Reopen America: A Dissenting View

Editor’s Note: My response to this comment is that China locked down Wuhan for over two months and over half of its population in February to quell the outbreak. Believe it not, the world hasn’t ended in China which reported 46 new cases and 3 deaths this evening. Elsewhere in East Asia, the death toll is 0 in Mongolia, 0 in Vietnam, 99 in Japan, 208 in South Korea, 7 in Singapore, 4 in Hong Kong, 33 in Thailand and and 6 in Taiwan. It really says everything though about conservative liberals and the sort of “economy” we have that 100 million dead Americans which is almost a THIRD of our country is preferable to them than a one month lockdown. Of course, virtually no one has died from this virus in East Asia, but rather than learn anything from experience it is preferable to adhere to ideological priors. I wish that I could say that this is just someone having some fun trolling, but that is not the case. And yes, even President Joe Biden is preferable to someone who would let 1/3 of Americans die from coronavirus.

DP84 writes:

“Alright, as someone who basically agrees with all of RamzPaul’s takes on the reaction to the Corona Virus, I feel that a comprehensive explanation of the position of “hoaxers” like me is in order.

Here’s the narrative of how this pandemic has gone down: In January and February, COVID-19 appeared on the scene in Wahun, China, and there were concerns that it might spread to the rest of the world. Since COVID-19 is a more deadly form of the 2003 SARS virus, this was obviously a cause of concern. Then in March, those worst fears came to fruition when the virus spread to Europe and the USA. In response to the spread of COVID-19, the governments of Western nations responded by going into lockdown mode. First, professional sports were shut down, which never, ever happens. Then, “stay at home orders” and “social distancing” measures were enforced, with varying levels of teeth behind the enforcement – America didn’t clamp down as much as European nations did.

The justification for these “quarantine” measures was that they are necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19, and thus, were necessary to prevent mass deaths. Within the Pro-White Movement and within society at large, an incorrigible divide has formed between those who support the quarantine measures and wish they were stronger, and those who think that the governments clamp down measures are not justified in light of the record high unemployment numbers that happened as a direct result of the government enforced shutdown.

Basically, the two positions are this: The government should let us go about our daily lives, and if the virus spreads like wildfire, sobeit. The other side believes that the authoritarian measures are justified, that an economic depression is the price we must pay to keep as few people from dying from the virus as possible, and that if the virus is allowed to spread, an economic depression will result from the mass deaths anyway, so why not shut everything down and have the government give people $1000-$2000 per month so they can buy food and pay their rent?

There’s a lot I could say here about the authoritarian motives of those who support this lockdown. Suffice to say, they worship at the alter of government power, and if they were in charge – Richard Spencer, Keith Woods, Matt Parrott, Marcus Cicero, among many others – they would abuse that power at every opportunity. It is unironically better for the the White Race that Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be our President from 2020-2024 instead of those leftist “pro-white” voices. That all being said, there’s a side of the Reopen America position that I feel must be explained:

We acknowledge that the virus exists, and we acknowledge that it’s no fun to have. What we deny – indeed, what we really don’t even care about – is the body count that it racks up.

I’ll answer the question everyone who supports the shutdown measures wants answered: 100 million dead Americans is the threshold to justify shutting down the economy. Anything less, and life should be allowed to carry one as usual.

Where I totally disagree with those who support such radical authoritarian measures is in their belief that this virus can or should be eliminated. Everything I’ve read on COVID-19 says that its probably here to stay, and that it will come back in waves, possibly as early as this fall. If COVID-19 is indeed one of those viruses that just comes back every once in awhile, then our governments should not even bother trying to beat it. We should accept that it is here to stay, just like the flu, or pneumonia, or bronchitis, or any number of other diseases that we’ve never eradicated.

The only justification, in my view, for these authoritarian measures is if COVID-19 was as deadly as Small Pox or the Black Plague, in which case, the future of the human race would be at stake, and in which case, I’d support the measures. The Black Plague killed 1/3 of Europe between 1347-1350, and 1/3 of the American population is 100 million, hence the number above. It’s not arbitrary, or designed to “shock” you guys. It’s designed to force y’all to put everything in perspective.

Moral of the story: We should never shut down our way of life just to save less than 100,000 people, and I’m bitterly disappointed that so many in the Pro-White Movement feel differently. Whether the motive to support this shutdown is a lust for top-down, authoritarian control of the lives of Middle Class Whites, or whether the motive is “saving lives no matter what,” both motives have no currency in the eyes of people like me who, if we were in charge, would never have put in place these social distancing measures to begin with. We would have let life carry on, and yes, some people would have died. We wouldn’t have cared, because the death toll wouldn’t have even been nearly high enough to bother us, and also, because when you have the freedom to do things like drive a car, own a gun, or, in this case, just go about your daily life, the result is that some people will die from car accidents or gun shots or, you know, diseases. Death is part of life, and I don’t want the government “protecting” us from inevitable diseases. They should protect us in other situations – immigration control and foreign policy comes to mind – but they should never shut down the economy to prevent the spread of a disease.”

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  1. For Hunter Wallace, this is merely a vacation, a time to play with his kids and go fishing. Apparently, he isn’t losing any money. He doesn’t even have to wear a mask.

    Wallace is lecturing other whites who are literally going to be starving in the streets in two or three weeks, see their businesses go bankrupt, get laid off from their jobs, and very possibly have their children taken away from them.

    If you have any problem with the new police state, something out of a dystopian science fiction novel, you’re a “retarded conspiracy theorist” and should now trust that the government is doing this to prevent the spread of a deadly virus.

    The government wasn’t even trying three months ago, but last month they all of a sudden decided to do the right thing.

