The Atlantic: The Lazy Authoritarian

The Atlantic is now dunking on Donald Trump for being a fake authoritarian.

The Atlantic:

“The coronavirus pandemic has been good for dictators around the world. After its initial fumbling of the virus’s emergence and apparent lies about the scope of the problem, the Chinese Communist Party has ruthlessly clamped down on society and brought the virus under control, earning enhanced international prestige for doing so. In Eastern Europe, Victor Orbán of Hungary has used the crisis formally to seize power and rule by decree.

Before the pandemic occurred, worrying that President Trump might take advantage of a crisis like this one to chip away at democratic constraints on his power would have been within reason. Yet Trump has taken a different approach: complaining. …

But wielding actual authority is hard work for a lazy man. And while crisis response can sometimes have an element of glamor—think of Andrew Cuomo’s success in winning over critics with his combination of decisive pandemic response and bomber jackets—the federal government’s role in addressing a plague spread out across 50 states is largely managerial, the life-or-death equivalent of fixing potholes. It involves tasks like keeping track of supply chains and distributing ventilators and protective equipment.

This is not the kind of work that Trump enjoys. At a March press conference on the coronavirus, he complained, “Governors are supposed to be doing a lot of this work … The federal government is not supposed to be out there buying vast amounts of items and then shipping. You know, we’re not a shipping clerk.” …”

If I was your president, I would have nipped this problem in the bud right out in the gate in January by shutting down international air travel until tests were available to screen for the virus. There never would have been any need for the lockdowns. 26,000 people would be alive today.

Why is anyone surprised by how he has handled the coronavirus pandemic? In four years as president, he deported fewer illegal aliens than his predecessor, failed to build the wall, failed to bring back the medical supply chain from China, failed to pass his infrastructure bill, etc. The only things he succeeded at doing was whatever Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell put in front of him like the tax cuts. His first instinct is always to put Jared Kushner in charge of everything whether it is foreign policy, immigration, criminal justice reform or now the coronavirus. He has no interest in the details of governance.

Donald Trump enjoys the prestige of being president. He likes having people stroke his ego. He has no interest whatsoever though in pushing a transformative ideological agenda. He is far more of a stock market cheerleader. He tweets while other people run the government. In the crisis of a century, he has abdicated all authority and responsibility to the governors and his subordinates.

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  1. ‘Donald Trump enjoys the prestige of being president. He likes having people stroke his ego. He has no interest whatsoever though in pushing a transformative ideological agenda. He is far more of a stock market cheerleader. He tweets while other people run the government. In the crisis of a century, he has abdicated all authority and responsibility to the governors and his subordinates.’

    I entirely agree with your observations about President Trump’s psyche & motivations, Mr. Griffin!

    That said, I think that what he has done, vis-a-vis, the governors over this crisis, is not only right, it is absolutely in line with the Founding Fathers, and a refreshing change from the Bush-Obama Federalist hydra.

    As the first words of the now forgotten 10th amendment read…

    “Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.”

    Though I think President Trump mishandled the December 15-February 15th period of the Wuhan outbreak, i think he has done quite well since then.

    Certainly his deferring to the governors is a feather in his cap, and it gives me some incentive to vote for him in November.

      • Dear Denise, to my thinking, the only hope for this nation is Sovereign States, if only because those who would subvert things would have a 50 fold more difficult time doing so to 50 parties than just one big one.

        Failing that, I think several new Confederacies would be better than just the one country in which we presently ‘ live’.

        Moreover, though I am disappointed with a lack of leadership on economic issues, down here in NC, overall I am not bitter about our governors over the last 50 years.

        No, M’am, not a single governor of ours has been been so bad as a George W. Bush, nor so despicably treacherous as a Barack Obama, or as inconsequential as our current chief executive.

        i was so very very proud of our Governor McCrory when, just a few years back, he stood up to the LGBT NKVD over the issue of confused males in our ladies’ rooms and, as well, signed a sweeping law that provided some protection to our Confederate monuments, statewide!

        Though I do not agree with our present Governor Cooper on a number of issues, he is a decent sort, and is always trying to do his dead level best for The Working Man & Woman!

        Perhaps, however, you do not feel the same, up yonder in The Empire State!

        • Thanks for sharing some positive good news on the ground in NC Ivan.

