Reopen America? The Silent Majority Says Defeat The Virus First

The overwhelming majority of Americans do not agree with the libertarian and conservative tea baggers who are protesting for their right to spread the coronavirus.

Vanity Fair:

“The Wall Street Journal reports that in Trump’s first task force meeting of business and political leaders, executives told the president that the administration must dramatically increase the availability of coronavirus testing “before the public would be confident enough to return to work, eat at restaurants or shop in retail establishments,” according to sources familiar with the call. …”

Even CEOs aren’t too keen on the idea of prematurely ending the half assed lockdown before testing is in place, allowing the virus to rebound, tens of thousands of people unnecessarily dying and being humiliated by the virus and forced into a second lockdown which will only drag this out even longer. It is better at this point to take the short term hit and smother the virus like China has done.


“President Donald Trump calls it “the biggest decision I’ll ever make.”

Voters say it’s an easy call: Don’t reopen the economy if it will enable the coronavirus to spread.

As Trump prepares to restart the nation’s economic engine — which was abruptly cut a month ago as the new coronavirus began to spread rapidly throughout the country — a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows the vast majority of voters support continuing the social-distancing measures that appear to be helping the U.S. hamper the rapid spread of Covid-19, the illness caused by the virus.

More than eight in 10 voters, 81 percent, say Americans “should continue to social distance for as long as is needed to curb the spread of coronavirus, even if it means continued damage to the economy.” Only 10 percent say Americans “should stop social distancing to stimulate the economy, even if it means increasing the spread of coronavirus.” Nine percent of voters have no opinion.

While Democrats (89 percent) are more likely than Republicans (72 percent) to say Americans should continue the “social distancing” measures, large majorities in all demographic groups say it’s more important to stop the spread of the virus than to resume economic activity that could undermine those mitigation efforts. …”


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans remain hesitant about resuming their normal daily activities amid the COVID-19 outbreak according to a Gallup question first asked in late March and repeated in early April.

When asked how quickly they will return to their normal activities once the government lifts restrictions and businesses and schools start to reopen, the vast majority of Americans say they would wait and see what happens with the spread of the virus (71%) and another 10% would wait indefinitely. Just 20% say they would return to their normal activities immediately.

These views are essentially unchanged from late March. …”

The average American is binge watching television shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. It is a small fraction of 10% who are LARPing like it is 1776. Those people were also perceived as eccentric before this happened when they weren’t a danger to public health.

There are times when the common good outweighs individual liberty and collective action is required to defeat a common threat to the community. A pandemic is one of those exceptional situations. As Nassim Taleb points out below, if the airlines had simply been shutdown and bailed out with chump change in January until testing was available, we wouldn’t be in this situation. If we had inconvenienced a few people early on in this crisis, it would have saved tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.

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  1. “More than eight in 10 voters, 81 percent, say Americans “should continue to social distance for as long as is needed to curb the spread of coronavirus, even if it means continued damage to the economy.”

    So, 80% of the people are stupid. Is it surprising ?

    • Let’s just see, obviouslyanonymous, again just really how sincere this alleged 81% of voters actually are when the continually damaged economy personally affects them, and their families

      • Let us see, Virtus, how sincere that 19% are when a reopened economy personally effects the 81% and their families.

        Biden 2020!
        Willie’s Ho in Twenty Fo!

        It’s coming.

    • Stupid was lines of cars with flags poking out of windows – blocking ambulance access to Sparrow Hospital in Michigan yesterday.

    • The wisdom of the crowd. Take it or leave it. But try to hear God’s Mandate in that 80% figure.

    • And you’re so astoundingly intelligent wanting to risk hundreds of thousand or millions of deaths, which would smash your beloved Muh Economy and the (((Almighty Dollah))) you worship even worse?

      • It’s likely to be lots of deaths one way or the other, Ironsides – as, when things get rough, many folks die, too, for all sorts of reasons.

        There is not a ‘safe choice’ before us.

    • Yeah, true.
      I read somewhere the other day that 95% of the corona virus fatalities can actually be labelled as natural or other causes created by other illnesses and issues people had before they caught pneumonia while they had these other ailments.

      It also showed on some charts, how ALL other causes of death (had to be dozens) have depleted and shrunken drastically over the last 2 months from 50 yr averages….
      So you’d be behooved to know , that only the corona virus kills people now, when speaking about illness and disease.

      I guess we shouldn’t believe everything we read unless its stuff the ZOG aphabet agencies or despicable criminal media outlets write…then its accurate and unquestionable.

