U.S. Intelligence Warned About Coronavirus As Early As November

The idiot-in-chief is responsible for this.

ABC News:

“As far back as late November, U.S. intelligence officials were warning that a contagion was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region, changing the patterns of life and business and posing a threat to the population, according to four sources briefed on the secret reporting.

Concerns about what is now known to be the novel coronavirus pandemic were detailed in a November intelligence report by the military’s National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), according to two officials familiar with the document’s contents. …

“Analysts concluded it could be a cataclysmic event,” one of the sources said of the NCMI’s report. “It was then briefed multiple times to” the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s Joint Staff and the White House.

From that warning in November, the sources described repeated briefings through December for policy-makers and decision-makers across the federal government as well as the National Security Council at the White House. All of that culminated with a detailed explanation of the problem that appeared in the President’s Daily Brief of intelligence matters in early January, the sources said. For something to have appeared in the PDB, it would have had to go through weeks of vetting and analysis, according to people who have worked on presidential briefings in both Republican and Democratic administrations. …”

In early January, you might recall Donald Trump was focused on the intelligence he received from Bibi Netanyahu that Qasem Soleimani was preparing an attack on American forces in the Middle East.

Trump received critical intelligence from Jared Kushner and his billionaire pals that he should “ride it out” and go with the narrative that the coronavirus was just the flu. The stock market was at a record high in February and there was too much to lose from spooking the markets.

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  1. Military intelligence may have known a Chinese bio-weapon had gotten loose? Very possible.

    • For a bio-weapon, it sure is slow and wimpy.
      More like carelessly sloppy lab work.

      But a nation that has turned two of the world’s great rivers into toxic ditches wouldn’t do that.

      • What better way to launch a bio-weapon and not get caught. The Chinese do have a Billion and a half people, more or less. A little accident?

        • Arian is right about this Krafty. Like people who say it’s a psyop, there needs to be some reason to do it. The reason for trying doing it would probably be U.S. pressures on the economic front, but if they were to release a bioweapon, they wouldn’t do so in such a way that blame could be traced back to them, even if they did want to use it on their own citizen for whatever reason.

          If it was a Chinese government psyop, they’d also unleash somewhere like Mexico. If it is a created virus, it likely was an experiment that escaped which makes more sense and fits into the timeline going all the way back to December/January.

          • “The reason for trying doing it would probably be U.S. pressures on the economic front…”

            I read yesterday (where, cannot recall) that a LARGE NUMBER OF VERY PROMINENT PEOPLE in Gov’t, Industry, Banking, etc. SOLD OFF MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF STOCK, just prior to Chinese Origin-VD making her entrée onto the world sheeople market. Cohencidence? I highly doubt it.

            CUI BONO?

            Everyone who has more than a million dollars of net worth, who made a profit from huge sales for at least six months prior to this fracas, should have all that profit confiscated (YES, NATIONAL SOCIALISM!) and given to the Suffering American White Man. AOC be damned (she already is- Smite that b*tch, Lord).

            Just as someone said that Bloomberg could have made EVERYONE in the USA a MILLIONAIRE, and still saved himself over $300 millions of his money, instead of his foolhardy bloviating presidential attempt (Now that Bernie has conveniently COVIDly gone)



      • It’s was a lab-created bio-weapon. And since when were Commies worried about killing their own? As Karl Marx The Jew Daddy of Communism, reminded us, “You’ve got to break an egg to make an omelette!”

      • “For a bio-weapon, it sure is slow and wimpy”

        But it sure stopped all the daily mass protests in Hong Kong really fast.
        That was the first thing I noticed that changed outside of Wuhan. Very uh, “convenient” for the Chinese Communist Party! They were just about ready to sent the Army in.
        Sent a Bug instead?

  2. Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how Covid-19 death certificates are being manipulated!

      • “Who cares is all kinds of people die as long as Jews make money?”

        The Jews are FOREVER the Guilty Ones. This year, in Holy Week, read of the perfidy of the Juden.

        And that Christendom is the rubbing of the noses of the hooked ones in the dirt, forever.

