The Ugly American

I’m happy to debate Tony Martel on the coronavirus.

I will start out by noting that I have been a critic of liberalism and global free-market capitalism for the past twenty years. So there is nothing about this particular crisis that comes as a surprise to me. It has exposed many of the flaws that I have been concerned about for years.

As with deadly tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other sorts of predictable natural disasters, pandemics have always been one of the most serious threats to the human race throughout history. The Spanish Flu killed more Americans than all the wars of the 20th century combined. We were overdue for a major pandemic. It was inevitable that a major pandemic would collide with our globalized economy with its just-in-time manufacturing system and supply chains stretched all across the world and with our bloated and highly leveraged financial sector. It was inevitable that a major pandemic would collide with the unsustainable gig economy and our ridiculous and unaffordable health care system too. As I pointed out in the last article, the Trump administration literally ran a simulation that predicted it would happen last year and that 586,000 Americans would die in a pandemic.

It is true that the United States has dealt with plenty of deadly diseases over the past century. I’ve already noted how we eradicated malaria, yellow fever, polio, measles and smallpox which used to cripple and kill millions. I have also noted the success of our public health system in coming up with treatments for HIV, a vaccine for H1N1 (swine flu) and containing the spread of SARS, MERS and Ebola. In light of this track record, I tend to have far more confidence in our public health system to deal with coronavirus than in conspiracy theorists and random nutters and cranks on the internet. Each of these diseases presents its own unique challenge and threat. HIV is a sexually transmitted virus that can be countered with condoms and anti-retroviral therapy. Zika was carried by mosquitoes. The Spanish Flu was an influenza. SARS was a highly lethal respiratory disease. H1N1 was a highly infectious influenza but it wasn’t particularly lethal. Ebola is an extremely lethal haemorrhagic fever, but it isn’t highly infectious like H1N1. As for the Black Death, we now know that it was a bacterial infection that was carried by flea infested rats.

COVID-19 is highly infectious like H1N1 while being a more moderately lethal and thus deadlier version of SARS. It destroys the respiratory system like SARS and can attack other vital organs. It is spread by asymptomatic carriers and can incubate for up to a month. It is the worst kind of virus to deal with because it doesn’t burn itself out like SARS or Ebola and it can spread like H1N1 while killing and crippling far more people. Unlike the flu, it doesn’t appear to be a seasonal virus either. It is rapidly spreading in the tropics. The flu is an influenza while COVID-19 is a new type of coronavirus like SARS and MERS.

The actions taken by governments all over the world reflect the unique nature of the threat posed by the virus. COVID-19 swiftly overwhelmed the hospitals in Wuhan which is why China locked down a city larger than New York City and welded people inside their apartments to contain the virus. When even that wasn’t sufficient to contain this escape artist, China locked down dozens of cities over and half the country in February to smother outbreaks in other areas. South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan all swiftly developed testing and sophisticated surveillance and alert systems and imposed quarantines to contain the threat. The virus devastated Italy and Iran and has forced Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Honduras, Venezuela and Argentina and many other countries to impose national lockdowns. The European Union and Russia have closed their borders. Even Justin Trudeau closed the borders of Canada.

I haven’t paid much attention to the conspiracy theorists. I don’t know what nonsense is circulating on their websites, but the idea that this virus is specifically about Donald Trump and the Democrats and America’s dysfunctional politics is laughable. This is a global pandemic that every country in the world is dealing with right now. Mortal enemies like Iran and Saudi Arabia agree it is a serious threat to the health of their citizens. If the United States sunk into the ocean tomorrow, the rest of the world would still be dealing with the problem and making the same kinds of difficult choices. Extreme actions are being taken to save the health care system because no nation has herd immunity and there isn’t a vaccine. So far, most of the people who have died from the virus are not even Americans, but it looks like that is about to quickly change. Russia and Iran are authoritarian states. Are Canada and the United Kingdom authoritarian states? What exactly unites Venezuela and Saudi Arabia with Germany and France?

There ISN’T any global conspiracy. No politician or government in the world wanted to shutdown their economy to deal with COVID-19. It was either that or the alternative which is to let the virus spread like wildfire, destroy the health care system and kill millions of their citizens while also destroying the economy anyway and their political careers in the process. Are we supposed to believe that there was a secret plot to tank the stock market and the global economy and wipe out trillions of dollars in wealth? The truth is that our own government and elites were blindsided by the virus, which they hoped would just go away “like a miracle,” and that it has upended their plans and now they are scrambling.

Natural disasters have always happened and killed small businesses. Hurricane Michael flattened Panama City. Hurricane Katrina wiped out the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Shit happens and we deal with it and move on. Sometimes in life we have to make difficult choices and cut our losses. In this case, the virus is an invisible enemy. It is only killing people. It is not causing catastrophic physical damage like an earthquake, a tornado or a hurricane. In those types of natural disasters, it is psychologically easier to accept loss.

