U.S. Alerted Israel, NATO To Coronavirus Outbreak In China In November

This is my shocked face that OUR GREATEST ALLY was informed by U.S. intelligence agencies about the coronavirus outbreak in China in November.

Times of Israel:

“US intelligence agencies alerted Israel to the coronavirus outbreak in China already in November, Israeli television reported Thursday.

According to Channel 12 news, the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of that month and drew up a classified document.

Information on the disease outbreak was not in the public domain at that stage — and was known only apparently to the Chinese government.

US intelligence informed the Trump administration, “which did not deem it of interest,” but the report said the Americans also decided to update two allies with the classified document: NATO and Israel, specifically the IDF …”

It is almost as shocking as Trump considering Stephen Feinberg, the CEO of Cerberus Capital Management, to be the Director of National Intelligence. It was Jewish private equity titans and hedge fund managers who advised him in February to “ride it out” and treat it as “just the flu.”

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  1. That’s not surprising. What’s real sad is our own government knew what was going on and literally did nothing about it and now mass death and sickness is all over the World. This is the same country that supports Abortion and when Personhood was put on the ballot in Mississippi both Democrats and Republicans voted it down. I guess the only race of people the US thinks should survive is Jews….geee and people wonder why we call government the ZOG? Deo Vindice !

  2. Ryan at The Last American Vagabond does some solid work. He not only put in the hours necessary in researching the topic in question, but his videos are well-edited with timely graphics and steady narration that doesn’t get too opinionated and emotional. This 2-parter gives an excellent historical background to our current ‘pandemic.’

    • “Did the U.S. and Israel and their satellites know about the virus before the Chinese government knew?”
      Well, if it is a ‘bio-engineered virus’ and the USA was in the forefront of developing it, back to 2015 (as articles I posted here, posited, weeks ago), then, yes…..

      I would say so. What the YIDS and their SHABBAS GOYIM didn’t expect, was for it to jump racial lines, and attack Whites and Talmuddied scum….

      God is not mocked. You play God, you unleash a GOLEM of satanic making. (The only kind those that follow the Deicides can create….)

      I wish God would destroy every single living Jew on this planet. Now THAT would be a Predestinating “Final Solution” that only fools [ Ps. 14:1, Rom. 9] could dispute…..

  3. Trump was so indebted to his jew creditors that he even offered them his favorite child, Ivanka, as a sacrifice to appease them. And now this story comes to the surface! My hatred for that no-good BUM has just increased to a level hitherto thought unimaginable.

  4. Take care with these cloak n dagger stories. The most important thing is the callousness of the people with the good information. FoIA the documents and find out who was It’s Just Flu and who was for shutting down the airlines. Then we shall know each man in a position of power for what he really is.

  5. That means a vaccine created in in the Negev was moved forward three months in production of course.

  6. Pretty skeptical of the truth of this story. U.S. officials formally denied a similar rumor a week ago. I don’t think there’s any reason U.S. officials knew anything about the virus prior to mid-December at earliest.

  7. The media regurgitated article and numbers that don’t make sense?

    Why isn’t Texas being hit? Or California.

    New York is lying. That’s why.

    • Would be interesting to see how the mayor’s Milan and New York have spun these things. Could be because New Yorkers are not observing the quarantine sensibly.

  8. When your narcissistic contrarian dissidence has become so convoluted that you’re posting Journafa who have helped put our guys in prison and ruined lives……

    You have zero argument against Zlimpf.


  9. Old CIA disinfo stories are recycled, updated with new names, because Sheeple never notice: The old version of one story was that the U.S.S.R. was full of bioweapons labs that worked with or created every kind of deadly disease and had many accidental leaks, because Russians are careless and sloppy workers (not like Americans and Israelis, British and other allies who make few or no mistakes) but Russia covered up its criminal mistakes and did not warn the world of its peril; and furthermore, Russian bioweapons lab workers were underpaid, so poor and hungry that they often took lab test animals home for dinner (meat was scarce and expensive in Russia under communism) or sold them to make a little cash, another way that the diseases were released.

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