Coronavirus Has Utterly Discredited The Right

It didn’t have to be this way.

In the 2016 election, we voted for something called “National Populism.” We voted for immigration restriction and trade protectionism. We voted for Donald Trump to throw the bums out and to dump mainstream conservatism. Instead, he sold out to the Republican donor class. He restocked the swamp with donors, cronies and hacks who turned his presidency into a dumpster fire. Along with Jared Kushner, Donald Trump has delegated the task of running the country to these people.

Maybe I shouldn’t paint with too broad of a brush. It is true that Donald Trump brought a handful of people who believed in the “MAGA agenda” into his administration. Steve Bannon worked for Donald Trump as his Chief Strategist and Senior Adviser for six months. He also hired Peter Navarro to run the White House National Trade Council. Both Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro took the coronavirus outbreak in China seriously and warned Donald Trump that it could balloon into a global pandemic. He didn’t listen to either of them when it mattered in January and February. Donald Trump fired Steve Bannon and put Jared Kushner and Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus who convinced him that the media was overhyping the virus. Tucker Carlson’s wife had to convince him that he had a “moral obligation” to go Mar-a-Lago to persuade Trump to start taking the coronavirus seriously.

This isn’t a failure of China or the WHO or the intelligence agencies or public health experts either. Donald Trump and Congress were briefed by the intelligence agencies on the coronavirus in January and February. The WHO declared the coronavirus a global health emergency on January 31. Neither the WHO, CDC, CIA, China, Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx ever provided Donald Trump with the intelligence that the coronavirus was “just the flu.” In February, conservatives made the decision to downplay and minimize the virus and go with the narrative that it was “just the flu.” Donald Trump himself said that he was advised by these people to just “ride it out.” He sided with Jared Kushner and the billionaires who were donating to his campaign and rejected everyone who told him otherwise even as new outbreaks of the virus emerged on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and in other countries like South Korea, Iran and Italy.

Once again, Donald Trump had all the intelligence he needed to respond swiftly and decisively to contain the coronavirus in January and February. Russia and North Korea had this information and acted on it. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea all took it seriously. No one else in the world outside of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil took the coronavirus less seriously than Donald Trump:

I didn’t fall for any “media trap.”

Unlike both Donald Trump and the mainstream media, I took the coronavirus seriously from the very beginning in January. The mainstream media downplayed the virus until late February when it hit Italy and South Korea. I never once compared the coronavirus to the ordinary flu on this website. While I don’t care much for Steve Bannon, he deserves credit for also taking it seriously.

Since Tony Martel started arguing with me about this, 8,000 more people have died from the coronavirus in April. Nearly 2,000 people died from “just the flu” in a single day. The coronavirus is the most powerful demonstration yet of the grip of the Donald Trump personality cult on the Right:

Just look at this.

Donald Trump has the power to convince his cult followers that the flu actually goes in reverse and becomes more widespread and deadly in March and April rather fizzling out. In fact, the flu killed more than 8,000 Americans this week, which is 5x as deadly as the worst peak of the flu we have ever seen in our lifetimes. The coronavirus has killed more Americans than swine flu in three weeks.

Oh well … there is a good explanation for this. The explanation is that nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Pneumonia deaths are just being reclassified as coronavirus deaths as part of the conspiracy.

Last week:

This week:

If you classified every single death in New York state from any cause whatsoever as a coronavirus death, it still wouldn’t explain the death toll. Here are pneumonia deaths in New York state for this week for the past several flu seasons:

2018/2019: 155

2017/2018: 174

2016/2017: 145

2015/2016: 171

2014/2015: 173

2013/2014: 155

2012/2013: 146

How many people at this time of the year normally die in New York state from pneumonia? It is 20 to 25 people a day. 731 people died from coronavirus in New York yesterday!

It is true that people are dying from pneumonia in New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Louisiana. That’s why coronavirus hospitalizes and kills people … it is severe viral pneumonia that causes respiratory failure and death. The extraordinary surge in pneumonia is caused by coronavirus. It is also not true that every death is being attributed to coronavirus in New York. People who die in their homes without a positive test result are not being included in the official death count. The real death toll is even worse.

The Right is never going to live this down now.

This is what we get for electing a moron reality television show host as president who surrounded himself with idiots, grifters, donors and cronies. They are really going to die on the hill of insisting SARS is the common flu.