It is not “cowardice” to take shelter during a tornado or to get out of town during a hurricane or a devastating flood. Similarly, it is not “cowardice” to isolate yourself and your loved ones during a pandemic. It is foolishness and stupidity to throw your life away for nothing during a natural disaster. It is selfishness to spread a lethal virus in your community during a pandemic. It is prudence to avoid unnecessary actions which could harm others. We are commanded to love our neighbors, not to be a narcissistic jackass and a liberal ideologue who would rather see people die than be momentarily inconvenienced.

It is not too much to ask to wear a mask in public as a courtesy to protect others during a pandemic. It is not too much to ask to go fishing instead of going to the bar or to go for a walk or exercise at home instead of going to the gym. There is nothing stopping those who are concerned about the impact of the shutdown on small business from financially supporting their local businesses. It is possible to stream religious services on your smartphone or to educate your kids at home. It might be a good time to repent and to study the Bible during a plague. It is possible to order takeout from restaurants. It is possible to pay your barber or mechanic in advance. The economy will come back, but the lives that are unnecessarily lost and put in danger due to your own individual self absorption won’t come back.

Don’t be the stereotype of The Ugly American who indulges in arrogance, ignorance, foolishness and paranoia and who spreads conspiracy theories and fake news and seeks attention with publicity stunts about the tyranny of quarantines only to get sick or transmit the virus to others in your community. It is not a good time to draw attention to yourself whether it is from the authorities or the Lord. It will also only end up putting some nurse or doctor in danger during a pandemic. Your liberty will still be there when the crisis is over as it was after the Spanish Flu pandemic. Try to be a good neighbor and citizen for once.

Note: The virus doesn’t have a race or political party. It is an equal opportunity killer.

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  1. A well written and salient response, to the typical small balls, small brain Conservative chest puffing that I had hoped was contained to Breitbart and The Five.


    • The author hasn’t “paid much attention to the conspiracy theorists,” whoever they are, but knows what they’re thinking, and you say “Bravo!”? Apparently you’re unable to discern that this implied psychic power of reading the minds of perceived enemies is clinically diagnosable as paranoia. Moreover, it’s prima facie evidence that it is his own a priori jumping to conclusions regarding these perceived enemies that is rightly categorized as conspiracy theorizing.

        • I always try to imagine your reaction and facial expression when reading the comments, HW. I’m guessing you’re sort of like Hank Hill. Dang it, Bobby!

        • Was the Reece Committee just a bunch of conspiracy theorists? Was the Federal Reserve System a product of conspirators? This particular homonym does roll off the tongue nicely so it’s no wonder why so many people like to repeat it. Whether it’s the benefactor or the beneficiary, it says so much to so, so many. Sadly, it’s not the password to get into the club. You don’t have to admit it publicly but if we live long enough, we all realize some of them were actually true. A good slave always learns how to love his/her chains.

          Bitcoin to $100,000. No, Bitcoin to $1,000,000. One percent make things happen, 4% watch things happen, and the other 95% don’t even know anything is happening.

          The real show is always behind the curtain.

  2. Brad, you don’t understand the difference between the Austrian School of Economics and Keynesian Economics. If you have a central bank like our federal reserve, you don’t have free market capitalism. You repeatedly refer to “bailouts” as free market capitalism. Most liberty lovers call bailouts criminal. The Hamiltonian financial system is not related to freedom. It has always furnished credit to wealthy, connected individuals until the so called civil rights movement.

    The banks were getting bailed out again starting in September. They don’t have to grovel before congress anymore and piss off the American public. The coronavirus gave them the cover they needed. You mislead people into voting for Trump and you are continuing to mislead people because you don’t understand free markets. We don’t have free markets. You are complaining about a managed economy, not a free one, and you do this repeatedly. There is a whole new class of people getting bailed out, and I’ve never been one of them.

    People were calling the virus a scam because they are vulnerable, helpless, and screwed. They still are. There will be mass bankruptcies. There are those who will get help, and those who will not. That’s the bigger point. Maybe someone who voted for a guy who started out in life with 200 million dollars can’t understand what it’s like to struggle. Money still matters to everybody. I still haven’t seen the rich say they want to pay a global wealth tax to deal with this.

    This movement deserved everything that happened to it.

  3. Just got off the phone with a tropical medicine specialist at the Radcliffe in Oxon.

    Covid is a nasty killer.
    There are other tropical viruses around that are similar.

    Antibiotics like Doxycyline are effective at suppressing malaria, often used by backpackers from Oz. Albuterol nebulizer are good to have at home.

