COVID-19 Hits Grim Milestone

What a difference a month makes.

Note: The CIA has been telling Donald Trump and Congress since early February that it is not “just the flu” and that China was understating infections and deaths. Unfortunately, Trump was advised by his donors to “ride it out” and the GOP went with the narrative that it was just the flu.

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  1. Those of you who watch the obsolete media,
    Have any of the major networks shown the Chinese gangs going around
    And buying up every single mask in drug, paint, lumber, home supply stores ?
    Any mention of it ?

        • The sheenies are kikes, the potato heads are micks. Some of the best people I know have names like Burke, Hanrahan and O’Neal.

          • Sorry, the ethnic disses are hard to keep track of, Spahn. I’ve heard that dis applied to Irish people before.

    • Total media blackout, absolutely true. Chinese Organized Crime and CCP Spies wiped our shelves clean of masks by mid January. They identified two “Chinese Real Estate Companies” down under that had all it’s employees go out and hit every store in Australia and New Zeeland and buy every last mask and then sent private jets to fly them directly to China. I’m sure the same thing happened here as I found all the shelves bare by the 24th of January. These are spies and saboteurs and every single one needs to be identified and expelled.

  2. 50% of the recorded deaths are in NY and NJ (almost all in the NYC metro area). Start with a quarantine of the NYC metro area, Then limit travel as needed, protect the vulnerable, secure the borders, get rid of foreign workers, and onshore manufacturing of everything remotely in the critical supply chain. And get productive Americans back to work.

    • You forgot to mention one very important step: Sealing off the ghettos, to make sure the niggers don’t start looting and rioting. Turning off their water and electricity would also be a good idea.

      • I work with a “Louis Gosset Jr.” type responsible black guy from a married family in the black middle class who is upset that the black kids are all still “hangin’ out.” He was playing all these videos of other “tough school principle with the baseball bat” type black guys who were giving angry lectures telling the punks to go home and watch TV and get off the street. To be fair, whites in Generation Bastard were doing the same in March with the silly green plastic Leprechaun hats to wear to crowded Wrigleyville bars for St. Patrick’s day to the valley girl types on the Florida Beach being interviewed: “it like only affects like old people so there’s like no reason for us not to go to the beach.” I would guess that the white “Lisa Simpson” types are taking this seriously, but the other end of the bell curve are passing around the bong (and SARS2 virus) with Spicoli.

  3. Andrew Neill doesn’t indulge in much bullshit.

    Jesus fucking christ. Now I know why those Chinese virologists allowed themselves to get stranded in the UK. They are going to blow the whistle on what really went on in January and February. The Chinese food culture and save face state just opened up Pandora’s Box.

  4. Chinese numbers not accurate ???

    Just look at worldodometer’s list of countries.

    USA 266,750 +21,873 6,803 +733
    Italy 119,827 +4,585 14,681 +766
    Spain 117,710 +5,645 10,935 +587
    German 90,964 +6,170 1,234 +127
    China 81,620 +31 3,322 +4
    France 64,338 +5,233 6,507 +1,120
    Iran 53,183 +2,715 3,294 +134
    UK. 38,168 +4,450 3,605 +684

    China 4 new deaths !!! In the place it started ??

    • The Chinese doomed humanity to a extraordinary decimation. Should have nuked Wuhan from orbit. Just to make sure.

  5. Italy plateaued!

    Good news! Right?


    Italy averages 23,000 flu deaths a year, apparently.

    Has had stunning 14,800 from corona, apparently (though dubious).

    Italy uses the same “call anything a corona death” model we have been using since March 24.

    I have a sneaking suspicion our countrymen in New York would do ANYTHING to raise the body count; ironically with the rat race shut down DEATHS ARE PLUMMETING! There just aren’t enough bodies! (Not that that would stop them…)

    • Afterthought, you’re trying so hard to convince everyone about this that it looks like you’re scared shitless and are trying most of all to convince yourself.

  6. In nearby Germany:

    “The first known case of COVID-19 in Germany was confirmed near the city of Munich, Bavaria, on 27 January, around the same time as Italy and Spain had theirs on January 31. While 1,107 people have tragically died of COVID-19 in Germany, according to Johns Hopkins University, the virus has killed 13,915 people in Italy—the highest death toll of any country—and 10,935 in Spain,”

    Perhaps the Italians are lying?

    • Perhaps they are not lying. But I did read a few interesting things brought up at unz but have not been able to confirm. (Not reading Italian doesn’t help.)

