Coronavirus Death Toll Is Understated In Italy and Spain

I’ve noticed that one of the most common conspiracy theories floating about is that we are in a normal flu season during which deaths are strangely skyrocketing and reaching unprecedented levels in April, but all deaths are being attributed to COVID-19 as part of the global conspiracy. There is another argument that posits millions of false positives and undiagnosed asymptomatic cases in order to bring the mortality rate down to the regular flu. Total deaths are the most accurate measuring stick.

Note: Alabama investigates and verifies every coronavirus death. The official death count lags behind the investigations. I’m not sure what it is like in other states, but we are not attributing every death to coronavirus.

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  1. Mass graves… in Brazil!!

    This was the case for the lock down:

    1. Secondary deaths: your grandma has chest pain, you call the ambulance but none comes – they are overwhelmed with corona cases!

    2. You taker her to the ER yourself, now she is for sure having a full blown heart attack, but the triage nurse says that grandma has to go wait in a corner and die because they are overwhelmed with corona!

    3. That was how they got to 2,000,000 deaths, not corona, but the overwhelmed system

    Remember “Flatten the Curve” folks? this isn’t ancient history this was March 2020! Flatten the curve! What curve?

    Hospitals are ghost towns, they are laying off doctors and nurses! There is not now and there never can be ANY secondary deaths! So why the lock down if the reason for it has not materialized. Think of that!

    That is why you can’t go the park, or get a haircut, or go to church on Easter! That’s why your business was shut down, that’s why you lost your job! SECONDARY DEATHS not CORONA!

    It’s literally over in Wuhan and Italy, and only a few thousand died. Now they are pulling the “Hidden Figures” stunt!

    Only a few thousand will die in America, and in Christmas 2018, when I was near death for 7 days with the actual flu, and 80,000 people died, no one gave a rat’s keister! Why do they care now?

    They hate Trump! or more specifically the people Trump allegedly supports!

    They hate China for building The New Silk road and making their own version of the iPhone!

    Jeeze Louise people! Wake up!

    • Corona-chan is often a secondary cause, but it is related to the deaths. So caution is called for. As soon as widespread testing and PPE is available to everyone who wants it and should have it, along with sensible quarantine measures for those who have the virus, then life can go back to semi-normal.

    • That is an already functioning cemetery called Vila Farmosa. Here:

      Just posting aerial footage from RT by a drone of a functioning cemetery proves nothing about preparations for burying numerous Covid-19 victims. Those dozens of plots could have been dug in advance as just the normal routine for that cemetery. You do realize the population of Sao Paulo is over 12 million people? I’m sure with that amount of people and the mortality-rate there that Vila Farmosa gets its share of bodies every week!


    If you’re going to get it, get an attenuated viral load so that your body has the maximum ability to adapt and fight it.

  3. No, it’s overstated Mr. Wallace.
    Since you’re a public figure, with “wrong dangerous beliefs” aka white nationalism, it’s understandable that you don’t want to embark in “conspiracy theories” that contradict the Bolshevik police state.
    The data is being manipulated to scare the sheeple into submission while the banks steal everything and the economy collapses.
    Plus more regulations, more centralized control and more government intervention to problems the governments created.
    All the best

    • This blog is 12 years old.

      I’ve never posted conspiracy theories made up by crackpots on this website. Every single time there is a mass shooting the same people come online and share conspiracy theories about how it is “crisis actors” and fake blood and other such nonsense.

  4. Most deaths are not from COVID directly but from existing health conditions that lead these people to have a compromised immune system. This not something you want to get like the flu or pneumonia, but the press is not mentioning how many people have survived. What concerns me is they will use this to push the ‘a vaccine is the only solution’ nonsense when it’s clear some doses of vitamin C, zinc, and other minerals are an important part of the treatment, but big pharma can’t make money from cheaply produced solutions.

  5. So what am I missing in your data on Spain and Italy? Italy region has 2 deaths/100K/week normally, and Spain region has 50 deaths/100K/week. Twenty-five times more deaths? Even though Italy has a very old population. That’s quite a difference between Spain and Italy.

  6. “Coronavirus Death Toll Is Understated In Italy and Spain”

    ” Understated” huh??

    How exactly would you know this, if it’s not even official record?

    By definition, you are engaging in a conspiracy theory, but “conspiracy theories” are credible if they support your beliefs, or apocalyptic fantasies.

    Here’s a conspiracy theory that Hunter can believe in.

  7. I just did a Bing search for the question: how many people die each day in the USA?

    And at the top of the search-results page is this statement: According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States.

    And doing a Bing search for: coronavirus news

    The results page says that the total number of coronavirus USA deaths so far (updated Apr 5 at 9:44 PM EST) is 9,626. Which is only 9,626/7,452 = 1.29 days worth of the number of people who die each day in the USA.

    It’s time for people to get back to work in the USA. This coronavirus danger is way overblown, and tens of millions of USA people are being harmed in different ways by the current partial economic shutdown in the USA.

  8. The issue here is it’s possible to believe in alternative theories without being crazy. The Jewish media has made Hunter and millions more afraid of questioning official events. I believe vaccines are dangerous and harmful to infants’ brains and immune system. Because Hunter trusts his government public health system he probably is afraid to even research this topic for fear of being labeled crazy. Truth is my only concern.

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