Understanding Conservative Cluelessness

I’ve been struck by the self absorption.

There are people who are acting like this has never happened before or that it is 100% about Donald Trump and the United States or that it is just another media hoax like the Russia conspiracy. Pandemics are the most predictable type of all natural disasters.

Note: Bill Gates isn’t wrong that a pandemic was bound to happen. He is right that we should have been preparing for it. Anyone can look at what happened with the Spanish Flu, which killed more Americans than all the wars of the 20th century combined, and draw that conclusion.

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  1. I’m confused at the “controversy” if there even is one. Other than some speculation that there is some bio-engineering involved – not an uninformed speculation at all – I don’t read anyone denying that people are getting sick. I’ve had media professionals tell me that the media is fear-mongering and lying, but not that epidemics aren’t real or that lots of people won’t die from Covid 19. They surely will.

    I hate boomers and conservatives both, but they aren’t completely wrong that the economic destruction has the potential to kill more people than the virus. We’re looking at a third of the population out of work. That’s Great Depression levels.

    One good thing is that conservatism and especially “free market” nonsense is pretty much out the window. No one is going to listen to lectures from the likes of Ted Cruz about “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps” when half the small businesses have been bankrupted while (((Wall Street))) is getting multi-trillion dollar bailouts.

    Epidemics, like other natural disasters, are acts of God. But surely this is an opportunity for those of us who want an end to mass immigration, open borders, and globalism. If we’d only take the opportunity handed to us.

    • The weirdest aspect of this virus for me has been this public health vs. the economy debate as if there is some distinction between the two and all previous pandemics have not had an economic impact. When a hurricane or tornado or drought hits, we never see this nonsense.

      • When a hurricane or tornado or drought hits, we never see this nonsense.

        Well, that’s because all of those natural disasters you mention (the hurricanes, the tornados, the floods, whatever) are always highly concentrated events and we don’t shut down the entire economy (hell, we don’t even shut down the local economy within the affected areas – virtually everyone goes right back to work almost immediately) when they occur. People don’t stop buying tires – as an example I’m very familiar with since a LOT of people I know work at (or at least used to work at) the Michelin Tire Plant in Ardmore, Ok – just because Alabama (or Oklahoma for that matter) has a bad tornado outbreak. You can’t just turn the economy on and off like a light switch, man. You know that. C’mon.

        • 1.) The damage is real enough in the places that do get hit by floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes. It takes a long time to recover.

          2.) Pandemics are another type of natural disaster that have always existed. They are also global in scope.

          3.) The critical difference here is that the virus is invisible. Everything looks normal. The disaster is unfolding out of sight in hospitals and because of that a lot of people want to pretend it isn’t happening.

          4.) Nothing has changed though in the world. Just as there were plagues in biblical times, there are occasionally plagues in our world.

        • T. Morris has the correct view. Hunter’s examples of natural disasters are only localized events. This is an entire shutting down of large sectors of a countries economy. I’m the first to tell you that the economy exists for the benefit of the people and not vice versa, but at some point the lack of food on the shelves (should it reach that level) will be more of a threat to us than a virus that we MIGHT catch and MIGHT kill us.

          • Thanks, Pompey the Great, glad to know there is at least some semblance of sanity left on this side of the ‘great divide’ with this WuFlu dipshittery.

            Of course I could have gone all technical, and have been a lot more specific about how a relatively minor disturbance to a local economy differs orders of magnitude from effectively shutting down the whole goddamn economy, but if a man can’t (or, rather, won’t) grasp the easy stuff (KISS, right? Right.), how in God’s name is he ever going to come to grips with the hard stuff? Ans: He isn’t.

            I haven’t time, if I had the inclination, to answer the dumbass (Sorry, Brad, I love ya, man, but this is just dumbass stuff even my nine and ten year-olds can grasp) bullet point answer Brad gave to my (very simple) explanation above. And, BTW, I don’t care anything at all for hearing (or reading) about how Brad & Co. went to somehweresville in Alabama and ‘saved the day’ after a bad tornado outbreak in the state. Hell, I’ve “survived” two tornadoes during my lifetime, and helped in the clean up and Rebuilding phases, … well, I don’t know how many times in between. So what?

            Remember Katrina? True story: I was so ‘touched’ by the human suffering immediately following that event that I personally went to the local Salvation Army and handed the general in charge (or whatever rank he held) a thousand dollars of my own money in cash, with this little parting missive: “now, if you’ll excuse me, sir, I have to get back to work to make that money back up.”