      1. Officials made a boo-boo of sending non-seriously ill patients to nursing homes that had spare beds to offload the hospitals. Infections spread naturally among the most at-risk population.

      2. The 2016-2017 flu season was particularly bad and resulted in overflowing hospitals and the like. So this is nothing new.

      3. The current flu season has been extremely mild in Italy with fewer deaths than usual. That leaves a larger at-risk population for WuFlu.

      4. Italy has gone through economizing in their health care system over the years, reducing staff, closing hospitals, etc.

    • …or perhaps the Germans have a more thorough and efficient healthcare system?

      Nah, couldn’t be. That would be too “off character”.

  7. Deaths of mostly elderly WITH the coronavirus (+ diabetes, heart trouble etc) are being sold as

    Deaths FROM the coronavirus … which they are not

    Sometimes the media even gives the game away –

    “Eddie Large died from coronavirus as he was being treated in hospital FOR HEART FAILURE …” HA

    Hunter seems never to have digested what NWO conspiracy people actually say, so he straw-mans them (maybe unintentionally), as he did in his post on the aircraft carrier captain

    Anti-NWOers always said elites want CONTROL more than short-term money, so at some point they will totally destroy the global economy, especially to impoverish and ultimately enslave what used to be the middle class males – the group they most fear, the people like Hunter who have time and freedom to write etc

    Economic collapse also lets the cash-rich elites buy up everything in sight, as they are now doing

    Also, for years, many anti-NWOers forecast the downfall of the USA as a key part of ‘the plan’, in favour of an NWO maybe led by China-Russia or maybe to be HQed in Jerusalem

    It was always thought a ‘super-crisis’ would be manufactured – financial crisis, pandemic, maybe even a fake space alien invasion

    Maybe the reason they finally canned Alex Jones, is that a lot of his ‘far-out’ rants circa 2005-2010 are now coming true

    It’s the flu, bro … but with a Deep State media PR team:

    Hundreds of thousands dead, most all elderly / sick, and some randos
    Hospitals overwhelmed, people treated in tents outside
    Heavy dose of respiratory deaths

    That all happens with annual flu, just never hyped like this, and now it is ballyhooed as-if-new to justify economic shut-downs leading to collapse

    A legion of medical professionals are saying it’s a fraud … but their voices are drowned out

    Sadly by the end of the year we might be in such a huge depression and societal collapse no one will have much leisure to talk about ‘yeah, it was just the frackin’ flu after all, we got played again’

    Aangirfan has extensive material on her site for those not committed to the ‘it’s real!’ hysteria

  8. “Italy plateaued”

    Under total lockdown.

    They can’t stay in solitary confinement , they have to come out , some day.

    • Italy is lying about the death toll.

      It seems more like a miscalculation than an intention lie. Wouldn’t other countries be in the same boat too? Or has everyone else around the world except Italy diligently tested every single death within their borders to make sure it wasn’t coronavirus?

  9. Recall Iran was the second country fingered for the latest novel corona virus.

    Remember mass graves? A total lie.

    3,264 have died in Iran so far from the coronavirus, but again they could easily be lying. 1,100 people die there every day from all causes given a mortality rate of 5.3 per 1000.

    Funny enough Trump tweeted a warning to Iran recently despite the US literally dying of the corona virus panic. Maybe this was why?

    “Suleimani’s Absence Has Been No Problem for Iran in Syria

    After the assassination of its high-ranking general, Iran has successfully doubled down on its regional military strategy.”

    I like how they call it Sulemanis “absence”, as if he will return with the 12th Imam!!

    Since 1979 the regime has managed to de facto rebuild much of the Persian Empire despite the entire weight of the globe bearing down on them.

    1,100 people die there every day given a mortality rate of 5.3 per 1000

  10. Bad Bolsonaro of Brazil* has defied any lockdown: so Brazil, with strong ties to China as a member of BRICS, should be writhing in an orgy of death, right?

    300 deaths.

    Not that the usual suspects won’t do everything in their power to hurt Bolsonaro for this:

    They are even using the same “mass graves” BS they used on Iran:

    * you see what I did there?

  11. There is no virus. Even the way you are calculating mortality is wrong. Flu mortality is calculated by dividing deaths by the total number of ESTIMATED cases not CONFIRMED cases. You have lost all credibility.