    The entire economy and trillions of dollars had to be turned over to Donald Trump”s friends at Blackrock, you know – to help save people from the Coronavirus.

    You don’t want to be some sort of retarded conspiracy theorist now do you?

    • It is first and foremost an IQ test.

      I am not going to catch the coronavirus from a catfish or a wild hog in the woods miles away from other people on my own property. As for the state lockdowns, the only reason that is being done is because the idiots who run this country didn’t take the threat seriously in January and February and without a vaccine or a cure they have no way to stop the spread of the virus. In contrast, virtually no one has died from the virus in East Asia outside of China.

      I wasn’t one of the liberals who said the coronavirus was the flu and no big deal in January, February or March or even in April. If the government had read this blog and listened to what I was saying about the coronavirus, there wouldn’t be any lockdown or economic crash and thousands of people would still be alive today, particularly in Brooklyn in New York City. Instead, these people were afraid of “spooking the markets,” or they thought that racism and xenophobia were the real virus. I’ve only shared content from people who have been proven right about the coronavirus like Peak Prosperity, TruNews, Eric Fiegl-Ding or Dr. Gabriel Leung in Hong Kong.

      We are expected to have some more deadly tornadoes in Alabama tomorrow on Easter Sunday. Assuredly, there are conspiracy theorists out there debunking that threat too.

      The weather is a HOAX!

      • tomorrow on Easter Sunday

        Maybe we can have a break, for the blessed Day of Easter, from talking about the virus

        • Maybe we should if the tornadoes expected tomorrow hit every county in the United States and only microtargeted people rather than in most cases just touching down in the woods in the middle of nowhere.

          • And as soon as the tornadoes were over, people would be getting back to work, rebuilding from the damage, not waiting for an indefinite amount of time.

          • A tornado isn’t a hurricane which isn’t a drought which isn’t a flood which isn’t an earthquake which isn’t a fire which isn’t a volcanic eruption which isn’t tsunami which isn’t a blizzard which isn’t a pandemic. All of these things are natural disasters which have been occurring throughout all of recorded history

          • All of these things are natural disasters which have been occurring throughout all of recorded history

            Yes indeed, and it required men to work to rebuild from the aftermath, which gave them employment, which provided for an economic recovery.

          • The only reason the economy is now shuttered is because the flu truthers allowed the virus to enter the country and explode in February and early March. Contrast with East Asia outside of China where the global pandemic has been a minor nuisance. In South Korea, a religious cult was responsible for the outbreak there.

      • The Hipster does make a good point, HW. You have what some might consider a cavalier attitude towards this whole situation. The world is on the brink of an economic and nervous breakdown while you’re telling us about the catfish HWjr caught. “Too bad if the rest of y’all aren’t havin’ fun like we are here in Eufaula, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk!”

        We expected better from you. We really did.

        • I’ve been following this story on a daily basis for three months now and accepted reality months ago. I took most of March off to get my own household affairs in order. Alabama is also under a stay at home order. BTW, there is nothing unusual about how I am spending my time. Pretty much everyone around here is dealing with the lockdown by spending more time outdoors hunting and fishing.

          • I live in a hotspot for this virus. If I get it, I get it. I’m more concerned with the economic crash we will be under for awhile.

            Must be nice down there in Alabama where it’s all good. No wonder you are so disconnected from the reality of things. While you are out fishing in the woods, most people are looking at bills that are piling up.

          • Everyone here is out fishing or turkey hunting and enjoying the spring weather during the lockdown. People here also have bills and their lives have been turned upside down by this virus, but they have also accepted the reality of the situation

          • Jealous little bonobos don’t like the fact that you were able to enjoy quality time with your son. Too bad for them, eh? Keep up the good work. I know it’s time consuming.

        • Worst part of all, Spahn, is that this comes across, with his 24/7 “chink-flu” coverage, as a constant bearer of bad news, of relentless pessimism, with no seeming end in sight — and, most importantly, WITH NO CONSTRUCTIVE SOLUTIONS.

          I mean, we already get this misery from the (((msm))) narrative round-the-clock. It’s like this site is trying to out-do B’naiBreitbart in the relentless coverage of fear porn … but at least those guys discuss other issues, and topics besides CoronaChan.

          I mean shit, is this all the “alt-right” has to intellectually offer ANYMORE?

        • Hunter is a good guy. He just doesn’t get it. He’s in rural Alabama and gets all of his info from the media. He’s never lived in a real city or had to struggle. Hunter would avoid areas I’ve lived in.

          Most of his articles are good, he knows what he knows. His perspective is based in the rural South, outside of that he has very little real life experience. It is what it is.

          He has the good life and doesn’t understand. He never had to. Which is fine, fishing and hunting sounds fun.

          I think this has been overblown. Let’s not blame the Alabama guy for not recognizing this earlier.

          Hunter, someone left a comment I read earlier. Asking where your site is headed, what direction. Think on that and make a move. This virus thing is about over and the panic was just panic.

          • Does Mr. Griffin need to think where his site is headed, Dear Ron?

            This is a Southern Nationalist/pro-Southern site (however you wish to put it) that examines a variety of issues before the public with a libertarian bent on being tolerant of polite disagreement.

            Personally speaking, it seems to me that this site has had this direction a very long time, that it is a good direction, that it welcomes non-Southerners to the discourse, and that none of this will change.

            Chryst is Risen – Happy Easter, Sir!

          • Most of his articles are good, he knows what he knows. His perspective is based in the rural South, outside of that he has very little real life experience. It is what it is.