Note: I didn’t see this one coming last year. No one could have anticipated a blackpilled scenario this bleak. Even I couldn’t imagine them f***ing up this bad.

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  1. I have seen the cultists at work; they sound certifiably insane when they defend this hideous pile of shit. They have swallowed this dumbass con man’s lies to the point they call Hydroxy the “Trump Cure” as if he discovered it. That alone should get them a place in the mental hospital.
    And I have seen a deeper, darker motive at play as well. Many of them love Trump because their precious stock market was riding high. They risked their 401k monies in high-risk ventures. Coronavirus-19 devastated their winnings and left them furious and bitter. So they began the grand lie: we have to get people back to work, it’s just the flu bro, you’re a Hilary supporter (lol), Coronavirus disease has been here forever (just look at a Lysol bottle!) – and no matter how many times you tell them it’s a family of viruses and it is laughable to think this has been here forever, they repeat the same inane lie over and over again.
    Some of them know this. It’s not about “getting back to work” or even the economy. It’s about the f*cking green line right now, sacrificing white working class men and their families to bump up the line, so they can cash in and get out. In other words, f*ck you and your mother and your family, they can all die so that my market “earnings” and muh “profits” go up.
    F*ck these human detritus.

    • Spot on.

      There is no persuading these chimps.

      Want to see sociopaths at work? Read the comment sections at

      Where do they find the time to spend all day “commenting”? What is their source of income?

      Like HW and others here, I couldn’t understand how my Democratic grandparents could be socially conservative yet consistently vote for the Donkey show.

      One grandfather told me, “Grandpa was a Democrat, Pappy was a Democrat, and I’m not gonna change horses midstream.” At the time (’72) I was reading “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal,” so I took this as another example of pure, unadulterated ignorance on his part.

      The simple fact is the GOP has always been about preserving the income stream of the idle over workers: “My money works so I don’t have to.” This is what my grandparents knew deep in their bones, even though they couldn’t find the words to properly explain it to me back in the day.

      One or two days ago a gentleman commenting here stated something to the effect that we’re all returning to our roots. He is absolutely right about that. Unfortunately, he went on to chide socialism.

      I have always placed white people first. Unfortunately most white people have not reciprocated. Still there was hope from some segments of the racialist community (or so I thought). The coronavirus and subsequent betrayal by the racialist community, in calling for the sacrifice of my kin for GDP, has succeeded in completely severing my relationship with the Right in all its various manifestations (mainstream, MAGA, Dissident).

      What a waste of precious time and effort my work for Right Whiggery has been. Decades, generations of wasted effort. Although the epiphany is crushing in some aspects, I’m resilient. It’s time to join the winning side.

      I’m a fledgling communist now. Better gibs and head of line privileges for jews, niggers, and beaners than low taxes and high equities for the cowardly, traitorous, “implicitly white” middle-class.

      Why? BFYTW.

  2. I remember Bob Whitaker posted something like this on his twitter way back in 2015:

    We have to make it clear that we are a new generation.
    We are not pro right, we are Pro White.

    • Precisely, Frank..

      “This is what we get for electing a moron reality television show host as president who surrounded himself with idiots, grifters, donors and cronies”

      The one good take away sentence from this column, filled as it is with red middle finger line drawings about ‘muh pandemic.’

  3. Its really sars 3.0 there have been various types of corona virus since early as 2003 i think, as I understand it covid 19 is just the most deadly strain of it so far definitely not the flu

    • Coronavirus is a category of viruses, just like the genus feline contain a whole variety of different types of cats from that fluffy Himalayan cat your neighbor has to the powerfulTiger who chowed down on Siegfried and Roy. Some common colds are coronaviruses that have been circulating amongst people for ten thousand years. SARS and MERS coronaviruses are brand new ones found in bats that just jumped to people and the human immune system has not seen yet. (The 1918 flu was probably a new variety that jumped from birds, possibly in China as well and was also quite unlike anything our immune system had seen before.) This one is SARS-CoV-2 which was given this silly “Covid-19” name by the bum of the year Tedros under Xi’s orders so not to panic the economy by calling the disease SARS2 which it most certainly is.