            I have personally done similar things all of my adult life, from the Murrah Federal Building Bombing to the time my SiL’s house was completely wiped out in a tornado event extremely close to home, and a hundred incidents in between. But, whatever; my point is, and remains, that shutting the entire national economy down for weeks vs. shutting the local economy down for a few days (if that) with these localized events are two entirely different things. If you can’t see the difference, well, … I don’t know what to tell you.

      • Your engaging in profound false equivalences with the comparisons to tornadoes and hurricanes.

        For one thing, they never have shut down the whole economy, nor did even wartime do that, since most able-bodied people were still able to make some kind of living.

          • Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods and droughts all cause severe economic damage. The same is true of pandemics

            Yes Hunter, the economy may suffer on a micro level due to these forces, but never has it suffered on a macro level before — in other words, the larger, national economy would still be running to help REBUILD from the “… tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods and droughts… ” giving plenty of able-bodied men a chance to earn a living from the recovery efforts after genuine natural disasters … not man-made ones like this, that is ARTIFICIALLY shutting down the whole economy, preventing millions of people from being able to earn a living.

    • Economic damage being done this year was ALREADY PREDICTED! This is the most retarded point that Conservatives and Libertarians aren’t taking into account. They truly seem to believe that 2020 was going to be a year of record profits, even though every economist and his grandmother predicted a recession in 2020. Yeah Coronavirus is making it worse, but they act like people merely being AFRAID of the Coronavirus is collapsing the economy.

      The people who are supposedly worried about the economy didn’t even read one of hundreds of articles last year predicting a recession. So now it seems they’re framing the argument that if you’re a sensible person and are taking precautions, you must be a mindless slave who wants to destroy the economy and obey the government.

      We deserved a worse plague, one that kills people who aren’t smart enough to quarantine themselves. A eugenic virus.

      • Correct…and now all the economic damage will be blamed on the virus, not on the real culprits.

    • One good thing is that conservatism and especially “free market” nonsense is pretty much out the window. No one is going to listen to lectures from the likes of Ted Cruz about “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps” when half the small businesses have been bankrupted while (((Wall Street))) is getting multi-trillion dollar bailouts.

      Well, there is a silver lining in this after all!

      • Hake sounds informed. Spencer VERY uninformed. If only Spencer would seek God … then get back to his strong white leader days … and focus even half as much on saving the south as he does on Trump not being Superman in his first term despite being attacked like no other president in history AND considering where we’d be now if the witch had got elected.

        If Spencer doesn’t change after egg hits his face when the truth about Covid19 rolls out over the next 2 to 4 weeks … he should just shrink down into unconscious cinema podcasting …

      • I went to the link, Grey Ghost, but, the show was too disjointed and unfocused to enured after a couple of minutes.

        Thank you, in any case.

  2. Yet another medical doctor – this one in Italy’s alleged coronavirus nightmare – says the whole virus panic and the death attributions, are a scam

    Dr Stefano Montanari, Italian nano-pathologist:

    “It is a colossal fraud. Mortality from the virus is very low … But an illness *with* the virus is another matter. In summary, one cannot die of covid-19 unless the patient has previous pathologies.

    If someone has cancer, or a heart condition, and also accidentally the coronavirus, what does it mean? We are really facing a colossal scam.

    If someone is run over by a train, the ensuing trauma is the cause of death. If he who is run over by a train happens also to have a cold, the cold is not the cause of death. He casually happened to have a cold.

    There are very many coronaviruses. In the overwhelming majority of people it remains innocuous and without showing clinical indication of symptoms. But it hits, as an illness, old people, especially old people who take medicines used to treat other pulmonary diseases, or who have other pathologies.

    Healthy people suffer no damage from this virus. The virus is found everywhere in the billions, like billions of other viruses.

    If we sought the virus in the 60-million Italians, we would find it at least in 30 million and probably more.

    This virus is found everywhere and it stays there without absolutely causing any harm, just like the enormous number of other viruses, present but harmless. Most of those who are actually positive have no symptoms – as is the case with the vast majority of viruses that exist in this world.

    If all deaths were checked – about 650,000 people die in Italy physiologically every year – you would find more than half having the coronavirus, probably many more than half. The omnipresence of the coronavirus type and other coronaviruses is a fact, not a hypothesis.

    All these coffins are part of the 650,000 deaths we have every year in Italy – there is no increase in mortality. You know very well, as a journalist, how easy it is to manipulate text and images to create a message.

    In Italy, we have 49,000 deaths per year due to infections contracted in the hospital. The data is official. 49,000 people (130-140 people per day) die because they are admitted into a hospital, say, for an appendicitis and then they die of pneumonia.

    A respirator is common equipment in a hospital. That we have too few in Italy is due to our having, through the last 10 years, destroyed our health system. The purchasing system is corrupted. The governor of the region of Lombardy was recently sentenced to six years in jail for stealing funds (hundreds of millions) destined for health care.