      I don’t think anyone can truly claim that anything short of a total and complete prison-like lockdown will quell this “virus” if its real….
      These half-assed measures are laughable ,like social distancing and “delivery/ take out food only”….yeah, because thats how transmitting viruses works..
      Its tolerable and “safe” if you make contact with only 6 people daily vs 36…because that makes so much sense.

    • 19% are stawk mawket chumps, pensioners, and underemployed tools working for minimum wage at Mr. Nareeb’s MiniMart in Podunk, Missouri.

    • One thing’s for sure, the real God emperor, Clif High, got the data right. So, for all you naysayers who thinks he eccentric or even a quack, follow him for years and you’ll see a high IQ working on behalf of the masses and he does his homework. Thoroughly. He is also the first to admit it when he is wrong, which is rarely.

      Remember, Clif High says there will be 3 stages of the “sun disease” with the second being the deadliest. Hunker down folks, it’s not over til it’s over! By the way, his data forecasted CoronaChan several years ago although its origin was indeterminate. Is it being overblown? Most definitely. But it’s still deadly. And, it’s a sneaky virus like you know who. Will it temporarily disappear and pop up somewhere else and somewhere else and somewhere else….. ?

      It may not be tomorrow or next year but my two favorite things to remember about Clif HIgh’s analysis of his own data mining is:

      (1) The Italian people – in a rage – will breach the Vatican walls and what they carry out will shock the world. As a formerly practicing Catholic, I love this one but I may love #2 more.

      (2) There will be a scandal or something like that in the Jewish religion which will causes a massive amount of its adherents to abandon it. Ditto for…. Scientologists.

      These are the two I am praying I am alive to see. Goody goody, yum yum.

      It’s a #bioweapon. Yes, it’s a conspiracy…. but no f*cking theory!

      • Snow – this is the thing – “we must stay in lockdown until the virus is DEFEATED REEEEEE!!!!”

        Viruses aren’t defeated.


        The freaking Bubonic PLAGUE is still around. The Asian infection that killed a THIRD of Europe.

        Any one who is White is a descendant of the survivors.

        AGAIN – any one who is White is a descendant of the SURVIVORS of the BLACK PLAGUE.

        The BP kept popping up for centuries – and it’s still around in Orcland. And CA, isn’t it? Because Orcs.

        That Senator Kennedy, from LA, is 100% correct. Are we supposed to stay in lockdown forever – while Big Zog moves in Orc workers, to take the place of Murkin workers hurr durr….

        And when ever the lockdown ends – CoronaChan will still dance through the land.

        I don’t comprehend why the Locktards don’t understand this.

        We have acquired a lot more knowledge of how everything works, since the Black Plague – except to keep Asians out. We have better medical treatments and medicines. But the Locktards just squeal “REEEEEE!!! THE VIIIiiiiIIIIIrrrUUUSsssUUUsss!”

        Like it’s gonna go away when it’s “defeated” WTF does that even mean? How long will it be? Forever? We are supposed to stay in lockdown for EVER. The locktards are the real delusional crazies.

        CoronaChan is gonna be with us for ever. The survivors will survive.

        • “Viruses aren’t defeated.


          Tell that to measles, rinderpest, smallpox, the 1918 flu, and Ebola.

          AFRICANS beat Ebola.

          You’re stupider and less capable than an African.

          I’d tell you to think about that, but I’ve seen enough of you over the years to know that’s not in your programming.

  2. “There are times when the common good outweighs individual liberty and collective action is required to defeat a common threat to the community.”

    You are the refreshing voice of common sense
    amidst the cacaphony of hysterical nonsense that continues to spew from the lolbertarians and cohenservatives. Well done, sir!

  3. GriffinsCoronaMeltdown dot com is an available domain name, Godaddy sells it for 99 cents for the first year if you buy 2 years up front…nyuk, nyuk!…I’ll send you a donation to start that site if you want.

      • I heard Wuhan has a new and improved Bat soup… Now with 10% more pangolin blood…, sounds…tasty…too bad it gives us Coronavirus 1984, right!?

  4. Simple, cheap, mitigation methods can reduce 95+% of wuflu cases. Just look to Taiwan.

    From the start, American response to wuflu has been a tragic comedy of bungling.

    A global superpower technocracy that can’t supply simple masks to its population.


  5. This whole thing is farcical.

    How many people do you personally know that have been struck by this virus?

      • Some one you know may have been exposed.

        Got hydrochloroquine? Zithromax? Done and done. IF IF IF that person was exposed – keep ’em off the vent. Vents KILL!

        • Are you fucking retarded? Ventilators AID your lungs when they are weakened by pumping air in and out of the lungs, since the COVID-19 virus targets the respiratory system.

