Sweden Is Discrediting Flu Truthers

Look at this:

For whatever reason, there is a lag in reporting deaths in Sweden on weekends and the flu truthers ran with that and spread the fake news that the death rate in Sweden was collapsing without a lockdown. Actually, there seems to be a delay here on the weekends as well.

In the last three days, Sweden has reported 114, 170 and now 130 new deaths. Today, Norway is reporting 10 deaths, Denmark is reporting 10, Finland is reporting 8, Estonia is reporting 4, Lithuania is reporting 1 and Latvia is reporting 0. New Zealand is reporting 0 new deaths and is holding steady at 9 total deaths. Sweden continues to be an outlier in Northern Europe and shows that libertarianism kills people.

The case fatality rate in Sweden has grown to 10% compared to 2.2% in Norway, 2.2.% in Finland, 4.5% in Denmark, 2.7% in Lithuania, 2.5% in Estonia and 0.75% in Latvia.

Note: Flu truthism was stupid last month after what we saw happen in Italy and Spain before 30,000 Americans died from coronavirus. It only grows more retarded by the day now that we are in late April. Are these people really going to keep this up in late spring and during the summer?

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  1. Have you seen the hospitals? You know they get funding for labeling deaths as Corona right? You know airborne contagious viruses don’t exist right? You realize virus particles are produced by cells when the body becomes toxic? You understand they want an excuse to force vaccinate us all? You realize you believe in invisible flying demons infiltrating your bodily orifices to torture you to death?

    • Yes, actually.

      I have lots of family members who work at hospitals. The hospitals are being financially crushed by this which is why your conspiracy theory makes no sense at all. It is also doctors and health care workers who are being disproportionately exposed to the virus. I have no idea how you have convinced yourself that all these people being treated in the hospitals and dying from the disease have all just spontaneously started dying. I’m guessing you have found a compelling explanation for this on some crackpot website though.

        • I’m not sure why idiots believe this means there is a conspiracy.

          It means that non-elective surgeries have been cancelled, hospitals are sealed off from the public and workers aren’t being exposed to the virus. It doesn’t mean there ARE NOT coronavirus patients in the hospitals.

          • The American health care system has been turned into a profit-based one, which is why relatively unimportant things like elective surgeries are the backbone of the dysfunctional system. We’ve de-evolved from a care model to one purely based on the bottom line. There’s no reason to prepare or plan for possible emergency situations because economic resources would be “wasted,” according to the current libertarian view of this inhuman medical system.

          • “American health care system has been turned into a profit-based one”

            “Profit based”, try highway robbery.

        • They are empty because many people are afraid to go into what they see as possible viral hotbeds. Everyone is canceling their doctor visits right now.

        • This site is now officially indistinguishable from any JMSM outlet.

          And again, before you say it… NO, I am not a libertarian. I am the opposite, except I like my government WHITE and not Jewish.

      • First hand reports I get from nurses and other hospital workers in this area are consistent: All are too-fully employed and stressed out. None are sitting around taking it easy, and the pandemic has just begun in this mostly rural county.

          • No, it’s real, and these are real people. Local health workers even are being reassigned to work in different areas, to do things they never did before, which isn’t really safe.

            There are “only” about 150 confirmed cases in this county, up from just one case a few weeks ago, thanks largely to thousands of possibly-infected people fleeing from big cities and shopping in local stores. When the “economy re-opens” even more will come.

    • “You realize you believe in invisible flying demons infiltrating your bodily orifices to torture you to death?”

      That sounds like a way someone would dismiss the concept of microscopic organisms centuries ago when diseases were believed to be due to “miasma” and such. Is that just your way of dismissing this one particular virus you think is all a hoax or is that what you think of the concept of viruses/bacteria/microscopic organisms in general? Did you ever consider you’re projecting your own insanity on to others?

      • No more so, than the atheists and God-scoffers that continue to deny that God has sent this abroad due to the greed, lust, and profligate disregard for the Ten Commandments, and allowing the Christ-killers (JEWS) to live in our lands, and own businesses, be our bankers, doctors, lawmakers, etc.

        We need to restore the Justinian code, with ALL its attendant provisions, including these:”The principle of “Servitude of the Jews” (Servitus Judaeorum) was established by the new laws, and determined the status of Jews throughout the Empire for hundreds of years. The Jews were disadvantaged in a number of ways. They could not testify against Christians and were disqualified from holding a public office. Jewish civil and religious rights were restricted: “they shall enjoy no honors”. The use of the Hebrew language in worship was forbidden. Shema Yisrael, sometimes considered the most important prayer in Judaism (“Hear, O Israel, YHWH our God, YHWH is one”) was banned, as a denial of the Trinity. A Jew who converted to Christianity was entitled to inherit his or her father’s estate, to the exclusion of the still-Jewish brothers and sisters. The Emperor became an arbiter in internal Jewish affairs. Similar laws applied to the Samaritans.”