    Bottom line, this thing is real and takes away a lot of people.

    Look out for a pounding headache and conjunctivitis. Monitor your breathing.

  4. There are those who benefit a great deal from manufactured/exaggerated crises such as this one, HW. Governments and their law enforcement goons now have just the excuse they were looking for to assert more power and control. TV news channels get more ratings and ad revenue. Big Pharma stands to make yet more windfall profits by developing vaccines and other treatments (not cures). And of course Big Business/Big Finance can look forward to trillion$ in bailout packages courtesy of the taxpayer.

    • That’s not what is happening at all.

      It is April and we still don’t have a national lockdown. Each governor is going their own way. Trump can’t decide whether it is the flu. There is no conspiracy. The media narrative has done a 180 degree turn from what it was in February. No, this government was blindsided by the virus and is scrambling and the inept response proves it

    • Personally I think the people or the crowd in the people did this. It’s not the government that necessarily forced the stunnening. The crowd did largely vote with their feet on this issue.

  5. Au contraire, I have every right to peacably assemble and go about my business per the US CONSTITUTION. Give me liberty or give me death doesn’t have an asterisk.

        • I’m not a liberal.

          It is clear to me that an open society simply can’t function in a pandemic. It is like ingesting poison. Individual liberty spreads the disease and has to be curtailed until the emergency has passed.

          I’m not a rigid ideologue. I am practical and flexible. I understand that pandemics and quarantines HAVE ALWAYS been with us throughout history. Nature hasn’t changed. Shakespeare and Newton and Procopius and countless figures across history dealt with it

          • I remember reading how the Globe Theater was closed for 3 entire years due to the plague. This was common back then, Newton was home when he “saw the apple fall” because the University was closed during another plague outbreak. People left the cities back then and went back to stay in the countryside, cities breed filth and disease and your odds are much better out of there. I wonder if one positive benefit from this will be more people look to live in more reasonable sized town and the “bright lights, big city” isn’t quite as attractive as it used to be.

    • Only if you can ensure that, should you get the COVID, that no medic would spend a moment treating you — that instead you would be left to your own devices, and any and all medical care would go exclusively to those who did follow self-isolation directives and actually try to keep the hospital system from being overcrowded.

      If you could do that, then you could do whatever you well please.

      But since you can’t — since the medical practitioners HAVE to treat you — then you don’t get to impinge the liberty and well-being of others because of your own selfishness.

  6. Families are publicly denying media stories that their family members ‘died of Covid-19’

    ‘My Papa Never died from this Virus! And The Media and The Lying ass Government is Fraud! He had health issues way before this even happened! They did NOT confirm with our family that he had that shit!’

    ‘My grandmother did NOT pass away from COVID-19. She passed away from Alzheimer’s that she had suffered with the past 12 years, and a case of aspiration pneumonia that worsened her ailing state. SHAME ON YOU.’

    The above from

    • Thanks for the information, Brabantian

      Very interesting that none of the Coronatards here is refuting any of it.

  7. Ugly American ?

    America is an armed nation.
    What will happen when hospitals turn away critically ill patients ?
    How will their families respond ?

  8. Predicting 100k to 250k deaths .
    If the current growth rate continues to the end of the month,
    That would be 20k deaths/day, those figures would be blown away in a weeks time.

  9. 25% of US deaths are in NYC. 1000 out of 4000.

    King Co Washington (Seattle) where it hit the US first, has 144 deaths out of 2.2 million people. Texas with 3 of the 10 most populace cities and second largest state: 54 deaths. Is that how molecules work? Lying?

    China with 20 million missing cell phone users and double the amount of urns allegedly literally back to business with 4000 deaths. Are they lying? Or the people that control NYC? Or both?

    Iran, remember the “mass graves”? Reports 3000 deaths. Lying?

    Germany 732 deaths but literally borders greater Milan, an alleged epicenter with more than that number dying PER DAY (969)! Lying?

    Sweden, no lockdown, no crisis: lying?

    The same people who said you crashed a helicopter in Charlottesville when it had a history of maintenance problems: lying?

    • Texas has warmer weather….might be a factor. Germany does not border Milan. Sweden’s entire society is currently based on a multitude of lies.

    • “Germany borders Milan”

      LOL. You’re like one of those idiotic Americans that Jay Leno used to ridicule on his show, who don’t know even basic geography.

  10. “Lord” ? Are you Christian, just curious Ty. So we have no reason too be worried about this being a plandemic after things such as event 201 or id2020 and Mr pompeo calling this thing a “live excercise, we have too get this rite” ? We have no reason too be concerned knowing that only a few thousand people have died of the “flu” while millions are screwed without any ability too be outside in a group too protest? Interesting take on this thing. Sounds a lot like Dicky Spencers take “daddy gov pls just shut it all down”. A few old people dieing may have too happen so the rest of us can live our lives in peace seems more rational.