  6. I think we need to discreetly figure out who is coordinating these dumb protests. If people want to get back to work in large numbers they’ll already be back at work by the time the government rubber stamps the mass behaviour.

    • I’m pretty sure that many cars blocking the streets and interstate highways wasn’t “fake,” but keep telling yourself that it if makes you feel better.

      “Anything I disagree with isn’t real and is fake and gay”-Racist TrigglyPuffs

  7. Hunter Wallace, this “pandemic” was nothing more than the controlled demolition of an already teetering world economy, managed to ensure Trans-National Bankers got bailed out first.

    Will you be embarrassed at of falling for this scam?

    Will you be ashamed of the Great Depression you helped create?

    Will you apologize?

    • LMAO.

      Yes, the globalists designed a controlled demolition of globalism, which has brought major sectors of our economy like the oil industry and the airlines to a crashing halt, disproportionately killed Jews and inner city blacks, thrown up borders and regulations all over the world, wiped out hundreds of billionaires and over 500,000 millionaires. Also, every doctor, EMT, county coroner and hospital in the world is party of a vast global conspiracy. Maybe you should be embarrassed for being stupid enough to believe this.

  8. Keeping the economy shut down means there’s going to be food shortages. It means also a rise in suicides as many small business owners go bankrupt, as many are without employment and there’s no jobs to be had and there’s no income coming in. If you need a doctor or dentist it’s a giant hassle to try to find one who is open. Keeping the economy shut down is absolutely going to destroy ALL the mom-and-pop owned businesses in the United States. Keeping the economy shut down is going to destroy working-class Americans.

    More people are going to die if the economy remains shut down than are going to die from coronavirus. The death toll from coronavirus is actually less than the death toll from the regular flu. Last year 60,000 Americans died from the flu. Nobody, in or out of the government, talked about shutting down the economy. A LOT MORE Americans are going to die if the economy remains shut down , and they’re going to die painfully, very painfully.

    Just wait ’till the food shortages start. Then everyone who supports keeping the economy shut down will blame Trump for the lack of food, even though Trump wants to start up the economy again and keep the super markets well-stocked, those who want to keep the economy shut down will be the ones to blame for the lack of food – if the ones who want to keep the economy shut down win and get their way.

    All this for coronavirus that kills less people than the normal flu that comes around every year and the great great majority of those who died from coronavirus are those in their 80s and 90s. Those who have died from coronavirus would have died anyway even if they didn’t get the coronavirus, for it is a normal and natural aspect of life for elderly in their 80s-90s to pass away, to die. 1 to 2 percent of those who get coronavirus die from it and they’re in the 80s and 90s. All of them had all kinds of pre-existing medical problems and all of them would have died anyway from the pre-existing medical problems, in other words from their old age, for it is a normal and natural aspect of life for the elderly to pass away, to die. They’re actually dying from the flu that comes around every year, but their deaths are being labeled “coronavirus” deaths, so the Deep State can impose an intense martial law on us. We’re under martial law now, BIG TIME martial law. We have just lost ALL of our Constitutional Rights. Now the Deep State wants to set it up so that’s there’s food shortages for us Americans. No rights, no jobs, no money, food shortages.

    Those who believe ZOG’s entrenched bureaucrats are severely naive. Washington bureaucracy is controlled by The Deep State. Washington bureaucracy : they are inveterate liars. They lie about everything, for Washington bureaucracy is owned by the criminals in the criminal Deep State and all they do is LIE, they LIE about EVERYTHING, but when it comes to coronavirus all-of-a-sudden Washington bureaucracy is comprised of truth tellers?

    • No, Joe – no one is dying of ANYTHING else but CoronaChan. Nothing else exists. There is nothing before CoronaChan, nothing during CoronaChan, and nothing after CoronaChan,

      CoronaChan is ALL.

    • There will not be food shortages. USA is the most food secure country in the history of the world, and all of the essential parts of the food supply chain are still operational.

  9. The country needs to be reopened, HW. It can be done in stages but it has to be done and soon. Not all of us can live off the land like the barefoot yokels in Eufaula, Alabama.

    • No one disputes that.

      I certainly never imagined this is where we would be in 2020. Don’t forget I wrote an article about that. It hadn’t occurred to me that a pandemic was imminent. The question is whether we want to go through this all over again. Do you want to go through a second lockdown, OR, would you rather suppress the virus to manageable levels like China has done?

  10. This lockdown vs “re-opening” is a false, straw man argument. We WILL be “locked-down” one way or the other. Those in favoring of re-opening fail to understand that.

