced social distancing laws, which are enforced in places of business and in public spaces. You can’t even sit on a bench with another person outside of a shopping center. There are X’s on the ground showing you where to stand when paying for your groceries and you are not allowed to congregate outside the store, you must do your business and leave immediately.

      The last sportsball game I saw two weeks ago on the television had no audience in the stadium at all. The silence in the stadium was very strange.

      The only time the government really messed up, is when someone let a cruise ship with infected passengers disembark into the community.

      Contrast Australia’s response and low number of cases so far with the United States, where your government’s response has been a shambles worthy of a third world country, and your Corona virus cases are exploding.

    • I don’t want it to sound like I am praising the Aust government, they are just far better at managing than the clown show that is (not) running the USA.

      If a nationalist like me was in charge of Australia, the Corona Virus would never have gotten into the country in the first place. A lot of other things would never have gotten in either.

    • “I’m even toying with taking my family to church on Sunday for the first time just to exercise my rights.”

      As a pastor, I would not encourage such blatant testing of the Lord God. As the priest of the family, YOU can lead worship just as valid (and perhaps better for your family) than going to some mega-cult.

      Perhaps this article from the MSP Star-Tribune might help put things in perspective.

  2. HW, very apt analysis of the situation.

    The chaos of a multi ethnic/racial culture of divershity.

  3. Ya know, there could be a disaster side to this isolation ‘shelter at home’ concept.
    It may delay the spread of wuflu, giving the virus ‘mutagenic populations pools’ and time to form new strains of the virus, both benign and lethal, instead of rapidly burning itself out.

    Just a thought.

    • Thank you for your goncern. Why not give ourselves a breather and hunt down some interloping horders. Hang them first, then let the virus sweep through. Deep cleansing.

  4. I like the plot summary for Contagion II, HW. But it needs a strong female lead character, like Demi Moore in GI Jane. And adding a male Negro love interest or gratuitous interracial sex-scene would make the film more marketable, especially to gentile teenagers.

  5. The US Government saw this as an opportunity. I think everybody knows that Social Security and Medicare is going broke. Same goes for Medicaid. Mostly because politicians are a bunch of Greedy Corporate Pigs and don’t like funding necessary government problems. The right wingtards are ancient history in politics now. I’ve seen the most extreme fiscal conservativetards embrace the economic stimulus. I’ve seen the wealthy even worry because it don’t give enough money to those making over $100,000 a year. That shows even the most modest wealthy people are hurting right now. However the Deep State remains and Republicans have always like the idea of eliminating Social Security and Medicare and letting the rich Jews run it / bankrupt it in Corporate America and the Stock Market. The Coronavirus is nothing but a tool in the US Government killing off many Senior Citizens and sick people because this country cares nothing but human life. Abortion has been legal for all these years. Now the establishment is using this global pandemic in killing off seniors and sick people. What’s really sad is foreign countries are using it for the same reason. This is a great time for leadership. This is the time leaders become real leaders and go down in the history books for doing something positive for all the human race. However the rich are making all that money off Coronavirus and the Government has it’s own agenda….so those new leaders are fighting against Corporate America and the Government. It’s the classic game we’ve been playing for years but now it’s about the life and death of the most vulnerable people in our World…..the old and sick. Deo Vindice !

  6. “Jews For Stealing and Hoarding Thousands of #N95masks ”

    “Jews are a race of thieves.” Voltaire

  7. When we blew out Chernobyl few years ago, something similar went on in our society. Nuclear bombs exploding, millions dyeing and government hiding and UFOs flying. Yes we had them, even in the Soviet Army was special department for them.

    Well, now Soviet Union is gone, we live in the white ethno states and we still searching the 100 000 Chernobyl deaths. Millions of deaths of desperation, yes. But millions of deaths because of radiation ? Well, they are like Holocaust victims. We made Holocaust too but we still can`t find six million dead Jews in the Eastern Europe.

    Blowing up nuclear station is dangerous. Spreading the corona virus is also. But what we really see right now, is the collapse of society.

    Chernobyl was the greatest example of Western mindset. One college educated genetic liberal commanded and other college educated normies followed.

    If we had only one guy without college degree but with the common sense, then maybe this guy said that I will go to to do another job, welding, truck driving or whatever, but I will not blow up the nuclear station….

    Maybe we still had the Soviet Union,

    About education and medicine, one of the greatest Westerns scientists,, I always liked was the PhD Hannibal Lecter. He was the medical specialist and only wanted the good.

    Maybe it is time to do what we did after Chernobyl bang. To admit that college may not be educational thing but genetic white psychopaths cover up club ?

    Maybe it is time to thinks that some of the white people are genetically mad ? And the others are genetically weak. Like this bunch of college educated smart people we had in the Eastern Europe, who blew up the nuclear station under their own ass in the midnight without conspiracy or any other common sense reason whatsoever ?

  8. Calling the coronavirus something that sounds less threatening, reinterpreting data, restricting tests, attributing virus deaths to something else, quoting the CCP’s numbers as gospel – these are tactics of obfuscation intended to downplay the crisis and uplift the stawk mawket.

    When called on it these feminine stawk mawket girls – many having the ability to self-isolate in white suburban/rural enclaves – will write off *your* white family members, criticize you for having the foresight to “hoard” “their” toilet paper and masks back in February, denigrate your manliness for looking after family interests, and tell you that everything you do is hopeless so that you continue to provide their “essential services” and preserve their dividend/pension income.

    There is nothing “manly” or “dissident” about a pack of racialist Rush Limbaughs who’ve tossed their insincere racialism aside to preserve their jewish income streams.

    Are you listening, Tammypaul?

  9. Editor’s Note: Yesterday’s death toll has been revised to 912 deaths.

    Brad how do you know they died from covid19? Because your .gov told you? .gov also told us a muslim with a beard in a cave with a laptop pulled off the biggest terror attack in American history whilst dancing Israelis were dancing in New Jersey.

  10. I’m marking it on my calendar today FBI actually did something good for a change after all their usual anti white bullshit.

    You know those heebs would probably charge $300 for a $50 n95 mask

      • I was thinking of a better more expensive mask then I dunno maybe the one with the dual chambers on the sides of it. It looks really cool I don’t even have a mask yet but if I’m going to get one it better be cool looking and made to last

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