      While Trump has not been great, the UK, Spain, and Sweden all ignored the threat even more than the US did. Trump has been C- on this, but not a complete F although I will give you that he was pretty clueless about this in February and when the stock market crashed he sounded like he was channeling Robert Duvall’s performance of Stalin’s nervous breakdown during the week of Hitler’s invasion.

  4. Speculation:

    Once wuflu gets a real foothold in the careless orc population, we could see a serious jump in case numbers/deaths.

    Our diverse pool of POC may provide a permanent reservoir for recurring outbreaks of wuflu.

    • Anglin over at DS said more or less, that very idea…..

      “Just like with gays and AIDS, there is no reason to wonder why blacks are disproportionately affected by the flu. It is because they are significantly more likely than whites to be morbidly obese…Blacks also of course have the hypertension and diabetes that goes along with obesity.

      I guess on that level, it is similar to gays and AIDS, given that getting the disease is the result of a behavior pattern in a specific group.”

      And neither Sodomites, or Niggers deserve anything from the public largesse (i.e.e, our taxes)

      THIS CORONA PLAGUE SHOULD RETURN US TO PRE-ROOSEVELT WHITE AMERICA, if we have any sense at all. Oh, and jettison the Income Tax AND the Jewish Federal Reserve PRIVATE Bank,

  5. What does “RIGHT WING” even mean anymore? We all really need to come up with better branding. I always used “conservative” but that is obviously a tainted term as it is best displayed by Charlie Kirk and those who want to conserve Liberalism.

    “Alt-Right” is too toxic and even broad at this point as it can mean a Paleocon or Anglin. “NrX” is a dead meme. “Dissident right” is ok but again, it is awash in vagueries.. What are you dissenting against.

    To be honest the best way to express yourself is to avoid labels. This isn’t a political party, although many of us disagree on various points and positions so it does have that in common. At this point rather than a buzzword or label, it is best to take 30 seconds to express your values and positions.

    1)Ending immigration and preservation of European peoples
    2)The media, popular academics and elite work against #1
    3)preserving basic Christian values which run contrary to the the “norms” expressed by #2
    4)no more wars for other nations and no devotion to foreign nations which are contrary to #3

    It’s a brief outline but i think it’s a good start

    • It would have been a good start 55+ years ago. Better late than never? Nope. As always, a day late and dollar short.

      • What are you talking about? My suggestion is to just use honesty and intelligence when dealing with political orthodoxy conversations and in life in general. When i meet someone at the supermarket, see their disgust at what the neighborhood has become, I don’t introduce myself under a label. I just speak to them.

        55 years ago. So you are resigned to failure? Healthy outlook

        • “What are you talking about?”

          Your question was answered on the masthead.

          Years ago I was where you are now. Took all these years to realize that right whiggers – including racialists – are stawk mawket chumps. My advice to you: Don’t waste your life on right whiggery. They will betray you in the end.

  6. “once again Donald Trump had all the intelligence he needed”

    If there was ever a double entendre which was so correct by one definition and yet so wrong on the other. It is this one single comment

  7. The wuflu is going to reveal many of the vulnerabilities in our hyper-urbanized society, especially economic vulnerabilities.

    • Any economic system is vulnerable when you tell businesses to close and employees to stay home nationwide.

      • Not really, a healthy stable economy would have strong reserves and multiple levels of resilience. Just watch the countries that come out ahead and prosper.

        this wuflu is going to wash away the cheap plaster and reveal deep structural flaws of this economy, flaws that are irreparable.

        The worst case , but easiest, is if the federal reserve attempts to print its way out , which will wreck the dollar.

        This is the event that will be an abrupt drop in living standards. The sjw generations are going feel the consequences of a diverse economy, even though they won’t understand its cause.

        If America hadn’t spent 25+ trill on orc welfare, it would have the reserve resilience to weather this storm.

      • This has revealed that for all their big talk about despising “modern consumerism,” many on the “right” are just spoiled brats who can’t go with a slightly reduced level of “shop until you drop” for a few weeks without at least verbally chimping out.

        No more self-discipline or strength of character than your typical hoodrat.

        For all their tough talk about culture and stuff, in the end all most of these twerps like Martel care about is Muh Nikes, Muh Sportsball, Muh Super-Sized Diabetes Special Soda, Muh McDonald’s, Muh Cheap Shit from China.

