Sweden vs. New Zealand

It seems like every libertarian, conservative and crackpot conspiracy theorist in the Dissident Right has been shouting into my mentions about Sweden for the last week as proof that lockdowns do not work. Ramzpaul has been the loudest evangelist of this theory on Twitter:

Styxhexxemmer666 is Ramzpaul’s new co-host of Happy Homelands. He had a falling out with Tiina Wiik over the coronavirus. Tiina lives in Finland and other people in Northern Europe think the Swedes are nuts. She was talking with Greg Johnson about it last night on Dlive.

The death rate in Sweden isn’t collapsing. Sweden reported 114 deaths yesterday which matched its previous high. It went on to report 170 deaths this morning which is an all time high.

This is what Sweden looks like compared to its neighbors:

1,203 people have died from coronavirus in Sweden.

145 have died in Norway. 309 have died in Denmark. 72 have died in Finland. 35 have died in Estonia. 30 have died in Lithuania. 0 have died in Latvia. Twice as many people have died in Sweden even though 10.23 million people live in Sweden compared to the 19.2 million people who live in neighboring countries.

Note: 9 people have died from coronavirus in New Zealand. As with the US and UK and the Netherlands, Sweden is another example which illustrates how libertarianism makes the virus more deadly than it otherwise would be.

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  1. The chicks there know they are largely invulnerable. Also I think we need to see racial data here. Malmo is a migrant city and must be the hub of it. Stockholm might be quite diverse but we need to see data. Race sex class to see why they are being so Blythe sitting in their cafes.

    • He’s a guy who makes a living from a basement. He’s not going to be infected. Ffs Firefighters are down to 2/3 strength because of this virus threat.

  2. There is a clear pattern where countries that speak Germanic languages have been the most laissez-faire about the epidemic. The US, UK, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands have been the countries where the virus denial mentality is the strongest. It’s not a coincidence. This is the Germanic mind in a time of crisis — smoothbrained, nearly comatose, smug, arrogant and fatalistic. The countries with the lowest level of reaction to the virus are the same countries that have the most radical social liberalism and the most open borders to migrants.

    • Your analysis is brilliant, ATBOTL, absolutely brilliant, because it truly, yet pithily, reveals the deepest underlying soil of our cultures, and it’s connectivity to other times in our history!

      To my mind, nothing else needs be said on this page, because nobody else, myself included, will have anything anywhere so illuminating as your remark, much less something of equivalent value.

      In the end, every state of mind is consistent with itself in every scenario, and every state of mind becomes that which propels itself to great victory, and or dizzying depths of defeat!

      Again, thank you for this!

    • Wrong, Commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia, and NZ) have relatively lower numbers of deaths and they speak “Germanic languages” and Canada is more open to migrants and most radical in social liberalism (if not just below Sweden). Your correlation is incorrect.

      The only correlation is government response, not cultural. Governments who took it seriously early on, took steps to mitigate it, and citizens who obeyed government orders to practice social distancing are seeing greatest results. In Canada, even government support encouraging people to stay at home is aiding in the compliance.

      Governments who either continue to do nothing or encouraged that mindset in the beginning (Like Great Britain) are the ones with higher deaths. In fact, the province with the most cases in Canada is Quebec, the only purely French speaking province, they don’t speak a Germanic language, but a Romantic one.

    • Odd generalization, when in terms of death rate, Germany has been doing better (i.e., significantly fewer deaths per capita) than all of its non-Germanic immediate neighbors.

  3. Sweden’s careless approach is feminine, whereas the “authoritarian” response to a pandemic is masculine. Most women and effeminate men will resist any restriction of their shopping, partying and pleasure-travelling habits. Emotion overrides reason no matter how well they are educated, which is why they (including effeminate men) are unsuitable for military combat, and should not occupy important positions of governmental authority.

    Also: here are the most recent daily Peak Prosperity updates, with some of the best information on newly discovered routes of infection, HIV-like immune system damage, and permanent multiple organ damage:

    • Sweden’s careless approach is feminine, whereas the “authoritarian” response to a pandemic is masculine. Most women and effeminate men will resist any restriction of their shopping, partying and pleasure-travelling habits.

      This is patently ridiculous. Women are far more safety-conscious and men are far more risk-taking. It’s quite the opposite: carelessness is inherently masculine while danger-aversion is inherently feminine.

      I realize your point wasn’t anything more than a round-about way to call people you disagree with “girly men” but we should at least try to stick to known reality.

      If corona-chan is as bad as HW believes, then clearly the feminine approach is superior and the masculine approach fool-hardy. This would hardly be the first time something has turned out that way.

        • @Sharrukin

          Are you suggesting that women are more risk-taking than men, and that men are more risk-averse then women?