          We only seem to get the bad news from NC like Communists tearing down a Confederate statue at Duke University , LGBT and Muslims desecrating the Duke U Christian chapel of course the fake Duke Lacrosse team rose hoax .

          I have a terrible cuckservative brother and nephews that went to Duke and just care about Duke basketball . If I was a true NC Southern Nationalist I d hate my brother s Chicago suburban Duke family almost enough to understand severe resentment of Northern suburban Duke Lacrosse team.

          Stay strong Ivan our NC white brother .

          Please work hard to find some positive news for us in North Carolina.

          I had a fraternity brother from Vanderbilt that started a NC Andy Griffith rerun watchers club – very successful.

          Of course the real life actor Andy Griffith spent the last 40 years of his life as a Hollywood Southern CA liberal pro Obama.

          • Dear Jaye,
            Thank you for your reply and kind comments.

            Yes, with the government of Virginia now in the hands of those alien, and or hostile, to The Southern White Race, it seems as if Southern Virginia has merged with North Carolina to become the frontier of Dixie.

            As to finding positive news in North Carolina, I can do it, for there most certainly is some of that. One item is our Lt. Governor, Dan Forest, running against the

            Forest is a Closet Confederate and not-so closet nationalist with a Christian bent. His campaign will be a telling belleweather about our state.

            I do not know if he will win, for two reasons –

            A. I do not know if he knows how to be nasty enough to galvanize enough sleepy-headed cuckservative Tarheel Rednecks to take office.

            I have written him numerous times to advise him to use wedge issues, a la Jesse Helms, and to make an ‘Us vs. Them’ kind of campaign in our state this fall.

            B. Because the same aliens who supported Northam in Virginia are behind our current Democrat Governor Cooper – a nice man but oft severely misguided.

            That said, much of the news is negative, as are the forebodings.

            Now that we shoulder the frontier load of The Confederacy, I think it is a responsibility beyond our strength.

            Those Tarheels who are like me are in the low single digits. The rest do not care, do not know, or do care and do know, but have permanently misplaced their balls.

            Because of this, my wife and I are planning on spending ever more time in Hungary, because we wish to be a part of a White Race that will defend itself, not the continual ache of a people that prefer death.

            If you are a Southerner who cares for his people, it is a terrible terrible time in history to be faced with the kind of choice that was my previous comment.

            Because of the way so many of my fellow Tarheels are, I often feel like an alien amongst my own land and race – much more so than I do when I am among unconfused and unsheepish Eastern/Central Europeans.

            In the end, the arch-nemesis is neither New England Yankees, Jews, the blighted United States’ Government, but us. Yep, we have become shameless weak sheep who will not even call ourselves by our tribal name, even in private – much less risk ourselves to pursue our own interests.

            I am sorry not to be more encouraging, but The Southern White Race has lost all feeling for itself.

            In any case, be as well as you can!

        • Ivan – the incompetence and malice of the Governorship is pretty evenly distributed throughout the USA. I’m just sick of everything being blamed on Yanquis – when Southron are as bad or worse. Northam, Nimrata, Lindsey Graha….Bill Clinton (I know only one I named is a current Governor) – there is horror all the way around. And yes – the Governors in the Northland are nightmares as well. Cuomo – but Wolf in PA., as well….so many monsters.

          Alas – the voter elects these cretins to office.

          The BEST thing would be to separate the country according to RACE – but also political ideologies. I know wonderful sane folks – but I also know White libtard loonies who STILL spew the Egalitarian Universalist poison. I want them out of my world, more than almost any other demo.

          • Dear Miss Denise – thank you so much for your thoughtful and, as always, exceedingly penetrating replies!

            I apologize for not having answered sooner but, as I do not receive notifications from sites or blogs, there oft is a delay.

            Though I do not agree with every single view you espouse, I often find myself envious that New York has you, and most assuredly does not value you, when you could be down here amongst what are really your own kind.

            As you well know, we, Southrons, are in a lethal open-ended sleep, and we would benefit so much by having you and your kind with us – where you could plow your notions into a much more receptive and fertile ground.

            Yes, the country has to be separated. My prayer is for that to occur sooner rather than later, and for it to happen in the most peaceable of ways, for killing each other is not good – no matter who the ancestors were of those doing the killing and those being killt.