        Christus Vivat. Christus Vincit. Christus Imperator!

  3. New York State has more corona cases than any other COUNTRY in the world: is that how viruses work?


    New Zealand, 5 million people of which 100,000 are Chinese, has ONE death. Is that how show-stopping viruses behave?


    Jacinda Ahern seems awfully concerned about shutting down Easter though, and that is what this really is about at this point folks.

    Remember that the lock down was to prevent secondary deaths from an overwhelmed medical system where grandma couldnt get help for her heart attack, not to reduce primary deaths from a common cold virus. Never before and never again will anyone lock down society over run of the mill viral deaths, especially after tomorrow’s new jobless claims.

    Apart from Enemy Capitols NYC and London and their adherents, pretty much nothing is happening or will happen.

    So the question I pose: would they lie?

    OD says no, I say of course they are lying. What do you think?

    • “New York State has more corona cases than any other COUNTRY in the world: is that how viruses work?”

      Yes. Read a history of the great plagues.
      Sometimes, it took years to decades to diffuse from the great port cities.

      • Correct. And it use to take weeks and even months to send and/or receive a letter to or from grandma a couple states distant. Your point?

        • Point being,
          It takes time for a contagion to distribute into a population.
          Enough carriers have to transport enough contagion to spread the pathogen.
          With lockdown and sequestration, this will further slow the spread.

          Unlike mail, a contagion is not intelligence direction, but a random spread.

      • People were far less mobile then, so I think that’s a false equivalence. I agree with the premise that the virus is a serious matter and I have no complaints about the economic situation, but I can’t let this particular point go without correction.

      • Hence why there are such terms as the “Plague of London” or the “Plague of Athens.”

        New York is perfect for it, a vast multicultural soup festering and percolating in a tiny patch of ground, crammed in with each other’s air, waste products, and other effluvia. A major air hub and port. With plenty of homeless to serve as a reservoir and spreader, too.

  4. Population density and social proximity effect virus transmission.

    New York City is the largest city in the United States with a population density three times greater than Los Angeles and astronomical compared to Wellington, New Zealand’s 900 p/km2. New York City has the busiest subway system in the western world and the ninth busiest rapid transit rail system in the entire world. Feel free to compare bus and subway usage in New Zealand with New York City. New Zealanders own more automobiles, per capita, than Americans. Announced on March 14 by Faux News, New Zealand took the coronavirus more seriously than Cuomo and Chump:


    New York City = High Population Density, High Mass Transit.
    New Zealand = Low Population Density and almost No Mass Transit.
    New York City = Laughable containment procedures.
    New Zealand = Relatively tough containment procedures.

  5. Donald Trump was told at some point by the intelligence agencies and executive branch health care employees that a pandemic was coming that would require him to support stopping enough economic activity that would trigger a second depression that would conveniently cost him reelection. Which, strangely enough, has been the goal of the same agencies and other executive branch officials who had been abusing their power to either get Trump removed from office or stymie his public policies.
    And of course Donald Trump is an idiot for not graciously accepting this advice from people who he has no reason whatsoever to trust on any issue, because he deserves to be prosecuted by Attorney General Kamala Harris in the resulting Biden Administration as punishment for daring to oppose the status quo, however clumsy his governing style. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

    To a person angry at Donald Trump for not succeeding against literally impossible odds in changing the entire world’s neoliberal paradigm, and not being the perfect human being like Barack Obama, who was not the victim of constant abuse of power but instead was protected by the entire Establishment while he allowed the criminals to escape punishment, and had been rewarded financially since leaving office-yes, Trump acted horribly in not immediately signing on to his own destruction.

    Or maybe if the losers in 2016 had acted nobly and accepted defeat, and treated Trump like a human being and the President of the United States, they could have cut deals with him that would have moved us closer to a society that cares for everyone, not just the already successful. You see, we reap what we sow. The country has been selfish and materialistic for so long that it makes good people succumb, and gives bad people license to win by any means necessary.

