FOX News: Coronavirus Escaped From The Wuhan Virology Lab

Well … I can’t wait to see how the flu truthers react to this news.

FOX News:

EXCLUSIVE: COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan laboratory not as a bioweapon, but as part of China’s effort to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States, multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China’s government and seen relevant materials tell Fox News.

This may be the “costliest government coverup of all time,” one of the sources said.

The sources believe the initial transmission of the virus was bat-to-human, and that “patient zero” worked at the laboratory, then went into the population in Wuhan. …”

New York Times:

“By now, I think it’s very hard to stay human,” says Duca, the E.R. doctor in Bergamo. “You go on, you forget you have a person, a human in front of you. You forget the patient has a life. I think that we do this to protect ourselves. Otherwise, it would be impossible to work every day.” Colombo, his I.C.U. colleague, tells me she goes through an “emotional shutdown,” as she calls it, when she arrives at the hospital. “The first few days, I was crying when I was home,” Brambillasca says. “Then you transform, because you have to do it. You become tough in a few days.

The first patient hospitalized in New York is finally discharged, nearly a month after his diagnosis. Many have died in the meantime, and many more are uncounted in the ­Covid-19 death toll because they succumbed at home or weren’t tested. Some others wait days in the E.R. for an inpatient bed, languishing in hallways. Their fates remain unknown. I pass by them when I first arrive at the E.R. and when I leave at the end of the day. Sometimes they are still there the next day. If they are awake, I’m hesitant to make eye contact. I’m too ashamed that after nearly 15 years as a doctor, I can’t do much more for them except put an oxygen mask over their nose and mouth. …”

Washington Post:

“The new coronavirus kills by inflaming and clogging the tiny air sacs in the lungs, choking off the body’s oxygen supply until it shuts down the organs essential for life.

But clinicians around the world are seeing evidence that suggests the virus also may be causing heart inflammation, acute kidney disease, neurological malfunction, blood clots, intestinal damage and liver problems. That development has complicated the treatment of the most severe cases of covid-19, the illness caused by the virus, and makes the course of recovery less certain, they said. …”

Maybe we can stop demonizing our doctors and health care workers now?

If the coronavirus is a deadly virus that escaped from the Wuhan virology lab, why were we told for months that it was a small thing like the flu? Why has the virus been downplayed on FOX News for weeks? Why did Donald Trump and the GOP choose to “ride it out”?

Note: It has been obvious to people who aren’t idiots for months now that this isn’t the flu that we are dealing with.

Typhoid Paul has been churning out takes at a record clip. Zman has also said all along the coronavirus is nothing to take seriously.

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  1. MAGApedes – report to your local recruiting station at 0600 to sign up to fight the upcoming War with China for the Glory of Most Exalted Orange Leader – Generalisimo Bone Spurs.

  2. The Harvard Jew Charles Lieber set up the Wuhan Lab with money from the Obama administration. Remember him? He was arrested right when the virus started to get going on January, 28. 2020

  3. “EXCLUSIVE: COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan laboratory not as a bioweapon, but as part of China’s effort to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States, multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China’s government and seen relevant materials tell Fox News. @FauxNews

    Get ready goyim, WW3 is just around the corner…..

    • “Get ready goyim, WW3 is just around the corner….”

      Anglin said that almost two weeks ago….. where have you been?
      Under a rock?

      The Yids tried every means to ‘get’ Trump. They have now been reduced to a World War, in their hatred for a moral Christian law order. Drumpf is probably stupid enough (Probably?) to go along with that, instead of draining the swamp, here at home…

      I’d be happy to deal with China, AFTER seeing Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Ryan et al. like in an old Western…. just ‘hanging’ around at sunset.

      Which also isn’t going to happen. And God will still be using plagues, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. to make us wake up to our perfidy.

  4. Why are you spreading this propaganda? It is supposed to help Donald Trump, nothing else. I find it unlikely that the virus was created in a lab but if it wasn’t it isn’t just the flu. It can be a very precarious virus despite not being created in a lab.

  5. If the US regime is giving us origin stories for this deadly plague, skepticism and suspicion are the natural reactions. Anyway, the libertarians have to take the caved in head stand that we should not act decisively to stop this thing from spreading because to say otherwise would be an easy demonstration that they’re full of it. It doesn’t matter how reasonable or unreasonable the restrictions are to those people. Let’s face it, they would have opposed strict border controls to keep it from coming in. They’re absolute fucktards who have on intention of ever being taken seriously except insofar as providing flimsy justifications the predatory super-rich.