            Yes, I can well sympathize that you, a New York Yankee – akin to your Southern style spirit Midwestern Yankee brethren of Ohio and Indiana) are getting tired of being blamed for Southern problems.

            To be clear, I have publically called out the alliance between The New England Puritans and New York Jewry thousands of times, fully mindful of the fact that, not only are there some very fine amonst y’all, but, also aware of the fact that we, White Southerners, are almost wholly to blame!

            Even just my state alone, North Carolina could secede and defend itself against all comers, if we chose to do it – just as our forefathers did it in the period of 1865-1877 or as The Taliban does it now, but, we choose not to.

            We have the people, the arms, the now-how, and the technological and agricultural strength, yet, we are nearly dead inside.

            We have been completely lobotomized and castrated by those from without and we have let it happen to us.

            We, the Southern White Race – the descendants of 200 years of Indian wars, the war against the Anglo-Rothschild cabal in the 1770s, and the war against The United States’ Government a century later, have answer the bell at every turn, yet, since the 1960s, we seem to have run out of fight.

            It’s a disgrace and I am ashamed of my own people, but, because they are my own people I love them still and pray for a better day – when cowardice, hedonism, and misdirected identification & sympathies are not the order of the day.

            In any case, God bless you and yours!

  2. Maybe Trump is the guy from Revelations 13.

    Ironically Covid both squashes and draws one in to religious thinking.

    Reason being: the anti science crowd is facing something that religion can’t fix.

    But: this lines up weirdly with Bible prophecy, if one is into reading such things.

    Daniel 11 and Revelations 9 and 16 in particular.

    The Euphrates River is said in the Bible to be going to dry up and disappear so eastern armies can get into the Middle East. The Tigris and Euphrates losing a ton of water due to drought right now, which fits.

    The army of the ‘east’ is supposed to be comprised of 200 million people.

    Pestilence, famine, war, death.

    We’re having a fatal global pandemic, and it may lead to famine.

    It’s interesting to see the Covid deniers who are believers, since it’s actually able to be found in the Bible in ways that oddly line up with what’s going on.

    Let me stop bible babbling and get to the point: if China really was retarded and evil enough to unleash, deliberately, a virus like this on it’s people and it went throughout the world, then I can see how the long predicted war with China would come to be. It would make sense for people who’d lost everything to be willing to go whole hog war happy due to such a thing.

    Whether wrong or not, interesting.

    • Yes. Please stop Bible Babbling, Emily. The (((Bible))) is the original Predictive Programming doctrine for the Goyim SCHMOOS.

      The Heebs have worked assiduously to destroy the West for centuries. They know America is swirling down the toilet – thanks to them and the STUPID Whites that let them do it – and designated China as the new Host. Soros funded the Wuhan facility after all! The filthy, greedy, stupid, lazy incompetent GOOKS let the bio experiment get out of the lab. Gooks are SOULLESS INSECTS. The Bible tells you that all “Humans” have souls, amirite, Emily? Yuck yuck yuck………

      This whole scenario isn’t interesting at all. It’s ruinous and DISGUSTING

      • That’s it, Denise. Continue to have your fingers in your ears, and turn your back on your Creator.
        When this is done, what do you expect? That there will be LESS vibrant Christianity, and less heresy trials, or more? Global Plagues tend to bring out the fundamentalist in all of us. Some may call it mental retardation…. while others call it the work of the Holy Spirit, and repentance unto salvation.

        The choice is yours, now, my dear. And Spawn’s, and all the other doubters, heretics, and blasphemers.

        “Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left. Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day on which your Lord will come. But understand this: If the homeowner had known in which watch of the night the thief [Corona] was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.…” [ Matt. 24:41ff.]

      • I’m an Atheist, and a Covid believer, Densie. But your ‘amirite’ isn’t right.

        The Jews believe that Israel will rule earth from a seat in Jerusalem when their Messiah comes. All other people not in the tribe will be their slaves.

        The book of Daniel is either in support or in conflict with the idea that Jesus is this Messiah, I’ve written about that before. The Messiah is supposed to bring ‘peace’ to Israel and they will be together and ruling earth when he comes. So since this did not happen when Christ was here, it looks like it doesn’t support Jesus as Messiah. This is what Jews say and it makes sense. There are interesting counter arguments to that though, regarding which war it refers to and so on, too long for a post here.