    • The virus was so bad in China in early January that they authorized the mobilization of their assets in the west to WIPE OUR RETAIL SHELVES CLEAN OF MASKS knowing full well that this would be detected and the consequences for relations. There is probably going to be a mass expulsion of these assets who have exposed themselves. They played their ace it was so bad.

  12. Sweden isn’t doing much about corona virus, a notorious cause of the common cold, causing a mild fever and a cough: their should be #filmyourhospital level scenes of chaos, right?

    333 deaths.

    Should they shut Sweden down? Cancel Easter?

    For comparison 505 Swedes died in 2018-2019 season within 30 days of lab verified flu; that jaw droppingly low number is a combination of Aryan genetics, good lifestyle, free health care, and zealous vaccination rates: so.ething we could be have if we ever get serious about Partition, I might add…

    I’m going to stop the global tour here but I could go on (eg Spain, Russia). There just won’t be enough bodies to justify the panic and as the gravity of the damage to the economy sets in, there will be hell to pay.

  13. Who’s in hysterics? Here in Minnesota, we have a stay-at-home order, but people still go out to grocery stores, walk around, get take-out, go to the pharmacy, etc., etc. The odd thing is the hoarding of food most people don’t usually eat much of, like sardines and Spam. Folks don’t know how to prepare for disaster, so they’re buying everything not nailed down in the grocery stores. But the stores here are balancing for that overreaction on their own, limiting quantities people can buy of certain items. Like in any unusual situation, there’s an adjustment period. If you’re of average intelligence, you’ll quickly learn and adapt. I haven’t noticed anyone so out of their minds with fear that they’re, say, walking around with flamethrowers to keep others away. (Although I would like a flamethrower, just for sh!ts and giggles.)

  14. Deep state plot that involves cooperation from every country on earth except sweden and north korea.

  15. Official US government CDC Centre for Disease Control criteria for labelling a death as being caused by Covid-19
    Pointed to by former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson

    Official CDC guidance for coding COVID-related deaths is as follows:
    Any death where the disease
    is ASSUMED to have caused
    or is
    to death
    Confirmed lab tests are NOT required

    Same in Britain … doctor can guess and say it’s covid no proof of any kind

    • Apparently, genuine facts and the truth doesn’t matter, Brabantian

      Some people here are just so supremely owned by the virus, they absolutely worship it. They want to believe in it so badly, in the utterly ridiculous belief that “the virus” is going to “end globali$m” — and before you know it, we’ll have our White Elysium, no work or effort necessary!! — the “virus” will take care of it all!!!

      • Do you have enough self-awareness to realize what a complete clown you’re making of yourself?

        I don’t think I’ve seen anyone here say that. I believe that I’ve seen people saying this proves globalism doesn’t WORK, which is pretty much confirmation of what we already know.

        But you’re so determined to have things your own way that you’ve either deluded yourself, or are lying through your teeth and making up stuff about what everyone is “supposedly saying according to you” — but isn’t.

        • I don’t think I’ve seen anyone here say that. I believe that I’ve seen people saying this proves globalism doesn’t WORK, which is pretty much confirmation of what we already know

          I think we all know around here that “globalism” doesn’t work, never has, never will .. nor do we “need” a fake virus to “prove” that globalism is evil bullshit. This was my point, for why else would so many intelligent, otherwise skeptical right-wingers believe the nonsense of this ridiculous “plandemic”.

          Anyway, whatever the actual particulars of whatever this virus medically is, what bothers me most is the unquestioning, credulous acceptance of the way it being handled politically, ie, martial law, severe job losses — as well as not too far down the road, talk about the abolition of cash, replaced with “digital” currency; forced, toxic mandatory vaccines, along with a biochipped “digital certificate”, tracked on the 5G network, all brought to you by the nwo boy wonder bill gates. Why IS NOBODY HERE TALKING ABOUT THIS???

          I completely stand by my sentiments, and if *you* cannot see or appreciate the existential ramifications of what we’re facing from the extreme overreaction to “the virus” , then obviously you don’t have enough self-awareness to realize what a complete clown you’re making of yourself.

      • Virtus,

        I like it when some guys will say, ‘Oh no!…they are under reporting the numbers in China or Italy. It’s much worse than people think.

        Here is ANOTHER video from Louisiana where there telling everyone about how dangerous things are and to stay indoors and someone decides to goes out to film to see for themselves and finds a ghost-town- again!

        • Virtus,

          I like it when some guys will say, ‘Oh no!…they are under reporting the numbers in China or Italy. It’s much worse than people think.



          And just how do they allegedly know all this inside information?!?

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