            As much as I like Hunter (and it was me who left the comment you mentioned on the other thread about what direction the blog is heading), you hit the mark here, spot-on. A lot of “alt-right” types tend to be from the rural South, and rural areas in general — and it is sad to say that most all seem to have this attitude that they can “intellectualize” everything, and every way out of a problem — without having to do much of any real-life work and experiences towards a meaningful, cooperative and collaborative solutions for an issue or challenge.

            There has to be meaningful change in these maladaptive attitudes. For one thing, we should stop looking down on each other, just for a cheap dopamine fix, for starters.

            I mean really, with the constant virus coverage on this site, for example, it’s really starting to needlessly polarize people, even people who seemed to be once friendly with one another, with endless, acrimonious arguing and counter-signalling over this obsessive, un-relenting issue here. Again, even B’naiBreitbart talks about topics other than CoronaChan — and they’re pretty awful fear porn peddlers, as it is.

        • Then start a revolt someplace. If enough people agree with you you’ll sweep away the cops and army.

      • Brad you just can’t admit you were wrong, you got all the traits of a narcissistic fool. While you were doing your hillbilly thing people are being fined, beaten up, herded into stores like cattle only to buy what .gov says essential items. People can’t even buy home fixing up items like paint and other things what .gov says ‘non essential’ items while being forced into their homes for a strain of the flu that you and .gov promote. They will not even let you buy vegetable seeds. Vegetable seeds are nonessential items?

        The national guard has been on the move in these past two months setting up. I ask you Brad setting up for what? Not to hand out masks. While your promotion of this coup fake plandemic people like us could of prepared differently. Mom and Pop stores in my area are boarding up. Why? Things are never going to be the same.

        While your promotion and .govs promotion of this hoax people are starting to realize we’ve been duped again. Brad I hope you burn in hell for what you did taking .govs side and not looking at the big picture, we’ve lost all our rights and we’ll never get them back!

        • I’m not a crackpot.

          Over 20,000 people have died from the virus in this country in a month. I’m not sure about you, but that is about what I expected to happen.

          I also expected the governors including in my own state to surrender to the virus and impose lockdowns. I now expect the lockdowns to gradually end in May. Then the second wave will hit and it will grind on and on until an effective vaccine is found.

          Since you want me to “burn in hell” on Easter, I see no reason to continue to tolerate your presence here, which is a blight on the comment section anyway. Aren’t there libertarian sites where all the solipsistic cranks hang out?

        • People like this “Mind Games” subhuman are as stupidly insane as Timothy Treadwell.

          I can see no difference between them, really.

          Same muttonheaded, suicidal denial of reality.

        • I’m a pretty fashy sort and I view the jews as culturally destructive, politically hazardous, and as a dangerous fifth column using their extensive resources to promote non-White immigration into White countries at least since the Empire Windrush, and earlier in some areas like France.

          Why is it that I also think that Covid 19 or “Bat SARS” is real, dangerous, and requires a strong response?

          And that the right missed an astounding opportunity to argue for strict border controls, greater autarky in key industries, and other useful steps, instead choosing to shoot themselves in the foot — at the hip, with a bazooka — with their inane, insane, and utterly bizarre denialism?

          I guess the “problem” is that both Hunter and I have actually read books and understand that history is a thing that exists, so we suffer from debilitating handicaps like “knowledge” and “perspective.” Even if we don’t agree on everything, we realize that Plagues Happen, and this is pretty much the type you’d expect in an era when they’re no longer going to spread by rat fleas, sewage in the water, or the like.

    • “It really says everything though about conservative liberals and the sort of “economy” we have that 100 million dead Americans which is almost a THIRD of our country is preferable to them than a one month lockdown.”

      Yes, you can look at it this way… if you are concerned, not with the things of God (Romans 9) but merely with your stock portfolio, or the continued utterly godless desire to see the USA continue its JUDAIZATION, and doing NOTHING to change it….

      “So great was his [ C.S. Lewis’] aversion to this Christian doctrine that he was compelled to further describe what becoming a Christian would mean for him personally. If its picture was true then no sort of “treaty with reality” could ever be possible. There was no region even in the innermost depth of one’s soul (nay, there least of all) which one could surround with a barbed wire fence and guard with a notice No Admittance. And that was what I wanted; some area, however small, of which I could say to all other beings, “This is my business and mine only.”

      Either way, I am reminded of Daniel 5:27…

  2. DP84 and other lolbertarians are retards and don’t merit a serious response. They just need to be ridiculed and belittled until their unpopular ideology finally dies off in a few years (as all trends show happening).

    • “Hail, o great TRENDS. We worship thee, and thy great red-finger Corona charts!”

      Yeah…. no.

      CHRIST is Risen. Glorify Ye HIM.

  3. There’s a lot I could say here about the authoritarian motives of those who support this lockdown. Suffice to say, they worship at the alter of government power, and if they were in charge – Richard Spencer, Keith Woods, Matt Parrott, Marcus Cicero, among many others – they would abuse that power at every opportunity. …

    They indeed would, and that’s why, no matter what happens, these guys will never, ever have a seat at the ‘Kings table’ of power — either in “our” current .gov — or a restored, future ethnostate (Marcus Cicero being an exception here – good man).

    Their personalities, as sadly is the case with much of the alt-right, are simply too odious to any decent, intelligent person of character — their mental, and especially their emotional health so lacking, that they would even make Mussolini look like first class leader, & statesman.

    This is why they got sooooo easily played back in 2016 by the B’naiBreitbart gang, whom they impudently, and with foolishness bordering on psychosis, keep blaming Trump for it all, his alleged “betrayal” of them.