    Let’s say we “re-open America “and go back to “normal” before this virus is totally suppressed or eradicated.

    What if 50% of police, water department workers, people who keep the the electrical grid up and running, etc. get sick? What then?

    Can the US and it’s “economy” go on as “normal” as 30, 40, or 50% of it’s crucial workers are either either in bed, the hospital, or the morgue?

    Will the stock market function with one third to half of it’s traders sick or dead?

    One way or the other, we will be “locked-down.” Either we do it in an act of self-preservation, or the virus does it for us as it works its way through human bodies.

  11. Take your chip and your vaccine. Then you will be virtuous. Soon you will be trending on Gargle and Twatter.

    Or be an outlaw, a monster who only wants to spread “the virus” to everyone else. Only Covidiots refuse their chip and their vaccine.

    • The state has eradicated smallpox, polio and measles with vaccine and malaria and yellow fever with public health programs to the bitter resentment of libertarians.

      • Well the Jew Salk polio vaccine killed more people than polio Did. And we had a very different population and Government in those long gone days. Stay inside, my dears, locked down – while The Dept of Jew just HAS to import workers from everywhere while you are locked in .

      • Years ago, when I was a child myself, I was over at a friend’s house and there was an small, old cemetery on the property. We would read the inscriptions, and while I have forgotten most of them, one has stayed with me throughout my life. It was on the gravestone of a 2 year old girl: “She was the sunshine of our life, Until God took her from us”. I cannot imagine a stronger argument for vaccines than that. The amount of suffering and tragedy that has been averted by vaccinations is monumental.

        • My dear mousieish – tell me how vaccines work. Thanks. And when do you get them?

          PS – are you sure the 2 year old didn’t die FROM a Salk vaccine? Tell me what you know about the THOUSANDS – HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS Indian kids who died from, or worse yet – LIVED from the Gates vaccine. With horrid life long deformities. FYI The Gates needles were SO bad that India – street shitting, leprosy ridden – still floating dead bodied down the MAIN BODY OF WATER Ganges India- KICKED GATES OUT.

          Tell me about that.

          FYI -your dad 2 year old story sounds like that drowned Afghan kid scam.

  12. The pandemic is still just as real no matter how many people believe or disbelieve in it. But the poor naturally oppose isolation if it is making them starve and they are losing everything (what little they have) and the 1/10 of 1% super-wealthy capitalists and 1 to 5% small business people and other moderately-wealthy, who worship Mammon, want their workers back on the job and customers buying their stuff again as soon as possible because the lives and health of the poor and middle class are expendable. None dare call this PLUTOCRACY:

    • I just read somewhere that Jeff Bezos has become $24 billion richer as a result of this pandemic. Qui bono indeed!

  13. Its okay your daddy Bill Gates will have a shot for you soon little baby. I can not believe anyone takes this site seriously anymore.

      • While everybody is out of work and under “stay at home” orders, jews in Canada are trying to sneak through legislation that makes it evil, deplorable and illegal to say mean things about their stealing and murdering..they want laws against antismemitismist, the type as outlined in their international, cosmopolitan, soil less guide to international holocaust antismemitismist combat against hate…or whatever they call it!…Can you name anything else Americas greatest ally has done during the virus that’s “killing all the jews” Brad?…because, from what I see, they’ve been very, very busy bees under the cover of this “Pandemic”…almost like they don’t care or there is no ” COVID 19″

  14. “[I]f the airlines had simply been shutdown and bailed out with chump change in January until testing was available, we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

    Yeah–and it’s not as if the airlines had passengers, who had things to do.

    • There were a hell of a lot more people who had things to do who are now suffering through the lockdown than who had things to do in foreign countries who had those flights. They should have been inconvenienced.

      • How do you know that, Mr. W.? How many of those passengers were involved in commercial activity that bore on the livelihoods of numerous other Americans? I myself don’t know, but your glib reference to “bailing out the airlines” makes clear you don’t even consider the question.

        At the moment, at least, I’m not taking a position on the question whether to end or continue the lockdown; but what I and several other commenters here are pointing out is that you, along with several of the commenters, are mischaracterizing it.

  15. Even if the economy is reopened there isn’t going to be a return to what existed before. The virus will spread rapidly, people will die in increasing numbers and few people will be going to restraints or take out. Most people are not going to risk any serious consequences of illness or death for a McDonalds happy meal.

    Theaters will not recover. Disneyland will not be filled to capacity. Home buyers will not be financing home purchases in such uncertain times and people who owe months of back rent and credit card debts won’t magically get their jobs back nor find a convenient bag of cash on the sidewalk. Banks and mortgage companies will still be toppling over, food shortages will cause chaos in the third world.

