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  1. “not sure how Russia fits into the global conspiracy.”

    Why attribute to malice the common products of stupidity ?

  2. I can confirm Covid-19 is real. My 90-something M-I-L was diagnosed with it yesterday. She’s was in a nursing home in the Midwest where they became suspicious and was transferred to a hospital where it was confirmed. Nursing home will not take her back now. If anything interesting or weird occurs, I’ll post it.

    • Snow – at 90+ Mr Death is creeping ’round the corner every second. Does the hospital get paid Beaucoup Bucks to have a Chinese Virus patient? Find out.

      • That’s an interesting question and I will try to get it out of S-I-L who oversees her care. I’ve been bombarding myself with C, D, and Chaga Mushroom but I don’t think S-I-L will ever consider this for the old lady. I’ll try to find out the costs. I’ll post my findings here in this thread. Should be able to hear something by the weekend.

        • Snow – the hospitals get paid more if they put a “Corona Victim” on a ventilator. A lot more. And the vents are what kills ’em.

          Hydrochloriquine WORKS because it mops up, it CLEANS, whatever this thing is. You can actually buy it from Quanada – I’d not trust gook sources – but there’s a 2 to 3 week lag i delivery You really shouldn’t administer that, yo’self though. That does need to be monitored by an ETHICAL physician. This drug has side effects – but so do all other drugs. Zithromax plays back up. That is no problem at all for self medicating.

          Vitamin C play a similar role – but a truly infected person, who falls ill, will need the harder stuff. Make sure you have zinc, too.

          FYI – I can be blunt, so I apologize in advance if I sound cruel – but a vent WILL kill off your M I L. Period. The end. If she is fragile be prepared for the end, anyways. Most 90+ folks are. Especially if she was in a nursing home. I am sorry – but if she is on a vent – that’s it.

          • Denise- you are one of the few helpful people (when push comes to shove) on this forum.
            Thanks. We have our differences, but…. thanks.

  3. Not sure where Russia fits in? White Russia does not fit in at all. Lukashenko has White Russia wide open for business.

    The Muscovites have been on an operation intended to destroy the ZUS shale oil industry, by increasing supply, thus lowering prices, and making shale oil unprofitable. It is a major, long-term operation.

    Trump gave Putin much appreciated but unexpected help, by destroying the American economy at the exact time the Chinese figured out the lockdown was useless and went back to work.

    Now some oil has been selling for less than $10 a barrel. Great stuff. Today the Saudis are selling to ZUS at 20 a barrel, while selling to Asia at 14 a barrel. The traders are saying the American commodities market is becoming domestic, separated from the world market.

    Our president is insisting that they sell to us at higher prices!!

    The Russians love the shutdowns and the 14 dollar oil. The Texas shale industry is bankrupt already.

    Ivan is just feeding the lockdown or millions die fable, because it helps his current policy. Ivan knows better, but he is enjoying the show.

  4. The playing down of the disease is similar to the May Day celebrations and Soviet coverups to hide the severity of the Chernobyl disaster.



    Pripyat amusement park

    The Pripyat amusement park is an abandoned amusement park located in Pripyat, Ukraine. It was to be opened for the first time on 1 May 1986, in time for the May Day celebrations, but these plans were cancelled on 26 April, when the Chernobyl disaster occurred a few kilometers away. Several sources report that the park was opened for a short time on 27 April before the announcement to evacuate the city was made, and one site shows photos of the amusement park in operation. Theories that the park was hurriedly opened in the aftermath of the accident to distract Pripyat residents from the unfolding disaster nearby seem to be substantiated by the fact that some of the rides were never fully completed (the Paratrooper was not fitted with canopies and the Ferris wheel’s cladding was incomplete). In any case, the park—and its Ferris wheel in particular—have become a symbol of the Chernobyl disaster.


    Huns and Dr Beeker – Ghost Town

    • Don’t pretend that the USSR and modern Russia are one and the same.

      That’s like saying 1950’s White America is the same as today’s Faux America. THEY AREN’T… and you know it!

  5. “an operation intended to destroy the ZUS shale oil ”

    An empty action. It will bankrupt current operators , but The fields remain and the technology only improves. This may be a long term benefit to us. They sell oil cheap , while preserving our national resources.

    Why would russians love 14 oil ? That’s their major source of revenue.

  6. Well Russia have been under sanctions a very long time now, and Putin probably dont see the problem at all.

    Jewmerica have the most to lose under this self-sanctioning act of sabotage.

    See, this is nothing new to Russia, its been this way for over a decade, and they thrive.

    And yes, I almost forgot to mention, Russia probably made a deal with the arabs, to pump as much oil as possible, the oil price goes way down, its almost never been this low, this will almost certainly wreck the economy of jewmerica as well.

    Well played, Russia. Well played.

    When the dust settles, Russia will still have a functioning society, where they can produce their own energy and food.

    The economy may be wrecked, now this is true, but for Russia that means almost nothing compared to losing the long term war.

    You can always rebuild the economy if you have a functioning society, with farmers, energy, workers.

    But you can not win a war against Russia.

    This have never been done in the past.

    Jewmerica went to war against Russia, and they are now losing in their own game, which is sanctioning.

  7. Same people who usually claim Putin is fighting against the ZOG and the NWO heads are exploding. Lmao

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