    Newsflash: Trump didn’t “betray” you, because he doesn’t know who any of you even are. You were all ‘betrayed’, if you will, by yourselves, because most of you got tricked and played by the likes of Cernovich, Milo, & Jack the Wack Posobiac, most importantly, cuz you wanted to believe their bull$hit and lies, thinking you, finally, were going to get a place at the kosher dining room table.

    • This is why they got sooooo easily played back in 2016 by the B’naiBreitbart gang

      A few months ago, Hunter posted a LONG twitter thread from some dude who claimed that Richard Spencer was approached by Steve Bannon at a meeting in 2016 strategizing the future of GOP politics, and Bannon offered Spencer a spot at the table, under the condition that the Alt Right would be reigned in and neutralized. Allegedly, Spencer walked out of the room in a huff.

      Sounds principled on the surface, but in reality, Spencer and his ilk were delusional to ever expect Steve Bannon to offer the Alt Right a real seat at the table when:

      1. There was never any evidence that Bannon or the Breitbart crew considered the Alt Right to be anything other than a bunch of cringy White Supremacists

      2. Spencer – and, to be fair, the rest of us, myself included – had just spent 2015 and 2016 on the war path against the very conservatism that Bannon was trying to bolster.

      Bannon was never anything other than a mainstream, colorblind conservative. The difference with him was that he recognized that confrontational, aggressive rhetoric was needed to punch back against the Left, whereas most other conservatives were content to take the David French/Rich Lowry route of going soft on the Left and punching hard against the Right. Bannon saw the Alt Right as a useful tool in this culture war, but he was NEVER “our guy,” even if he did make friendly talk at a political convention with Henry Wolfe, the guy who helps run Amren.

      Spencer and his ilk should have recognized from the start that the only reason the Pro-White Movement went to bat for Trump is because he was helping to normalize our ideas: Immigration restriction, protectionism, an anti-neocon, America First foreign policy. The idea that a Trump Presidency was ever going to give the Alt Right any real power was utterly laughable. We would have needed Jared Taylors, David Dukes, and Bill Johnsons filling the government in order to have “Real Power.” There’s no such thing as “power through proxy” when it comes to government. Either your guys with your ideology are in charge, or they aren’t. The last pro-white leader to be in charge of anything was probably George Wallace when he was governor of Alabama, and even he apologized for all his positions years later.

      What I’m saying is, Spencer and Racist Leftists like him have it all wrong when it comes to their understanding of Power. I don’t know if they feel betrayed by Trump or not, but if they do feel betrayed, then its because they had wild, childish expectations that were never going to materialize.

      Newsflash: Trump didn’t “betray” you, because he doesn’t know who any of you even are

      Lol, that reminds me of an Avengers meme:

      Scarlett Witch/Racist Leftists: “You took, EVERYTHING from me!”

      Thanos/Trump: “I don’t even know who you are!”

      • Speaking for myself, I never expected to be thrust into power by Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. I supported and voted for Donald Trump, but I remained skeptical of him in light of previous experience. After the election, I continued to watch Trump to see if he had any intention of following through on his campaign promises.

        Donald Trump is an utter fraud. He didn’t normalize our ideas. He misled people. He has never had an “America First” foreign policy. The man hired John Bolton to be his national security adviser. He never had an “America First” protectionist trade policy. He accumulated larger trade deficits than Obama. Above all else, he isn’t an immigration restrictionist either. He didn’t build his wall. He didn’t deport millions of illegal aliens. He has vowed to legalize the DREAMers and he wants to INCREASE legal immigration. Illegal immigration has surged under Trump although it will probably go down now that the economy has crashed and coronavirus has spread to nearly every county in the U.S.

  4. Summation of argument: the problems of liberalism can be remedied by more liberalism and this is the only way to preserve our ‘judeo-Christian’ civilization.

    • Screw the ‘Judeo’ part of that equation, and we might have a chance.

      “While Trump, Carson, and the religious right’s use of “we” and “our” implies a shared ideological kinship between Jews and Christians, such an assertion, in the midst of a Roy Moore endorsement speech, is resolutely absurd. Jews are certainly not part of this “we”…Jews, despite the rhetorical posturing embodied by the use of terms such as “Judeo-Christian values,” are not part of Trump’s and the GOP’s contemporary coalition. The term, as used by the GOP, is not reflective of Jewish inclusion in Republican politics, but of an ideological strategy to unite two warring camps…”

      https://forward (dot) com/scribe/389735/theres-no-such-thing-as-judeo-christian-values-especially-not-in-the-gop/


  5. Why are you legitimizing this vile creature’s views, HW? There is a good chance he is a literal Mossad troll.

        • There’s no doubt of that. If there is one thing that can be said of HW, is that he is of the older WHITE American ‘you may disagree with me, but I will uphold your right, ‘ etc. mindset.

          NOT SO, the Modern JUDAIZED AMERICAN, however.

          And therein lies Brad’s ultimate hope… that he is not so far gone, that he cannot turn and repent from his folly.

          • Hunter has blind spots we all do. We keep each other going and point out those blind spots. Not a big deal. This virus was going to take a lot of lives,

            Stay busy being alive until your dead. The panic I’m seeing unwarranted.

    • @jijcf

      You would have loved the secret meeting of Mossad Trolls that we had in a hotel room at the April 2014 Amren conference. It was me, Hunter and his bride, Heimbach, Scott Terry, RamzPaul (!) William Rome, and a few others all in the same room, drinking beer, conspiring how to usher in the Jew World Order. We partied at a honky tonk bar afterwards, listening to live country music that deeply offended our kosher tastes, but we put up with it because we were too drunk to care. Our conniving plans reaped much fruit: The Alt Right was destroyed within 5 years, and we are all getting 6 million shekels direct deposit from the Israeli government right after Pass Over ends. Shalom.


