Alabama Enters Lockdown

1,515 cases, 21 deaths.

Aunt Bee has officially conceded to the coronavirus.

“Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris have issued an order for Alabama residents to stay at home except for “essential activities” effective at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

The governor announced the update to state measures to control the coronanvirus pandemic at the Capitol this afternoon.

The order states that it will remain in full force and effect until 5 p.m. on April 30. “Prior to 5:00 p.m. on April 30, 2020, a determination shall be made whether to extend this Order—or, if circumstances permit, to relax this Order.” …”

I’m absolutely certain this is not an elaborate conspiracy now. Gov. Kay Ivey publicly agonized over making this decision for weeks. Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee are all under lockdown now. We were literally surrounded by a lockdown on all sides before she made the call.

If I was the governor of Alabama, I would have taken swift and radical action to invoke our sovereignty to close our airports and borders in January until testing could be developed to screen for the coronavirus. I would have taken the heat from the media which would have called me a racist and a xenophobe. I would have forced the federal government to sue me and send in the National Guard. I wouldn’t have sat idly by for two months. My instincts and observations about the virus were correct.


“MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — More than 5,000 medical masks that Montgomery County received from the national stockpile were rotted, the local emergency management director said Thursday.

States and cities are receiving shipments from the National Strategic Stockpile to try to relieve shortages in medical equipment because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Christi Thornton, the city/county emergency management director, said the shipment of 5,880 procedure masks received last week were unusable because of dry rot. The masks had a 2010 expiration date, according to the city’s response to a survey by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. …”

The Trump administration shipped Montgomery County over 5,000 rotted face masks from the National Strategic Stockpile. This is the worst conspiracy ever. This is just an inept elite which has bled our country dry for decades bungling a historic national crisis which was bound to happen.

Note: Isn’t the flu supposed to go away in April? SARS isn’t the flu, bro.

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  1. You really need to give the “conspiracy ” smear a rest. People like myself and your alleged friend Tony M. have told you again and again we are not doubting that corvid-19 is a disease worth combatting, and that it probably escaped a Chinese medical lab, rather then arrived as some country’s biological warfare agent. What we are saying is that the cure of eliminating jobs, income, and businesses to fight corvid-19’s progress is not appropriate without at the same time coming up with a policy to keep the economy alive, otherwise it will be a pyrrhic victory if the virus fades but the majority of citizens cannot support themselves and their dependents.
    For all your alleged hard headed realism about the situation you have not explained what employers and employees prohibited from functioning are supposed to do to survive and thrive going forward. I get TPTB not giving a rip what happens to their subjects while they themselves keep getting paid; not caring about the 99% is precisely how they got to the top, by playing to win, whatever the cost and whomever is hurt. But you project that folk populist Southern Man persona. What is your excuse for continuing to shill for those who hate us, including you without a suggestion for the future beyond “be prepared?”

    • I understand your point of view.

      This website isn’t an echo chamber. I have allowed everyone to have their say. I guess where I differ is that I find it bizarre that people are getting so angry about a virus. In my view, it is like getting upset about a flood, a drought or a thunderstorm. Obviously, it is going to do enormous economic damage, but isn’t that true of all plagues whatsoever throughout all of history? No one wanted this to happen. Shit happens.

      • You are ignoring the possibility that much of the lite could dead in a ditch the as a result of fucking up like this. The mutiny on the Roosevelt is a case in point. I’d assume that crew could conspire to launch a devastating strike on anyone they liked if so inclined.

    • Hunter, I apologize if some of my comments to your ongoing corvid-19 coverage has been harshly stated. I value your commentary on the ongoing collapse of the true Evil Empire. I guess the all Corona all the time thing from everywhere, even in dissident circles, grows tiresome for me, especially since it seems no one is either asking hard questions about the information being put out on the subject or what comes next, or even how to mitigate the pain inflicted by the lockdowns. We as a group here at OD tend to be naturally sceptical of the Oligarchs and their communications apparatus and government lackies,so the reliance on them for truth strikes me as a mistake. Even doctors, nurses, and scientists have a material incentive to shill for their paymasters, so I am not so quick to automatically accept their words as true. Finally, it is true that natural disasters are a fact of life that simply must be dealt with, but we don’t clean up after a tornado or hurricane by destroying the surrounding jurisdiction’s economy as the solution to the problem caused by the disaster. Anyway, take care and stay strong, my friend.