    There is no binary choice here.

    The economy is going down and there isn’t a damn thing we can do to stop that.

    The system that exists cannot take the sort of damage this pandemic is dishing out and that is true regardless of a shutdown or no shutdown.

    Ending the shutdown will kill a lot of people and leave millions of others ill and many of those will have lasting damage done to their organs. What it won’t do is revive the economy.

  16. America is a nation of idiots and sheep, to be sure.


    “There is no such thing as the silent majority because we control their cry and hue. The only thing that exists is an unthinking majority and unthinking they will remain, as long as their escape from our rigorous service is the opiate of our entertainment industry. By controlling industry, we have become the task masters and the people the slaves. When the pressure of daily toil builds to an explosive degree, we have provided the safety valve of momentary pleasure. The television and movie industries furnish the necessary temporary distraction. These programs are carefully designed to appeal to the sensuous emotions, never to the logical thinking mind. Because of this, the people are programmed to respond according to our dictates, not according to reason. Silent they never are; thinking they will remain.” — Harold Rosenthal, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts

    • That quote reads like something that could have been written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The jews have really latched on to us, like demonic ticks and tapeworms. I’m curious to see how this pandemic will affect their power.

  17. What are the names of the voters who want every one to stay locked inside? Who are they?

    What happens when the food supply runs out? The food supply hasn’t run out yet. Tell me what happens when there is no food. Never mind toilet paper. FOOD.

    Have you, Hunter, ever held a W2 job in your life? As in supporting yourself.

    • We have been in a lockdown for two weeks in Alabama. It has lasted longer elsewhere. I would much rather get this over with now than have to go through it all over again after unnecessarily killing another 30,000 people. It is that simple.

  18. This “crisis” has shone a bright light on many corners of the dissident right, and revealed many in that camp to be hysterics and bed wetters.
    Unfortunately, you are among them.
    You have continually bought into the worst case scenarios, even as they fell far short and became obviously wrong.
    Research from Germany, Iceland and Israel is showing, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this virus is nowhere near as lethal as the original scare models predicted.
    You conveniently ignore the work of epidemiologists and statisticians, among them some of the most well regarded names in those fields, who have called BS on this pandemic from the word go.
    You appear to have a deep, emotional attachment to the mainstream narrative pushed by CNN, the NYT, and Fauci, a man that has spent his entire career salivating for a pandemic, real or imagined, to take control of.
    I’m old enough to remember Fauci going on the national news in the early 80’s and claiming 25% of all heterosexuals would have AIDS by the late 80’s. The man is an ideologically compromised hack, and you hang on his every word as if he was the second coming of Christ.
    Please, climb back under your bed, where it’s safe, and leave living and working in the U.S. to the adults.
    It will be better for all of us.

    • All he does is worst case scenario. Or the constant patting himself on the back about how he is sooo far ahead of the curve on everything.

  19. Meanwhile protests by the ‘vocal minority’, like those in Lansing yesterday, begin to go viral across the country.

  20. In 1776, these retards would have been gunned down. Contrary to the revisionism of the 20th century Jewish lolbertarian movement, founding Americans weren’t anti-social anarchists.

    The fraction begging the government to reopen are mostly the petit bourgeois small/medium business owners. The same pieces of garbage who employ illegal immigrants, lobby for reduced labor regulations, etc.

    • The fraction begging the government to reopen are mostly the petit bourgeois small/medium business owners.

      Meanwhile in reality, Jeff Bezos of Amazon has seen his net worth increase by $24 billion since the start of the lockdown:

      You don’t get to complain about “eating the rich” ever again. This shutdown is directly benefiting the same mega corporations that YOU claim to hate. Conservatives and libertarians like me called your real motives this whole time: You HATE mom-and-pop businesses run by regular, innocent White people, and you want to destroy our way of life as we know it. Your REAL enemy is not the Jews, or big corporations, Trump, or any of the proxies you rail again. You real enemy is normal White Americans. Always has been. Always will be. We are the impediment to your precious Bolshevik Revolution. It never came to America like it did to Russia. We never overthrew the “capitalist pigs.” And you HATE us for it. You want revenge against us. It’s obvious. You’ve been found out, and now you are crying out in pain as you strike us.