    • Trump doesn’t want to run this story, he needs Xi to buy the Soybean crop first. Trump wants to play good cop and not hammer Xi yet. Probably around the election though he will pivot and run against China and remind us the Sleepy Joe’s mope son somehow got set up on a red Chinese company board for big bucks three weeks after the two of them flew over on Air Force 2. No wonder the Democrats delayed the convention, they are probably trying to get Biden out and replace him with Cuomo at the last minute so little mud can be slung at their new candidate whom Americans know from TV press conferences looking presidential handing the NY coronacrisis.

  6. I hate to recite the standard shitlib battle cry, but Fox News is just as dangerous if not more so than the reality star in charge. I was with my parents and I mocked Trump talking about his ratings only for my father to reply “the media doesn’t want to give him credit for anything so he needs to credit himself.. They blocked all his work on immigration and now are siding with China. What do you want him to do”

    At that moment i began praying i was adopted. My parents aren’t dumb people either. They just have Fox on 24/7. They love Gutfeld and Watters and even though they know Trump is a simpleton, they are suddenly bloodthirsty for war with China. Not to mention when I mentioned Kushner I was lit into with “oh we know why you don’t like him. You and your conspiracy theories about him and his “background””.
    Could you imagine being called conspiratorial by people who watch Fox?

    • Sorry about your parents. There are very many decent people who naively believe they are getting the goo ol’ patriotic truth from Faux News.

    • As a boomer, I apologize for the naïveté that STILL plagues people of my and older generations….

      Thank you, Lord, that I have been given a measure of wisdom greater than the mass… but what good is it, if (((EVIL))) continues to flourish? Why hasn’t Kushnik gotten this bug? And every other g-d Yid on the planet? Hear us, good Lord. Smite the Talmudics.

    • Television is the greatest brainwashing device ever created. People exposed to Television tend to start disassociating from reality and can’t distinguish Television from reality.

      It’s really scary. It’s like a drug.

  7. The interns name, huang yanling.
    She has vanished.
    CCP says she is doing just fine, living somewhere, can’t be contacted.

    (Yeah, it’s hard to talk to ashes.)

    • Who the fuck employs INTERNS in a biological research lab? Why GOOKS do. Greedy, stupid, sloppy, evil, soulless DIRTY GOOKS. There is plenty to hate about gooks, all on their own. I would be delighted if every last one disappeared.

        • And? You don’t put an INTERN in the sole dangerous virus/bacteria/BAD THINGS biolab in your country. Unless you are a completely incompetent Untermenchen.

          NO ONE in any other country should defend these Devils. Cinks are bad AS jews for being ruthless and monomaniacally ethnocentric. And GREEDY. I thought every one on this site was pro-White. No matter what region of the country one resides in, or hails from. I know the Southerners are obsessed with being Southern – but in the end all the other Races will regard White Dixians as WHITE. And be persecuted AS such. In the end regional differences are meaningless and divisions suicidal. I cannot fathom why ANY ONE would defend the Yellow Insects for any reason , They are horrible, They allowed gooks to leave China and send their diseased insects all over the world. They sold defective equipment to the countries they infected, for millions. I take it all of you have seen the videos of the gook gashes wiping their snot everywhere.

          SOULESS DEMONS. They make Jews look like decent, fair minded Humans.

          I suggest all you watch this little video. You have probably never heard of this. “American Factory” This is the “take” of gentle and kind Way of the World. The film is about what happens when Gooks take over an American auto factory. To put it as mildly as possible – the gooks – EVERYTHING about them – is the polar opposite of the brilliant and elevated Henry Ford.

          I have repeatedly stated that I’d be thrilled of EVERY gook was wiped off the face of the Earth, It’s not mere hyperbole on my part. EVERYTHING these monsters have is what Whites CREATED. If any of you watch this video an don’t want them GONE – then there is something fundamentally wrong with YOU.

          and GENETICALLY.

          If you want these INSECTS anywhere near you – there is something DEFECTIVE about YOU.

          • Give it a rest. I suggested we nuke Wuhan from orbit a couple of months ago. The west is going to have to keep its own savage little women raring to shop, gluttonize and sip coffee under quarantine. Especially the nurses who might as well be considered superspreaders at this point.

  8. I was making dinner when Trumpy said this, and then the news people were commenting on literally everything but that one thing.

    As for Typhoid Paul, anyone listening to him for ‘lawdy what should I do?’ advice is already in that category we call, in kindness, ‘special’.