  11. Thank you for rebutting the Ramzpaul fellating Tony Martel. What a selfish and irresponsible article. You should really take it down Hunter.

      • When draft-dodgers from my generation and keyboard noobs from the generations that followed deign to lecture me on manly duties that now include throwing white family members to the wind…

        The stawk mawket chumps are not open to persuasion, Hunter. Take a cue from the draft-dodging Rush Limpdick: “I don’t need equal time, I am equal time!”

      • IMO, it is better to allow people to talk and debate than to censor and fuel paranoia, so I have let everyone have their say

        You’re a good man, Hunter

    • I stopped watching the press conferences because I couldn’t stomach looking at this demonic creature anymore. Even my 7 year old was mortified by it.

      • Demonic is the word for this evil monster, and thanks to Denise for the link. Recall that Marx was before all else a Satanist whose early and sincere embrace of Christianity turned into outright Satanism ritualized by orgiastic sex. Marx’ first published work in his early youth was The Union of the Faithful with Christ, and there’s no doubt that despite being from a Jewish heritage he was a devout Christian as a boy. Yet by the time he’d finished high school he’d turned full Satanist. In his poem Oulanem, inspired by the Marquis de Sade (and no doubt inflamed by compulsive masturbation), Marx begins talking about becoming a destroyer of society. Like the Marquis de Sade before him, Marx visualized victory expressed in terms of sexual degradation, yet I believe even Marx and Sade would have recoiled in horror at the site of such demonic evil in the person of Dr Levine. You go, Pennsylvania.

    • If the lower part of the face is any indication of the beauty of the upper part of the face, I can understand why it was omitted.

      The whole world is a carnival.

  12. Glad you love Big Brother. He will take care of you. Don’t think of yourself as one of those who in time of persecution falls away.

  13. I’m wondering if some of these people are insane? Or just trolling you with their nonsense? Shows that the attraction to these type of websites for some is not necessarily truth about minority dysfunction, but rather an attraction to “offbeat” ideas.

    Being out of commission with SARS2 probably saved Rand Paul’s career, he’s not there to make speeches and vote against bills providing relief to unemployed Americans over “principles.” Libertarianism is a “style” that is interesting to have someone in the room put in their two cents and sometimes provides reason in the midst of a moral panic such as the Satanic Cult thing in the 80s or the “human trafficking” hoax. But having these children in charge with their theories over ruling common sense? Disaster.

    A Korean doctor was being interviewed on Youtube who was quite knowledgeable, South Korea had a MERS outbreak in 2015 that showed how unprepared they were, they learned and were ready this time. My question is that Ebola scare we had here in 2014 with some cases in Dallas and doctors being flown back in sealed jets should have triggered a similar look at our preparedness and certainly an inventory of PPE and it’s lack of should have become evident. Wonder how Bush Jr. or Obama would have dealt with this? My bet is Obama would have left everything wide open out of leftist commitment to open borders, but pivoted more quickly once the advice from the medical personnel kicked in as we probably would have had it hit hard around the same time Italy broke out. Bush Jr. would probably have been even worse.

  14. Diamond Princess : 3112 passengers. 712 cases (elderly peoples). 11 deaths, 15 serious cases.
    In Italy, 99% of deaths by covid had other deadly diseases, like diabete, cancer, etc. median death age : 79.

    USA will suffer more because you eat ony junk food, and because of your obesity rate.

    To make short : just a big flu. Vaccination is very good and very useful for mortal diseases, but noxious for disease with low mortality rates. Here in France (land of the father of vaccination), we use vaccination against rage, tetanus and other awful diseases, but we let our kids get measles, mumps, and rubella) (at least, untill 2018, when big pharma used its power to impose their vaccination)

    I’m not a flat-heartiste, nor a moon-landing denialer. I believe Saudi did 9/11. I think reptilians theory is total bullshit. (1) Neverthless, I think this pandemic of covid is not so important. By far less than total hysteria mood in population and less than the economic crisis caused by this hysteria.

    (1) : think more than you, HW, are accused of conspiracy theory because of your ideas about the Holocaust. What I mean here, is than the posture of accusing everything to be “conspiracy theory” is the same level of stupidity than believing “eveything is a conspiracy” (well, TBH, LESS stupid, but still quite stupid)

      • That’s because you’ve never paid any mind to it before now, and you know it. Most of us haven’t. It’s okay to be wrong, man. We all are (some of us more than others, ahem) because, well, we’re human, thus mortal, thus (more or less) prone to make mistakes. Clinging to your sacred cows on this is making you look ridiculous on the one hand, and like a goddamn shill on the other. So stop it. Please. I live at the virtual ‘epicenter’ of “tornado alley,” so all that nonsense you speak of in that regard as though it were relevant is just total nonsense as far as I’m concerned.