        So no, it actually doesn’t say all souls are equal. From Genesis 12 onward it makes a distinction between ‘Israel’ and all other peoples, whom it references as existing. Modern Christian ‘save ’em all’ is a newer thing that wasn’t the norm, the Bible has been used to prop up slavery a lot longer. To people of that time, ‘welcoming the stranger’ didn’t mean they were the ‘same’ as them.

        There’s a purpose to the post, the babble part was referring to the need to wrap it up. Like an (((SNL))) skit that goes on too long, one could go on further but then the conclusion you’re pointing out might get lost.

        But I take a trip down Bible lane whenever I please. My Bible lessons are free, too.

        It’s good to know what it actually says. When a Christian is spewing something it doesn’t say, I know why. And they can’t come at me with ‘you don’t read the Bible’. The Bible has to be read with other things in mind, namely ancient history and language interpretation, etc. to know what is what.

        When someone comes at me with garbage like ‘ain’t no virus’ I understand science. I don’t think the 70 year old man who died suffocating here the other day is a big joke. Or the 20 year old girl. Or the kid from the middle school.

        There’s also deductive reasoning which tells me the feds wouldn’t be giving me a dime or losing one themselves to fake a virus. These are the same people who think no kids died at Sandy Hook. They need to quit babbling in general.

        However, I’m pro-freethought, so they can babble away. And have Covid parties, as long as they don’t have children or elders they’ll harm, then they may do as they please. They shouldn’t go to one of those nasty docs when it doesn’t work out though, that’d be beta cucking.

        • Jesus was no Messiah, that much is certain. He was just one of many Jewish grifters who were rightfully executed by the ancient Romans.

          • With respect, I disagree. I see only two options for Jesus and I’ve been torn on which one. I thought I was certain not too long ago but that’s what inquiry does, it opens you up to information and you might be surprised where it takes you.

            Jesus is either Jewish myth, never having existed, or he is ours (by ours I mean our tribe of Whitey Mc Whites) and we are Israel.

            IMO one or the other is 100% correct, it’s not something you can halfway believe, like which recipe you prefer.

            I now do not believe the Atheist concept of using Bayes Theorem to decide whether Jesus existed or not, lots of reasons for this.

            But I’ve enough doubt to keep that label on myself, for now. I’d think God prefers an honest ‘whoops sorry about that you’re real’ if that ends up being the case to my lying and saying I do when I’m still not sure.

            Regarding etymology and origins of words/concepts: some of these things concerning Gog vs. Magog are making sense now in 2020, and that’s just weird. Can’t deny it’s weirdly lining up w/scripture, even if it ends up being meaningless that it does. In 2018, I’d have thought it was laughable and could’ve cited several reasons why. Different things happening now, changing the reality tunnel you view it all from.

            Trump lives in a reality tunnel that protects him from….well, the reality that the rest of us experience as actual reality. His reality tunnel focuses exclusively on the stock market and whether he feels like someone just made him out to be a loser and needs to be called a big fat loser in response.

          • Dear Emily – I have read Richard Carrier’s book on the historicity of Jesus and Bayes’ theorem. But, strangely, after reading the book, I was convinced Jesus was no myth.

            There were so many Jewish fakirs named “Jesus” ( Yeshu ) in the ancient world. It’s not improbable that one of these fakirs crucified by the Romans was considered the Messiah by his followers after his death. His cult was spread by the subversive Jew Saul of Tarsus which later became religion we know as “Christianity”.

          • Boro- Just remember, all heaven and earth will witness against your blasphemy at the Judgment. Before you open your yap, think of the consequences of your actions….. just in case you’re wrong (and you are).

            People are doubting the Corona virus, even though only thousands are dying. Yet people deny the veracity of Christ’s Life, Death, and Resurrection, even though 2000 years, and billions of people witness to it…..

            Which one is the more idiotic?

      • Whoa, you mean fewer people will die from a virus after strict actions have been taken to prevent mass deaths and infections from happening.

        Gee, who could have seen that one coming.

      • Denise is a perfect example of why women – who are prone to hysterics – should never be allowed to vote or hold positions of authority.