        Next time I hear one of these clods braying about the virtues of the Amish, after they’ve proven that they stress out to the point of frenzy after going a couple of weeks without a Double Extra Large Bucket of Obesity Fries — or, more accurately, with slight inconvenience in obtaining it — I’m going to spit.


        • I’ve been on a scheduled layoff since March 20. In that time, I’ve visited my parents twice per week. One time we all ordered to-go meals from Cheesecake Factory. The order was over $100. Another time, my Dad paid for a $70 family style meal from Famous Dave’s. When I was with my parents, me, my brother, and my mom binge watched all four seasons of the hit sci-fi show, “The Expanse.” My brother and I go out for walks most days, where we see lots of other people walking around, enjoying the beautiful weather. None of them wear masks. I only ever see people wearing masks when I go to the grocery store. Speaking of which, the only items still out of stock are toilet paper and paper towel. Meat, poultry, produce, milk, and eggs are all plentiful. Bread is sometimes low depending on the store. Overall though, the panic in my area has ceased.

          You can spew all the hate and bile you want at regular White Americans – and, indeed, regular people of all races – just because you hate our nice, comfy lifestyle. You can scream at us to “STAY INSIDE” and to wear masks or whatever gets your panties in a bunch. But we like our lifestyle, we like living in this country, and we will not be stopped by fear-mongerers who are scared that there’s a lion outside.

          Also, there’s nothing “tough” or “character building” about joblessness, poverty, and starvation. There’s just misery and physical death. Let the good times roll.

  8. “This isn’t a failure of China or the WHO or the intelligence agencies or public health experts either.”

    Bro, what? How can you write that sentence? China has lied about everything. The WHO repeated those lies to cover for Beijing. Public health experts such as Fauci were saying the flu was more of a concern a couple months ago just like Trump. Did you miss all that?

    Your obsession with Trump has driven you mad. The Coronavirus hysteria is only feeding into that madness. You need to unplug, relax, and think clearly. The only one who’s gonna be discredited when this is over is you. Stop doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down before you become a laughingstock.

    • 1.) China locked down Wuhan and Hubei province and declared war on the virus in January. Over half of China was locked down in early February. It took Donald Trump two months to figure out the virus wasn’t the flu.

      2.) The WHO declared a global health emergency on January 31. No one from the WHO ever told Donald Trump the coronavirus was the common flu.

      3.) Fauci never told Donald Trump that the virus was the common flu. Neither did the WHO or the CDC or the CIA. Literally no one told him that it was “just the flu” but his cronies and donors because they didn’t want to “spook the markets” in February.

      4.) I’ve gone mad? Since when do 2,000 people drop dead of the flu in a single day? Since when does the flu explode and accelerate and go in reverse and shatter all records in March and April? Since when is SARS the flu? Since when has the common flu ever shut down most of the planet?

      5.) The whole world agrees that the coronavirus isn’t the flu – everyone, that is, except American conservatives and Jair Bsolonaro in Brazil who have staked out this absurd, indefensible position. Even Donald Trump reversed course last month.

      • One of the best responses to people like this dimwit Martel might be,

        If this is just the flu,
        and the flu is just as deadly,
        and the whole thing is some nefarious plot to achieve … something (wrecking the gov’t’s own stuff, presumably, because everybody loves causing unnecessary trouble for themselves in order to achieve the worthwhile goal of wrecking their own stuff and discrediting themselves with their voters…)
        then why didn’t the gov’t do the same thing with the flu years ago?

        Pick a bad flu season, institute the same type of controls, and bam, there ya go.

        Odd that they didn’t do it. Almost like they were actually caught with their pants down by a genuinely dangerous pestilence and are scrambling to limit the damage if possible.

        Nah, can’t be it. Got to be some super secret squirrel reason, however far-fetched, for this. /sarcasm

      • @Brad, if you remember I expressed the opinion that Trumpo should shutdown all travel to and from Italy 10 days/two weeks before he did. If he had done it, Pelosi and the hundreds of other Italian Catholics in Congress, and the Statehouses would have gone Italian apeshit like their African cousins.

        Considering the opposition, Trumpo moved as fast as he could on both China and Italy. He couldn’t tell Pelosi to blow the Holy Mary and the Pope out her Catholic ass could he?

