Taiwan Has Defeated Coronavirus

6 people have died from coronavirus in Taiwan.

20,577 have died so far from coronavirus in the United States.

Life in Taiwan is currently “pretty much the same” as it was before the coronavirus. Far from being a “doomsday virus,” Taiwan’s defenses were more than adequate to deal with the long anticipated public health threat of a resurgence of SARS. Taiwan treated the threat with the utmost seriousness. Unlike Donald Trump, the president of Taiwan wasn’t advised by an inner circle of Jewish private equity titans and hedge fund managers to “ride it out” and treat it as “just the flu.”

In December, Taiwan warned the WHO about the coronavirus outbreak in China and based on its own intelligence started screening inbound flights from Wuhan. In February, the health minister in Taiwan broke down in tears when reporting the 11th confirmed case in the country. Foreigners were banned from entering Taiwan on March 19. Taiwan peaked on March 30 when 2 people died of coronavirus.

Taiwan isn’t burdened with an incompetent liberal elite, a media that has lost credibility, market fetishists or a bunch of crackpot conspiracy theorists who reject science.

Look at what Taiwan has done and ask the obvious question: why couldn’t our incompetent government control our borders?

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  1. Notice……. Everyone is wearing a mask.

    Pitiful day , when the world’s greatest super power can’t master 19th century technology.

  2. It may have been a bio-weapon used by Taiwan against China. It is odd how well Taiwan has dealt wit the trouble.

  3. Yep.

    During the worst years of my life – earning an MBA at the #1 rated MBA program in the USA Stern New York University (1988-90) , I had an Asian student from either Taiwan or Singapore come up to me and asked me:

    “Is it true that all of the violent crime here in New York City is done by Blacks and Hispanics.”

    I said :

    “Yes this is true”

    He said:

    “I don t know how I d feel about that if I was a White American guy like you”

    I said :

    “ I hate it”

    Since then, I ve just “noticed” that on all things that matter like mass migration, Islamic terrorism, crime, public health (homeless defecating in the streets) , the worst forms of porn, hard drug trafficking, racial realities the successful East Asian societies like Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and I M guessing Viet Nam do things right.

    And nobody bothers much about Constitutions, Judeo Christian church affiliations or weird conspiracy theories or any of the other foolish nonsense American right wing types waste their/out time stressing about.

    Thanks Hunter for staying sane and sensible.

    Hey check out the Unz Review;

    The top guy there gives ratings of political web sites mainstream/lame stream and alternative blogs like OD.

    We re up over 300,000 views a month!

    Well done.

    Now let’s start doing some fundraising .

    Anybody here want to take the job of business manager.

    Hunter doesn t like to do fundraising .

    J Ryan
    Locked down in Africa and having a rather good time

  4. I got this info from a intelligence officer who works at a secret underground base, so you can be assured that it is true. Trump’s plan is to get America so pozzed up with corona virus, that no one will want to live here. The immigrants from the last 50 years will voluntarily self deport in the next 6 months, after that the cure will be brought out.

  5. The sane thing about Taiwan, South Korea and others is not locking all the businesses down and not destroying the economy

    They focus very narrowly on what actually impedes virus spread

    They likely are doing much less fake tagging of covid-19 deaths based on ‘presumption’, US hospitals getting ‘covid-19 death’ bonus payments etc

    Vietnamese-USA writer Linh Dinh on Unz review, is blogging from South Korea where he got stuck whilst travelling … he writes his latest from a publicly-open SK shopping centre

    This new virus is ‘strange’ according to many physicians … deaths even when ventilators are used are much higher … from a usual 45% or so to 66% plus, with the ventilator experience leaving a lot of internal damage even for many of those that live

    Increasing medical views is that the oxygen starvation of Covid-19 is not so solely at lung level but at blood-cell level, which is why the malaria drugs can work, malaria also involves blood cell oxygen deprivation … it is increasingly suggested the ventilators are an outright mistake that is killing people

    Oxygen deprivation in either blood cells or lungs, is also a key route of biological weapons

    Sarin gas attacks were like this, e.g., the 1995 one in the Tokyo subway … low-level sarin will hit more slowly, just sicken some of the strong

    The 2013 Netanyahu-approved Mossad assassination attempt in Amman Jordan, of Palestinian Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, also used an agent like this, sprayed in an ear, Meshaal began to die of lack of oxygen. But the Mossad agents were grabbed in Jordan immediately upon the hit, and Israel was forced by the angry king of Jordan to provide the antidote within a few hours

    Israel has a bio weapons lab at Ness Ziona, allegedly to defend Israelis but clearly capable of making weapons such as the spray that hit Meshaal

    Oddly enough, Ness Ziona labs, and another Israeli firm Migal, are ‘already testing coronavirus Covid-19 vaccines’

  6. A government that actually puts the well being of its citizens first, not the stock market or a hostile, alien race of bloodsucking parasites?

    Now I’ve heard everything.

    • The irony is that if the USA had put citizens first to begin with, the economic impact would have been much smaller anyway. You can’t really “open the economy” and “send people back to work” when they’re dead or intubated with double pneumonia in the hospital.

  7. It just occured to me, now that the shit hit the fan, none of these socalled alternative media sites have any interesting articles anymore.

    Why is that? I dont find anything thats far enough outside ZOG’s box to make me interested.

    Not on dailystormer, not on occidental dissent. not on……..you mention any site really.

      • “All women are dirty sluts and whores. Only a man can give another man the sexual and emotional gratification he desires.”

        – Colonel Anglin

        “Having sex with women is gross and immoral. Totally cringe! I only associate with other effeminate twinks like myself.”

        – Nick the Spik

  8. “American” power© has been exposed as an hollow illusion. The oligarchy won’t be able to stop California secession, or much of anything else, and their puppets on Capitol Hill won’t be able to do much, either. Their 20th Century fleets and armies are useless against fourth wave warfare and viruses. And against nature herself.

    It’s time to start thinking about the Southern Nation and People.

    Since Trump refuses to recognise the assumed special rights and privileges of New York, and of the other Northern states, essentially telling them that they’re no better, or more entitled than the rest of America®, it’s caused them to reconsider state’s rights and true federalism.

    The commotion this is causing, and will cause, gives us the opportunity to begin dealing with our own worthless politicians, here in Dixie. Replacing the Democratic and Republican Parties with a Southern Nationalist Party, is the first step on the road to retaking everything.

    However, the years that this will take, have all been wasted, since 2000.

    • The correct response to this is to sweep out the curre t off ie holders for negligence and after a fair trial liquidate them. This was avoidable.

  9. Happy Easter to you Brad, and to the rest of the community here. Take some time today to forget about the damn virus and spend some time with your families , if you haven’t been doing so already. It’s a beautiful Easter morning over here and I’m looking forward to enjoying it.

  10. Time to file to run for office and pilory the stupid establishment politicians. They have brought us disaster.

  11. Unlike Donald Trump, the president of Taiwan wasn’t advised by an inner circle of Jewish private equity titans and hedge fund managers to “ride it out” and treat it as “just the flu.”


    This is the take the real nationalists and alt-right are taking. The racist conservatives are so stupid, they go with a false conspiracy theory which takes attention off of our enemies malfeasance, that they got from rush limbaugh of all places. Anyone else notice that a lot of the racist conservative takes undermine our message and goals? They are just taking mainstream GOP talking points and hanging superficial white nationalist justifications on them.

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