    • The US citizenry is bring programmed to hate China – just like the US govt made up “The Huns Raping Belgian Nuns” to get us into WW1 and their lies of Iraqi troops pulling Kuwaiti babies out of incubators for Desert Storm I.

      • Exactly, Otto. The Democrat audience is trained to repeat “Russia, Russia Russia!” while Republicans are trained to blame “China, China China!” which is like exhorting ducks to swim. But the reality of the ongoing, escalating, world war is quite different from what the war propagandists, playing on people’s “gut feelings,” “vibes” or emotions, tell them is happening. When Sheeples’ emotions are stirred enough, they cannot think and ask the right questions.

        The outcome of this world war largely depends on which side manages to immunize itself first. The race for a successful, safe vaccine is on! If the U.S. manages to immunize itself first, We will begin demanding (along with our allies) massive unpayable “reparations” from China, try to isolate China, and finally dismember and colonize it. And other, even deadlier bioweapons may be in the works. A government that launches bioweapons will also use nuclear weapons, and vice versa.

      • I disagree. The media is hiding the malfeasance of the Chinese in this thing. After treasonous GE came in and bought out my old good job manufacturing electronics the unemployment office set me up working for a Chinese Dual Citizen who imports domestic Chinese consumer grade junk from Shenzhen and peddles it online direct to customers through Amazon and Ebay. Junk that professional purchasing managers at the old brick and mortar stores when America was great used to know enough to keep off our shelves. Junk that breaks in 4 months compared to the old made in Ohio stuff that lasts 14 years. Well I have seen first hand the TOTAL INCOMPETENCE AND CARELESSNESS of mainland Chinese. Also the way they absolutely hide any bad news from the boss and if the boss finds out bad news REFUSES TO BELIEVE IT HOPING IT WILL GO AWAY ON IT’S OWN WITH NO ACTION TAKEN. So I have absolutely no problem believing that the city that was the center of their bio research on bat coronaviruses had one of the viruses leak out of a lab due to typical Chinese carelessness, inaction, and incompetence. If Ebola broke out in Atlanta wouldn’t we assume it came from the CDC lab? Maybe it did come from the wet market but it seems very suspicious it came out of the town where the research labs are and not some southern village where the bats that carry this live. At a minimum they have done nothing but lie and hide the origins of the infection, refusing to allow the world scientific community in, kicking out foreign journalists. We traced patient zero of the 2014 Ebola outbreak within a very short period, this one is being obfuscated by the lying, secretive Chinese cruel dictatorship.

    • Dear Emily – as you may suspect, China didn’t release this virus on their own people.

      The folks who think that China purposefully released this on their own people are the same folks whose mentality constrains them to centre themselves in this world through the belief that every single negative thing which takes place in this world is the result of long hard machinations by evil geniuses.

      What is going on is an accident, just as was 3 Mile Island, The Kursk Submarine Incident, or the reactor disaster in the Pripyet Marshes at Chernyobl.

      It is an accident, as has been much of the world history – like The Battle of Gettysburg, and just like the Battle of Gettysburg, it’s an accident that will have far-reaching effeckts.

      • The Battle of Gettysburg was no accident; Gen. Lee marched his army toward Gettysburg. And that battle didn’t have any “far-reaching” effects.

        • I respectfully disagree, Winchell – Gettysburg was the Stalingrad of The Confederacy, a conflagration which has huge ramifications for every White Southerner, and, indeed, Black Southerner, since.

          If you wish to think Gettysburg not an accident, i accept it, but, you will be at odds with the opinions of those Southern officers who were there.

          At any rate, I thank you for taking the time to reply!

          • Gettysburg was a great propaganda victory for the North, but militarily it was indecisive, like all the battles in the Eastern theatre. The war was lost in West: The Battle of Fort Donelson, the fall of New Orleans and Vicksburg, Atlanta campaign and the March to the Sea etc.

            I thank you too, Ivan, for your thoughtful comments.