        • Krafty, your utter repulsiveness is one of the reasons I have no qualms responding to your empty Christophobic cavils.
          Pelosi is no more a Catholic, than Franky the Apostate…. or you!

          All of you are charlatans, hypocrites, and power-crazed idiots. And all of you are already damned for it.
          ‘Nuff said.

          • Krafty should have to blow into a breathalyzer before he is allowed to comment on this site

            He should also stop mixing alcohol with the 20+ prescription meds he’s probably on, half of them psychotropic

        • Hunter, please stop letting this troll comment here. It ads nothing and makes this place unwelcoming for normal people. We do not need to read constant off topic anti-Catholic trolling on every single article. It’s not okay to let that stuff go through.

      • Dr. Fauci saying that the flu is not only a bigger threat, but also that wearing masks is unnecessary.–flu-a-bigger-risk-in-the-us-than-coronavirus#

        China utterly failed on every level to contain the virus. To say the Communist regime bares no blame is breathtaking.

        The World Health Organization took forever to call the Coronavirus a pandemic. This was even after Trump started taking it seriously with the Chinese travel ban on Jan. 31st.

        Let’s not forget them running cover for China.

        The only one discredited is you my friend. It’s sad to see it happen.

        • Do you even read the links you post here Tony? Are you illiterate? Yes China is corrupt, so what? Trump stopped flights from China?! Sure he did. Kind of like he stopped illegal immigration. And yes in mid-February there were more people dying from flu. What the f*** is your point? Nobody is as worried about the flu now are they? You have no point except supporting conservative inc. You want to support the financial order and ‘the king of Israel’? Go for it. But you don’t belong on this side of things. You are the one who is completely discredited.

    • What exactly is your argument? That we need to defend the neoliberal order and get this economy ‘back on track’? This is obviously a serious illness that is incredibly contagious and killing more people than any virus in recent history and that’s with people staying at home. Almost everything you mentioned in your article is incorrect. I’m around one of those heavily infected areas and your ignorance is mind-boggling. The self-proclaimed ‘king of Israel’ doesn’t care about you and took the advice of his Israeli and Wall Street backers to ignore this until March because he knows his re-election is tied to the market and the interests of his donors. What’s the big secret here? Trump is George Bush with a potty mouth. Everything he does should be understood in that context.

    • Lol.said the china obsessed mutt,the only one who lied.lies and will always lie is the zogwest,starting with zogusa,nobody cares about your pathetic cruzade to save the world against the evil china because we have seen this movie already.

  9. Bannon is also currently pushing a bunch of disinfo about the virus, too, to agitate against China. They want a new cold war.

  10. The entire U.S. is under martial law. Most of China never had any restrictions. Wuhan was under lockdown for 2 months. It is now over. The Chinese were able to determine thst the quarantine was pointless and absurd, and they have ended it.

    Of course they lie about the numbers. America lies, too, vastly overstating the numbers, while China understates.

    Trump has destroyed the American economy, and his re-election chances. He was spineless, ans let the Deep Judenstate and their Mockingbird Media fool him into believing the hoax. They laid the trap, and he fell into it. Although his instincts were against it.

    Tucker Carlson played the fool in that regard, pushing Trump to embrace the hoax. Tucker has destroyed his credibility forever.

    China wins. Trump loses. America loses.


      • Once against arguments are all over the comment section to divide and constantly conquer us ,always.
        As if only 2 possible motives or outcomes are at play here…
        We are not battling flesh and blood here, people….these are demons.
        They are literally not human.

  11. The funny thing about “just the flu” guys is that the arguments are identical to pro-immigration arguments.

    “A relatively small number of people are killed every year by immigrants or diversity, but it is worth it because immigration boosts the GDP.” The same people who normally oppose that reasoning are now using the same reasoning to advocate allowing the virus to spread out of control.

    • DART… Now this is a good comment. Never even crossed my mind but damn if that logic doesn’t have some real merit to it. The sacrifice of the common man in pursuit of the “greater” economic good

    • The “just the flu” people tend to be older people who are recent converts to nationalism. They are dragging a lot of baggage from Rush Limbaugh style cuckservatism with them into our movement.

  12. Notice how easily the powers that be can shut down our whole system. It turns out you can close the borders. I maintain that you cannot reform the system from within.

  13. Your opinion on President Trump depends on your measuring stick – he’s done much less than Candidate Trump promised – MUCH LESS.