        • It’s okay to be wrong, man. We all are (some of us more than others, ahem) because, well, we’re human, thus mortal, thus (more or less) prone to make mistakes. Clinging to your sacred cows on this is making you look ridiculous on the one hand, and like a goddamn shill on the other. So stop it. Please.

          As much as I admire & respect Hunter and this site, and greatly commend him for his respecting different viewpoints (like with Tony Martel) he unfortunately seems to be, like a fair amount of commentators here, tremendously pessimistic, deeply despairing doom-n-gloom blackpillers, on steroids, who, contrary to all reasonable evidence, maintain their beliefs and illusions with an ocd-like ‘kung-flu’ death grip.

    • “Diamond Princess : 3112 passengers. 712 cases (elderly peoples). 11 deaths, 15 serious cases.”

      Well that shows just how incredibly contagious this thing is, but add five zeros to those figures and you pretty much scale it up to the US population of around 300 million. 71,200,000 cases 1,100,000 deaths. A million deaths!

  15. But my shitty roofing company was just about to get off the ground. Then I would have been able to afford a new Dodge Ram, with Harry Potter™ limited edition interior, but the demoncrat virus hoax ruined it

    • This is a big part of the problem: We have complete and utter idiots out there who think (or seem to think) this whole thing is a big joke (aside from its seriousness). Meanwhile real people with real families to feed and house and otherwise take care of, are losing their livelihoods at an accelerated rate, and all these dipshit have to offer up is a smart ass remark about how they were about to purchase a dodge ram, but are now relegated to used S-10 with fake interior? These sorts of people are unserious adolescents in the extreme. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why you, Hunter, would in any way, shape, form, align yourself with these dependent misfits!

      • My take from what I have observed since January is that no one, especially the president, wanted to deal with this situation. It is a natural disaster. It is not a conspiracy. The government is stumbling and scrambling to deal with it. I’ve just accepted reality and adapted my life to deal with it. Just like a tornado or a hurricane, we will survive and emerge on the other side of this.

        • Just listen to the State of the Union speech, it shows where his mid was, he wanted to run on the stock market and this “blue collar boom” that I don’t see around, yes it was better than Obama due to taking the boot off the energy sectors neck with that green crap about a very fake “climate crisis” that is exposed by seeing a real crisis. He did not want to believe this was happening until too late. The last week of February was the time the fire bell rang, Trump didn’t really get going until about 10 days later. He reminded me of Robert Duvall’s portrayal of Stalin’s nervous breakdown in the days after Hitler invaded, he sounded shell shocked the day the markets tanked to new lows. Tucker’s intervention seemed to fix things but he has been indecisive since, unwilling to take the full measure. Yes we can’t be shut down forever, but we need the Hammer and Dance now to really stop the spread and give time to get the public masks so a more general resumption of the economy with thought out distancing can resume. Still, even then I can’t see bars and restaurants back to normal any time soon. You go to work, you wear your mask and keep your distance, you come home and are around your immediate family. This is AFTER the big 30 hard isolation. Hopefully a vaccine is available in 2021 and then we can resume our lives. I really hope, but doubt, that we put an end to this China outsourcing treason as well. Lets have a gentlemens’ agreement in the West to shun them and stop buying their crap sort of how Barry Lydon was shunned by the nobles after he spanked that brat if you’ve ever seen that film. Let the Chinese economy crater too, screw them, let them rot in stagnation like North Korea.

    • They are both career bureaucrats, madam. And they no doubt have a lot of money invested in Big Pharma. So anything they have to say regarding this “pandemic” cannot be believed.

    • Another one of the controllers’ “experts”. Do we need to say more?

      By the way, did he get his big break from Oprah or Jimmy Kimmel?

    • I think Drs. Fauci & Birx are going to marry each other when this thing is over, a match made in heaven. Either that of the lady doctor will marry the Ethiopian Admiral/Surgeon General.

  16. All good points well presented. And if the corvid-19 pandemic can be halted with the stealth totalitarian measures in a short time you and other sensible moderate dissent rightists will be vindicated. However, if the disease requires 12-18 months minimum to defeat the forced shutdown will prevent almost all small and medium size businesses, and a few giants, from reopening forever, eliminating jobs and income for families.
    Those are the facts ignored here. Wishing away the permanent collateral damage will not prevent that occurrence , and supposing our masters to whom you suddenly attribute human empathy will not use the occasion of our submission to enslave us further is touching but unwarranted. Drs. F and B are long-term government hacks who toe the line of the moment: they were telling us not to worry, don’t wear masks, etc., when CNN and TPTB instructed Orange Man Bad, then shifted to we are doomed when that became the game plan to advance control of all life. Follow you betters at your own peril. Some of us see them taking advantage of a situation to solidify the Oligarchy in the face world wide unrest. Better to follow the Bernie Bros and Sises into a general strike to use the crisis ourselves as the 99 percent to change things for us wage slaves. Now that would be sensible.