      • It has to be an accident, it hasn’t benefitted the Chinese one bit. In fact it has exposed them to the world and also prematurely shown their plan to corner the supply chain to hold the world ransom to their plan. I think even the globalists are upset with China, although they do not plan or bringing the factories back here, they are scheming instead to get out of China and make it in some Banana Republic they can control. I really hope that the public gets so sick of the globalists than anyone talking about how sending our industries to other countries is a good thing gets tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

    • Ron, thanks for the link. There is reality out there, we need to be reminded of it.
      The (((media)) works to conceal reality, ” they’re our future doctors and engineers, they do the jobs Americans won’t”.

      Just reverting to their Aztec ways, same thing Cortez expeditions reported.

  3. Trump is in it for Trump and his circle of jews – unless your net worth is at least $500M Trump would not bother to piss on you if you were on fire. If the Trillions he has showered on Wall St have not convinced you that he has utter contempt for the Unwashed Masses of Goyim then nothing will.

  4. Trump is the weakest president in living memory, despite the constant media claims that he’s a fascist dictator.

    • That may be, Dart, but, in the case that President Trump is the weakest president in living memory, he is also the least dangerous – not to mention that he has sown seeds (many inadvertently) that, in the longrun hold promise to grow up to be good trees.

      • I always enjoy reading your posts Ivan Sergeivich but Trump is far from being harmless. I fear his bungling, arrogant stupidIty is going to get us all killed.

        • Good point, Spahn.

          On second thought I retract my statement on Trump being harmless, and side with Dart you – if only because a neighbour of mine to pull down his Confederate Battleflag and put up one with the name of Trump on it.

          What could be more dangerous than that?

          I hope you’ll forgive me for being fickle.

          Thank you for your kind words. Other than fondling wife (who pretended she was disturbed by it) at jelly and toast this morning, this is the highlight of my day!

  5. “If I was your president, I would have nipped this problem in the bud right out in the gate”

    Trump is a money shuffler, deed stacker.
    Which works fine , in a bubble economy of ever inflating currency.
    But in real production, real creation, he’d be a janitor.

    America has been selling off its industrialization and Whiteness, which will come to a spectacular end, like a car crash.

    • @ARIAN…

      “America has been selling off its industrialization and Whiteness, which will come to a spectacular end, like a car crash.”

      That’s not all it sold, Arian, but, it’s traditions, customs, guts, integrity, values, honour, and, yes, it’s godliness – or, if you prefer, it’s uprightness.

      But, yes, because of all this, America is failing, in so many ways. Yet, when it comes to it’s catharsis, it is unclear whether that will be a ‘spectacular end’, or just a whimper, a whine, at which point it will take it’s last muffled gasp.

      As my daddy’s people were racketeers & bookmakers, I’ll take the liberty to set the odds …




      Why a muffled last gasp is the odds on house favourite, Arian, is because the other two ends simply require too much energy and self-sacrifice for a populace that has never picked it’s own Mulberries to make jellies & jam.

      Not that most of us haven’t got a Mulberry tree in view, but, because we think it requires too much of us to pick the fruit by hand, cook it up, and then to await the delicious life-giving results.

      Yet, even if a few of us still have the energy & patience, almost none of us actually remembers what a Mulberry Tree actually is, much less recognizes the one straddling our backyard…

  6. Re: list of failures: This Trump-figureheaded government with its world-historic trillion dollar military budget has also failed, so far, to overthrow independent Iran, Venezuela, Syria, etc. and take control of their oil and other natural resources, although we are actually stealing Syrian oil.

    Our neoliberalizations of Brazil, India, Bolivia and Ecuador are the only foreign policy success stories I can think of. Inadequate preparations for a New Operation Barbarossa (against Russia AND China) include this apparent U.S. bioweapon attack that has, so far, failed to subdue the “enemies” but has instead backfired spectacularly against the U.S. and all its satellites, and in fact, the whole world.

  7. What is the common denominator? The MSP Strib has this report:

    “Death certificate records obtained by the Star Tribune show more of the personal tragedies behind the COVID-19 pandemic — the things that the state’s first victims had in common, and the things that made them unique. Most of those who died were living out their retirement years. Nearly 90% of the 79 reported deaths have been among those over age 70….Heart disease and hypertension were common illnesses among those who died of COVID-19, along with diabetes and kidney disease.

    Those medical conditions could become part of a revised state COVID-19 response strategy after the current stay-at-home order expires May 4. People with those conditions, or who are older than 60, could be asked to extend their isolations at home into the summer because of their increased vulnerability.