    President Trump compared to President Bush or Obama is a little improvement.

    Problem is that this country has toi many serious problems to make modest incremental advances.

    Maybe President Trump is more a friend to those who want new countries in the place of this current one than they realize.

  14. ” caught with their pants down by a genuinely dangerous pestilence and are scrambling to limit the damage if possible.”

    Just imagine , if we had a couple of years of crop failures , like 1816 (tambora). There’s no moving to the Midwest or hunting to feed your family.

    The country has gone brown, it will go down!

  15. Record post-corona highs on the stock market!!$DOWI&j1_override=&j1_region=

    Israel achieves 100% cure rate with corona!!

    Tomorrow: jobless claims!

    Friday: weekend news dump?

    Saturday: churches scramble to prepare for easter?


  16. Well Hunter, I was with you and Spencer until this crisis. Now I think both of you are weak and pathetic.

    I never believed this virus was a hoax, but your insistence on going along with the elite’s plan to destroy civilization in an effeminate panic to save a few lives is disgusting.

    • The only people being histrionic here are you “let the plague spread and kill millions as long as I can get my double cheeseburger on time” clowns.

      Spoiled, decadent, with zero self-discipline, zero staying power, zero perspective.

      At least it’s clear now why the “right” is so utterly useless for producing actual results. Might as well be trying to build something with a bunch of self-centered, massively ignorant ghetto Negroes.

    • We need to cleave into two separate movements. The racialist nationalist/populist/survivalist movement and the racialist boomer/conservative/republican movement. Being in the same movement together is making it impossible for the nationalists to do anything. We can’t act when people inside of our spaces who think we should just be GOP cheerleaders undermining us. We need a pro-white political party and it has to limit membership to people who are nationalist populists who hate the GOP and Limbaugh style conservatism.

  17. It’s a perfect blend of Idiocracy and the Stand.
    The CovIdiocracy.

    Nobody had to take to twitter, after athletes in their 30s had died, and say only old people would have to worry. Or we’ll have a ‘flu shot’ for it soon, or it’s going to go away ‘in April cuz warm’.

    The President has a responsibility beyond ‘info-tainment’ and I didn’t think it’d ever get this dumb post Dubya Bush but yes, this was Dubya Dumb.

    The only way Joe ‘Aggressive Dementia’ Biden could get near the White House is this kind of thing being a reason people do not vote or actually vote for him. Shudder. Neither one are any good, neither one are independent thinkers who would actually be ‘running the country’ and by now a good many people know this.

    But the Trump-tards will cling to him as he invades Syria and lets people die, claiming to have more ventilators than anyone in the history of ventilators who ever ventilated….or some such nonsense as is spewed in every press conference.

    Imagine living in a country where people are bidding for ventilators, e-bay style, then claiming their awesomeness.

    The whole system is a pile of garbage, and needs to be abandoned as much as is possible for each individual person/family. Neither vote will matter and they may even suspend the election…..this would be the only way you could get Americans to tolerate an election being suspended or their every move tracked on a phone app.

    We’ve tolerated having the elections being a scam of one false person vs. the other for quite some time, though, and we tolerated the Homeland Security Act of spying on citizens…..this is the ushering in of phase 2 of the same thing, only a lot worse now, it’s coupled with disease and threat of death.

    I didn’t really see this as how it was going to all go down either, but I definitely thought I’d see grown men fight old ladies over Charmin when the end was nigh, because that is the most American thing one can imagine.

    • The incidents that have happened every Black Friday each year were a small preview of the real chaos that would ensue should a major disaster befall us.

      America is gone, she’s done. Morally bankrupt and utterly clueless, she has squandered the abundant blessings of the Almighty and has fancied itself wise and smart.

      She is neither.

  18. Brad no disrespect because you deserve no respect on your blog. You fell for lies of Satan by telling people if you don’t believe in the moon landings, flat earth or lies they’ve cast on societies for centuries that has been proven to be lies “its just the flu bro” conspiracy theorists. What does it matter if right wingers don’t believe in their lies? This covid19 thingy is just another lie contrived by .govs who believe their God is Satan and you fell for it. Most conspiracy theories have come true and they hide it under the rug. I use to really enjoy your website because you were real unlike today believing their lies. What makes me think you’re getting paid by the Gates foundation’s like in October 19 ‘event 201’ where they said they need trusted voices to promote this plandemic.

