Coronavirus: 4/3

Editor’s Note: 5,711 Americans have died of “just the flu” this week. That is 5X the peak of the 2017/2018 flu season which was the week that ended on January 20, 2018 in the middle of brutal winter. We typically have 200 to 400 deaths from flu in early April.

Here are the latest numbers:

The South: 4/3

MS: 1,358 cases, 29 deaths

AL: 1,515 cases, 38 deaths

SC: 1,700 cases, 34 deaths

GA: 5,967 cases, 198 deaths

TX: 5,658 cases, 97 deaths

FL: 10,268 cases, 170 deaths

LA: 10,297 cases, 370 deaths

AR: 738 cases, 12 deaths

KY: 831 cases, 37 deaths

OK: 988 cases, 38 deaths

WV: 237 cases, 2 deaths

VA: 2,012 cases, 46 deaths

MO: 2,113 cases, 19 deaths

NC: 2,287 cases, 27 deaths

TN: 3,194 cases, 32 deaths (Unreported)

U.S. cases:

3/1: 89

3/8: 564

3/9: 728

3/10: 1,000

3/11: 1,267

3/12: 1,645

3/13: 2,204

3/14: 2,826

3/15: 3,505

3/16: 4,466

3/17: 6,135

3/18: 8,760

3/19: 13,159

3/20: 18,563

3/21: 26,138

3/22: 33,276

3/23: 46,371

3/24: 55,041

3/25: 68,203

3/26: 85,873

3/27: 104,671

3/28: 123,578

3/29: 142,070

3/30: 164,248

3/31: 188,530

4/1: 215,003

4/2: 244,877

4/3: 277,161 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

2/29: 1

3/2: 5

3/3: 3

3/4: 2

3/5: 1

3/6: 3

3/7: 4

3/8: 3

3/9: 4

3/10: 4

3/11: 8

3/12: 3

3/13: 8

3/14: 8

3/15: 11

3/16: 18

3/17: 23

3/18: 41

3/19: 57

3/20: 49

3/21: 46

3/22: 111

3/23: 140

3/24: 225

3/25: 247

3/26: 268

3/27: 411

3/28: 525

3/29: 363

3/30: 573

3/31: 912

4/1: 1,049

4/2: 968

4/3: 1,321 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 7,392 dead

[OC] COVID-19 Cases in the US by County Over Time from r/dataisbeautiful

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  1. Our good friends in NY have more deaths in a day than the entire South total. Is that how viruses work?

    10 times more in a day than the second most populace state Texas has total where we are literally furloughing doctors! Where the roads and airports are still humming along and everyone is going about their business at Wal Mart and HEB: is that how viruses work?

    WV 2 deaths? And were they folks that travelled? Can you imagine a year where WV would have only 2 deaths from, say influenza A or B?

    In CT they are counting any death with positive test as corona.

    The trouble with that is that when nearly everyone has Corona exposure, then every death could be a corona death – which is absurd.

    Politically motivated counting.


    • Our good friends in NY have more deaths in a day than the entire South total. Is that how viruses work?

      That’s right AF, real viruses *spread*, they don’t just stay in one area.

      Even in northern Italy, the overwhelming amount of the alleged cases is in the province of Lombardy, not diffused throughout all of the Italian North.

      I remember one graph about a couple of weeks ago, where Lombardy had 3,095 cases, and the neighboring province of Trento had 28.

      This is not how legitimate viruses work at all.

    • It makes sense. NY is the world center of Globalism Inc. and has a very high population density. They have a lot of Jews and other minorities flying out to Asia, getting infected, and then bringing the virus back with them.

      Texas is more spread out and rural and isn’t the center of world trade, but it will spread there on roads, rail, and planes, just like it did from China to the West due to complacency.


      If you want a job done right, you should do it yourself.

      • You need to realize that “New York” and even “New York City” is a giant place. My great great grandparents moved from Pennsylvania and down South to Manhattan. My great grandparents moved into what was then rural but now known as “the boroughs” and here we are today, although Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester and Long Island resemble Pakistan, India and Central America in most towns now, including my own.