  17. Puerto Ricans have to be a real COVID-19 problem because they bounce between New York, Florida, Ohio and other States with Puerto Rican communities. Infected with COVID-19 in New York, and then spreading it to Florida or Ohio, or elsewhere.

    Puerto Ricans were given US citizenship for some unknown reason in 1917, even though Puerto Rico is not a State! So restricting their travel will be difficult, if not impossible. Unless the New York area is quarantined, and enforced.

    • A co-worker of mine who recently vacationed in PR was prevented from returning to ZOG USA for at least several days because of the “pandemic”. He was then ordered to self-quarantine for two weeks.

    • If I remember correctly, (((Fiorello LaGuardia))) imported them to NY for his future election win. So, I’d say he and his ilk had something to do with their early citizenship.

  18. Sorry, Hunter. You may be right about the corona virus, or you may be very wrong, as the idiot Brit Ferguson (who started this hysteria) has now all but admitted. “500,000 dead in the UK!” Not quite. Now it looks like as few as 5700, virtually all with pre-existing conditions. There will not be 150,000-200,000 dead in the USA, either. What is certain is that the economic misery this mass hysteria event has caused will linger for years and result in many times the number of deaths even loosely related to the virus. This is indeed panic and hysteria, a chance for faceless health bureaucrats to pose as heroes for fifteen minutes. New York City? That filthy place has been asking for it for years, “welcoming”, as Cuomo puts it, every kind of diseased foreigner you can imagine. Ever smelled Chinatown in NYC? Italy? Ditto. 300,000 Chinese stinking up the place for years.
    Of course we should take reasonable precautions and the vulnerable should self-isolate but the mad response world-wide will sow a whirlwind. This IS bad but it is not the Black Death.
    I am currently overseas in a country of 45 million people. 15 people have died of the virus (allegedly) and about 800 have tested positive. The whole place is locked down and poor people are going hungry. They will get a lot hungrier, believe me, thanks to this nonsense. I expect food riots in a week or so and I am trapped here.
    Don’t call us ugly Americans because we view the MSM and corrupt, incompetent governments with justified suspicion.

      • If America had cultivated its White genetics, we would be building reinforced dome
        Structures and most tornadoes and hurricanes would cause minor damage.
        A White America would be far more advanced than our current ghettoized dystopia.

        • Couldn’t the Air Force fly a fleet of C5 Galaxies over the storm clouds and spray them with dry ice, baking soda or something like that to absorb the moisture from the clouds and render them harmless?

    • It’s a good illustration of the need for quaranteen at borders. Free movement of people without international quaranteen is the problem. That’s a good Nationalist position. We come out ahead if we advocate for sensible border measures now. We stand in front of an open goal. We just have to kick the ball in the net or over the crossbar depending on your game. Peppers were vindicated too. Good call on the eschaton you crazy mountain men.

  19. Good post. I think most WNs are on the sane side of this thing and we are the only group whose ideals would have prevented this pandemic. In a world of closed borders, ethnocentrism, and a regulated economy not based on exponential growth, this would’ve stayed in China.

    • In a world of quaranteened borders this couldn’t have happened as easily and as suddenly as it did. Ffs Ellis Island could keep you for 40days. I’m pretty sure Hull and Southampton repatriated the ill to Rotterdam Hamburg and Zeebbrugge

  20. Excellent article, Hunter.

    Corona Chan has underscored the libercuck and cuck$ervative commitment to capital. These cucks for $$$ have publicly proven themselves to be every bit as selfish and greedy as we’ve known them to be and there is no walking it back. They’ll go on for several more years hoping people have forgotten. Sensing that people haven’t forgotten, the cuck$ will double down until such time the Regime denies them every public platform.

    The bad news is many of us include the so-called dissident Right in all of this. People have come to the realization that there is nothing “dissident” about these chumps. When push came to shove these chumps demonstrated the same commitment to ea$y global $$$ over white people: “Mom and Dad must die because the cure is worst than the disease!” We now know the dissident blightwing is nothing more than a fringe group of racialist Rush Limbaughs. All of their verbal squawking about “Main Street over Wall Street” rings hollow from this point on.

    Capital over Mom, Dad, and Grandma. Expediting inheritances. Telecommuting for thee and thine own, but not for me and mine. What about muh pension/dividend stream? What about it, bitches. There simply will be no forgiving or forgetting your betrayal. Fuck you Tammypaul, Anglin, and the rest of them.