    I hope you know what you’re doing because you lost all credibility NOT even looking at their satanic false flag covid19 that citizen journalists uncovered. Every death today is suppose to say ‘They died with covid19 not from covid19’. That’s why your red middle finger chart is off the wall.

    Brad we all thought you were smarter than this, apparently not. Don’t forget Brad, show us your ID bio-vaccine after receiving it and say I told you so with you drooling and your left eye looking towards the moon that no man ever and never will step on.

    • Mind Games, take the effort to write your only articles and the time and money to create your own site if youre so unhappy with this one. It has been the most reliable source for over a decade and has been bringing really accurate details to the Coronavirus situation for atleast a month before it was even in common discourse.

      You miserable shut ins, so concerned with meaningless peripheral nonsense like “Moon landing hoax man” and always ready to criticize someone upfront carrying the load… You never step out into your own. If you don’t like O.D. then visit the toxic shit show offered by a certain asian prostitute loving manlet… Whom I actually find to be quite a good writer as well and understand his over the top hyperbolic humor… But O.D. is reliable and based in reality and common truths.

      You won’t be missed

      • Your attempt at shoring up Brad’s tarnished image is no more valid, than your name…. SHILL.
        And you and your ilk’s UTTER FEAR of honestly investigating the LAST MAJOR PSYOP, before 9/11- i.e., the FALSE MOON LANDING, is proof of your duplicity… and cowardice.

        “1969 we put a man on the moon;
        2019 we don’t have the technology to put a man on the moon”
        Johnnybutts Leo, comment in this video-

        And those of us who think it’s all bogus, still have a sense of humor. After all, we’re laughing at you fools who think the earth is a sphere, and that God isn’t going to judge the world with fire this time.

        Have a blessed day… everyone except for SHILL.

        • “Laughing at you fools who think the earth is a sphere”.

          No, I’m laughing at YOU, Fr. John.

          If the earth were flat, we wouldn’t have volcanic eruptions, for starters.
          There wouldn’t be enough pressure under the crust of a flat earth to produce one.
          I could go on & on, but I know debating flat-earthers is a waste of time.

        • If Brads image or mine is tarnished in your manic lunatic fringe eyes, that can only be a good thing. I simply said i like the site for the most part. If you don’t then why are you here everyday complaining. That was my point.

          Along with my curiosity at why so many of the people in here hijack comments to discuss flat earth, fake moon landings and just the flu bro. We can only assume you are bad actors looking to derail healthy debate and discussions. Leaving comments about evil Catholics, why Italians are white or the moon landing is nothing but hijacking and distracting. You are a bad actor and probably looking to get people into trouble.

          But it’s just the flu bro. The billionaire elite whose only concern is money and power, are now according to you trying to crash their own economy.. Why? Because bro… Just because. Total nutcases

  19. Good god, these comment sections have become a laughingstock. You people can’t even disagree amicably anymore. The jury is still out on the nature of the virus, yet anyone who disagrees is a moron, or a weakling, or a shill. This, in a community where we are supposed to be united as racial brethren?

    I daresay the vitriol is worse here than it was during the Trump transition. What the hell?

    • Glad its moderated, imagine the anti Christ that would be up in here if Brad wasn’t watching for weevelos frenz in here.!

      He allows a shit ton of commenters that do nothing but bitch and moan about everyone else…so many perfect people casting bullshit stones…with nary a viable solution to anything they bitch on….watch them come out and trash my grammar, religion or spelling…

      En arche een ho logos…!

  20. greetings fm. the South Land : theVirus will be gone soon – what are you driving today .. is it a JEEP or a MUSTANG . aCaddy or aLincoln – what about UR CHILD ?!? do U think anAccura, anInfiniti or a Lexus is a lux ury vehicle ? what if ‘they’ skip the whole 2021 ModeL Year & wait for 2022’s .. how bout a whole new Model for 2025 : theWuhan CV19V6 … made by … Cadillac – with the best & strongest V6 engine eVr – Let’s get started !!!!! TY ! TY HW !! GOD BLESS America GOD BLESS RUSH Limbaugh & PRESIDENT Trump – – to Live & Die in DIXIE – – –

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