Who Advised Donald Trump To “Ride It Out”?

In January and February, Donald Trump and the GOP refused to take the coronavirus seriously and went ALL IN on the “just the flu” narrative as it quietly spread across the country. Who advised Donald Trump to “ride it out” and treat the virus as “just the flu” for over six weeks?

New York Times:

“Always attuned to anything that could trigger a stock market decline or an economic slowdown that could hamper his re-election effort, Mr. Trump also reached out to prominent investors like Stephen A. Schwarzman, the chief executive of Blackstone Group, a private equity firm.

“Everybody questioned it for a while, not everybody, but a good portion questioned it,” Mr. Trump said earlier this month. “They said, let’s keep it open. Let’s ride it.” …”

New York Times:

“Mr. Trump has been having conversations, both formally and informally, in recent weeks with business leaders like Michael Corbat, the chief executive of Citigroup, and Brian Moynihan, the chief executive of Bank of America, about how to support the economy and when it might be able to reopen.

Many of those discussions have been facilitated by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who has fielded calls from executives like Stephen A. Schwarzman, the chief executive of Blackstone, looking for a road map to when a semblance of normalcy could return, although some people close to the discussions said that Mr. Schwarzman and Steven Roth, a real estate investor close to Mr. Trump, have not been aggressive as others.

Other business executives have gone through Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser. Paul Tudor Jones made an impassioned push to reopen the economy on a conference call organized by Mr. Kushner several weeks ago, these people said, and the investor Nelson Peltz was said to be influential in Mr. Trump’s since-aborted plan to begin reopening by Easter.

Lobbying groups have become more vocal about the need for the administration to create a plan for the reopening of the economy.“The longer we stay shut down, the worse off people will be and the harder it will be getting the economy going again and getting people jobs so they can go back to work,” said David McIntosh, the president of the Club for Growth. “What we need now is a plan for when we reopen the economy, because the plan curve has been flattened.” …

Good to know.

It was exactly who I suspected was responsible. It is the same group of Jewish private equity donors and hedge fund managers who are behind the MAGA scam.

Note: Stephen Schwarzman once compared Obama’s plan to raise the tax rate on carried interest to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

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  1. The hell with Trump and the hell with the so called virus. It not about the virus, Trump or the economy, The lock down has nothing to do with protecting you from the virus or from getting sick. It has to do with the govt tyranny and telling you what you can do, where you can go and in a nutshell, violating your rights and freedoms. What pisses me off about all this is how many on the right are in lockstep with govt tyranny and Authoritarianism. I’ve never seen a group of people surrender their hard fought freedoms so quickly in my life. I’m done with this site just like I am done with the alt right or anything resembling it. Enjoy what very little freedoms you have left.

    • What pisses me off about all this is how many on the right are in lockstep with govt tyranny and Authoritarianism. I’ve never seen a group of people surrender their hard fought freedoms so quickly in my life. @Dave

      Eh, you can understand, that these goys want to kid themselves that they still have some power, a voice and some say in what happens with “their government” (lmfao)

      **Btw Dave – I hope they allow US off lockdown by the Fourth of July.. SO WE CAN CELEBRATE OUR “FREEDOM”

    • It’s not a matter of having an empire or a Republic. That’s an abstruse argument. The issue is who gets to dictate. Who at the end ohf the day is lucky or unlucky in the decisions they make. Trump blew it in February. He could have saved the economy and reduced the death toll with the right choice.

  2. I’m in favor of letting people live their lives, but we need PPE (masks and gloves) for all, ubiquitous testing, and quarantine for those with the virus and the people exposed to the infected FIRST. What was done in many Asian countries, in other words. Instead, we get lies from Blompf about tests being widely available, the inaccuracy of the tests we do use, the lack of medical supplies due to not having a manufacturing base anymore, etc., etc. Unlike some other commenters here, however, I’m not a psychotic bloodsucker willing to hand lives over to Mammon because they want their selfish consumerist lives to go on without pause or consideration. This is a unique opportunity to learn how to effectively deal with all of the viruses that take tens of thousands of lives a year. We could, for example, adapt protocols used for corona-chan in South Korea or Taiwan and use them as needed for other diseases as well. Putting lives before self-indulgence should always be our default position.

    • It’s a unique opportunity to put profiteers and shady advisors on trial and liquidate them for crimes against the people. There are minutes and memos that will show who said what to whom. Emails too.

    • Don’t the chinks execute corrupt and incompetent officials civil servants and advisors for crimes against the people? Show trials for any cabinet officials who suggested to ride it out.

  3. Who could have known, back when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, that he was merely a goy figurehead for a cabal of wealthy Jewish criminals, many with CIA connections?

    I mean, aside from anyone who had read anything about Donald Trump since, say, 1990.

    But aside from those people, who could have possibly known that Donald Trump was a blowhard reality TV actor peddling bullshit to get elected?

    This one really came out of left field.

    • I’m not sure about that. He could have asked Melania to wear a mask in public and say that flights from China are banned, and done it in mid February and conference called the governors to err on the side of strong action.

      But here we are. He obviously thinks the yids are a mystical wise people.

      But what we need to do is make a list of names of advisers who said to wait till mid March. Then sue and prosecute them and liquidate them.

  4. What do those profiteers and exploiters know of sustained productivity ……NOTHING !

    They can tell him how to swindler American workers, do a leveraged buyout, move the factories to China, then leave a pile of junk bonds for the US treasury to cover wi devalued vapor currency.

    Always swindler the goy.

  5. The question is: How much is enough? Jack Dorsey of Twitter wrote a billion dollar check like you or I would tip a waitress at a dinner. Obviously, if you can donate a billion dollars like a restaurant tip, then you are being taxed way, way too low.

    In my opinion, once schools, hospitals, research facilities, food inspectors, the FDA, Border Patrol, etc. are FULLY funded, then we can have a conversation with our wealthy citizens about their tax burden being “too high” or akin to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

    • Show trials and exucutions for the money men who pressured the government to delay the shit downs. We’ve got the minutes emails and memos. SPARE no one.

  6. (((Who would have known that Obongo, that meshuggene schwarze, was annudda’ Hitler! Oyyy!!)))

    • I have to give Bill Ackerman credit for trying to expose the fraud of Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid Schemes that the GOP allows to operate with impunity fleecing millions of ordinary citizens. Getting rid of this fraud along with the “for profit schools” which fleece millions more for an inferior version of what can be had at any community college for one tenth the price these rackets put people into debt for. At work I frequently encounter people involved in these scam product pyramid schemes or fleeced by some 1-800 number school. The GOP protects these swindlers and even puts them into the cabinet as secretary of education.

  7. I propose we put various money men on trial and liquidate them after a fair hearing. Eveything these people did to thwart a quick decisive response will be recorded in minutes and memos. If the state doesn’t punish the bad advisors there will be no faith in the system and we will have anarchy.

    Some quick show trails and firing Squads administered by the army are in order and will satisfy the need for scapegoats.

  8. The character Ellis in the 1988 film Die Hard is the voice of Trump and the Jewish billionaires who are his real “base.” Ellis says in the film,

    “Hey babe, I negotiate million dollar (billion dollar) deals for breakfast, I think I can handle this euro-trash.”

    “Business is business. You use a gun, I use a fountain pen: what’s the difference?”

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