    Like all of us, Donald Trump has many weaknesses, but a lack of instinct for self-preservation is not one of them. If you regret that vote, fine, but work to change the reality of the strong abusing the weak. Blaming Trump for everything is counterproductive. And factually incorrect, as the entire communications apparatus was discounting corvid-19 until March.
    To say only Trump is at fault for how it was or is handled now is beyond silly. Join me and Boomer X in fighting for a Sovereign Wealth Funded UBI and a
    helicopter money funded debt Jubilee. If we remove the chains of wage slavery, we can then fight for a moral society. Enough with the perpetual TDS. You know better.

      • You are welcome, sir. The endless shilling for the establishment by our host is beyond parody. He might as well get a column at the Huffington Post, or maybe co-host with Don Lemon on CNN. Like them, facts mean nothing, and shame at voting for Trump means agreeing with your enemies that your deplorable friends deserve to be ruined materially. Pathetic. The assumed final death toll drops every day, but still gotta punish them opponents of the Oligarchy. Huey would never been so easily persuaded to sell out.

  6. “Just da flu, bra! They’re including pneumonia deaths with Covid19 to boost the numbers!”

    Add up all hospital deaths in New York City caused by anything. Compare total deaths to the daily/weekly/monthly average. Houston, we have a problem.

    Dumbass right whiggers, deaths from CoVid19 are add-ons.



  7. It seems to me that there’s more than enough cause to impeach the POS now…think they’ll do it?
    That’s a rhetorical question…

  8. Conspiracy theories have so infected the minds of conservatives that nothing can shake them out of their paranoia. Instead of jumping on this story to discredit the Jew World Order they’re whining that it’s not real; it’s a plot against Golem Glormph’s greatest jewish debt based scam economy ever. This is the problem with welcoming nutty Alex Jones types into your movement.

    “Can’t we just go back to Buffalo Wild Wings? I want to LARP as a dissident, but I want to remain comfortable!”

  9. My neighbor whose wife is a nurse said that it takes “13 to 16 nurses around the clock to properly take care of a coronavirus victim.” These people can’t breathe on their own. The machine breathes for them. Without a ventilator it is game over. This is a no shit game changer.

      • Yes, ok. Grant that…. then why are thousands of MEDICAL PERSONNEL, being let go? Why are Hospitals ALL OVER THE USA, making REDUNDANT all these doctors, nurses, etc. they supposedly need? THE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE needs a resolution!

        Just like in music.

        Here, again, a doctor chimes in…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SGgwyJ2qPU

        The MARCH 13th article in ENGLISH,

        ” An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19)” Presented by: James M. Todaro, MD (Columbia MD, jtodaro2@gmail.com) and Gregory J. Rigano, Esq. (grigano1@jhu.edu) In consultation with Stanford University School of Medicine, UAB School of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences researchers.”



        What? A CURE FOR CO-VD, violated JEWGGLE’s ‘Terms of Service’????!?
        At least it is still here in ITALIAN.



        WE NEED A REVOLUTION, not a Quarantine. If we’re going to die, I’d rather die for freedom, than for some godless Jewish bastards’ schemes to keep us paranoid.

        BRAD, are you listening!?

  10. I’m sorry. No matter the Trump bashing here I will easily vote for him over that senile lizard man Biden. Biden now reminding us why voting Democrat is truly disgusting. Lizard man is blowing smoke up the ass of that evil anti white witch Kamala Harris to be his VP. That whore would be one breath away from becoming president. Dementia Joe is not exactly looking or talking great these days.

    Also this whole coronavirus thing once again reminds us how we have to worship black pee pooo basically forever. Vile Cuomo first throwing white people under the bus by complaining “rich whites” are not getting coronavirus enough while dem po blaxxx is. He is ” looking into” the issue. Gee you mean like their poor health on average and you know the average young hoodrat is not social distancing. I mean nigga please!!

    Then lizard Joe is doing the same thing. He is throwing white people under the bus because blacks and Hispanics are getting the virus a bit more percent wise. Democrats would be very happy if whites overwhelmingly got the virus. Does anyone truly think Hector and Tyrone are social distancing as much as whitey? Corona easily has me voting for Trump!