      Btw Hunter, thanks for publishing my comment. Consider yourself lucky that you can go fishing and camping. That stuff is banned here in Michigan. We have the third highest number of cases behind New York and New Jersey.

      • DP, how many of those cases are in ‘da UP’ and how many are in the BLACKER areas of that lovely state? There’s the answer to the demographics issue of your Jeremiad in a previous post.

        Just sayin’….

      • me, Hunter and his bride, Heimbach, Scott Terry, RamzPaul (!) William Rome, and a few others all in the same room, drinking beer,

        They think they are being clever with this. Just like HW used to complain about “retarded conspiracy theorists” who thought Heimbach and Parrott constantly talking to the SPLC was suspicious.

        What did they accomplish with their “activism?”

        RamzPaul was able to supplement his 401k with a side-job as a Youtube Celebrity, along side of the teenage girls sharing make-up tips.

        That’s about it. I guess Weev has made a living laundering Bitcoin for god-knows-who.

        Consider, too, it’s Jew-friendly Amren, and that entire group – every name listed – did little but shill for Trump the last few years.

        I get they think they are clever with the “Mossad” stuff, but in reality they were collaborators with – and dupes of – the Breitbart astroturf operation, which most certainly did include some Mossad-types.

        All that ink spilled defending Matt Heimbach’s clownery, and what do they have to show for it?

        Not a name mentioned there is a “movement leader.” They are entertainers, most of their output doesn’t even rise to the level of informative.

        The ONLY good thing that could come out of an Amren conference is normalization of pro-white sentiments.

        The fact that they are raising money so they can hang out with their fellow e-celebs drink beer, and posture as “activists”: cause some antifa showed up with a sign … yet they have utterly failed in the ONLY job they had – normalize pro-white sentiments – well…

        These “activists” seem to believe the “movement” exists for them because despite 50+ years of 100% failure, they still think people should support them.

        Why? Well, because they “stand up” and do “activism” – and drink beer at conferences!

        Astonishing, isn’t it?

    • Do you really think so, Jijcf? A troll from Mossad? I don’t know. Why don’t you check with your friends in their payroll department?

      • The Elders were talking about quite a few of the commenters here. I couldn’t help overhearing, as I was walking around the room turning on the lights for them.

  6. Somewhere around the middle of February, it occurred to my and the wife that we needed to take this more seriously.

    To that end, we stopped goin’ to church, stocked up on some items, and began to take more Zinc, Elderberry, Garlic, and Vitamin C, as a part of our daily regimen.

    At no time have we believed that this epidemic is a conspiracy, but, rather, a comedy of bad judgements, commencin’ with the Chinese mishandlin’ of it, compounded by President Trump’s acting like Martin the mayor in ‘Jaws’, in an attempt to avoid ‘spookin” the economy.

    Moreover, we believe the official casualty count is likely considerably lower than the real number, this because folks were dyin’ of this in December, January, and February, long before there was any testin’.

    I also agree with the article I read this mornin’ that said, if this were 1918, the death rate would be competitive to, and or worse than, what The Spanish Flu was back then.

    That said, I believe folks have done gone overboard – whether it is the looney Democrat Kentucky Governor (orderin’ police to surveille the license plates of those who go to church on Easter, the governor of the same party in Michigan (who is now demandin’ people stop visitin’ their friends) or all the folks at our one local grocery store who were ‘masks when my wife went shoppin’ this mornin’.

    By her count, she was only one of 4 who was not in a mask, as oppose to the 20-30 who were.

    We have no cases of it in my town in Eastern North Carolina, and, with folks goin’ around in improvised gasmasks, it is gettin’ to be a bit much, to my thinkin’.

    The time for concern will be next December, because the contagion of this virus ain’t gonna thrive in the warm Spring & Summer weather, any more than do any of it’s kin.

    In conclusion, I totally agree with our blog host that the governments have no business treating us like inmates! In fact, as far as I am concerned, ALL THE GOVERNMENTS can jump up my ass, cuz I ain’t gonna have them, or anybody else, dictatin’ to me whether I can visit my neighbours or not, or go to church.


    Yet another reason why I fly the Battleflag of the Army of Northern Virginia – as the politest gesture I can think of to all would-be ‘authorities’, who would overstep their bounds…

    • It’s spread by airborne droplet, it is extremely infectious, you absolutely can get it at the supermarket

      And once you get it, you can spread it without having symptoms.

      Wear a mask.

      • Thank you, Dear Just, for your comment.

        I certainly do respect your right to wear one. If the virus tries to come into my wife and I, it, just like all the other cold & flu viruses that has attempted to invade us over the last decades will be met with the swords of Garlic and Elderberry.

        Nothing can survive it.

        Given that these herbal medications are readily available, at a very reasonable price, and that there is an ocean of clinical data behind them, as to why they are so efficacious, we pray more will avail themselves of this and stop relying on dangerous things like respirators (doctors now admitting they are harming folks who are infected) and the Chloroquine family of poisons that leave many people psychotic for life.

        God bless and be well!

        P.S. We will start wearing masks, for the sake of others, if it becomes apparent that we have the illness here.

        • Thank you for at least having the decency to wear masks at some point, so that maybe you won’t spread it to other people after you catch it by not wearing masks to begin with.

  7. Correct.

    Hunter is known for going down swinging; but the world is drawing a different conclusion: lockdowns are stupid and counterproductive.

    • Thank you, dear Afterthought, for the affirmation that we are now going overboard into a full blown panic.

      Please allow me to address this – ‘Hunter is known for going down swinging’

      Mr. Griffin is an Alabaman, and they are all the most determined children of Virginia and North Carolina, even if some are indirectly so though Tennessee & Kentucky.