      Well guess what

      There’s nothing you can do to stop us from voting from the most radically pro-corporate, neoliberal Republican OR Democrat on the ballot. You will NEVER convince White America that you support us or our interests when you have such seething hatred for small businesses and for the Middle Class. Three different coalitions of states – Northeast, West Coast, and Midwest – are all organizing to gradually reopen their economies. The lockdown is coming to an end. A neoliberal will be the next President of the United States, regardless of who wins. You were ritualistically humiliated when Bernie Sanders failed yet again to win the Democratic nomination. You aren’t getting national healthcare, you will have to continue to pay hundreds of goy bux per month in student loans, housing prices in your degenerate urban cities will continue to be sky high, you will go back to work, assuming any business will hire you, and then you will go home every day and drink yourself into oblivion as you whine and bitch on Twitter about “Orange Man Bad, White America Bad.”

      This is your reality, and you bought it on yourself.

  21. All the patriotard boomers calling this a lockdown when the only places closed are gyms, entertainment venues, and schools. 90% of restaurants around here are open for delivery or takeout. What exactly are people demanding be reopened?

  22. OK, Goyim – enough sitting around – time to get back to work – the Ponzi Scheme known as The US Economy needs your labors so the jewish oligarchy can continue their skim. Sure – the Fed can print and dole out Trillions of jewbux to Wall St but you need to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to drag your ass to a job that you hate for a wage that has stagnated for 40 years.

    • It’s a goddamn shame we’re not taking advantage of this partial shutdown of ZOG to organize some kind of resistance, while the Beast is still vulnerable.

  23. Tea baggers, huh? Joining your new CNN friend Anderson Cooper in slurring those who dissent from the corvid-19 status quo (BTW, you do know that “tea bagger” means? Does your wife know, or your son? Should I call Alabama’s child welfare department? See, two can play the slime game. Or have you forgotten Charlottsville already?).
    Want collective action to combat the disease? How about supporting paying all business expenses for as long as lockdowns persist, including salaries? Do that and everyone both contributes to the fight and is made whole from the economic harm. Are we all in this together as you and the establishment preach, or is that a facade, in order to take advantage of circumstances (TPTB impose totalitarianism with a “here to help you stay healthy” face, you to quietly have that Charlottsville court case disappear in return for leading your OD commenters away from wanting to overthrowing the system into supporting Big Pharma-Big Brother? ).

    Sorry, but the charade is going to end one way or another. Unless the siege is lifted soon, civil disobedience is coming. Not everyone forgets everything he or she has learned throughout life, only to succumb to herding behavior at the urging of our superiors. ONE MORE TIME, WITH FEELING: the virus is real, it’s release was unintentional, its harm is significant, it’s harm can be mitigated but not eliminated, the Oligarchy and their apologists (look in the mirror, sir) are using corvid-19 to redistribute wealth, power, and control from us to them, they must be stopped. See, not so hard to see reality.
    Your previous discussions about the situation in America 2019 was lucid, comprehensive, and compelling. Since 2020 arrived with a gift from Xi Jinping to the world you have slipped into literal insanity, forgetting everything you ever observed about the system to shill for its bona fides with no acknowledgement of your prior scepticism of its pronouncements. Trusting your betters was not advisable then, it remains a bad bet now.

    • YES.

      That’s exactly who these people are down to LARPing around with Gadsden flags and guns to shoot the virus. They are the 10% of Americans (conservatives and libertarians) who believe the economy is more important than public health. 90% of the country opposes them. If they force Donald Trump to REOPEN AMERICA and tens of thousands of more people end up dying from the virus, the biggest backlash in history is going to come down on them at the ballot box.

      • Nobody believes the economy is more important than life, in theory. Yet, no one is willing to give up all his assets or life savings to prolong the life of a terminal relative or other loved one. That is the purpose of living wills and other instructions on heroic efforts to extend life. If you say you would sacrifice your material survival going forward to keep a stranger alive, which is what you are saying must happen vis-a-vis never ending lockdowns, you are lying. Life is for the living. Your position is based on the assumption you can survive without working so others can also do so. When reality hits and you go begging for help, karma will be a bitch. Count on it.

        • My position like 90% of Americans is that public health comes first and the economy comes second because a sick workforce that is afraid of the virus destroys the economy anyway.

          Let’s be clear about your position: your position is to let the virus run its course, which means countless people will unnecessarily die from it, which means burn down the healthcare system, which means burn the people who have to deal with the fallout.

          BTW, I don’t want the support of people who are willing to kill my relatives.

          • No, I have said over and over again that I support lockdowns for as long as honest, unself-interested professionals (not Fauci or Birx) believe necessary (I assume they would say until a fully effective vaccine was developed and tested, most likely in 12-18 months) AS LONG AS THOSE PERSONS INVOLUNTARILY IDLED were paid full salary during that time. I have proposed doing so through the mechanism of covering organization costs 100%, which would include wages and benefits like health care. I am not in favor of anyone dying, even you, but I also know there are not unlimited resources in the world to prevent all deaths or any other harm, so resources must continue to be generated. I would fund my plan with Federal Reserve funds via helicopter money, rather than T-bills (i.e., more debt) or increased taxes.