    At least 17 of the deceased had two or more of the most common conditions, while others had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — which makes it hard to breathe — asthma, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and obesity.

    Of all deaths reviewed so far, 98.5% had pre-existing conditions, said Kris Ehresmann, infectious disease director at the Minnesota Department of Health.

    Dementia afflicted 15 who passed away, reflecting the fact that about 70% of all deaths have been among residents of long-term care facilities. At least 18 elder-care institutions had lost one or more residents to COVID-19 as of April 10, the most recent death record reviewed by the Star Tribune.”

    (Since MN is overwhelmingly White, here, the deaths are overwhelmingly…. WHITE. But that is NOT the case in other areas/states/countries)

  8. Power struggle in US government, Trump and his Surgeon General moving against Bill-Gates-stoked coronavirus hysteria, lockdowns, and global impoverishment

    Bill Gates is spending hundreds of millions of his Foundation dollars to develop vaccines, which he wants the whole world to receive

    Bill Gates wants the world under lockdown, economies destroyed, until his vaccines are ‘ready’

    He wants people to then have a Microsoft-enabled identity passport certifying they have received a Gates vaccine, before they work or travel

    Bill Gates takes credit for pushing US President Trump to cancel a proposed 2017 project under Robert F Kennedy Jr, which would have looked into vaccine safety … Kennedy denouncing Gates as a murderer via vaccines

    World Health Organisation head Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “worked for years on HIV with the Gates Foundation when Tedros was a government minister in Ethiopia”, and is an agent of Bill Gates in recommending lockdowns and vaccine development

    US coronavirus policy, has been led by two people, both also associated with hundreds of millions of funds from Bill Gates

    Dr Anthony Fauci, a personal holder of vaccine-related patents raising conflict of interest questions, has been involved for many years with Bill Gates and his money, and has recently been Gates’ agent in pushing for vaccines and lockdowns, and trying to denounce virus therapies that do not involve Bill Gates’ vaccines

    “Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) whose ties to all the worst people you can imagine run very, very deep … In 2010, Fauci was named to the Leadership Council of the ‘Decade of Vaccines” Collaboration’, which the World Health Organisation, Fauci’s agency NIAID, UNICEF, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation convened …” and so on in numerous projects down to the present

    The other key US figure on covid-19 policy, is US top health diplomat Dr Deborah Birx, closely advising US Vice President Mike Pence.

    “Deborah Birx Sits on the Board of The Global Fund, which is heavily funded by Bill Gates … The Gates Foundation has contributed US$2.24 billion to the Global Fund to date, and pledged US$760 million for the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment, covering 2020-2022.”

    However, just now:

    “Surgeon General Jerome Adams has effectively announced the U.S. has dumped the models created by the CDC and the WHO — models backed by Bill Gates and forced on the scene by his gatekeepers Fauci [and Birx].

    Given the new data, businesses will begin to re-open as early as May, others in June … This runs contrary to the out-and-out fear-mongering of Dr Fauci and Bill Gates who have made a media tour, threatening the public that businesses may not re-open for six months to a year, or until and unless governments purchase their conveniently patented, big-pharma vaccination.”


    ‘The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites’

  9. Otto and Dart,
    Yes….any President with the clown (((Jay Sekulow))) as a personal attorney has reached an all new carnival barker low.

    And yes on them baiting people to believe certain things, with a purpose in mind. Iran and Russia have said this was USA bio warfare, which is possible too.

    The wet market eaters are poor, too, those better off in China aren’t eating there. I don’t know how poor you’d have to be to have a bat sammich but IMO very, very poor.

  10. This has made me think about how we grapple with the human genome. We are gonna have to engineer our own DNA and transform ourselves as a species off the planet.

  11. How can an economic collapse in a diverse society not result in massive pogroms? Thi scould be the event we have been waiting for.

  12. Apparently Florida Governor DeSantis believes that the WWE is an essential business and our fearless leader in Washington said the following:”We have to get our sports back. I’m tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old,”

    Yes, such dire problems.

  13. I personally want to thank Zlimpf the King of Israel for my Trumpbux.

    Chiggy-Chang Chang Chiggy-Chiggy Chang Chang
    Chang Chiggy Chang Chang Chiggy Chang Chang



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