      And their tenacity, though not always convenient or commodious, has been of great benefit to Southerners, and, dare I say it, the entire United States.

      We saw this in the 1860s & 70s, and we saw it again, though less successfully, in the 1950s & 60s.

      And my gut tells me we will soon see this again, as the Jew-supervised New England Yankee United States (long conducted for the benefit of every alien and alien entity on the globe to the detriment of it’s Native Sons) has to be put back into the place it was designed to occupy at the outset of this now misbegotten adventure or struck down entirely.

      I like Mr. Griffin’s tenacity, and I have not seen a comment of his in a very long time that I personally felt was misplaced.

      In any case, Happy Easter!

  8. Well, 100 million dead Americans is literally the same as saying “I don’t care if we all get wiped out, 100%.”

    Because at 100 million deaths, 1 in 3 people in the country:

    1. It would be far, far, far, FAAAAAAAR too late to do anything to stop whatever organism was loose. It would be everywhere to create a toll like that, in every hamlet, in nearly every isolated house, not just the big cities.

    2. At that point, it has proven so lethal that it would seem likely to just carry on and kill everyone.

    So this nutcase is literally willing to have everyone, including himself, go extinct in order to continue stuffing in McBurgers at the same pace for the few weeks remaining before the economy collapsed, society collapsed, population collapsed, and animals moved in to den in the ruins once occupied by the bipedal, utterly insane libertarian-ape.

    There’s nothing I can really add. Such Cthulhu-cultist gibbering speaks for itself.

    • It’s very telling that you are the only one who engaged with the single utterance in DP84’s post that is of any real significance, because the rest is just irrelevant rhetoric:

      He asserts, point blank, that the number of acceptable losses before one should shut down the economy is 100 million dead.

      One third of America.

      Think about that.

      I give him credit for honesty, which I give to NO OTHER corona-minimizer commentator here, because none of them, as far as I have seen, have had the honesty to state their precise number of acceptable losses — or the exact death count at which point they would admit that they were wrong.

      And they don’t, and won’t, because giving the number shows the hollowness of their arguments. Not even at a moral level (because morality is subjective), but at a bare practical level.

      Because in no reality, no possible version of human life, would the other two-thirds of America keep dutifully working and consuming and keep the economy chugging along normally, if one in every three Americans died. The nation would have long since collapsed into complete anarchy and panic by that point.

      And even that is a moot point, because before even a TENTH, indeed even a hundredth, of that death toll would have been reached, any politician that were NOT insisting on a full-blown dictatorial lock down would have long since been voted out.

  9. How about let’s enjoy the fact that a lot of people who road the gravy train their whole life are now not so special, now they’re getting smacked like little bitches. You think you’re great but you’re nothing.

    • @Daryl B

      The people who rode the gravy train their entire life are getting trillions of dollars in bailouts – in six months they will probably be buying your house for pennies on the dollar.

      They aren’t locked down, their private planes are still flying. Only the regular people are under house arrest – and cheering, apparently.

      • Only the regular people are under house arrest – and cheering, apparently.

        Hey, and don’t forget virtue & counter-signalling each other till kingdom come…..

        BH – didn’t you write a post on this topic, that of goyim virtue & status-signalling?

  10. 8 billion people on earth…
    Yuge percentage ain’t dyin of the wuflu…if yer tickets punched by flu or getting hit by a bus. It’s going to happen.
    If you are just a spec of dirt waiting your turn because you believe in nothing, then fear is your guidepost.
    I know where I come from and I know where I’m going. Fear is not guiding my life.

    38 Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

    39 He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

    40 He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

    Mark 4:35-41

    Bring on your slings and arrows people of the nothing.

  11. I’m old enough to have seen a few things. My only problem with all the shut downs, is I think they are like using a shotgun, when you need something more like a rifle. This is a serious disease, I worry for my wife and my elderly parents and friends. My sister has MS and is vunerable too. However, I’ve noticed in my life, that going to extremes about such things, tend to create as many problems as it is supposed to fix. What happens usually, is Peter gets robbed by Paul, and James and John get their cut in the middle. And us peasants get some problems from the arrangement, we didn’t have before. I don’t know, but something tells me, we are going to look back in a few years, and wince about a lot of this. Including many of these disputes I’m reading here.

    • Unlike China, they are incapable of doing that. Anyone can get on a plane in New York City and fly anywhere they want in the country. It probably doesn’t matter now because the virus is here anyway.

  12. Even though this is a killer, some of the results of this invisible invader are life saving overall. Globalism and PC have taken a big hit. Some of the biggest centers of Marxism (liberal universities) have been shut down and their adherents moved off campus where they cannot organize and get out on our streets and cause trouble. Anti xenophobia has taken a hit. People are now even suspicious of people with license plates from out-of-state once again. States’ rights is gettting a boost. The Federal government seems out of touch whereas the states appear to know what their citizens’ needs are. Abbott knows what Texans need. Cuomo knows what New Yorkers need. Most every governor out there knows the hot spots in their states and what their people’s biggest needs are. Trump knows what the stock market needs.

    We all need to get back to work as soon as it is possible but under the direction and authority of state and local officials who have our backs and our best interests and not someone who cares more about the stock market and more wars in the Middle East. There were no masks provided by the government for us citizens, we have had to improvise, buy from local sources which is as it should be. Get lost big brother and let each state take care of itself.

  13. Dear Ron – why would Mr. Griffin need to think about where his site is headed?

    It has long been a pro-Southern site that welcomes all, and tolerates civil disagreement in evaluating the issues of the day, without taint of political correctness.