        Point being is in pockets you still have the Germans like my family. You have the Italians, Irish, Greeks, etc. We have been lowered to about 30% of the population in less than forty years, but we are here and New York is our home. My parents building has five cases, my building has one, several family members are in the ICU, and I lost two of my friends from high school. This is real. It is beyond what you could ever imagine and there is a very end of the world feel to the whole region

        • Dear Captain:

          What I am about to type may seem harsh, but it is clearly said in a spirit of conciliation, and elucidation of the reality of the Wrath of God descending on this modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

          Why do you continue to live in a godless, cursed, utterly PAGAN place such as your borough?
          “…Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester and Long Island resemble Pakistan, India and Central America in most towns now, including my own.”

          This is completely OTHER to the Founding Fathers, the History of the USA, and the reality of the EVIL that JEWS have wrought on the Nation. Why would ANY sane White Man continue to remain in this degenerate city? (Of course, I could and will include San Fag-cisco, Hollyweird, Lost Angels, and Chi-congo in that statement, as well)

          “…in pockets you still have the Germans like my family. You have the Italians, Irish, Greeks, etc. We have been lowered to about 30% of the population in less than forty years,”

          THOSE are the people that this nation was formed to included, at the extreme, at the VERY OUTSIDE of the White Paradigm. Primarily Celts, Germanics, and Anglo-Saxons of biblical religions- which I would say includes TRAD RCs, TRAD Orthodox, as well as Historic, creedal Protestants.

          As numerous Christophopic Anglo Supremacists have noted, they loathe the Irish- but what they loathe is the false catholi-schism of the post-“Vatican Eww” ‘Church’ (as do I). Include in that mix, the Faux ‘Cacodoxy’ of the Greeks, who have imbibed the Jewish poison of Multiculturalism (if possible) even MORE than the Irish- one thinks of Dukakis, Stephanopoulos, Iakovos of unhappy memory, Katherine Jefferts-Schori’s mother (who should have aborted her evil spawn) and the even worse sorts, like George Michael…

          Meanwhile, the REAL enemy clearly is still working overtime, to DENOUNCE THEIR COMPLICITY, while (as Christ noted) “… their guilt remains.” [John 9:41]

          https://www.msn (dot) com/en-us/news/politics/fbi-warns-white-supremacists-encouraging-members-to-spread-coronavirus-to-law-enforcement-jews-report/ar-BB11y5fr

          But, as much as the Christ-killers seek to obliterate, hide, and deny their EVIL, the Wrath of God falls on ALL of US, for countenancing the Evil that the Jews have brought to these shores.

          And until (((THEY))) are removed- “by any means necessary/don’t let a crisis go to waste,” ALONG WITH ALL THEIR GOLEMS, [ THEY ALL HAVE TO GO BACK] we cannot remain complacent, or think that removal to an all-White homeland, is NOT the mandate for the present for the White Elect of God.

          Let the Jewish dead bury their dead… oh, and if ‘Israel’ has no cases, no need to burn the bodies in ‘the ovens[!]’… do the humane, talmudic thing… dump the corona infected bodies- without the body bags, from planes on the entire Unholy Land. (((They))) deserve it.

          This is the fall of the ANTICHRIST ‘Jerusalem’ in America, and all Whites need to find their racially pure Pella. This is GOD’s RAHOWA, and we are fools to remain in the path of such clearly viral ‘fire and brimstone’ from the LORD. Even Lot had more sense in his era.

    • @Afterthought

      Wilson N. Jones hospital in Sherman just laid off thirty employees. In Paris, there are three cases, and nine people in total, in quarantine. There are two cases in Bonham. Denison has the most cases, so far.

      If you heard governor Abbott’s speech yesterday afternoon, he said that most hospital zones still have over 50-60% of their ICU beds unused. He listed them off, from El Paso to Houston. He mentioned Amarillo as having 64% of its ICU beds unused.