    We are now economically blocking the world. The ultra billionaire can easily purchase companies that are now worth pennies. All who were rich will be infinitely richer

    Only an incompetent can imagine a vaccine against a virus that does not give immunity and has no chance of being effective. We are close to 8 billion people being forced to be vaccinated and it will be an unimaginably enormous business.

    People should be told to stay outside in the sun, to walk, to move around, to try staying healthy and eat healthily.”

    – Dr Stefano Montanari, Italian nano-pathologist
    video translation excerpts by Jimmy Moglia
    original video in Italian

      • But… after reading the article, here is my response.

        “Ebbene. But you missed (or didn’t report) a few salient points, that make your initial premise, egregiously false in the telling. Not that I disagree with you about Corona, but about Galileo, and the ‘righteous West.’

        Ever hear of Robert Sungenis? No, I suppose not. You should. He’s a geocentrist, whose books show that:

        1) Galileo did recant his heliocentric fallacy towards the end of his life.
        2) The earth IS the center of the universe.
        3) A movie was made, known as ‘The Principle’ – Here: https://www.theprinciplemovie.com
        4) A corroborating witness in an interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71i22w5G9KE

        But more importantly than that, the Bible is true, and Rome has been in a process of denial of that truth, for over 400 years.

        Another writer to know: Michael Hoffman
        His book, ‘The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome’ clearly shows that there were, umm, ‘certain interests’ who WANTED to be freed from that geocentric model, and many of them were occult dabblers, and/or friends of the same strain of heresy within Judaism/Talmudism/Kabbala.


        Another author at this point: E. Michael Jones
        And HIS book, ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ is absolutely fundamental to understand the present era.

  3. The country has long been in the grip of detachment, self-absorption, and indifference – not to mention godless degeneracy.

    If it was not so, the government would have long ago received the treatment prescribed by our forefathers and delivered in the 1770s and 1860-70 periods.

    I consider the virus celestial-intended tough-love and a wake up call.

    The question is : ——— will it be that, or will we fall back on professionally dissolute habits a few months from now?

      • Sadly, Sir, I suspect your are right. That said, the Almighty knows both all our hearts, both individually and collective.

        Consequently, it may just be that the virus, or viruses, may come and go, semi-continuously, or rage on for some years, until His point is made and we make both individual and collective decisions to love and revere Him, better than we have in recent decades.

        Baron von Schwedenborg (the illustrious Swiss mystic of the late 18th/early 19th centuries) would say that this chastisement that has been sent to us by God to push away an increasingly hellish earth, that is encroaching on heaven, back towards hell where it belongs…

        • Ivan- With a name like that, I would expect better…. Your first and second paragraphs are spot on.
          Then you start out with the Swedenborgian claptrap?!?!? BARF.

          OMG. “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” – I John 4:1

          “Emmanuel Swedenborg, a cult leader who died in 1772 in Sweden. Swedenborgianism has up to 50,000 members worldwide according to the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry website. They deny the atonement, the trinity, and the deity of the Holy Spirit.

          They believe all religions lead to God and that Christianity must go through a rebirth. Also, they do not believe in a personal devil. They believe the Bible is not inspired and that when people die, they become an angel or an evil spirit.”- http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/5298615912.html

          “Swedenborg claimed he had numerous communications with spirits of the dead and angels who told him the true understanding of the Bible. He even claimed to have talked to the spirit of Martin Luther who he convinced to recant the doctrine of salvation by faith alone. He later wrote that, according to his spiritual sources, the Scriptures all must be understood in a three-fold sense. The first sense is for this life (natural sense). The second is for the next life (spiritual sense). And the third is the sense for the angels (celestial sense). As a result of his visions and odd allegorical interpretations of Scripture, Swedenborg imagined bizarre descriptions of God, heaven and hell, and spiritual beings. Swedenborg died in 1772 in England at the age of 84.”

  4. Free market capitalism and Neo-liberalism is failing right in front of the word. It’s evident that people aren’t acting in the reasonable interest of ending the pandemic, they’re acting like people who still feel compelled to serve the corporate system and make as much money for that system as they can. The same system that will terminate you from a job for a political post.

    • To the extent it is failing, Daryl, or will fail, the racket that is our economic system is vulnerable, if only because it will try to preserve itself, above all and no matter what.

      More specifically, you can see this avaricious mindset in the cuatious calibrations of the political class to find what they suspect will be the right line between seeming helpful, yet, not changing the unconscious expectations of what can be done, or not, in the mind of the populace, the latter which they fear would result in some serious damage to the current racket in the long run.