  2. BTW, for my co-sceptics to our host’s ” what’s a Great Depression II among friends if we can increase our credibility with the Establishment ” serial postings, his ” The Ugly American ” post here at OD was cross-posted at the Unz Review, where the overwhelming majority of commenters trashed it as fear porn that overlooked both the Never Let a Crisis aspect of the Establishment response and the crushing of the 99%’ s future on the alter of “health care professionals. ” As the level of understanding among Unz commenters tends towards dissident realism, not exactly vindication. But hey, we all worship expertise, right? If you can’t trust career government hacks, mainstream media reporting, and the Chinese Government, who can you trust?

    • You don’t need to be an expert to look at the damn growth rate and see that doing nothing would lead to a complete disaster far worse than keeping non-essential workers home for a while.

    • Dissident realism? LMAO! Unz is a jew run site. If jews are doing your thinking for you, you aren’t a dissident you’re a slave.

      • And if you think all Jews are the source of all your problems, you are a moron. I’d say we are now even, but since I am right and you are wrong, enjoy your ignorance.

  3. America’s elite is looking like pure Bunana Banana Republic. And Europe not much better. And China even worse.

  4. Hunter, I think you’re probably one of the more honorable people on the “alt-right.”

    I believe I disagree with you about firearms ownership, since I think you’re against it, and I’m probably a bit more “fashy,” but otherwise, your refusal to buy into truly moronic conspiracy theories and your ability to see the value of things like defeating pellagra sets you apart from most of the roaring sphincters in this movement.

    Presumably, having some historical perspective helps you achieve this mental state. Awareness of the historical “deep time” of our people has a tendency to polish away the out and out wackiness, so to speak. That must be what they call “perspective.”

    In any case, I regret past obnoxiousness from when I was trying to fit into Anglin’s lot of clowns, in the belief that they had the most momentum and best chance to do something.

    I hope you continue doing what you do.

  5. This governor hasn’t heard that the entire thing is a hoax? Why not just grab a taco with ramz paul? Let the good times roll?

  6. Yep my state (Mississippi) has a Stay Home order as well. I agree we should have closed our state borders in January and none of this would be happening right now. Deo Vindice !

  7. We’ve got two main problems dragging this tired debate out. One is the lack of a “control” state to look at where a government has let the virus do its thing with no protective measures in place. With that we could definitively look and see how dangerous Corona is, but as it is, no one yet is sadistic enough to put their people through that.

    The other is the fact that the death rates and overall infections remain relatively low as a percentage of the population. Depending on who you ask, if could be due to the effectiveness of protective measures, or because the exponential curve has not yet started, or because the virus is no big deal at all. Time might prove HW right, but only if the body count soars; if it stays low, nobody’s mind is getting changed.

    Which is making this stupid debate tiresome for me now. If casualties are low, the infighting continues. If casualties are high, it’s only a bittersweet victory for the ones urging caution. However this situation resolved, it won’t be a “good” ending for either side.

  8. Transnational Banking houses knew the debt bubble could not last forever.

    Corona was a planned demolition to ensure they got bailed out first.

    • Corona was a planned demolition to ensure they got bailed out first.

      Corona is also a planned and orchestrated demolition of the economy for much the common folk of the world — especially for average White folks — what was left of the husk and shell of the erstwhile middle class in Europe and America.

  9. Aunt Bee didn’t actually change much with this lockdown – everything all but was, except for liquor stores & abortion clinics. Economy destroyed by gubmint – where are our constitutional rights???
    To paraphrase Lord Acton: “Therefore I deemed that you were fighting the battles of our liberty, our progress, and our civilization; and I mourn for the stake which was lost at Richmond more deeply than I rejoice over that which was saved at Waterloo.”
    I mourn more deeply for our People’s lost Liberty [economic AND freedoms] than the dead from this disease – Communism killed 100 million, abortion continues to kill 1.5 BILLION …

    • The Constitution, free speech, and freedom of association were already dead, sir. They killed them some time ago.

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