    That all seems a clear direction and quite laudable to me.

    In any case, Happy Easter – Chryst IS Risen!

      • A holiday is not the same thing as a Holy Day.
        At least we are holding a form of Church, and encouraging our parishioners to do the Daily Office…..
        Every Sunday is Easter/Pascha…..

        Always has been.
        Christ is Risen. Glorify Ye Him.
        Then get to work building the Kingdom, on earth now… as it is in heaven, present reality.

  14. 100 million people? How many people even died during the Great Depression (the alternative here, I’m guessing?) We’re talking about a minor increase in the suicide rate, for comparison. At least the economic conditions may lead to a new generation of Huey Longs. But with “friends” like these…

    • This is a pre penecillin era too. So all sorts of other pathogens were part n parcel of the risk that is life. People will break quaranteen when they feel ready.

      The state ought to have shut down the borders in mid February. Ought to have had officials deliver speeches in masks at that time as well.

      Half the body count if not one tenth the body count.

    • I think this chap’s precious “Muh Economy” would collapse quite a bit before the deaths rose to 100 million. At that point, with 1/3 of the country dead, I doubt anything resembling a society would still exist, never mind his beloved McDonald’s chains and Reebok stores.

      • Exactly, but what the denial folks also seem to miss is that this economic bubble was going to burst at some point anyway. The virus simply accelerated this.

        This was also a good test run for how prepared we are for a pandemic or other national emergency and the conclusion seems to be we are woefully unprepared.

        Hopefully the powers that be will take this knowledge and act towards getting better prepared.

    • Scott Crawford,

      I’m going to copy and pasta part of a comment I just left on another thread, since it answers your objections.

      Given the choice between:

      1. Shutting down the economy in order to save 2 million Americans (or 500,000, or 60,000, or whatever the numbers keeps getting reduced to)

      2. Letting the economy stay open, risking the spread of the virus, but ensuring that tens of millions of normal White people continue to work, continue to make money for themselves and their families, and continue to engage in commerce to keep their communities thriving.

      The obvious choice for me is No.2.

      The fact is, we tolerate death tolls in the hundreds of thousands every single year for cases like cancer, heart disease, and car accidents. But we NEVER shut down our economy to “flatten the curve” of those death rates, because we accept that even a first world society isn’t totally perfect. Our response to COVID-19 should be working to develop a vaccine, isolating those with the disease, and, if necessary, having the government distribute free N95 masks to everyone. But no, we should NEVER be forcefully locked in our homes like this unless the death toll reaches Black Plague percentages, which in the case of 2020 America is just over 100 million people.

      There’s a balance between having our freedom and minimizing death, and for me, this shutdown is so radically lopsided in favor of minimizing death that the long-term consequences of a shut down would in fact result in MORE deaths – ultimately, death from mass starvation as the supply chain collapses from government enforced inactivity – then whatever number deaths were saved from Corona Chan. The 100 million number is intended to demonstrate how bad COVID-19 would need to get in order to justify shutting down the economy and risking the destruction of the supply chain, resulting in mass starvation. I refuse to risk that, and would much rather instead let Corona Chan run her course.

  15. For a group of people who call yourselves dissidents you sure as shit seem addicted to trips to the local mall to consume and to eat McDonald’s and such. Dissident my ass! If you wish to reopen the economy y’all should join us American Nationalists and abandon wignatism for good! The economy is important! Going to McDonald’s is important! Based weev concurs with me, we just discussed this over a beautiful Seder dinner last week.

    The fix is in, open the gosh darn economy and allow us good Americans to go back to working.

    Bottom text

    • When’s the meeting with parole officer, Robert Warren? Or should I say your FBI handler?

      “Women are disgusting whores. I prefer the company of slender, muscular young men, watching them them do naked push-ups, their rock-hard buttocks glistening with sweat……”

      – FBI informant Robert “Assholemador” Warren

  16. I m on Coronavirus house arrest lock down on the Western cape of Africa – seems pretty stupid as the Coronavirus hasn’t hit Africa very much at all. But the government and popular culture here pretty much follows Europe and the UK in everything.

    I think Hunter has done an excellent job of covering the Coronavirus story from a practical, local facts on the ground perspective.

    I think this is very similar to assessing the danger of Black African American crime, or Black AA political corruption BRA. There are still so many places in USA where there isn’t a problem with Black AA crime or BRA, BLM political corruption – places like Vermont or Upper Peninsula MIchigan. So our efforts to try to reach out to Whites in such places isn’t going to have much success – these Whites only exposer to Blacks is ZOG TV.

    It seems to me we should use the Coronavirus the same way that bitch Puerto Rica. congresswoman from the Bronx uses it:

    To push our issues.

    The Coronavirus was/is a Communist Chinese virus – if we keep out alien people from Communist China and other undesirable places like Indian slums, we don t get the Coronavirus Kung Flu. Just do what Taiwan and Japan do:

    End all dangerous immigration, student programs, might as well end all trouble making race denying Judeo X’tian missionary work in Japan, Taiwan, Dixie.

    I ve never had any problem advocating for sensible immigration restrictions in White countries, White societies.

    9/11/01 slaughter of our people by Saudi Arab Islamic extremists?

    How does Japan handle such a horror?

    Easy, Japan doesn’t ‘t invite in Saudi Islamic extremists to go to flight schools in Japan. Any Japanese political or religious leader that would advocate such a stupid policy would be beheaded by Samurai swordsmen.

    Han Chinese running things in Singapore have to deal with ~ 14% (Malaysian) Muslim population. This Muslim population is carefully monitored and not allowed to cause trouble in Singapore. Oh, and authorities in Singapore cane and execute heroin traffickers. I advocate the same in places like Chicago.