            You can slander your dissident readers if you like but the fact is we are realistic about life, you are not on this issue. Despite being asked by many commenters besides me, you refuse to say how long lockdowns would last or how to protect those people hurt by them. It seems your hatred of Trump and shame in your 2016 vote for him leads you to wish affirmative economic harm to people who still support him, or at least support nationalist-populist policy.

            Too bad, your socio-economic-political insights were once powerful and encouraging. Now you shill for Oligarchs who will shut you up for good once they return to power. Too bad. This crisis could have been used by the 99% to force a systemic sharing of the wealth via a Sovereign Wealth Fund based UBI and Helicopter Money debt Jubilee. Instead, allies in spirit fight over lies told by their oppressors. Sad.

      • And yet, Sir, if the economy comes crashing down – while the virus recedes into the warm Spring & Summer light – the biggest backlash in history will come raining down on those who wanted to keep the country shut down.

        I’m afraid it’s one historic backlash or another, because we are now in a situation whence there is no easy exit.

        In the end, it comes down to what a person fears most that makes him opt for a certain way, and, because of that, let’s hope we don’t resent each other too much for each feeling his own way.

        • “the biggest backlash in history will come raining down on those who wanted to keep the country shut down”

          This will not happen, because the vast majority of people oppose you idiots.

  24. WWII lasted 5 years in Europe it wat total war,civilian was fair game.Bridges,train tracks and roads detroyed.City factory workers had it worst,rurals every house hold were farmers.
    We’re in third and final act.On the eve of 9/11 showing the Twin Towers collapse the war drums began and united all regardless of race and gender.Gas what,Dubya mase things worse.

  25. You have totally lost the plot. When you call people cranks and conspiracy theorist you sound like a Jew.

  26. We are unable to concede the fact that our economy is not going to be strong in the short term no matter what path we choose. Instead of rushing to push people back into their completely non essential wage slave McJobs we should be making the best of this unfortunate situation and planning to come out of this even stronger in the long term.

    • Unfortunately, for millions of people those dumb, low-paying McJobs are all that’s standing between them and the Abyss.

    • They’re rushing to try and get the numbers up before the election. Trump and his sycophants want to destroy your lungs, kill your parents, and implode the health care system on the off chance that gdp might improve in time for King of Israel Trump to be elected again.

  27. Whichever side you are on, this debate needs to happen. Even if the “virus truther conservatives” are wrong, their viewpoint needs to be heard and discussed openly – and refuted if wrong. Lockstep top-down unanimity such as exists in Chinese research laboratories only breeds danger.

  28. The Chinks have to pay for this. Either in the form of financial reparations or territory and assets that will be forcibly seized from them.

    • @spahnranch1969:

      China didn’t force us to move our factories there. Walmart and other corporations did to pay off their stockholders. Our sorry excuses for Congressional representatives and Senators took huge campaign contributions to sign off on it.

      The Chinese aren’t the problem.

      • You’re right. And our corrupt political/business/media elites will fight tooth and nail to deflect blame and keep the $$ flowing from the China trade while Americans get shafted.

      • They kind of are the problem. Its nice not having Chinese tourists around in the villages here. I’ve not seen any darkies for three or four weeks now.

  29. I’m calling BS on that “89% of White Democrats” and “72% of White Republicans” number. I can see a majority of White Democrats (+50%) and a plurality of White Republicans (+33%) supporting the continuation of this destructive shutdown, but if 9/10 of White Democrats and 7/10 of White Republicans actually supported the government forcing all of us to stay at home, then you wouldn’t see all these Democrat governors, including Andrew Cuomo of New York, laying out plans to reopen the economy. Even if you think Trump and Republicans are heartless psychos, how do you explain the Northeast alliance and West Coast alliance to reopen their state economies that formed this week? Today (Thursday, April 16), the Midwest followed suit:

    Seven U.S. governors are forming a Midwest regional partnership to closely coordinate plans to reopen their economies based on data and advice from experts in a way that “prioritizes our workers’ health,” the leaders announced Thursday.

    Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Kentucky will cooperate, their governors said in a statement Thursday. The move follows similar coalitions of governors on the West Coast and Northeast who are working together on how to reopen schools and businesses after the coronavirus outbreak eases.

    There’s no way any of this would be in motion if there was overwhelming public support among Whites of both political parties to continue the lockdown.