      The only thing we hear about in Texomaland is DFW, and a little about Ok City. I have a friend that lives down in Anna. He says McKinney and North Dallas are ate up with the virus. But he doesn’t know of anybody that has it.

      I just stay away from town as much as I can, and hide out in the post oak and black prairie.

      • Perhaps you could persuade your fellow Texan Cowtown Rebel to return to this forum? Lest it be taken over by coastal urban elites such as myself.

  2. Things are so bad now with the Covid-19 virus that dolls and dummies are catching it! I’ve been wrong all long. This is one contagious virus!

  3. The trouble with that is that when nearly everyone has Corona exposure, then every death could be a corona death – which is absurd.

    There is no specific test for the alleged “19th strain” of corona — like you said, it merely picks up any antibodies to any of several strain of coronaviridae — which is a family of viruses, NOT a singular viral infection.

    And since corona viruses (plural, not singular) are 30% approximately responsible of all cold viruses, then most people have corona antibodies already in their system.

    Hence how the cdc and ‘who’ medical mafias fudge the numbers and the alleged “death counts” of this fake plandemic.

    • “The trouble with that is that when nearly everyone has Corona exposure, then every death could be a corona death – which is absurd.”

      Precisely. If you have an underlying condition (Gross obesity, diabetes, heart failure, etc.) and THEN you catch “Chinese Origin -VID,’ it is LYING to say that deaths that follow, are solely from, or attributable to the Kung Flu. The entire medical model is FALSIFIED by such blatant propaganda.

  4. I had corona virus. It is intense. There was hallucinations for three days continuously, body nearly immobile for same time period. I just kept drinking fluids, taking vitamin c, forcing self into hot shower. Eventually normal locomotion recovered by body and hallucinations stopped. Just needed to keep hydrating and hot showers. It would have been much harder to face that situation i a hospital because I would have had to keep asking nurse permission to drink fluids and to take shower and wouldn’t have been able to eat when I wanted. So I wonder if a restrictive hospital environment is contributing to peoples death, because I credit my survival to deciding to deal with it at my house which gave me the ability to drink fluids whenever I wanted. Covid-19 was quite intense but I don’t think it’s a killer on its own. If someone just deals with it at their house they should be fine. I think restrictive hospital environments are likely too cumbersome and possibly inflating the death rate from this strong strain of the flu. I had covid-19 and recovered.

      • Thanks, yes I suppose it is a roll of the dice. Maybe this thing is best avoided. But if it keeps coming back… if society really wants to get serious about this they have to close the borders permanently, that’s really the only way. If the powers that be are not willing to take such measures then we will all eventually have to face this thing because the only way to keep it out of our society is to stop immigration. Now that this thing exists, it will always exists in poor third world neighborhoods, and so even if it is stamped out here… it will likely come back again in the future unless we permanently close the borders. If we aren’t willing to do that we have to be willing to face the virus personally. Society has to make a decision. People have to decide what sort of risks they are wiling to take.

      • NOTHING is ever a ‘roll of the dice’. Are you truly a Lutheran, HW? Do you even believe in Divine Providence any more, or that the Lord holds all souls in his hand, and, like the potter, can do with the pot as HE sees fit? [Romans 9:20]

        Patrick, I’m not saying I doubt your veracity, but HOW did you know you had “ChineseOriginVD”?
        Did you have a test? Did you have a test that was not defective? Were you tested more than once, to conclusively corroborate the earlier outcome? What did you do to confirm you are not still contagious? Did you then see your M.D.? Are you really ‘cured’? How many people around you were tested, and followed to assure non-transmission?

        We either must follow all protocols stringently in all cases, or we descend to the level of those who had the Plague in the 13th century, relying on luck, chance, talismans, quack ‘cures’ and even (I’m sorry to say) prayers to spurious saints that even God will not heed, because of our sinfulness and our idolatry…. in order to clearly demarcate this plague’s pervasiveness.

        All of this must be applied, or you could just have had the Flu A, as Miss Denise said she had. Not that that is not bad enough, mind you….
        Just sayin’.