          You may as well ask why European men have, for thousands of years, invaded other nations, including the nations where Muslims now live. That’s hardly safe, it’s the definition of risk-taking.

          One assumes that for those women the risk of social ostracism is far higher than the risk of a Muslim attack.

          • Women in general like risk and bad boys. They don’t like paying the price for their foolish behavior but they keep returning to it.

            Men are risk averse in the sense that a threat to their group is firmly dealt with and ended.

          • BannedHipster In my experience most women are just plain oblivious!They may be scared to break a nail but that doesn’t stop young White college girls from walking to a few college bars in the middle of Black downtown.They are too stupid and illogical to make the connections.Men may take risks but calculated risks.The only dumb behavior I have seen in males is in young men when trying to impress young women(therefore temporarily being swept up in the feminine thing that is poor decision making).Women are like children,they want to be safe and taken care of and when they do stupid things they want someone to blame.Women are also ruled by emotion and easily duped(she take those risks if on behalf of her Black or Brown boyfriend).Men are not the wanton pirates you imagine us to be.We think about tomorrow,we balance things and we make rational choices based on our options.So you are wrong.

        • The open arms to orcs is the clueless brainwashed virtue signaling idiocy – until the foolish females are actually flooded with real world Orcs. Then – attitudes change FAST.

      • I realize your point wasn’t anything more than a round-about way to call people you disagree with “girly men” but we should at least try to stick to known reality@Banned Hipster


        He’s projecting.

        It’s also a passive-agressive, and rather feminine trait.

      • Not so. Women are dismissive of disease. And men, who often suffer flu and colds worse, are quite a bit more paranoid about disease. Women are quite often, and I mean nurses and teachers and other professionals rather inclined to dismiss illness. They also tend to let the kids play nears traffic or near the stove. I’ve always seen the fairer sex as a rather strange mix or signalling care masking something homicidal.

        • @Captain John Charity Spring MA

          I don’t know what kind of women and men you have in your family, but my experiences are pretty much the exact opposite.

          Have a sniffle? The women are like, “oh you poor thing, you’re sick, stay in bed, have some chicken soup.”

          The men were like, “oh you have some sniffles? I farted. Now get to work.”

          Sometimes the men were right sometimes the women were right.

      • His analysis sounds right to me. Sweden is a feminist run society and they’re all like….YOLO! I am just laughing at all of these people who are unable to cope with losing a few paltry weeks of their partying time.

        • I am just laughing at all of these people who are unable to cope with losing a few paltry weeks of their partying time.

          As well as the people losing ‘a few paltry weeks’, and more, at their jobs and livelihoods

      • I did not mean risk-averse versus risk-taking. I meant being EMOTIONAL and undisciplined versus being “coldly” rational and deliberate. I simply meant trying to ignore hard reality and “enjoy life as always” VERSUS doing the hard work and hard thinking to overcome it.

    • Of course the irony is that it was a woman leader in New Zealand that acted like a man.

      Go figure.

      • Good observation. I did say “most” women. I referred to the greater tendency to be led by emotion, to break discipline and impulsively return to shopping, partying, etc. and rationalize it. Thus, Sweden takes the “easy” path instead of the “rugged” path.

        • In Finland the government is nearly all-female and although they’ve been far from perfect when it comes to dealing with the corona virus, we’re far from Sweden.

  4. The upside of Sweden’s behavior is, at the very least, that they will be able to bequeath to the world with a neverending supply of Wuhan Virus plasma bags of antibodies.

    NEVER FORGET : ———- these are the descendents of Berserkers!

    Yep, and, no matter how much the horned helmuts try to reoutfit in stylish yarmulkes, blintzes, prayer-shawls of pro-Islam anti-White thread, that dang berserking blood still percolates below…

  5. I really think that the real reason that Sweden is not doing a lockdown is because the migrants will refuse and differences in enforcement would be too obvious.

    • That is very realistic.
      Must look the part of the ideal SJW, appearances at all costs, even death.

    • Yep. That’s my suspicion. Those who wish to withdraw will, those who are pig heads will infect each other. It’ll be piles of dead blacks and Arabs etc.

    • Thats exactly right. sweden is a dead nation and if they stopped society now everyone would see it.

      And, oh yeah, thats right, swedes are not immune to being blown to shit.

  6. I never understood how anyone on the Right took the shirtless satanist nerd who looks like he is suffering from AIDs, Styxhexemhammer666 … the name alone should have you cringing from the start… To the Boomer King Ram z Paul, seriously. They are jokes and outside of flat mockery, they don’t deserve any attention

    • Only, Styx is one sharp poll/political analyst.
      He called the 2016 election a month before, when all others were saying Hillary landslide. He called every state, except one, correctly.
      He’s weird, strange, but he is head and shoulders above the obsolete media in poll analysis. He wiped his feet with media darling, Nate silver.

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