  5. I’m very surprised that Fox News got rid of her. Fox didn’t take it serious either. Was still pushing the Republican party line. That all changed when the number of cases spiked and and the death count went up with it. I personally believe people are more ignorant and partisan than ever before in history. It’s a miracle that an economic stimulus was even passed. Deo Vindice !

  6. So called govt hating nationalists agreeing with govt on the coronahoax and implementing a police and snitch state. How ironic.

    • Coronavirus isn’t a “hoax.”

      None of these retarded conspiracy theories make any sense at all. Every country in the world has had to deal with this problem including those which are enemies and rivals of the United States. Did the “hoax” begin in China?

  7. Hunter,

    It’s amazing the respect you are according an utterly repulsive individual like Bill Gates, a college dropout who IS NOT A DOCTOR, a globalist on steroids, who wants the whole world vaxxed and biochipped, like cattle.

    I’m sure it’s out of the kindness of his heart, riiiiight…?!? – not the fact he stands to make obscene profits from it all.

    Does this blog really consider itself a source of “dissent” about anything anymore?

    • Bill Gates is right that another pandemic has always been pthe biggest threat to human life on the planet. That is simply a historical fact. The Spanish Flu killed more Americans tham all the wars of the 20th century combined.

      • Gloablism is why this pandemic was able to spread around the planet so quickly

        Bill Gates doesn’t care about people. He wants the population force fed a toxic cocktail of vaccines to keep the globalism project going.

        Strict racial separation and nationalism is the only healthy solution to Asian and African made viruses.

        • “Strict racial separation and nationalism is the only healthy solution to Asian and African made viruses.”

          The biblical mandate for acts of miscegenation was 10 generations- the equivalent of 400 YEARS, given that each ‘generation’ is about 40 years. Or, as long as America was around.

          FOR ONE INSTANCE OF Mixed-Race bestiality.


          Boy, Jake, are YOU ever right.
          THEY ALL NEED TO GO BACK…. ain’t just for Trumpians, anymore.

          God is DAMNING this nation, for her sexual, economic, and political sins. And yet, no one seems to be taking notice of it.

      • Bill Gates is right that another pandemic has always been pthe biggest threat to human life on the planet. …

        Even a stopped clock is right 2× a day, doesn’t mean Bill Gates is right about much of anything else — and he IS CERTAINLY NOT ANY KIND OF F-KIN “EXPERT” ON VACCINES

        Amazing, this site has come to treat the worthless opinions of snakes like Gates, as some kind of health cognoscenti worthy of respect, along with a Black Marxist, Tedros Adhamon ,of the ‘who’, NEITHER OF WHOM ARE DOCTORS, OR SPECIALISTS OF ANY KIND

        **Will you**, or anyone else here, going to be taking any vaccines that Billy-goy, and Israel, is pushing for, along with the embedded “digital certificate” that comes along with it as “proof” of vaccination, as part of “ID2020″…?


        Or is all this just a “conspiracy theory” too???

  8. This July when it’s evident this was an average flu season, everyone will claim they knew in March that Corona was over-hyped.

      • Please tell us anyone you know PERSONALLY that is sick with the COVID or has died of it.

      • It could be argued that many of those who are dying are doing so from other causes like heart disease, stroke, etc but are being classified as victims of the chink flu for political or financial reasons, HW.

          • Hunter – you aren’t going to get the 1200 Joobux. You just aren’t. No one is. Unless you are a jew – you aren’t getting any shekels. You are White. You ate being buffaloed, herded, and replaced.

  9. Lots of pushback to the “It’s Just Another Pandemic” meme, I see. I told you, not everyone is so gullible as to believe TPTB and their media/ political minions that the only way to fight disease is to kill the patient. Truth is truth, shutdowns are meant to destroy resistance to the neoliberal establishment. As Boomer X pointed out in response to an earlier post, isolating the statistically vulnerable alongside common sense precautions like masks and limited entry into commercial establishments will protect the rest. Total destruction of the economy is a feature, not a bug, of the reaction of the Oligarchs and their communications apparatus to this opportunity to teach the 99% to shut up and accept their lot in life. They did not release the virus, so there goes your conspiracy theory jibe up in smoke. But they are following the usual playbook in taking advantage of the situation to advance their material interests. I know you are perceptive enough to know this, as all your writings prior to corvid-19 show. That is why many of us here as OD commenters are disappointed in the lack of recognition, and submission to nonsense like lockdowns without end. As far as the other true believers in those who still hate you all, well, we shall see who is right two years from now. I hope you are, but I fear I am.

    • It seems a lot of celebrities and politicians are contracting this flu. But thanks to early self-diagnosis and being such stunning and brave individuals they are all recovering with miraculous speed.

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