    • You were going to vote for Trump anyway, has nothing to do with coronavirus. That’s fine & it’s still a free country. The idea that any of mine will rush back to work to support his swamp’s portfolio or vote for him again is out of bounds. No amount of triggering about Blacks and Hispanics is going to work, Trump rode down the escalator and has been tweeting for 4 years about about what he was “gonna do” about that situation. The National Guard was going to Chicago & Hispanics, blah blah blah. He’s ordered even more foreign workers up to work for his donors on the cheap while Americans are unemployed. The guy is a con artist.

      • Vickey. Are you a liberal Democrat too dumb not to connect the dots? I know wahhhmenzz who complain about immigration and blaxxx who then go on to vote for the Clintons and Obamas of the world. That is called hopeless. Coronavirus is yet one more reason to never vote Democrat.

        . And you incredibly will vote for a literally senile guy in Biden who has run a virulent anti white campaign because you are “mad” at Trump. Well if Lizard man gets in, expect Hud to dramatically increase placing the third world where you live. Trump has heavily shut that scam down. Expect 2 million more ” immigrants” right away as Biden has promised in his urge to turn every place into a version of New York City, Boston and Chicago. Expect daca invaders to be legal. Expect reparations. Expect communists to sit on various courts as ( cough) moderate Joe will be slobbering to blaxx and brownzzz even more so. A Kamala Harris as VP? That’s what you and some other ” pro whites” here are voting for? That’s not just sick. That’s evil and twisted.

        Yeah vote for the senile guy one more face surgery away from looking like a resident of Wuhan who has run an anti white campaign from the beginning who is upset more white people are not dying from corona virus in America. Yeah that will show em! Sorry, Breitbart and the Federalist comments often make far more sense than the “pro white” comments here. Mad at Trump? Yeah vote for the far worse guy looking to destroy you before he dies. Yeah, great thinking!

  11. All Trump, or any other “leader” (pawn of globalist financial elites, of course) would’ve had to do to keep corona-chan to minimal penetration and effect is to BAN ALL FLIGHTS FROM CHINA as soon as news of this virus came out. But muh votes and muh markets, so f^ck all y’all trailer trash not worth millions, m’kay? Prioritizing the flow of money for financiers and shareholders over common sense and basic human concern for others has needlessly killed thousands worldwide.

    After this scheisse show is over, the moral bankruptcy and murderous nature of our current financial and governmental systems needs to emphasized as often as possible. We can’t let that salient truth quickly be dismissed out of our minds by corporate press manipulations. If people keep acting like sheeple and don’t seek out alternatives to the deadly status quo, this mess could easily happen again.

  12. This article comes from ABC and, as usual, is nothing but hearsay, conjecture, and vague implications from unidentified sources described as “familiar with a “secret” report that said something “could be” cataclysmic, and simply asserts without evidence that intelligence aparatchiks, who BTW hate Trump’s guts and have endeavored tirelessly to undermine him, actually briefed him “multiple times.” And who exactly are the “people who have worked on presidential briefings in both Republican and Democratic administrations?”

    As a work of journalism this article is worthless. Whether you like or dislike Trump, how can a rational man believe anything ABC or CNN or PBS etc says about him FFS?

  13. I’m not so sure about this. Late November is very early. The virus was not widespread at that time. I believe this is probably disinformation intentionally “revealed” by the IC meant to further the “China lied” narrative and cover their own asses.

    • Facts you say? More establishment media lies to make Trump look bad? Perish the thought. Gotta keep up that Orange Man Bad narrative recieved from the DNC. As Lenin said, idiots are useful. As are scorned women, and it seems, some men. But keep that economy closed long enough to install a regime that won’t bungle positive policy for deplorables, but will actively hunt down for destruction everyone Brad says he supports. Definitely worth it to punish a billionaire who actually put his life on the line for those deplorables. That’s what liberals do, kill allies on behalf of the new truths. Sad to see the traditionalist side adopt the methods of the enemy.

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