        • The Russian Orthodox Church has canonized Tsar Nicholas II and his family as saints, Fr. John. Do you recognize them as such?

          • Yes, without a doubt. And Jews were behind the idea, and the implementation of the formal executioners of the Czar.

        • I’ve seen too many tales of innocent white children killed or ravaged by deliberate or negligent acts of sub-human orcs to believe that any sort of loving or just god is in control. A little blonde 7 year old girl scooting in a park in England was just stabbed in the neck by a Somali retard and died. Did your god approve of that? Was she being punished for someone else’s sins?

    • Patrick, Congrats on your recovery. I would be interested in knowing your age and if you had any other medical problems.

    • Patrick

      Do you think you are now immune from the Coronavirus? Are you now safe for life from this Kung flu?

      That has long been one theory on how to immunize yourself, your people from the worse diseases.. get a smaller dose of the disease and build up the body’s immune system to fight the disease.

      So a healthy White guy in his prime of life should consider trying to have sex with as many Coronavirus White women, knock some of em up , get immunized and increase our White birth rate.

      Yeah, Brad, so glad to see you being published now on Unz Review.Well done brother.

      J Ryan in Africa.

    • I had something bad as well Patrick. Hydrate with Gatorade, honey and lemon, gargle salt, bananas peppermint and ginger tea constant steam etc. Lots of rest and patience. I also had enty of Ventolin and Salbutamol on top of the Paracetamol. Could have just been flu I guess but my lungs were under thread for a week. Like fire down there.

    • Your age, if I may ask?

      There are so many variables, it’s crazy (viral load, possible ethnic specificity of impact, possible related strains, etc.).

  5. small but of anecdotally speaking “evidence” of “numbers”;

    local acquaintance mother in law dies in hospital, heart attack, person is listed as covid 19 victim, family freaks out because after all they were holding her dying hand and kissing her cheek good bye.

    after initial shock wears off they ask, “was she tested? positive? the answer comes back no! change death cert to heart attack.

    at first it didn’t compute to my small brain why would they do this to survivors family, surely this small rural hospital is not in on the “hoax”.

    then it came to me…. MONEY… you can code for payment more money for covid19 and its clean up than a simple heart attack. its all about the Benjamin’s…in this case

  6. Okay, Mr. W., I’ll throw out a number that might prove a useful benchmark …

    From the numbers you’ve posted, I’ll say the daily nationwide deaths have been roughly doubling every four days and are presently at about 1,300. From March 14 to 18, I should note, there was a quintupling–from 8 to 41–but otherwise the rough double holds if we count backwards from your most-recently-posted datum, of April 3.

    So–1,300 per day on April 3, with seven more doublings over the next twenty-eight days, to May 1, would yield this:

    1 – 2,600
    2 – 5,200
    3 – 10,400
    4 – 20,800
    5 – 41,600
    6 – 83,200
    7 – 166,400

    That’s the benchmark: 165,000 or so. Should the May 1 daily deaths be roughly around that, then we’ll know the rate hasn’t changed. If they’re appreciably lower, then the rate will have gone down; if appreciably higher, then it will have picked up.

  7. This is a fleecing in progress. Prepare to accept a lower standard of living that will be blamed on nature (i.e. a virus) instead of decades of corruption. Or maybe we’ll blame China…you do know how the U.S. got of the last depression, right?

  8. Chris Cuomo of CNN , of the New York Cuomo family, has Covid-19. He caught the Coronavirus. He’s at home making videos about how he doesn’t feel good because he’s got Coronavirus. The thing is : If he has Coronavirus, if he’s not feeling good because he’s got Coronavirus, if Coronavirus is so deadly and he caught the deadly Coronavirus, how come he’s at home and not in the hospital?

    • Chris Cuomo of CNN , of the New York Cuomo family, has Covid-19. He caught the Coronavirus. …

      … and he caught the deadly Coronavirus, how come he’s at home and not in the hospital?





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