    On a side note, somebody ought to look into the means hospitals, government, public agencies are using to limit testing and under-report deaths. China and US lying about numbers plays into cuck$ervative hands.

    • While several shop keepers in my home village are hurting… For the most part the construction plumbing gardening farming etc etc guys are doing alright.

    • “We now know the dissident blightwing is nothing more than a fringe group of racialist Rush Limbaughs. All of their verbal squawking about “Main Street over Wall Street” rings hollow from this point on.”

      Great post. I think the alt-right in America is too big and needs to break into smaller movements that have more internal cohesion. The paleocon oriented original alt-right needs to be able to operate without racist boomers and MAGAtards infesting our spaces and trying to undermine us. Racist boomers who think that Rush Limbaugh is the savior of the white race need their own spaces, by them and for them. The biggest failure of our movement is being too tolerant of cranks and weirdos just because they are racist.

      We are fighting a long war. We don’t need every crazy person who says racist things to be in our spaces just to increase numbers. The problem is that too many people want to have big tents because they think you can let people into the tent and then convert them. The problem is that once you get enough of these people, they form a faction and refuse to listen to the gospel that was being preached when they came in. Worse, they start shouting down the preacher and trying to take over the pulpit.

      We were too quick accept and welcome people who were not ideologically squared away. So many people who don’t share our values have come into our spaces so fast and we have failed to truly convert them to an alt-right world view. We see now a dangerous tipping point approaching as these types may take over and destroy our movement from the inside in service of the GOP.

      In the future, we need to set ideological boundaries and keep people who are interested in our ideas, but who do not fully embrace our values, at arms length. Only people who have truly been born again can be welcome inside of the movement as equals. That means a total rejection of boomer style thinking, sympathy for Rush Limbaugh and faith in the GOP.

      • I also praise Oldtradesman’s comments, and yours too, ATBOTL. Just one quibble: We’re too BIG? There may be fellow pale people out there that think like us but aren’t yet hanging out at sites like OD (10-15% of us, according to various polls), but we’re certainly not yet a large movement. Let’s focus on getting those agreeing on the 14 words to come into the fold, first.

        • I’m on the younger side and I can assure you that most white males in America under 40 are at least alt-right influenced. Our ideas have been spreading for years and are part of the zeitgeist now. There are no millennial neocons in the real world. Don’t measure us by posters online. Our ideas are broadly popular with our people. The biggest problems are the highly partisan conservative types who listen to Rush Limbaugh we call “boomers” for lack of a better term. Those people care more about tax cuts for billionaires than America staying white and are worse on many issues than a random white man on the street will be. But there are only a few million of those people.

          The problem with those sort of “boomers,” is that they have anti-nationalist and anti-populist ideals deeply embedded in their thinking. Especially since Obama was elected, many of those types have become strongly against immigration and even “racist,” without becoming populist or nationalist or even really pro-white in many cases. That’s giving us these strange hybrid creatures who have very hardline positions on racial issues but who still instinctively favor atomization of society, selfishness, imperialism, neoliberalism and anti-intellectualism. They come across like if Rush Limbaugh was parodying a “racist nazi conspiracy type.”

          10%-15% of whites admit to more or less being white nationalists in surveys. The real number must be higher. Our online presence is weak compared to how many of use there are, if anything.

  21. Not digging the new fearmongering direction of the site Hunter.

    Conspiracy theory isn’t an ugly concept if there is a positive corollary beyond coincidence.

    Frankly, I know they’re lying, and they are using deliberately misleading statistics to do so.

    When you say SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus is “highly infectious,” what do you mean? Is it highly infectious in a gain-of-function theoretical model or in vivo?

    Is PCR amplification (polymerase chain reaction) an infallible detection method for DNA? Being that you need to know a specific DNA target sequence for more accurate results, how are you going to work with the unknown RNA from an unknown virus?
    Advantages and limitations of quantitative PCR (Q-PCR)-based approaches in microbial ecology. –

    Is the the test for this allegedly “novel” strain of Coronavirus even accurate enough to be used as a sole diagnostic medium?

    I’m at the extent of my ability to understand genetics and virology research. But, it’s obvious that elderly people with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory issues are going to die at an increased rate during flu season. If you chalk that death statistic up to primary causality from Corona viridae that is just sloppy research. At this point, it is gross medical malfeasance that has been weaponized against humanity.

