Captain Crozier Has Been Relieved Of Command

There are still people who believe this is all a HOAX.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON – Videos posted on social media showed a huge send-off for Navy Capt. Brett Crozier, the commander of an aircraft carrier who was ousted Thursday after sending a letter pleading with Navy leadership to protect his crew from the spreading coronavirus.

One video from the Facebook account of Michael Washington shows hundreds of service members on the hanger deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is currently docked in Guam, chanting “Captain Crozier! Captain Crozier!” and clapping. 

Someone in the video says, “and that’s how you send off one of the greatest captains you’ve ever had,” and adding “The GOAT [Greatest Of All Time], the man for the people.”

Crozier was fired just four days after he pleaded for help as the coronavirus ravaged his crew on the Roosevelt. Crozier had sent an urgent letter to the U.S. Navy on Sunday, seeking to evacuate and isolate the crew as cases of coronavirus infection increased on the vessel. The letter, which was published in the San Francisco Chronicle, had been sent out broadly via email, creating “panic” on the vessel, according to Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly. Modly said Crozier had “exercised extremely poor judgment.” …”

San Francisco Chronicle:

“The captain of a nuclear aircraft carrier with more than 100 sailors infected with the coronavirus pleaded Monday with U.S. Navy officials for resources to allow isolation of his entire crew and avoid possible deaths in a situation he described as quickly deteriorating.

The unusual plea from Capt. Brett Crozier, a Santa Rosa native, came in a letter obtained exclusively by The Chronicle and confirmed by a senior officer on board the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, which has been docked in Guam following a COVID-19 outbreak among the crew of more than 4,000 less than a week ago.

“This will require a political solution but it is the right thing to do,” Crozier wrote. “We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset — our Sailors.”

In what universe would the collapse of American military power in the Western Pacific and images of sickened sailors revolting on the USS Theodore Roosevelt be broadcast across the world as part of some elaborate conspiracy? How on earth does this make any sense?

The globalists wanted to suddenly bring globalism to a halt! The European Union wanted to close its borders! The wealthy wanted the stock market and the economy to crash! The U.S. military wants to broadcast its weakness to the world! Politicians want to nuke their economies and prepare the public for hundreds of thousands of deaths and crippling and unpopular national lockdowns!

Note: In every simulation of a pandemic or biological weapons attack on the United States from Dark Winter in 2001 to Crimson Contagion in 2019, the federal government ends up losing badly to the virus. This is why politicians have always hoped it wouldn’t be their problem.

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  1. The human mind cannot fathom the intelligence and wickedness of the fallen ones.. they are supernatural beings who are superior to us.
    For what but a supernatural force could’ve helped (((them))) for all these thousands of years ??!?

  2. Crosier sounds like a terribly weak and effeminate man. If he were manly and courageous, he would have sucked it up and made his crew work through the contagion. So good to see that cowardly, ladylike, unmanly “captain” relieved of duty. Hopefully the next man up realizes that this virus is no big deal.


  3. It may be a situation where ZOG was blindsided by this pandemic and is so freaked out about it that they are over-reacting in a desperate attempt to regain control.

  4. Here’s a little report from “ground zero” King Co Seattle

    274 deaths in Washington state. In over a month. Why no apocalyptic spread? This is literal ground zero and neighboring Kittitas, Mason have ZERO deaths in over a month!

    The above chart shows it all. The deaths are predominantly New York. Throw in the rest of the politically motivated Blue States and Red State America is untouched.

    Is that how viruses work? They consult pollsters and focus groups?

    We see the same thing in the baffling difference between Milan and neighboring Germany – if no one is lying then the laws of physics have been upended!

    But some one is lying. Many someone’s. Particularly our good friends in New York.

    Could there be a novel corona virus? Sure they literally happen all the time. Not a hoax.

    Are the models of mass death hoaxes? Absolutely. Masks dont work? Total hoax. Regular masks dont work you need tuberculosis grade masks? Ridiculous hoax. Hospitals overrun now grandma’s heart attack wont get treated? Absolute hoax. Cant touch your own face? Total hoax. Shutting down the economy will solve the problem? Complete hoax.

    In other words “it” (the corona virus panic) IS a total hoax.

    However… the effects of the panic are so amazing that it has to be contemplated: is this a gift from the deity?

  5. The Caine Mutiny in reverse. The outbreak probably came from sone diversity galley monkey.

    • The ZOG military contains every species of human primate. However, one no longer encounters many straight white males, except in elite occupations like the Green Berets or submarine captains.

  6. The hoax narrative also requires believing that all of these different countries, some which are enemies like Iran and Israel, are all colluding together to fake this virus, seemingly for no reason at all. The libertarians claim the governments are using it to consolidate power and reduce freedoms, but Western governments have almost entirely refused to even use the powers they already have in response to this pandemic.

  7. Crozier is an idiot. A man like that should never have risen to captain in the Navy, much less be given command of a carrier. He is no hero. As a former military officer I can tell you that his actions are simply incredible. Senior military officers do not buck the chain of command, as he did. He had every right to express his opinion up the chain but what he really did was send a letter to 20 other people, knowing it would leak. This insubordination is breath-taking. He should be court-martialed and kicked out of the Navy. You simply can'[t have old women and panic mongers in command. He is both. The sailors on his ship are by definition young and healthy. They are no more under threat than any other such persons. I am appalled that this site – an island of common sense and truth – has swallowed this hysteria. No, it is not a hoax but neither is it the Black Death. Get a grip.

    • “As a former military officer”

      And with this, all of your opinions may be dismissed without consideration.

    • The military you’re describing, one that adhered to a centuries – old code of conduct, no longer exists. It has been replaced by a feminized, bolshevized and negrofied mercenary force. So one can hardly expect its officers to be men of superior character.

    • ” are no more under threat than any other such persons”

      I’d take issue with that.
      They’re tightly confined and completely under mechanical ventilation.

  8. People whose reaction to the epidemic is essentially the same as FOX boomers need to be quarantined from the real nationalist movement.

  9. The navy is notorious for treating its personnel like dog **it.
    Always the same pattern.

    If you’re dumb enough to spend six months on a floating coffin surrounded
    By men and pampered minorities, you’re dumb enough to take anything.

  10. A man who subverts the agenda of ZOG to save sailors from getting sick or risking their lives threatening ZOG’s enemies is doing the right thing.

  11. The problem is that the outbreak on the ship should have been classified information and letting the Chinese know our navy is out of commission just might lead to a very crazy decision that invading Taiwan is a “now or never moment” and we have WW3 on our hands in the midst of this epidemic. It is the publication of this military secret that is the issue.

    • Do you really believe that Chinese intelligence doesn’t know where the carriers are or their readiness status? That information is childs play to discover. A reporter can discover it with a few phone calls.

  12. I should think an alliance between Red China, Russia and Iran would be invincible. So why don’t they have one?

  13. Time will tell who is right here. I for one, don’t know. Based on my limited knowledge, though, my hunch is that this virus is going to be the fallguy for the terminally ill, over inflated U.S. dollar. The libera world order is propped up by debt as wealth and keeping us fat, dumb and happy. We’ve surrendered in every battle of the culture war because we were fat, dumb and happy. There was no way the bubble could be allowed to burst without a mass insurrection….until now. The virus will take the blame for the loss of middle America’s savings and permanetly lower standard of living.

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