  2. Sir, I am not sure that, by using logic and stats, you will make much headway with those who see life entirely through state of mind – their own, in particular:)

  3. not, HW, it is not:

    Sweden has the flu….and still has an economy.

    terminally Jew’d ‘Murka has the flu….a $10 trillion dollar bail-out of (((Wall Street))),

    a multi-trillion $ shut-down and expropriation of white Main Street by (((Wall Street))), and

    a massive extension of ZOG political tyranny.

    • Money over people. Bloodlust over humanity. Shed your own blood and sacrifice your own kin, and stop your bitching.

  4. It’s simple really. If there was this highly contagious virus infecting and debilitating millions, the hospitals would be packed and staff would be working overtime. Since that is not the case, then obviously the coronavirus is the chosen scapegoat for economic collapse, instead of the Jews. Real fucking simple stuff here.

    • The way I’d frame that is to blame the multicultural society for the arrival of the virus. Then read out a list of Jewish people who stopped Trump or USG from moving to lockdown in February. You’ll get conversions. This way? Convinces no one that doesn’t already think it is bullshit hoaxing.

  5. Wish Hunter would at least acknowledge what is proven to high heaven –

    That the official gov disease authorities in the USA and globally – Fauci, Birx, Tedros at WHO etc – completely stink of well-documented years of big pharma corruption, especially their fingers dipped in hundreds of millions from the Gates Foundation which has maimed or killed so many with its ‘programmes’

    This is not ‘conspiracy theory’, this is open public fact, textbook ‘regulatory capture’, just like Wall Street etc, no friggin’ doubt whatsoever, no one except the uninformed or a liar can say otherwise

    Yet Hunter, in his zeal to uphold his narrative, has tried to claim that these big pharma doctor goons running gov disease ‘info’, are somehow like the nice people on the Weather Channel he has there in the USA

    And along with that, we’ve got something which is worst case, 90%+ shortening the lives of elderly; diseased or obese people by a few months to a year on average, along with a few randos and some health care personnel added in

    And for that we go along with the big pharma corrupt stooges, and whatever other oligarchs are behind them, and destroy the world’s economy to a degree that indirect deaths will be 2x or more anything from covid?

    Sweden’s population is similar to lockdown Belgium which has 4x the deaths of Sweden … Belgium admitting it uses a US-UK type ‘presumed to die from Covid’ designation for many of its dead who are nearly all elderly

    Hunter, at least confront the open-book corruption of Fauci et al. … do this much for your long-interested but in part now-discouraged readers, who are drifting away (altho I suppose that’s maybe as you wish)

    • The point is that people have decided to isolate as much as you wish it were not so…

      The analysis can wait. It’s all about the mood.

  6. i have for years came to this site but i have to rethink it now. Hospitals are probably being crushed now but not because of any virus but because of a media causing hysteria. we are the most intelligent herd that GOD created but we are a herd. You can find that in the bible very easy. Its a crying shame that you see your brethren is not what you thought. these people that are causing this are the same people that hated Christ and they will always hate his followers. We know who they are. AS LONG AS MAN IS A SINNER I WILL ALWAYS BE A CONSPIRACY NUT AND PROUD OF IT.

    • There is no conspiracy.

      Hospitals are being financially crushed because the virus is real. Workers have been furloughed to prevent unnecessary infections and due to the financial crunch. Elective surgeries which generate revenue have been cancelled. The public is afraid of the virus and postponing coming to the hospitals as they normally do. There are controlled entry points at the hospitals to prevent anyone from strolling in and spreading the virus or getting infected. In lots of hospitals, doctors and healthcare workers are extremely busy treating coronavirus patients. It varies from place to place because some areas have significantly larger outbreaks than others. Everything that is currently happening has a simple explanation … it is true.

      • Only in your mind, Ironside. And HW clearly is in denial of the things he does not want to surrender t the Lord Jesus Christ, by his selective editing of posts, his rampant denial of the facts, and his worshiping at the altar of fauci/false scientism.

  7. I mean this in all honesty: WHO CARES???

    If its elderly amd the sickly being taken out mainly, what the hell is the big deal??? Those are the two groups moat at danger for ANY virus going around, not just the wuflu!

  8. The actual death toll will be a lot higher than what is currently stated. Perhaps this will teach the Swedes a lesson about the danger of cultural chauvinism.

    • I have lost hope for them, sadly. I think they are on the way to being slaves for Muslims. Prove me wrong.

    • If you break their data down by race I’d guess that their toll is mostly darkies from Malmo.

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