  22. Yes the US Government has been been exploring the possibility of something like this for years. That’s true the Trump administration studied it last year. However I think it’s very obvious that our government is an absolute failure at keeping us safe. It’s been an absolute failure the fact that a vaccine or real medicine is still in development and not already on the market for Free right now. Not a single person should ever receive a medical bill for this. Not a single person! That’s how the government can do the right thing. All this talk Trump and Republicans did about the economy and how great things are came crashing down over 1 virus the government couldn’t protect us from. US Government made or not…….it could have stopped in China! The entire global population and nations should have acted and made sure it never left China. However global economics, trade, and travel never ended not even for a second and it spread around the World. Trump only cares about the Stock Market. The Stock Market should be closed right now because millions of people are out of work, people are going bankrupt, and businesses / factories are closed….some forever. All while the Stock Market is still rolling along going up and down and propped up by Jew money. This should be a lesson for everyone….change things in the future. This is 2020 and this pandemic should have never happened. We as a human race must make sure it never happens again! Deo Vindice !

  23. The deeper problem is that white Americans can’t think in terms of shades of grey, everything is 100% one way or 100% the opposite. This leads to paranoia, hysteria, monomania, rudeness, arrogance and a general inability to cooperate for our common interests. Europeans are not like this at all. All of these optics war type issues and the boomer problem essentially don’t exist in the nationalist movements in any European country. European nationalists are reasonable, able to grasp nuance and uncertainty and don’t quarrel much.

  24. If you advise caution over this virus, you’re somehow flying into hysterics and/or falling for gov’t propaganda. Or is it corporate press propaganda? Look, we haven’t dealt with this particular virus, and it obviously can have serious consequences. Because Blompf decided to put the economy over lives for the sake of his re-election, we’re behind the 8-ball on this. Until we understand it and can then deal with it effectively, doesn’t it merely make sense to take precautions?

    • The irony is that more prudence early on would have helped protect the economy from the shock. A real nationalist leader would have stopped flights from infected countries before the airlines did it themselves.

  25. Thanks for some sanity, brabantian, amid the thinly veiled hysteria predominating here that will, as surely as night overtakes the day, turn into demands to jail those who disagree with the emergent police state. Because the virus has mutated, as we predicted it would if it were an engineered bio weapon, it suggests the radically uncalled for total shutting down of civil society was planned—and yet the gulls are all the more disposed to believe the official narrative. The Johns Hopkins’ maps this site relies on are prima facie evidence of conspiracy-in-fact and not merely in theory (ignorantly understood as uninformed guesswork).

    In his now classic Visual Display of Quantitative Information statistician Edward R. Tufte shows a whole range of graphs that either over or under represent the effects in the data. (Quoting from ‘doublethink’ highlights from the book) “He does this by calculating a graph’s Lie Factor which can be calculated by dividing the size of the effect shown in the graphic by the size of the effect in the data. If the Lie Factor is greater than 1 the graph overstates the effect.” In the case of the Johns Hopkins graphical depictions of the pandemic data, the Lie Factor, or ratio between the populations affected depicted by the circles in relation to the total populations in the fields beneath those circles is so grotesquely exaggerated that the Lie Factor is nearly incalculable.

    Unfortunately, such statistical dishonesty works on statistically innumerate citizens like a magical spell inducing hysteria. And, as Jacques Ellul spelled out for those with eyes to see, propaganda isn’t at all about lying if there’s a chance of being caught (for reasons that should be obvious), but about “spin,” or so emotionally charging those implanted beliefs that the masses automatically act on those beliefs as we now see in spades from Alabama to Alaska and everywhere in between. The accusation that we’re denying the virus is as wrong as it is unfair from those whose emotions now rule over their reason. These gulls sowing official propaganda shall reap the whirlwind.

  26. “Wuhan which is why China locked down a city larger than New York City…”

    Wuhan is roughly the size of Chicago and less than half the size of NYC if you do an apples to apples comparison of population.

  27. Covid 19 is a real virus and a threat-just not a threat of the magnitude of the Spanish Flu of 1919. Is it a tempest in a teapot or a terrible scourge/-time alone will tell. In the meantime, take it seriously and take reasonable steps to protect yourself from contracting it. Since you’ve probably been furloughed from work anyway if you have a “slob job”(i.e.-are not self-employed), may as well self isolate with your family as much as possible. Political Correctness is its own punishment, as when the chief public health official in Italy piously intoned that Italians should seek out and “hug a Chinese”. No wonder the Italians are leading the pack in Corona deaths.. There are plenty of lessons liberals and standard issue conservatives should learn from this event-cf. Ann Coulter’s latest, “The Bill for Globalism is in-Tell China to Pay Up!.” As for Hunter-lighten upon hmi folks-at least he hasn’t blamed Boomers for it-yet!

  28. Except the excess mortality is down on normal years! That is fewer people are dying!
    So this is a staged panic, and people have lost the ability to think!
    It is live theater and you are in it.
    Read and keep track with this;
    update regularly, and sit back and THINK.
    This is our 911, and Bill, I suspect, is the force behind!

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