    By contrast, that Gallup poll makes much more sense: “the vast majority of Americans say they would wait and see what happens with the spread of the virus (71%).” This reflects the sentiments I’ve heard from people in my private life. They understand that this shutdown can’t continue indefinitely, but they also don’t want to rush back out there and risk getting sick. The three phases plan that Trump unveiled today, although too slow for my tastes, is reflective of how most Americans are feeling. Like it or not, we’re all going to gradually return back to normal, and although this won’t happen immediately, there will be no fundamental change to the existing system, or to the powers that be. The accelerationists who want to destroy the system cuz “Big Macs Bad” are going to be left frustrated.

    • “if 9/10 of White Democrats and 7/10 of White Republicans actually supported the government forcing all of us to stay at home, then you wouldn’t see all these Democrat governors, including Andrew Cuomo of New York, laying out plans to reopen the economy”

      This doesn’t follow. Governors don’t rule by the will of the people. They follow the will of their donors. There is zero connection between what the majority of people want and what politicians do.

  30. Here’s my $.002 worth, if it is worth even that.

    This thing was obviously created in a lab.

    Now we are faced with a Hobbesian Choice with only one outcome. The risk of death.

    Either we expose ourselves to death by a bioweapon or death by starvation and/or exposure to the elements if we all end up homeless.

    There’s no happy ending. There is no wrap up to this horror show. Just make your peace with God.

    It is the same damned thing our ancestors had to deal with before with every other documented plague that, coincidentally, came out of China.

    Denise is 100 percent right that anyone on this board thinks anyone on this board that believes that WHITES will be allowed to get public support like the others is crazy. Have you looked at who is staffing welfare offices? If they aren’t Black, they’re Hispanic.

    I’m a Boomer who will never see 60 again. I don’t have a 401K (because I didn’t plan very well, but even then I imagine that even those who did so with any gains that will disappear with this meltdown). My job prevents me from sheltering in place. That means I have to leave my domicile to go to work.

    I’m not trying to break my hand by patting myself on the back. I feel like I am one of the lucky ones. I still have a job in a state where it is a nightmare trying to get unemployment benefits when the economy is good much less in the free fall it is now.

    What needs to be done is to open the economy and trust the individual to determine what risks are worthwhile to him. FEDGOV is doing a greater disservice to the people by instituting a one size fits all shutdown rather than letting the least affected areas keep things going. Rather than letting individuals decide what risks they want to run to keep body and soul together.

    Trump et al need to redeem themselves by being both honest and humble. Stop the damned showboating and pretending to be oracles of wisdom. Admit that this is a bio-weapon that got loose from a Chinese lab. That governments all over the West preferred to believe the WHO’s lies on behalf of China rather than changing their way of doing business and getting in the way of profits. There will be no quick cures or vaccines. That it is a mutating virus that is going to latch onto any co-morbidities people have. So, people not only must pay attention to personal hygiene, frequent hand-washing, hand sanitizer, masking and safe distance in public, but also do everything they can to fortify their immune systems with exercise, sunshine, and clean eating.

    That’s the one consistent thing I keep hearing that gets glossed over; if you are obese, if you smoke, if you have diabetes if you are decrepit from old age (more from lack of exercise), that virus is going to aggravate everything you have to kill you that much faster.

    If Trump wants to go down as the greatest president. He needs to use the fact that Congress is too busy self-isolating from the virus to take pen in hand and order that all debts, mortgages and loans be considered paid off. After all, the banks got their money already. They don’t need to keep the assets, too.

    I think if people knew they didn’t owe any money and could keep their houses and their vehicles. They could get this economy back in shape PDQ. There was a reason the Old Testament Israelites used to have a Debt Jubilee every seven years.

    Last, but not least, instead of shouting Republiscum and Demonrat Talking Points at each other, we should be raising holy hell to both of our parties demanding to know when our factories are coming back? When are they going to be filled with American citizens instead of Third World Workers and their bed bugs, various infectious diseases, etc? We should be demanding that every newcomer to this country have to pass vetting and a quarantine the way White European immigrants had to at the turn of the last century. My maternal grandmother was quarantined three times, for Pete’s sake. It didn’t kill her or anybody else either.

    Don’t let the Usual Suspects get away with just pointing the finger at China. China didn’t force greedy corporations and stockholders to move our factories over there. Latin America and Mexico didn’t force them to open our borders wide and let all their problem children in, either.

    Remember that and make sure that both wings of the Duopoly know that we haven’t forgotten who accepted bribes to hollow out this country’s economy to begin with nor forgiven them.

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