  9. More Faux News bullshit:

    “not as a bioweapon, but as a part of China’s effort to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States”

    Yuck, yuck. How stupid is Fox’s readers? Stupid enough to believe that tripe!

    I look forward to helping the left spank cuckservatism, inc. and it’s underemployed tools in flyover country.

    All cowardly blight-wing pork-bellies with Molon Labe tees WILL comply with what’s coming and rat out their neighbors.

    Compliance and ratting on “friends” is something they do very well.

    You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.

  10. Comment from the RamZPaul vid:

    5 hours ago
    What is the strategy behind deleting all your videos containing Tiina Wilk Ramz?
    I find this quite alarming. ”

    Ramz’s taken his toys and gone home.

  11. So now Fox News reports that Trump says “we have been hearing more and more of” a story that there was an intern in the Wuhan lab who became infected and then intected her boyfriend with it. Perhaps the story is true. Does China say so? The U.S. and its allies have been preparing to demand that China pay huge reparations, and the demand will be based on Chinese lab origin and attempted cover-up.

    • That story was originally posted anonymously online and has never been proven. Unless your name is Alex Jones of course.

    • Did any of you geniuses EVER consider the political angle of all of this? The blame is still rightfully placed on the gooks. (Any ANYONE that takes the side of the Yellow Insects is certifying themselves as Anti WHITE, to the marrow, ) It’s soft-pedaling guilt, and covering for bad political actors. What else is new? However – the placement of blame still serves a fundamental purpose – it gives people a reason to abjure gooks, obliterates the lie of Chinese superiority – and provides a rock solid reason to pull manufacturing out of alien Gookland.

      Or do all of you absolute SIMPLETONS still think :”being fair” to the Insects, and keeping manufacturing there is a good idea? Really? Tell me “why”.

      • You won’t find me disagreeing. The ant-jews are alien, hostile, and dangerous. I’m all for as much economic autarky as possible, and if that collapse the Chink economy into the bargain, that would just be a bonus.

        It’s difficult to even comprehend the cold, domineering arrogance of the Yellow Menace until you’ve dealt with them.

        What a pity we didn’t allow the Japanese to run amok indefinitely there.

        • Thank you, Ironsides, The BABIES sneering at blaming the Chinks have NO concept whatsoever about how horrible they are. That – the absolute treason, unwillingness, and seeming inability to defend their own kind. That video I posted – the “American Factory” clip – I’ll take any of the fat sloppy Whites over ANY “efficient, superior” gook on Earth. Ever.

  12. Just listen (No don’t) to this dangerous woman, a professed “Christian” Federal Reserve insider and Trump regime supporter: Trump’s foreign policy influencers Peter Navarro and Steven Bannon say the same thing: China will now be guilty and must never cease paying reparations for its “crime.” To begin with, China must write off our multi-trillion-dollar debt; renounce its “destructive” (rebellious) Belt and Road Initiative; and accept the Dollar as the sole world reserve currency. Then we must force them to make more concessions: to give up their claims to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South China Sea islands; to grant full independence to Sinkiang and Tibet; to help us conquer Russia and overthrow the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; to let us “help” them privatize all their socialized industries and public services, and “democratize” (colonize) their elections and their entire political system; remove all import restrictions on our chlorinated factory-grown chicken meat, GMO corn, GMO soybeans, and Hollywood and other American cultural and entertainment products; and most important of all: allow free importation and unrestricted use of OPIUM, from our protected plantations in Afghanistan…. We must love our people, and also love truth.

  13. “Back in 1977 a very peculiar disease began to sweep across Russia, and once scientists had isolated it they discovered it was a rather unique strain of the H1N1 Swine Flu. In the years that followed genetic analysis looking to determine where it might’ve come from found something rather odd: It was very similar to strains of H1N1 that hadn’t been in circulation for decades, and seemed to be the product of “sequential passage in an animal reservoir” which was determined by its vast genetic distance from any other present strain of flu, just like COVID-19 which also appears so distant from any related coronavirus that it’s been placed in its own clade, an isolated branch way out on its own in the viral family tree – meaning it’s the lone example of its kind, and doesn’t clump together with all the other known coronaviruses….” This is a good read, recommended, even though it’s from a pretty bad source:

    Note that a chimeric, gain-of-function form of bat coronavirus imported from China was created at the University of North Carolina during the Obama administration, not likely the same deadly disease that we’re experiencing, but one of many such coronavirus creations in these American taxpayer funded “purely for medical research” labs.

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