The “Recent Drop” In U.S. Pneumonia Deaths

The conspiracy theories being floated by conservatives and libertarians to explain away the coronavirus death toll have a higher R0 than the virus:

The “recent drop” in U.S. pneumonia deaths is actually an always-present lag in reporting. [OC] from r/dataisbeautiful

All the deaths are being reclassified!

This virus is a “piker.”

What about swine flu? These people would have all dropped dead at the same time anyway!

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  1. If the deaths are not being reclassified, then the only other alternative explanation is that corona deaths are being made up wholesale. Perhaps if one were to study photos of the deceased, we’d find the faces of crisis actors from past mass shootings?

    Or, perhaps, the virus is a legitimate killer.

  2. I don’t understand the “they would’ve died anyway” psychokillers. The lack of decent response to other viruses is an argument for MORE care and development of protocols and treatments for patients, not less. Whether you believe corona-chan has been overblown or not, the inadequacy of the response to killer viruses in general should be incredibly obvious to all.

    • Boomer X,

      “…the inadequacy o the response to killer viruses in general should be incredibly obvious to all.”

      I remember 10 years ago when Fauci had his mug rubbed in the face of the general public by doing the Sunday Morning talk-show circuit along with a steady diet of strategic time on the Nightly-news and he would be singing the same tune about better pre-planning, preparation, vaccines, funding, etc. ‘so that something like this can never happen again!’

      HIV/AIDS, SARS, H1N1, were all beta-tests at some level and steps toward where we are at now. Medical martial law! They are digging their totalitarian feet in deep through this pandemic and the people are doing nothing and are actually assisting in its implementation.

      Socially we are about to reach conditions similar to those that existed in Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ where the centrality and danger of ‘group-think’ could absolutely destroy all social organization itself! Beware Beelzebub!

      “You never walk alone. Even the devil is Lord of the Flies”- Gilles Delueze

    • Famous line by Martin Heidegger in his famous posthumously published ‘Der Spiegel’ interview from 1967:

      “Only a God can save us”- Heidegger

      For Heidegger, the resolving of the forces of Nihilism in the History of Being are what is central and if that requires something born from the heights, god-like, elevated and shining forth upon this Earth, than it is welcomed.

      “The path we follow is always of our own choosing”- Heidegger


  3. Look at all these health-care workers and paramedics in New York City-which we are told is the ‘epicenter’ of this huge pandemic-just cheering along, taking selfies, smiling and giggling, and contaminating their PPE equipment and not standing 6 feet apart. This is precisely how one would expect health-care workers to be behaving during a pandemic, right?

    If they are so backed up by patients of Covid-19 and needing freezer-trucks for all the dead, where do they find the time to gather outside BY THE DOZENS? No stress! No grieving! No exhaustion! Just relaxed and having funs and games! Do we see this type of behavior at a hospital during a massive triage when a huge earthquake or hurricane hits? No! Why? Because this pandemic is a complete farce!

    • Ed,

      Ass well, this ridiculous behavior on the part of these medical “professionals” (lmao) would all be A MASSIVE HIPAA VIOLATION if this was a legitimate crisis.

      Did you see the picture of alleged hospital staff going out on the street to allegedly load “corpses” onto the freezer trucks, WITH A FORKLIFT?!? Real, legitimate hospital protocol would NEVER let doctors and medical staff do that, and as well hospitals have loading docks out back that would handle such tasks, not using, or needing, A F-KIN FORKLIFT!

      Or the picture where one of the “corpses” is wheeled directly into a hearse… WTF for??? Is the “cadaver” being directly taken to it’s funeral???

      But, after all, were simply dealing with goyim, who fundamentally, don’t really care for the truth.

      • Virtus,

        Precisely, families would be outraged to see their loved ones body put into a freezer by itself, let alone with a forklift. The direct dumping into the casket was laughable as well.

        All I’m seeing now Virtus with those who cling to the ‘pandemic’ narrative is simply just relentless ‘confirmation bias.’ They are filtering everything through their existing position and have shut down any reliance on their intuitive faculties.

        Like the video I posted above; they are apparently doing that massive congregation of paramedics and health-care-workers EVERY NIGHT at 7pm! And Virtus, the frontlines are so bad at these hospitals that they have plenty of time to choreograph these dancing videos(below) and post them on youtube. Pathetic behavior you’d completely expect during a crisis-filled pandemic.

        I guess all you and I and a few others here can tap into is what Nietzsche called ‘pathos of distance’ where those who originate from an enlightened and elevated position feel nothing but contempt from those who dwell in lowliness and mediocrity amongst the blind herd!

        • I guess all you and I and a few others here can tap into is what Nietzsche called ‘pathos of distance’ where those who originate from an enlightened and elevated position feel nothing but contempt from those who dwell in lowliness and mediocrity amongst the blind herd!

          Thanks for the inspiration, Ed!

  4. NO DUDE !!!! It’s due to swamp freaks ordering doctors to label EVERYTHING Covid19 !!!! Research !!!! It’s becoming useless to waste time at this site. Nothing but a bunch of empty souls bashing Trump and ALL Jews, not just the possessed evil ones.

    We’re in YEAR ZERO. There’s about to be a RESET of $$$ and everything. Use this time to reset your soul and the direction of your site. Wanna rebuild the white south ? Or just be home to dummies and paid trolls ? Do some soul searching ………

    • Do you realize?

      1.) The # of people infected from the virus is an undercount due to testing

      2.) The # of people dying from the virus is also an undercount due to testing

      • 🙂 My young friend …. the Dem’s wanted testing so bad cause the tests were reading positive when patient was negative !!! Testing would falsely raise the #’s. (((They))) chem trail us and gmo us and 5 G us and weaken our immune systems THEN hit us with a virus that’s just a bad flu BUT with 5 G and run down health the weaker of us can die. Then the controlled media pushes hype to cause a depression and blame Trump. You have to MAKE time to search and be informed. I have no idea where you get your info. If it’s from CDC or WHO or TV … there’s nothing anyone can do for you.

        YouTube : X22 Report. John B Wells. Jsnip4. ( and even ) Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast ( she’s the one that had ‘Johnheretohelp’ whistle blower on before. )

        I want to believe sites like this will save the south. To do so however, they must be INFORMED.

    • You may not die from COVID-19, but, I hope you enjoy the misery of it at home, or your time spent in the hospital.

  5. It’s pathetic, all these people conned into defending the Trump apologist Jew-narrative that it’s a “hoax” so that you will be blamed along with Trump when this is over. For all we know Trump deliberately let this spread to carry out the stimulus and for the sake of insider trading. As well as whatever dystopian schemes are in the works.

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