    So, I wish all our writers and readers could health. Be practical, don’t hug any Communist Chi eve Kung flu carriers. Oh, and don t have unproductive homo sex with HIV + Black Haitian bi sexual heroin addicts.

    All this seems rather obvious to me, always has since ~ 1991.

    J Ryan
    On Coronavirus lockdown in Africa.

  17. Hey Hunter (greetings from lock down here in Africa)

    Unz Review is publishing some of your articles (none of mine yet) Unz Review also says OD is getting 300,000 plus views a month now!


    Let s do some fundraising.

    OD writers (you) could make a decent living if we get our viewers to contribute very modest $ support.

  18. Okay–Mr. W. or anyone else who is not in sympathy with the view that was expressed by DP84: What’s your number (because that’s what this is about: a number)?

  19. What a fascinating insight into the mentally retarded mind.

    Thank you, Hunter. The mentally handicapped need to be understood, and you’ve helped shed light on the misunderstood.

  20. Don’t forget the Georgia Guidestones, everyone! a TOTAL WORLD population of only 500 Million.
    “By any means necessary”

    As a Letter to the Editor of the Aiken Standard (I am assuming this is Aiken, SC) noted on FEB. 20-

    “My friends, we are at war. Of the many weapons used against us, germ or biological warfare are real.

    Sun Tzu, in “The Art of War,” said, “All warfare is based on deception.”

    It is a well known fact that most of the countries of the world have biological warfare research laboratories. The current Wuhan coronavirus outbreak can be traced back to agents of the Chinese Biological Warfare Program who stole this virus from a Canadian Lab. Other Chinese agents were caught smuggling viruses from Harvard University. Dr. Charles Lieber, age 60, chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, was charged by the U.S.Department of Justice for making false statements. He was also being paid by the Chinese government.

    In a recent interview by Geopolitics & Empire, Dr. Francis Boyle, who is a professor of international law and who drafted the “Biological Weapons Act of 1989,” says, “The 2019 Wuhan coronavirus is a biological warfare weapon, and that the Wuhan Bio Safety Lab-4 appears to be the source.” He went on to say,”The World Health Organization approved and is aware of its purposes.”

    A worldwide virus pandemic would greatly reduce the earth’s population. What a coincidence. It just so happens that the first commandment of the Georgia Guidestones is to maintain humanity under 500,000,000, “in perpetual balance with nature.” Along with the loss of lives, we could expect martial law with limited criticism of the state, a limit to our travel and loss of freedom to assembly.

    Please don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.”

    Note- Feb. 20 almost two months ago… and what do we see, now?

    ““The kind of normal where we go traveling, we go to restaurants, we go to concerts, we go to religious services, we go on cruises, until we have a vaccine that protects everyone. That’s 18 months, it’s not going to be sooner,” (((Emanuel))) ominously told ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl and Political Director Rick Klein.”

    HW, what of Mark’s Gospel? “He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?””

  21. “When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity.

    To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself.

    One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.

    A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.

    -Theodore Dalrymple, “Our Culture, What’s Left Of It”

    Sometimes you gotta take the jews at face value.

    Sometimes you gotta take – “we hate you and are wiping your people out”, as the answer when its repeated over and over and over and over again.

    THEY HATE US…how much more obvious can it be to the goyish simpletons out there?

    They are truly the children of satan….and publishing literature that explicitly explains their hatred and plans to destroy, is how they unburden their karma, as written in the Kabbalah.

    There are no “good” jews.

  22. Where does this 100 million dead number come from? No health authorities ever predicted such a number. The do nothing prediction was 2 million. We need an plan to get some normalcy again. While I agree that we should not be going to bars, sporting arenas, the kids shouldn’t be in school, etc. Most of us do need to go back to work. Masks need to be provided and people keep some distance at their work stations. I sure hope they are making progress on a vaccine, no doubt if it does come around then the conspiracy minded will refuse to have it linking it to some government plot. At work most ghetto blacks refuse the free flu shot every year saying such crap.

    • What about the large number of people who work in bars, restaurants and sporting arenas? Would you like them to starve and drop dead in the street?

      • Spahnranch,

        For all whining and bitching from racist socialists about how Whites who work and engage in commerce for a living are “selfish,” “only care about their 401K and Stonks,” in truth, the lady doth protest too much. As I’m witnessing with my own two eyes on Twitter, Matt Parrott wants to crush small businesses, and all the racist socialists – including Marcus Cicero – are retweeting him.

        OF COURSE they want Whites who work in bars, restaurants, and sporting arenas to drop dead, because in their eyes, bars are degenerate, restaurants make people fat, and sporting arenas are where the dreaded “sportsball” is played.* They would ruin the lives of all those White workers in order to push their despicable cultural agenda. The racist socialists need to be discredited and CRUSHED. I want these people to disavow White Nationalism so that way they aren’t associated in any way with the protection of the White Race, when in fact, their economic and cultural policies would ruin the White Race and would prop up natural failures and natural outcasts of all varieties.

        Whites should have the right to be degenerate, the right to be fat, and the right to watch sportsball – the natural consequences of which will be dying early and living an incomplete life. They should not be saved from the selves, least of all from spiteful creatures who push (((socialism))). Under no circumstances should bars, restaurants, and sports arenas but shut down just because of a bunch of mouth breathers with putrid personalities deem those activities “immoral” or “bad for society.”

        *I’m quite confident half of these dweebs and twinks who signal against “sportsball” got shoved into a locker or had their head stuffed in a toilet by Chad when they were in highschool. As always, the hateful rage of the downtrodden is always worse then the petty arrogance of the bully

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